Bem-vindos a Terra que você nunca desejará abandonar! Villagers and Heroes é um Jogo de MMO gratuito no qual os jogadores podem experimentar a animação de lutar contra monstros únicos ou a satisfação de fabricar um manto incrível, além do prazer de construir amizades duradouras através de uma comunidade amistosa.
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Data de lançamento: 17/abr/2014

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"A solid community driven MMO that while its mechanics are dated offers hours of fun. Players of Runescape and WoW will be right at home here."
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26 de junho

Patch Notes 3.1.1 (part 2)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: Level 11 fruit tree in addicts won't let you pick fruit from it. You click on it and nothing happens. loc -284 35 323 There are other trees near by.
  • Fixed: The description for bunny ears references energy
  • Fixed: Way too many chess pieces are being gained:
  • Fixed: Floating tree in village: 0 23 288
  • Fixed: Some Npcs are underground! For example, Celestria in Mounds.
  • Fixed: Reborn XP bonus was not working.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug causing the game to freeze for long periods of time after sending mail or trying to open the shared vault. If you continue to get this issue, please send in more bug reports!
  • Hopefully fixed all issues involving inventory items having the wrong bitmap or not being updated. If you continue to see this issue, please send in a bug report!
  • Hopefully fixed bug causing health, spirit, etc. to get frozen and not update even after taking damage etc.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug causing quests and bounties to occasionally stop working after a rebirth, until relog.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash while loading if config.cs or prefs.cs was corrupted.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to lose their rebirth if they increased any skill (not just their combat level) up to their old level.
  • Fixed: Clicking on Rankings, Buy Crowns, Game Guides etc. was not opening a browser on some computers.
  • Fixed text that didn't update in the skills window and rapid crafting slider.
  • Fixed: swapping items between inventory and village vault caused the item that ended up in inventory to remain with old icon (tooltip is correct however).
  • Fixed: attempting to equip items from the wrong class appeared to work, but in actuality they'd be backwards (tooltip would be correct).
  • Fixed a bug causing players to get caught at Eamon after turning in the pages. (Players who were caught will need to talk to him again for the quest to progress.)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Tarquin to have no dialog (would often times show up as the last dialog the player read). Players who had this bug will need to talk to Helga and get another Apriquat Biscuit, then talk to Tarquin.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a players quest to get stuck if they lost Tarquin's tablet (Tarquin will give you another now).
  • Fixed the windows in the crypts for Village graveyard.
  • Add Ayden back to Ardent City
  • Shift-Z was fixed. It shows frames per second, ping, and other game diagnostics.
  • Fixed The fishing spots in lady's lake are invisible. Also, Vinton.
  • Fixed the floating garden ramp at 831 -543 50 in Lower Ethos Island
  • Fixed the three woodcrafting tables near Marigold Marina to work.
  • Fixed some of Rickardi's text to be correct (and not talk about carpentry).
  • Fixed so crafted chess pouches no longer drop small vim pots. They will occasionally drop Motes of Yorick instead.
  • Fixed the level 20 elder fragment to say where Elk's Shadow really is.
  • Fixed: the /bug chat command wouldn't work.
  • Fixed: Yelena's Bug Quest in Lady's Lake does not give the player an update (like most quests do) that the quest is done.
  • Fixed: Mutagen Zogs no longer are in game or drop
  • Fixed: When I die in Ethos Island, I resurrect at 13 25 121, on a hillside
  • Fixed: Yorick's Hat description - Description reads "...does not increase the oods of finding supplies...". should be odds.
  • Fixed: Removed the tutorial message in the keep about aggro.
  • Fixed: The prickly herb at location "You are at 623 -149 53 in Lower Ethos Island" is impossible to select to gather the calming thistle.
  • Fixed: -171 211 19 Briny Caverns: something is launching missiles through the rock wall and hitting me - I can't see them

  • Player report: "This morning I entered in game and after a short loading (like a patch), I inserted email and pass to log in, and I have noticed that the new font used has changed, now is much larger and more invasive!"
  • Otter Note: This means the custom font isn't getting set up correctly. Please send us an in-game bug report.
  • Player report: "The strangest thing is the attitude, set to heroic but in game is cool, but if I put cool in game is shy (lol)! See pics.(
  • Otter Note: From what we can tell this is just a delay between setting in the character window and in-game.
  • Player report: "If i get poisoned while i have a curse, the curse is gone. She says both the icon and effect of the curse is gone when she get poisoned."
  • Otter Note: Mummies curses share the same 'slot' with one another. So if you get cursed by one mummy with one type of curse, and then a second mummy curses you with another (like decay, the poison over time curse), it will stomp the old one. I tested all the mobs around the area that it was reported in and nothing stomped the mummies curse except other mummies (code looks solid too).

The following bug reports we cannot reproduce:
  • Federico and Stella don't have quest markers in oak valley. Also, their quest pertains to mega-looters, but those are no longer available in the item shop. maybe it should be adjusted to more current information.
  • The daily fishing charter NPC, Tasny, in Elk Meadow is missing an exclamation point over his head. (Not sure, but the brick house behind him might be obscuring it.) Oldn, the bugs daily NPC in Mounds, is also missing a daily quest marker.
  • Otter Note: You have to be level 5 for both of these to show. Also, depending on how many quests you have, it may take a while for it to show after zoning into the zone.
  • Mortimer is still broken. When the lucky card is used, the quest does not complete.
  • I made a hat and it is nowhere to be found - tried relogging, tried moving stuff around, tried moving zones. The hat i crafted inexplicable showed up inside vault - not sure how that one happened as I was at the tailory.
  • Otter Note: If it happens again, please send an in-game bug report

Known Problems

Here are some things we're planning to fix soon:
  • Character height is (incorrectly) altering run speed.
  • Occasional Lag - spell/feat icons turn green, and cannot be used for several seconds
  • Bug Report fails to send for some players.
  • Sometimes when Gardening, the character animation will stutter
  • UI
  • create a more minimal UI for systems with lower resolutions
  • don't close windows when clicking outside them
  • an option to use a non-italicized font for text
  • Solve the problem Priests have with conflicts between party gui and chat gui.
  • Zombie bug: "Sometimes after I die, I just stand there with monsters hitting me like I am still alive."

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26 de junho

Patch Notes 3.1.1 (part 1)

Gathering Changes
  • Boosted Mote of Yorick drop chance across the board
  • Base chance: boosted from 5% to 15%
  • Hasty Herb Chance: boosted from 0.5%-5% (level 1, level 75) to 3%-9%.
  • Normal Herb Chance: boosted from 1.5%-15% (level 1, level 75) to 7%-21%
  • Yorick's Jewlery: boosted from 4%-20% to 5%-26%
  • Gold price dropped from 14s 95c to 12s 95c.
  • Changed it so if you have Mote Find greater than 100%, you get a chance at a second Mote of Yorick.
  • Cornucopia have been boosted. Instead of 3 charges at 90%, they now contain 5 charges a 100%. All charter variations are rebalanced to take this into account. The chance to find them is now slightly more rare (0.5%)
  • Gathering hats now also increases the chance to find Motes of Yorick by 15%. With the new base mote chance of 15%, this doubles a hat wearers chances to find Motes of Yorick.
  • We have removed all ranks of supplies (ranks being the level ranges). Instead all supplies of a gathering skill will work at any level node.
  • We kept all the rarities of supplies (common, superior, premium).
  • We have added two new types of supplies: No trade superior and No trade premium. These items will work just like normal superior and premium supplies, but they will be separate items (including a different name and a different icon).
  • This will leave a total of five items per gathering skill:
  • Common Supplies (No Trade)
  • Superior Supplies (No Trade)
  • Premium Supplies (No Trade)
  • Superior Supplies (Trade-able)
  • Premium Supplies (Trade-able)
  • In total this will be 20 item (5 items * 4 skills) compared to 48 items from the old system (4 ranks * 3 rarities * 4 skills). That is 28 items less.
  • This is where and how you will acquire these items:
  • Common Supplies (No Trade): Can be found while gathering, Will be given out by daily distributors, can be purchased with COG coins.
  • Superior Supplies (No Trade): Can be purchased using COG coins.
  • Premium Supplies (No Trade): Can be purchased using COG coins.
  • Superior Supplies (Tradable): Can be found while gathering.
  • Premium Supplies (Tradable): Can be found while gathering, can be purchased using charter tokens.
  • All COG values (buy / sell / trade) have been adjusted to fit the new system.
  • COG patrons will now accept any type of supply in exchange for COG coins (common, superior, premium, superior (no trade), premium (no trade)).
  • A Note on this: All five can go in, but only three can come out. This means any of the five supply types listed above can be traded to a COG patron, but only the three no trade versions can by purchased using COG coins. Consequently, players can never take a trade-able supply, trade it with COG, and get a trade-able supply back out. The COG patron will give you a special warning about this issue.
  • Common Supplies will no longer be sold for Gold.
  • COG coins can now be purchased with Gold.
  • Transition from old types to new types:
  • All old supply types will be converted to new types by the system when the build goes live.
  • Any unopened bounty salvage, charter bags, or daily bags, will now contain the new type of item.
  • If somehow a player still has an old item type after the build goes live, that item will still work for gathering.
  • Xinzen carp were balanced to take into account the new changes.
  • Normal Herbs that give the Abundant Earth effect, now last for 20 minutes rather than 5. Hasty herb duration remains the same.
  • Bounties no longer drop Bounty Salvage. Instead bounties will give COG coins based on the level of the bounty.
  • COG coins now stack to 9500 (used to be 5000)
  • When a character first gathers with no supplies selected, a tutorial message appears.

  • We made the X that indicates an item cannot be used smaller and less aggressive
  • Made Mail text and Auction House quantity text easier to read.
  • The "Mail" button was moved into the top-left HUD frame, and now flashes when new mail is received, as it did before Reborn.
  • The dark background behind the crafting window, friends window, and all the other windows has been removed, allowing you to chat and move items about while the windows are open.
  • Changed "Social" to "Friends"
  • When a character first gathers with no supplies selected, show a tutorial popup.

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“There are 10 different gathering professions: mining, fishing, bug lore, plant lore, smithing, cooking, tailoring, woodcrafting, gardening and ranching. The coolest part is that one character can become an expert at all of them. So Villagers and Heroes is a class-based, sandbox-crafter's paradise with nicely interactive housing.”
Bestest Ever – Massively

Sobre este jogo

Adentre uma Terra Mágica diferente de qualquer Outra

Villagers and Heroes é um Jogo de MMO gratuito no qual os jogadores podem experimentar a animação de lutar contra monstros únicos, a satisfação de produzir ponderosas armas e equipamentos, e o prazer de construir amizades duradouras numa comunidade amistosa.

Melhoria Gnomíca = Jogabilidade em Sandbox.

Essa característica singular é o centro do sistema de escolha profunda e elegantemente feito pelo próprio jogador em Villagers & Heroes. As armas e armaduras que o jogador utiliza não somente garantem uma versátil variedade de proezas e feitiços heroicos, mas também, uma grande possibilidade de proficiências e habilidades melhoradas. O processo de Gnogmentação dá ao jogador a capacidade de misturar, juntar, trocar, reposicionar, customizar e desenhar o equipamento exatamente do modo que quiser! Combinar um equipamento ancião com um notável armamento encontrado em algum monstro do mundo. Ou produzir seu próprio equipamento usando alguma das 10 habilidades de produção e coleta disponíveis. Gnogmentar é uma forma completamente gratuita, um sistema em sandbox incomparável a qualquer outro jogo em sua profundidade, e possibilita ao jogador testar todas as maneiras e satisfaz qualquer desejo criativo.

Corrida por Recompensas!

Recompensas advêm de poderosos adversários e monstros que andam por todos os cantos do mundo. Quando um jogador derrota um monstro premiado é gratificado, independente se estiver ou não em um grupo! Enfrente sozinho as criaturas, ou percorra ferozmente os campos com um grupo de amigos. Recompensas são instantâneas e não precisam ser ativadas. Essa característica encoraja trabalho em equipe e estratégia.

Viva em uma Casa Real em uma Vila Real.

Você é o arquiteto, o fazendeiro, o aldeão. Com uma grande quantidade de estilos de construções para se escolher, jogadores podem projetar e decorar suas próprias casas, bem como escolher quais plantas serão cultivadas no jardim, ou selecionar os tipos de animais que gostaria de criar. Mas os jogadores não precisam fazer isso sozinhos! Ajude sua vila a crescer, desde um pequeno povoado até uma próspera metrópole, ao ajudar os vizinhos com os projetos da comunidade os quais trarão benefícios a cada membro da vila.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® D or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: On board graphics
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP
    • Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.6GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with 512 MB of memory or more
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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Publicada: 4 de maio
Villagers é um MMO RPG concentrado no Craft , tendo muitas atividades para se fazer , as quais são ; carpintaria , botanica , jardinagem , gastronomia , gnomentação , pecuaria , alfaiataria , jorja , coleta de diversos itens como minerios , peixes , galhos e insetos . Todas as habilidades do jogo só chegam ao level 75 , e acho que quando se '' fecha '' o jogo abre mais leveis . E para chegar até o final do jogo temos só quatro classes , as quais são Guerreiro ( Tanker ou Berseker ) , Mago ( Fogo ou Gelo ) , Padre ( Curandeiro ou Rogador de doenças ) e a classe Caçador ( Furtivo ou comum ) . O jogo concentra em trabalho em equipe , que não é nescessario , mas deixaria a jogatina mais facil e divertida . A historia do jogo é bem cliche , so algumas coisas interessantes , toda cidade , reino ou local que você for tem uma historia , por isso conversar com NPCs pode ajudar a entender mais sobre o local . A dificuldade depende do local que você está , ou quem você está enfrentando como os bosses ancioes ou zingaras . O jogo mostra que o trabalho em equipe e essencial quando você começa a morar em vilas as quais você tambem tem que upar e deixalas fantasticas com itens dificeis de se achar , ou comprando itens na loja do jogo ( essa loja é uma palhaçada ) e quando você upa sua vila prepare-se para guerriar com outras vilas SQN porque esse jogo não tem PVP , o qual os developers dizem que vai lançar a atualização , so que o eles prometem isso desde o lançamento do jogo , que faz 5 anos , e isso não explica o grafico ser feio , por que aquilo poderia ser mais bonito e rodar em qualquer PC . Os videos do beta do jogo mostram que o jogo seria muito bom , com costumizações otimas , PVP , Guilda VS Guilda e Vila vs Vila , e você poderia criar uma Dungeon . O mapa do jogo é bem grande só que mal aproveitado , tem muitos reinos que você não tem acesso , os unicos reinos acessiveis são Ardente , Santuario Verde e o Reino de Pyrrus que é o chefão final , onde você precisa de um processo gigante de quests e uma chave e um grande numero de pessoas , caso você derrote ele você desbloqueia novas areas , mas para isso acontecer você ficaria um ano jogando sem parar , e até la você enjoa pelo numero repetitivo de açoes . É legal criar clãs , grupos e vilas ( você precisa de muito dinheiro e tempo para fazer uma vila , sem falar que tem que estar disponivel ) você pode fazer uma vila so para o cla e ser prefeito da vila . O jogo é muito bugado . Agora para encerrar vou falar das várias DLCs carissimas que o jogo tem , dlcs que não adicionam coisas uteis custam 25 reais até mesmo 90 . Mesmo falando tudo isso sobre o jogo eu gosto dele , só que ele é muito problematico e poderia ser bem melhor , lançam os updates que não melhoram nada e ninguem nota oque foi adicionado , os developers sabem disso mas não fazem nada para melhorar .
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Publicada: 20 de janeiro
Otimo Jogo :), Curti
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Publicada: 23 de fevereiro
This game provides almost everything that I would want from an MMO. However, there are a few downsides. I'll start with the bad first.

First off is the Vim System. It is kind of a negative thing for the game, but I can understand why it was put in. Vim is sort of like your crafting stamina, and it unlocks when one of your skills reaches 16. After you hit that point, everything you do when it comes to that specific skill will take up Vim points. Now, they do regenerate over time, but it's like every other game that has energy regeneration: few minutes at a time, and you only get one point back at a time. That wouldn't be so bad if you didn't need mass amounts for quests. The more you craft at a time, the more you use (e.g. one at a time for one Vim, or 50 for 150 Vim.) Gathering only takes one for each click, and sometimes you get three items instead of one, so that's not too bad. The biggest issue with this is that it greatly limits what you can do in the game each day. Sure, there are refills that you can buy (with in game tokens that you can earn, no real money required) and perks that cut down on how much is cut out, but if you don't have enough tokens or those perks yet, things can slow down pretty quickly. There are small "free" refills that you can get to drop, like 15 Vim cornucopians, but those aren't very common; there are also big refills, but that requires you to level the skill. If you're running low, and you're only around 10%, you're better off coming back later. The good side of the Vim system, though, is that it DOES slow you down. Without it, you would see level 1s taking up all of the high ranking gathering spots, and people who could actually craft with what's gathered there wouldn't be able to proceed because of the farmers.

Second off is the way your skills work. (I'm going to be giving you my point of view, since that's all I really have to work with here.) The good thing about the skill system here is that you have 6 set usable combat skills. The bad thing about the skill system is that you have 6 set usable combat skills. Now, on my priest, that's not too bad; I get a personal heal, a shield I can give to anyone, and the rest are damage spells. However, if I want to be able to heal SOMEONE ELSE, I need to find a piece of gear with that specific skill on it. If I want to keep that skill, I have to keep moving it from gear piece to gear piece, and believe me, that can get expensive pretty quickly, especially if you want to keep A LOT of skills that benefit you. If you have more skills that the free slots cover, you have to either abandon all hope for them, or use special stones to be able to tack as many on as that gear piece or weapon has space for. (You can also earn these in game, but if you're like me, and acquire a lot of pieces with great perks, youre going to run out of them VERY QUICKLY. They aren't exactly common for daily bonuses.) However, this does force you to think about which ones benefit you the most, so no one person can hoarde all of the skills and be insanely overpowered.

The third thing that I found to be a little irritating is crafting costs. Now, to craft things, you need to go to a station with all of the materials required (that you gather yourself) and craft whatever your skill allows. Now, a few friends of mine and I have sort of agreed that it's a "station rent and craft time" cost, but the higher up you get, the more expensive things get. That's a little annoying counting that I have to gather up all of these insane things to craft it in the first place. The sellback value isn't too great for them, either. The most recent thing I crafted cost me around 15 and a half silver, and it sold for a measly 24 copper. Pretty crappy, right? It feels pretty imbalanced. However, with how much hunting and questing most people do to kill time getting back Vim, I suppose most don't notice.

The fourth thing is the party/friend system. This one isn't necessarily a bad thing; it's just more of an annoyance. When adding someone to your friend list, you have to be standing right there with them. There's no "Add Buddy" button on the friend menu. You have to track them down and do it yourself. And, while we're talking about the friend list, let me tell you what you can do with your plethora of friends. You can see their name (good, that's needed), their level (also good, I suppose), and if they're online or not(very good; I mean, you can't whisper them if they're not online, right?). Aaaand..that's about it. You can't do anything with them. Can't unbuddy them, can't invite them to a party, nothing really helpful for people who are doing their own thing and then decide to be in a party. You have to do all of that stuff in person. (Well, in character, I guess. You don't have to walk all the way to your buddy's house to do things in game.) Oh, and the party invites work the same as a friend invite. Have to be able to click on them.

The last bad thing that I've noticed about this game is how you discover new areas. In most MMOs that provide a means of fast travel (which, by the way, isn't free in this game. It requires travel stones to go from one area to another.), you only have to enter the area to register that it's been discovered. The two exceptions that I've run into are WoW and this game. Like WoW, you have to activate a specific something to be able to travel there. In this case, there are travel pads that you have to run over. You get a free travel stone for discovering it for the first time, and bam. Area is now open for travel. However, that is also the drawback. If you're entering a new area that is just below, at, or just above your level, you had better be methodical about killing everything along the way. Most areas have the travel pad around the middle of the map if there isn't a town there. If you die before you run arcoss it? Better hope you have a resurrection stone. Don't have any left? You get to try again from the start. It's still labaled as "undiscovered". Better hope that things haven't started respawning yet.

Even through all of the bad, there are a lot of fantastic things that I love about this game.

First off, it's free. No pay-to-win here. The only thing that I might recommend paying for is extra storage if you like to hoarde everything. But, even that's not necessary. You get a total of three bags to start off with, a vault (with, I don't remember, 25 or 30 spaces?), and, if you decide to get the free house license, ANOTHER storage vault. So, unless you REALLY like to hoarde EVERYTHING you pick up, you don't need to buy anything with real money.

The second thing I love about this game is that there is no limit to what skills you can learn because everyone can learn everything. Want to focus soley on mining and smithing? That's cool. Want to max out just your plant lore? Go ahead. Want to be a master in all things ore, wood, clothing, food, and potions? No one's stopping you! The sky is the limit, as long as you have patience for all of the Vim you're going to be blowing through.

Other than that, it's really just your basic, run-of-the-mill MMORPG. There's things to fight, places to discover, quests to complete, and lots of fun to be had. If you're looking for a casual game to play alone or with your friends, this one is one that I recommend wholeheartedly. 9/10
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Publicada: 10 de junho
With the new update to Villagers and Heroes: Reborn, a lot of the annoyances of this title have been removed. The much-hated VIM system has been kicked out, and a lot of new features have been added. If you played this game before, you should definitely retry this game.

If you never played this game before, then Villagers and Heroes is a fun MMORPG. Quests, Crafting, Levels, Housing, it's all in the game. There's a lot of maps to explore.

Villagers and Heroes: Reborn is made by a small development team, but they delivered an epic update.
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Publicada: 15 de junho
I don't know why its taken me so long to write a review on this game, but here goes! (apologies in advance, i can get a bit wordy and off topic, lol)

Okay, so it is going to look like i've not played this game at all, but I have been playing since way before steam, so my account isn't attached to steam. However my actual play time is over 6,000 hrs via /playtime feature in the game.

Short history, I found this game a few years ago, instantly attracted to its charm. It is my first of this type, with the crafting mechanic etc in it. But I have tried several games since and nothing comes close to what i'm looking for in a game as much as this one does. I did leave (for about a year) because of some graphical/movement update that kind of took me out of the game because, well... I'm not good with changes apparently, lol.. There literally wasn't a day that went by that I didn't wish that I was playing it again, but because the new movement etc was so foriegn to me, and gave me a headache.. I just didn't try. It took an entire year to make myself try and get used to it, and wow am I so glad I am back.

The game has improved drastically (from what was already a pretty great game). The new starter area that has been rolled out is impressive, the story line very much intrigues me. But it isn't all about the story line. Sure the quests are great, combat is pretty fun (nothing overly complicated but not too simple either), crafting has certainly changed since I first started playing (and changed for the better I might add.. even tho i had no idea it could be improved!)

You could call me a fan boy (or girl would be more accurate) and you'd be right, but with great reason. This game has such charm to it, the community is great, helpful, and only on rare occassions will you run into 'trolls', etc. I think this is in HUGE part to the No PVP... Just because personally, I feel like it can sometimes bring out the worst in even the nicest of people.

To sum it up, this game is really great... So great i find myself skipping work sometimes just because I want a day to relax and play, lol
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