Welcome to a land you'll never want to leave! Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMO game in which players experience not just the thrill of battling unique monsters or the satisfaction of tailoring an exquisite robe, but the pleasure of building lasting friendships within a friendly community.
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"A solid community driven MMO that while its mechanics are dated offers hours of fun. Players of Runescape and WoW will be right at home here."
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21. oktober

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25. september

Patch 2.34 - A lot has changed since April...

We have been listening! See what has been improved in Villagers and Heroes!

What has changed since the game launched on Steam in April?

In short:
  • Much improved fluid, action-oriented combat
  • Removal of the pay for energy mechanic
  • A vast improvement on our social features and UI
  • The addition of rolling, both as a fun movement option, but also as a dodging game mechanic
  • Spell fusions, and a focus on teamwork and party mechanics
  • Crash fixes, bug fixes, faster download
  • More ambient sounds like footsteps
  • More emotes like dancing
  • And a whole slew of new content, including new end game content, revamped tutorials, and new events

And all of these changes were based on feedback from you the players! We have been listening!

Since launching on Steam five months ago, we’ve taken the excellent suggestions and feedback provided by all of our users, and vastly improved our game as a result. Our latest build, Sands of the Equinox 2.34, while featuring an intoxicating new event with an array of desert themed bosses, bounties, and loot, is also characterized by a number of other changes we’ve made with regards to basic game mechanics and style of play – changes that players of any level, high or low, will surely find exciting.

For the adventurously inclined, you’ll be thrilled to discover that we’ve revamped our entire combat system so that it’s not only more fluid and responsive, but it now includes a variety of dynamic new actions and movements -- aerial acrobatics, tucking and rolling, agile strafing, increased acceleration while attacking foes, and more. With the addition of tucking and rolling also comes the ability to dodge, time your defense, tuck and roll out of the way dodging the coming onslaught. We also spent a large portion of time fine tuning our classes, improving visual and audio effects, adding new spells and feats, and finally adding spell fusions, where party members can fuse their feats and spells with one another, creating more powerful and devastating effects.

And for our craft loving players, because we firmly believe that Villagers and Heroes should be accessible to all users alike, we have completely removed the ‘Pay-for-Energy’ mechanic from within our game. Our new system, one which allows for ‘Vim’ to be naturally replenished by crafters in all manner of different ways, contains a plethora of ways to engage with, strategize about, and take advantage of. Thus, players can advance in crafting more rapidly through savvy gameplay and strategy.

Patch 2.34 marks an exciting turn for us! Thanks to the invaluable feedback from our community, modifications, great and small, have been made across the board: players can now dance and sit, and listen to the sound of their own running footsteps as they explore secret new areas in the lower zones where an array of entertaining surprises now await. High level players will not only revel in the addition of fourteen brand new zones with challenging quest chains to unravel, but we’ve also included an end game mechanic which will hereafter keep players consistently engaged even after reaching level cap. Moreover, players of all levels will be happy to find that we’ve revamped our housing policies, fixed countless bugs, greatly sped up the download time of the game, added new feats and spells, not to mention an entire upgrade on all of our social features, and two special event zones concurrently running. And that’s just the short list of changes we’ve made…

So thank you, new players and veteran players alike! Our game is better because of you all. But don’t take our word for it. Experience Sands of the Equinox 2.34 for yourselves. We’ve been listening, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you want the details of what has changed, check out our patch notes:
  • 2.34: https://forum.villagersandheroes.com/showthread.php?9763-English-Patchnotes-2-34-5-Tuesday-September-23
  • 2.33: https://forum.villagersandheroes.com/showthread.php?9666-English-Patchnotes-2-33-6-Tuesday-September-9
  • 2.32: https://forum.villagersandheroes.com/showthread.php?9542-English-Patchnotes-2-32-4-Wednesday-August-20-2014
  • 2.31: https://forum.villagersandheroes.com/showthread.php?9335-English-Patchnotes-2-31-0-Tuesday-July-22-2014
  • 2.30: https://forum.villagersandheroes.com/showthread.php?9287-Release-2-30-0-Echoes-of-the-Past
  • 2.28: https://forum.villagersandheroes.com/showthread.php?8967-English-Patch-Notes-2-28-4-Tuesday-June-3-2014
  • 2.27: https://forum.villagersandheroes.com/showthread.php?8711-English-Patch-Notes-2-27-3-Wednesday-May-7

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“There are 10 different gathering professions: mining, fishing, bug lore, plant lore, smithing, cooking, tailoring, woodcrafting, gardening and ranching. The coolest part is that one character can become an expert at all of them. So Villagers and Heroes is a class-based, sandbox-crafter's paradise with nicely interactive housing.”
Bestest Ever – Massively

About This Game

Step into a magical land unlike any other!

Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMO game in which players experience the thrill of battling unique monsters, the satisfaction of crafting powerful weapons and gear, and the pleasure of building lasting friendships in a friendly community.

Gnomish Augmentation = Sandbox Gameplay.

This unique feature is at the heart of the deep yet elegantly simple player choice system in Villagers & Heroes. The weapons and armor that a player equips not only grant a versatile assortment of heroic feats and spells, but also a large array of proficiencies and augmented abilities. The process of Gnogmenting gives the players the ability to mix, match, swap, replace, customize and design gear exactly how they want! Combine ancient elder gear with remarkable weaponry dropped from the monsters of the world. Or craft your own gear using any or all of the 10 gathering and crafting skills available. Gnogmenting is a completely free-form, sandbox system that is unmatched by any other game in its depth, and lets players test every tactic and indulge every creative whim.

Bounty Runs!

Bounties are powerful adversaries and monsters that roam every corner of the world. When a player defeats a bounty monster, they earn a large reward, regardless of the size of their party! Solo the beasties by yourself, or rampage across the countryside with a group of friends. Bounty rewards are instantaneous and do not require activation. This feature encourages teamwork and strategy.

Live in a Real Home in a Real Village.

You are the architect, the farmer, and the rancher. With a wide range of building styles to choose from, players can design and decorate their own houses, as well as choose which crops to plant in their garden, or select the type of animals they'd most like to raise. But players needn't go at it alone! Help your village grow from a tiny hamlet to a thriving metropolis by aiding your neighbors with community projects which will ultimately benefit every member of the village.


  • 8 Primary Combat Class Builds, with a myriad of meaningful variations
  • 10 Crafting Professions: Fishing, Mining, Bug Collecting, Plant Lore, Woodcrafting, Smithing, Cooking, Tailoring, Gardening, and Ranching
  • Gardening and Ranching: hundreds of different crops, sheep, pigs, chickens, and exotics like ember sheep, shadow sheep, etc.
  • Bounty Runs! Now with over 1500 unique bounties.
  • Real player housing with dozens of decoration options
  • Real Villages that can be leveled up by all members of the Village with better facilities (Forge, Tailory, Kitchen, Woodshop), opening new neighborhoods with housing for more players, mayors, a shared vault, stocking village resources, and more...
  • Gnogmenting: Combine crafted gear and elder gear from defeating lair bosses and rare randomly found exotic gear for an unlimited number of combinations of functionality and appearance
  • Auction House with thriving in-game economy
  • Hundreds of Magical Spells, Heroic Feats, and Abilities
  • More than 1000 Quests and Charters

Press Coverage


    • OS: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® D or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: On board graphics
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP
    • Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.6GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with 512 MB of memory or more
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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49 av 57 personer (86%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 24. oktober
In my first five or so hours I thought the game had some redeeming qualities, but as you progress you realize that it's pretty mediocre. Here's why:

- Crafting seems pretty fun. It's great that you can train any skill.
- Combining multiple items into cooler gear is a nice feature.
- I liked the overall look. It had a WoW-like charm to it.

- Traveling is, I believe, INTENTIONALLY irritating. They fill the roads with hostile mobs to encourage you to fast travel. I have never played an MMO that didn't have unobstructed roads for easy-ish travel, until this one. This one requires real money for fast travel. Coincidence?
- When you die you have to trudge through the dozens of mobs you just fought through, unless, of course, you want to spend real money to fast travel or real money to revive.
- Mana consumption is out-of-whack. You deplete it really quickly and it builds back too slowly. So, yup, when you're traveling by foot, it's going to take ages to get to where you're going because of pausing to deal with hostile mobs. And the early crafted mana and health potions are useless, so how do you get worthwhile potions? Real money!
-The first level of a mana replenishment spell consumes more mana to cast than it actually replenishes. That's a pretty mind-boggling design.
- The quests are mind-numbing. They're universally 'go collect 10 of x' or 'go kill 10 of z' or 'go talk to y.' The stuff you've done a zillion times before.
- The controls are amongst the worst I've experienced. I eventually discovered that you cannot really use your mouse and keyboard at the same time, because they seem to conflict with one another. If you choose one over the other you will be okay most of the time. That seems a bit amateurish to me.
- It's heavily instanced. They borrowed WoW's look, but not its seamless world.
- The music is abysmal. It's like they took a high school band's recording and applied it to parts of the game whether it was appropriate or not.
- You will hear the same sound effects over and over and over and over again until you want to scream. Every NPC you talk to has the same thing to say. Every time you take damage you will hear the same sounds over and over again.
- I didn't see anyone with mounts. Which means you're walking or spening money to fast travel.
- You can't actually go into your house--it's just a vault to store stuff. You have a garden and an animal farm. And dealing with your animals takes too long to level up because they go to sleep after four or five interactions. Oh but come back in a couple of hours to try again!
- The game world is pretty empty. There's a few masochists who've managed to level up, but you won't see many people while you play.

I threw a few bucks at the game because I understand that games can't be free. There are developers and IT people and server expenses that need to be paid. But what I cannot tolerate is games that feel that they are designed to make players pay to avoid being irritated by game mechanics. This, alas, is one of those games, hence it has been uninstalled.
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Publisert: 3. oktober
pay to win
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7 av 11 personer (64%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 6. oktober
I really enjoy this game. Its different from my normal space games but still has a co-operative feeling to it. If you were a fan of WOW, Free Realms or Runescape, and enjoy the guilds and guild feeling of inter-game family, Then this is a game you should try. It doesnt have pvp but has challenging areas and crafting skills that do require patience and leveling to help get the best gear and bonuses. Lots of quests and challenges. Great community of people to just have fun with.
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8 av 15 personer (53%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
461.1 timer registrert
Publisert: 18. oktober
A Great game, Great helpful people, even high level players willing to help out low level players. You can take your time to play how you want. I Strongly recommend you at least try this game.

Hope to see you there!
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4 av 8 personer (50%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 28. oktober
Evento halloween é mt 2spooky4me
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Publisert: 5. oktober
- The Good
> The fighting system is good and made comfortable, a mix of of WoW and RuneScape.
> Crafting is simple and fun, you can easily make necessary armors/weapons already at the beginning of the game.
> There is lot to do due to various "jobs".
> Game world affects interesting and there is much to see.
> You can make own house in game. But however, this costs real money. The idea seems funny for those who got money to use.

- The Bad
> Music in game is repeating itself all the time. This wouldn't interfere if it wasn't "bombastic" fantasy mud.
> The missions are sometimes messy. Where do you find this chicken? Where you need to deliver that feather?
> Combat is sometimes stiff, example you cant move while you are attacking.
> You only get two bags on start, if you want more space you need pay real money.
> Game sometimes crashes without reason.

MUSIC - 50%

In short, this game is very childish. Bright colors used everywhere and graphics are cartoonish.
Fighting in this game is not challenging and is only clicking buttons. Missions follows the same pattern as in the other MMO Games: (Kill chicken, take feather, give it to that person etc.)

Anything in the game doesn't seem hard or different.
Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily.
In my opinion this reminds me RuneScape -game, that you can play without further tense and madly screaming.

This is game for those who wants something very simple, or those who aren't ready to pay World of Warcraft's monthly fees.

Total score
: 7.9
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Publisert: 16. oktober
So far, I quite enjoy the game.

I like how there is no pressure, friendly chat, and other players are quite helpful. To enjoy the game, you really need to love crafting and gathering, two things I have always enjoyed in other MMO's I have played.

If PvP is your thing, there is no component of it, that I have seen yet. The game tends to inspire co-operative play. The mechanics are sound, not to glitchy.

All in all I give the game two thumbs up.
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Publisert: 20. oktober
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Publisert: 21. oktober
this game is awesome
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Publisert: 5. oktober
If you are into clicking nodes, nodes spraying goodies looots everywhere you picking it everything up this is game for you..
fishing mining cooking breeding animals farming and more.... its for you!

very addicting game!

wonky controls, need fix the controls!!!!
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Publisert: 4. oktober
This is a usual MMO RPG, though this one appears to be a bit low-badget. I don't mind the graphics and I can deal with the unoriginal quests, but I couldn't deal with constant lag and the weird character movement. I didn't compare it with major games like World Of Warcraft but I have tried a lot F2P MMO RPG and I can honestly say there are better than this out there.

It has plenty of professions to lvl up and the skills are obtained by items, the items you craft and combine. This is a good twist on the lvl up to obtain the new skill model. The talent tree lacks a bit though, not much to do there. The combat is the basic shortcut but....less. The skill "manifestation" is lacking to a point that auto-attack might be more desirable to the eye.

This might happened to me only (maybe my screen settings) but at night (in game) it was too dark. Raising the brightness (in game) distorted the colors of the brighted places and raising the brightness of my monitor was blinding me when the day came. Maybe they wanted to give the real night impression like some other games to prevent to hunt at night easily but waiting for the sun to come up was adding to the lack of interest.

I didn't play much so I cannot say about end game or even how it progresses, but it is a game that couldn't make me wanna hit the launch button again. I do not hate it, it was not bad, but I didn't like it either. I believe the word "average" is what best describes it.
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Publisert: 15. oktober
i don't care how many times people use the excuse that its free to justify this game, its just not entertaining. im a veeery casually mmo player but nothing about this game is fulfilling. the combat for sure leaves something to be desired, and there is no kind of purpose behind crafting. also the endless ingredient loot is just waaaay to cluttering and annoying where every 10min i have to go through the chore of trashing things i pray i wont use to open space for more ingredient loot. i always wondered what it would feel like to have more than a couple professions in WoW but this game gives me a feel for it and its making me think that blizzard went in the right direction with that
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4 av 9 personer (44%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 21. oktober
People keep saying that the controls feel like a facebook type game and the like. Well, this game WAS actually on facebook a long time ago. I played this game a few years back and when I log into facebook, I can still see this game on my list. While it has improved from it's facebook days somewhat, it's still not up to par. It is creative in it's own right (Bughunting as a profession!?) and it does offer player housing and growing stuff in your garden and caring for animals. I do like having some form of simulation aspects in my games.

But it is really clunky, and it has a lot of 'seen that, did it in another mmo!' type of vibe. It's also not graphically appealing and for the most part I kept the sound off.

It's playable and you might get some entertainment out of it, but there is definitely better out there.
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3 av 7 personer (43%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 4. oktober
It is an very long game where you can do a lot of things i really like it
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Publisert: 9. oktober
Oh my god. Why did I even bother installing this. Awful in all directions.
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Publisert: 13. oktober
Playing Villagers and Heroes was a terrible experience. Im not going to talk about the ugly graphics or the bugs and glitches that sometime can be very annoying, or the server lag, that even in a half empty EU server can be an issue. Im going to talk about the bad game design: There is no looting system, yeah right, NO LOOTING SYSTEM, party loot is ALWAYS FREE FOR ALL, imagine how that can work well in a mmorpg. Quests are the worst designed quests I ever seen, and I did play a lot of games. Tedious as hell, and often barely give you hints about what to do. Crafting looks deep at first, but it is quite boring and a very huge money sink, and the ton of different crafting mats will fill up your storage very fast, forcing you to buy space with real money, or throw stuff away. Spirit regeneration, mana-like power bar that is used by all classes (4) to use skills, is a big pain in the butt, you are probably meant to craft huge stacks of potions, because there is no food or /sit option to bring that regen up. You just stand around watching it ticking up veeery slowly all 3-4 mobs. Someone said it gets better when you level up but no idea how much better it would be. I really wanted to try it for the crafting that looked interesting, but as I seen that leveling it up burns tons of money, making you probably have to grind money for that, I stopped trying.
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Publisert: 11. oktober
Oh the things that are wrong about this game imagine chopping of a baby's hand and putting it into a blender then having to drink the hand thats what this game makes you feel like 2/10 with bag graphic's,controlls and overall bad story this game blows dont believe those reviews talking about Runescape its lies covered in more lies with extra badness
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Publisert: 12. oktober
The worst thing about this is that it's now shown on my profile saying that I've played it.
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Publisert: 12. oktober
This game gave me aids.
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2 av 6 personer (33%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 15. oktober
I have played WoW for 2 years and runescape for 1 year and this game fits perfectly with both types of players and many of MMO fans. I have played this for a few hours and loved it's gameplay, one issue I have been having though is minor crashed every hour of gameplay. So I hope playing this again may be a better expirience than the last.
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