Welcome to a land you'll never want to leave! Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMO game in which players experience not just the thrill of battling unique monsters or the satisfaction of tailoring an exquisite robe, but the pleasure of building lasting friendships within a friendly community.
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10 лютого

The Ardent Monthly Ledger - Issue 24

Sugarsweet has arrived! Read all about it and more in the Ledger!


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7 лютого

Patch 3.26.4

Patch 3.26.4

Sugarsweet Summit has arrived! Everyone's favorite, happy, event zone is back, and we've got some great new outfits and mounts for you this year! Additionally, this build features a good many new improvements, and lots of bug fixes, and the addition of French! :)

  • Made some efficiency changes to Ardent City, players should see improved FPS while in the zone.
  • French has been added to V&H! (As well as the rest of Portuguese.) To play the game in French, go to Settings < Options < Language.
  • Adjusted which markers are shown on top in the map, to make it easier to see party members, bounties, and quests.
  • Bounty markers now turn gray when you have completed them for the day or they are inactive. (Previously they would turn gray when they were not spawned.)
  • Emote popups now appear over the heads of any character that does an emote.
  • Updated quest icons on the map and above NPCs:
    • Available main quests are shown with a purple "!"
    • Destinations within a main quest are shown with a purple "?"
    • The completing objective in a main quest is shown with a purple star
    • Available side quests are shown with a yellow "!"
    • Destinations within a side quest are shown with a yellow "?"
    • The completing objective in a side quest is shown with a yellow star
  • Sugarsweet Summit has arrived! New outfits! New mounts! And a few more fun tidbits!

Bug Fixes
  • Added a far bank to the eastern side of the southern portion of the fishing river in the village.
  • Fixed a hole in Bevyn's Coille.
  • Added some fishing nodes to Goblin Roots Caves.
  • Clarified Lil' Pip's text to explain that you must be at least level 75 to use his experience boosting services.
  • The quest 'Cora Control' now correctly tracks.
  • Fixed a few zombies that would get stuck on trees in Zombie town.
  • Fixed a stuck location near Coalshark.
  • Fixed a stuck locale in Dundeen Quarry.
  • Fixed some typos in the Black Thrush storyline.
  • Fixed a potential exploit.
  • Fixed: bounty icons in minimap flicker.
  • Fixed: in friends window, offline friends incorrectly say they're "Level 1 Warrior", and online friends often show out-of-date zone.
  • Fixed Articulation Restoration track points were not that accurate.
  • Fixed a stray drake in Sailors End.
  • Fixed a hole in Knockroe wall.
  • Fixed it so if you lose Archaic Symbol Note, your quest progress won't be blocked.
  • Fixed: chat bubble text wasn't being centered correctly.
  • Fixed: in very rare cases, a rebirth could fail.
  • Fixed: in certain rare cases, the Make New Auction window wouldn't close after pressing Make (although the auction would start anyway).
  • Fixed: on PC, normal friends were sometimes shown in the guild member list too.
  • Fixed: shift-clicking on items to move them into the vault would not always stack.
  • When you receive a new quest, "Track Quest" button is now to the left, instead of right, of "OK" button.
  • Fixed: Gontier had his legs in the ground.
  • Fixed a stuck spot in Shadow's Den.
  • Fixed: NPCs would sometimes be stuck standing in a T-pose.
  • Fixed a very rare case where players could get the NPC Aislinn in a weird state during her quest in Bearhold Crypt.
  • Unearthed some berry bushes in Siren's Course.
  • Clarified the goal text for 'The Brindle Rebellion' to note that a player must do a few tasks before Perdita will accept the badge.
  • Added some clarifying text to the achievement "Pelog Grinder"
  • Fixed: Salvaging Rods, Repair Kits, and certain other items would be "dropped" from the cursor when used on an item, instead of staying so they could be used again.
  • Fixed several issues for players with unicode characters in their names.
  • Fixed: After completing the quest with Winifred, her exclamation would stay up.
  • Fixed a bounty that would spawn on a tent in Pyrron Courtyard.
  • Fixed: dropping mail items into a stack would move the items, but would leave a fake stack behind in mail until you closed and reopened the mail.

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“There are 10 different gathering professions: mining, fishing, bug lore, plant lore, smithing, cooking, tailoring, woodcrafting, gardening and ranching. The coolest part is that one character can become an expert at all of them. So Villagers and Heroes is a class-based, sandbox-crafter's paradise with nicely interactive housing.”
Bestest Ever – Massively

Про цю гру

Step into a magical land unlike any other!

Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMO game in which players experience the thrill of battling unique monsters, the satisfaction of crafting powerful weapons and gear, and the pleasure of building lasting friendships in a friendly community.

Gnomish Augmentation = Sandbox Gameplay.

This unique feature is at the heart of the deep yet elegantly simple player choice system in Villagers & Heroes. The weapons and armor that a player equips not only grant a versatile assortment of heroic feats and spells, but also a large array of proficiencies and augmented abilities. The process of Gnogmenting gives the players the ability to mix, match, swap, replace, customize and design gear exactly how they want! Combine ancient elder gear with remarkable weaponry dropped from the monsters of the world. Or craft your own gear using any or all of the 10 gathering and crafting skills available. Gnogmenting is a completely free-form, sandbox system that is unmatched by any other game in its depth, and lets players test every tactic and indulge every creative whim.

Bounty Runs!

Bounties are powerful adversaries and monsters that roam every corner of the world. When a player defeats a bounty monster, they earn a large reward, regardless of the size of their party! Solo the beasties by yourself, or rampage across the countryside with a group of friends. Bounty rewards are instantaneous and do not require activation. This feature encourages teamwork and strategy.

Live in a Real Home in a Real Village.

You are the architect, the farmer, and the rancher. With a wide range of building styles to choose from, players can design and decorate their own houses, as well as choose which crops to plant in their garden, or select the type of animals they'd most like to raise. But players needn't go at it alone! Help your village grow from a tiny hamlet to a thriving metropolis by aiding your neighbors with community projects which will ultimately benefit every member of the village.


  • 8 Primary Combat Class Builds, with a myriad of meaningful variations
  • 10 Crafting Professions: Fishing, Mining, Bug Collecting, Plant Lore, Woodcrafting, Smithing, Cooking, Tailoring, Gardening, and Ranching
  • Gardening and Ranching: hundreds of different crops, sheep, pigs, chickens, and exotics like ember sheep, shadow sheep, etc.
  • Bounty Runs! Now with over 1500 unique bounties.
  • Real player housing with dozens of decoration options
  • Real Villages that can be leveled up by all members of the Village with better facilities (Forge, Tailory, Kitchen, Woodshop), opening new neighborhoods with housing for more players, mayors, a shared vault, stocking village resources, and more...
  • Gnogmenting: Combine crafted gear and elder gear from defeating lair bosses and rare randomly found exotic gear for an unlimited number of combinations of functionality and appearance
  • Auction House with thriving in-game economy
  • Hundreds of Magical Spells, Heroic Feats, and Abilities
  • More than 1000 Quests and Charters

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Вимоги до системи

    • ОС: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP
    • Процесор: Intel® Pentium® D or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 2 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: On board graphics
    • DirectX: версії 9.0
    • Мережа: Широкосмугове підключення до інтернету
    • Місце на диску: 3 GB доступного місця
    • ОС: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP
    • Процесор: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.6GHz or better
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 4 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: Graphics card with 512 MB of memory or more
    • DirectX: версії 9.0
    • Мережа: Широкосмугове підключення до інтернету
    • Місце на диску: 3 GB доступного місця

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