Welcome to a land you'll never want to leave! Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMO game in which players experience not just the thrill of battling unique monsters or the satisfaction of tailoring an exquisite robe, but the pleasure of building lasting friendships within a friendly community.
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"A solid community driven MMO that while its mechanics are dated offers hours of fun. Players of Runescape and WoW will be right at home here."
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21 august

The Ardent Weekly Ledger - Issue 3

This week we explore the impact of V&H for female gamers, and how our community feels that the game gives our players an equal and respectful place to play.

View the full issue to read player stories and opinions, a comprehensive interview with Damon Slye, the president of Mad Otter Games, interesting peeks into the game industry and much more!

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14 august

The Ardent Weekly Ledger - Issue 2

This week we take a look at Store redesigns, interview our Community Manager, take a look at livestreaming and player events, and much more!

Coming soon: Item Shop previews!

In addition to new content, V&H has a number of other exciting improvements and features in store for you! Like what, you ask? How about: a completely renovated item shop in which players will at long last have the ability to preview all outfits and accessories first. That’s right, the days of wondering if that shade of blue or green is right for your priest, or if the latest event zone garb will suitably match your wizard staff are over!

The preview feature will enable players to dress up their own toon in any outfit displayed in our item shop – and the attire options to choose from will have increased considerably. We’ve added a number of new special appearance packs, as well as class specific packs. Hunters, Warriors, Wizards, and Priests will all have exclusive garb to choose from, not to mention a few other little surprises.
The Ardent Weekly Ledger will continue to reveal more about what players can look forward to in upcoming editions.

V&H Staff: Tiberius

View the full issue to read the entire interview with our community manager, Tiberius!

Live Streaming

We are incredibly fortunate to not only have a dedicated player who live streams Villagers & Heroes on a regular basis, thereby increasing exposure for our game, but who also was kind enough to write an informative article for us on the topic, which will be so helpful to players who are interested in learning how to live stream. Thank you, Truthfairy!

Live Streaming & Twitch – By TruthFairy

View the full issue to read TruthFairy's overview and tutorial on live streaming!

Furry Tales

View the full issue to read about the V&H dev team and their pets!

Big Bug Bonanza!

Recently, ‘Legends Reborn,’ a guild on US 1, threw an amazing, week-long event called, BIG BUG BONANZA. It sounds like a hoot, not to mention the worthiness of its altruistic purpose.
Here to describe the event for you is the player, Avenian: (thanks Avenian!)

One aspect of Legends Reborn (formerly United Arms), is to help our guildies by stocking nodes. To do this, we have some key members who organize this by storing gathers, stocking the guild vault, and checking on nodes. So what do you do if your supplies are getting low?

Our resident Bug Lady (a.k.a. Puzzler), was looking for a way drum up excitement about bugs in a fun way. I had recently been pulled into the bug world, Bug Boy was my title, so the two of us created the BIG BUG BONANZA!!!

This guild event asked guildies to gather bugs, and in return we gave draw tickets for a chance to win some great prizes. Our guild and guildies stepped up and helped donate many prizes. We were able to offer various xp potions, diamonds, a Golden Magnifying Glass, pies, and sockets to name a few. All in all, we had 17 prize packs to be won.

The response was overwhelming. We had 33 participants collect almost 160,000 bugs. I had to get four more vaults on my alt in order to store my share and Puzzler had bugs coming out of her village house. This allowed us to provide bugs to guildies to do charters, silks, and to help leveling Bug Lore. It also spawned our 2nd Bug Event, BIG BUG BONANZA 2: ELECTRIC BUGALOO, as well as my promotion to Senior Bug Boy (I have the badge and everything!!!).

The success of this event and others is due to the amazing support of everyone in Legends Reborn. The participation, donations, and feedback we got back, made this a great success. It is a great way to add even more excitement and pleasure of playing V&H.

Legends Reborn

Design Your Own Monster Contest!

Get out your pens or paints, or boot up Photoshop, or grab whatever your preferred tool for artistic expression is, and get ready to go to town! Puzzler of US 1 has a Design Your Own Monster contest for you all! The deadline for entries is August 31. The winners will receive crowns, and we’ll also feature the first place monster here in the Ledger.

For more details, please visit our forums at:

As always, you can go to www.villagersandheroes.com/weekly to see the full issues with all content!

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Ce spun criticii

“There are 10 different gathering professions: mining, fishing, bug lore, plant lore, smithing, cooking, tailoring, woodcrafting, gardening and ranching. The coolest part is that one character can become an expert at all of them. So Villagers and Heroes is a class-based, sandbox-crafter's paradise with nicely interactive housing.”
Bestest Ever – Massively

Despre acest joc

Step into a magical land unlike any other!

Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMO game in which players experience the thrill of battling unique monsters, the satisfaction of crafting powerful weapons and gear, and the pleasure of building lasting friendships in a friendly community.

Gnomish Augmentation = Sandbox Gameplay.

This unique feature is at the heart of the deep yet elegantly simple player choice system in Villagers & Heroes. The weapons and armor that a player equips not only grant a versatile assortment of heroic feats and spells, but also a large array of proficiencies and augmented abilities. The process of Gnogmenting gives the players the ability to mix, match, swap, replace, customize and design gear exactly how they want! Combine ancient elder gear with remarkable weaponry dropped from the monsters of the world. Or craft your own gear using any or all of the 10 gathering and crafting skills available. Gnogmenting is a completely free-form, sandbox system that is unmatched by any other game in its depth, and lets players test every tactic and indulge every creative whim.

Bounty Runs!

Bounties are powerful adversaries and monsters that roam every corner of the world. When a player defeats a bounty monster, they earn a large reward, regardless of the size of their party! Solo the beasties by yourself, or rampage across the countryside with a group of friends. Bounty rewards are instantaneous and do not require activation. This feature encourages teamwork and strategy.

Live in a Real Home in a Real Village.

You are the architect, the farmer, and the rancher. With a wide range of building styles to choose from, players can design and decorate their own houses, as well as choose which crops to plant in their garden, or select the type of animals they'd most like to raise. But players needn't go at it alone! Help your village grow from a tiny hamlet to a thriving metropolis by aiding your neighbors with community projects which will ultimately benefit every member of the village.


  • 8 Primary Combat Class Builds, with a myriad of meaningful variations
  • 10 Crafting Professions: Fishing, Mining, Bug Collecting, Plant Lore, Woodcrafting, Smithing, Cooking, Tailoring, Gardening, and Ranching
  • Gardening and Ranching: hundreds of different crops, sheep, pigs, chickens, and exotics like ember sheep, shadow sheep, etc.
  • Bounty Runs! Now with over 1500 unique bounties.
  • Real player housing with dozens of decoration options
  • Real Villages that can be leveled up by all members of the Village with better facilities (Forge, Tailory, Kitchen, Woodshop), opening new neighborhoods with housing for more players, mayors, a shared vault, stocking village resources, and more...
  • Gnogmenting: Combine crafted gear and elder gear from defeating lair bosses and rare randomly found exotic gear for an unlimited number of combinations of functionality and appearance
  • Auction House with thriving in-game economy
  • Hundreds of Magical Spells, Heroic Feats, and Abilities
  • More than 1000 Quests and Charters

Press Coverage

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® D or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: On board graphics
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP
    • Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.6GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with 512 MB of memory or more
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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Postat: 10 iunie
With the new update to Villagers and Heroes: Reborn, a lot of the annoyances of this title have been removed. The much-hated VIM system has been kicked out, and a lot of new features have been added. If you played this game before, you should definitely retry this game.

If you never played this game before, then Villagers and Heroes is a fun MMORPG. Quests, Crafting, Levels, Housing, it's all in the game. There's a lot of maps to explore.

Villagers and Heroes: Reborn is made by a small development team, but they delivered an epic update.
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Postat: 27 iunie
The game should be renamed: Clickers and Heroes
or Grinding Heroes

At first glance the game is fairly cute and suitable for children. This is true and a positive thing.

But the core gameplay is a brutal GrindAndClickFest with agressive Pay to play concept: even the training missions are about craft 50 items... what means: you sit in the front of the monitor and click in every 3 seconds 50 times.
Also, this game is about epic grinding. Really, there are no challenges in the game, the loot and the resources are easy to reach BUT: you have to spend long minutes and hours just to click and click and click on the same spot to have the necessary resources.

All the gameplay is about just clicking and waiting, clicking and waiting, clicking and waiting.... while there are mechanics to reduce this tedioum, everything points to the shop.

Honesntly, if there would be a reasonable priced monthly fee to eliminate this click fest concept I would gladly pay for it (because I like the world and the relatively simple gameplay, and again the relatively non violent MMO concept). But at it's current state, the game really tries to enforce me to pay with the nasty "I will make your clicker finger suffer if you dont pay" method. What I really don't like and I won't bend. Instead of that, I quit game.
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Postat: 16 iunie
I've been playing this game for a year now and i LOVE it. Usually i lose intrest within a few weeks but this one manages to keep me hooked. And for once a game advertised as free to play, really can be played without spending a dime. The community is super nice and will help with anything that might be giving you problems. And last but not least i must mention the Devs! they are awesome. they actually listen to player feedback and though they cant make everyone happy they try their best to make most happy.
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Postat: 15 iunie
I don't know why its taken me so long to write a review on this game, but here goes! (apologies in advance, i can get a bit wordy and off topic, lol)

Okay, so it is going to look like i've not played this game at all, but I have been playing since way before steam, so my account isn't attached to steam. However my actual play time is over 6,000 hrs via /playtime feature in the game.

Short history, I found this game a few years ago, instantly attracted to its charm. It is my first of this type, with the crafting mechanic etc in it. But I have tried several games since and nothing comes close to what i'm looking for in a game as much as this one does. I did leave (for about a year) because of some graphical/movement update that kind of took me out of the game because, well... I'm not good with changes apparently, lol.. There literally wasn't a day that went by that I didn't wish that I was playing it again, but because the new movement etc was so foriegn to me, and gave me a headache.. I just didn't try. It took an entire year to make myself try and get used to it, and wow am I so glad I am back.

The game has improved drastically (from what was already a pretty great game). The new starter area that has been rolled out is impressive, the story line very much intrigues me. But it isn't all about the story line. Sure the quests are great, combat is pretty fun (nothing overly complicated but not too simple either), crafting has certainly changed since I first started playing (and changed for the better I might add.. even tho i had no idea it could be improved!)

You could call me a fan boy (or girl would be more accurate) and you'd be right, but with great reason. This game has such charm to it, the community is great, helpful, and only on rare occassions will you run into 'trolls', etc. I think this is in HUGE part to the No PVP... Just because personally, I feel like it can sometimes bring out the worst in even the nicest of people.

To sum it up, this game is really great... So great i find myself skipping work sometimes just because I want a day to relax and play, lol
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Postat: 13 iulie
This is a nice game, with funhy cartoon-like graphics and a sence of humor. As many others have already commented, it is a next-gen Runescape. So if you are in to Runescape, go ahead and try it.
If you don't like Runescape or don't even know what it is, then DON'T try this!

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the game is heavily Pay to Play!!
From the 35 hours I have on record, the 30 or so were consumed on clicking on trees, mineral nodes and anvils in order to level up crafting skills..And I managed to get them to level 15...I can't imagine how much time it would take me to get to 50...Of course, you can speed up the process by using harvesters, but you have to pay real money to get them! ;)

Travel pads (the way to teleport between areas) require travel stones. You get 1 free for every travel pad you discover (I got 7). If you are 3 areas away from the main city, you have to either travel on foot or use teleport..After 4-5 freebies, you HAVE to pay to get Travel Stones..

It also has a farmville simulation! Plant. water, collect crops in order to level up your villager skills. At least crops deliver some good in-game cash...

There are lots of other examples of situations that you have to pay in order to avoid the EXTREMELY OUTRAGEOUS LONG and TEDIOUS grinding you need to do.
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