1954: Alcatraz – The cash is out there. But who will get it? Joe's doing 40 years on Alcatraz for a heist on an armored truck. The loot is still hidden out there, but only Joe knows where it is. In the streets of San Francisco, Joe's ex-accomplices and his wife are eager to find the stolen money. Who will get their hands on the dough?
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"Kelsey says: excellent, logical, historical PnC where you alternate between a wrongly-accused husband and the wife busting him out of Alcatraz."


“It manages to draw the player in, not only because a prison escape is impressive, but because escaping from Alcatraz is especially daunting.”
Snackbar Games

“Gene Mocsy and Daedalic should be proud, as this is easily one of the most intriguing point-and-clicks around.”
Gaming Lives

“1954 Alcatraz is an interesting adventure to get lost in for a while.”
God Is A Geek


1954: Alcatraz – The cash is out there. But who will get it?

Joe's doing 40 years on Alcatraz for a heist on an armored truck. The loot is still hidden out there, but only Joe knows where it is. In the streets of San Francisco, Joe's ex-accomplices and his wife are eager to find the stolen money. Who will get their hands on the dough?

In this interactive Point & Click adventure by Daedalic Entertainment and Irresponsible Games - the team of Gene Mocsy - Joe and his wife Christine will be playable characters. Players will decide between love, treachery, life and death: will Christine assist Joe during his prison break? Will they recover the fortune together? Or will they succumb to greed? Will Christine deceive her husband, taking revenge for all the disappointments and a marriage that brought her nothing but hardship? Will she just turn her back on Joe and hit the road with his former accomplices? Or will Joe gain everything in the end?

1954: Alcatraz offers all what makes a great adventure: challenging puzzles, a mature crime story with a dynamic plot and various possible outcomes, and a whole bunch of shady characters: brutal felons, making life on The Rock even harder for Joe, while outside not only his partners-in-crime but also snoops and cops are after the money and Christine. The cinematic San Francisco of the 1950s, caught in a gritty comic style is a harsh place. But it's also a place where 1954: Alcatraz can also pay homage to history and zeitgeist, in form of the Beatnik culture and other contemporary themes.

Key Features

  • Two playable characters: the gangster couple Joe and Christine
  • More than 20 additional 3D animated characters
  • More than 60 hand drawn backdrops, based on original footage of San Francisco, North Beach and Alcatraz
  • Challenging puzzles and exciting dialogues by Gene Mocsy, co-writer of Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island
  • Atmospheric Beat and Jazz soundtrack by Pedro Macedo Camacho (Fairytale Fights, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, A Vampyre Story, Audiosurf)
  • In-game decisions extensively influence the plot and lead to various endings


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz (Single Core) oder 2 GHz (Dual Core)
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 200-series/Radeon 300-series/Intel HD 3000-series or better
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
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本作也是一个小工作室 Irresponsible Games 和Deadalic 合作开发的作品,大概有个6分水准吧。作为一个流程5~8小时的游戏,本作20刀的价格相当坑爹,不过这游戏经常80 OFF或者进包,打折之后的性价比还可以。



闲话扯得有点多,开始进入正题。本作的故事发生在1954年的旧金山:男主Joe和别人结队去抢劫,结果被抓住判了50年。但是在被抓之前,Joe暗中私藏了抢来的钱,为了这笔钱Joe开始筹划逃出恶魔岛。在Joe在恶魔岛监狱服刑同时,他的前妻Christine 被当年的同伙威胁要找出被Joe藏起来的钱的下落,于是Christine也开始了一边找钱一遍协助Joe逃狱的计划。本作剧情是很典型的黑色风格:剧里没有一个纯粹的好人,大家为了钱和命打来打去。故事整体来说有些老套,但算是合情合理,少见的黑暗内容和旧金山的华人元素是加分点。游戏中可以自由切换男女主,不过由于剧情需要和切换读盘时间过长的缘故,男女主交替进行游戏是最合适的策略。游戏在双线叙事的方面游戏做的很不错,比《Broken Age》好很多(笑);尽管游戏是多结局,但区别主要在最后的选择上,因此个人建议成就党们直接走Cold blood 路线一周目拿齐全成就。


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Story-driven, though not without a few glaring faults // Will round out a good point & click collection

+ Fantastic voice-acting; the majority of lines are delivered in an organic, quality manner
+ Well-crafted dialogue options; writing feels mature and immersive
+ Hand-drawn set designs are artistic lend a unique feeling to the experience
+ Everything, from the dialogue, to the set features, feels period-appropriate
+ Boasts a mature and competently developed narrative
+ Soundtrack, of a largely jazz-theme, is absolutely fantastic

- Poor animation quality; everything feels clunky and uncoordinated, but not in a charming way
- Puzzles are, occasionally, woefully simplistic
- Poor secondary character development; most of the support cast is immediately forgettable
- Audio design seems to often be out of sync with the actions of the characters

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1954 Alcatraz: the time is right, the tune is low and guns are smoking. The world is old, yet the life is young. The Beat Generation redefines America with rejection literature, sexual liberation and psychedelic drugs. In this Daedalic adventure game, you take the role of partners in crime, a husband and a wife, to either bring the fugitives to a happy union, or break some more hearts and heads in their run.

The scene opens up to the story of Joe and Christine. Joe participates in a heist and is sent to the Rock, the legendary Alcatraz prison. The money is said to be burned during the car crash, but the mafia have their suspicions. Christine is left with a broken heart and tons of questions in her mind. Joe decides to escape from Alcatraz to meet with his wife, and leave country while Christine tries her best to avoid mafia's advances, discover some truth to events and aid her husband in the coastal districts of San Fransisco. They cheat, lie, steal, blackmail and kill to their freedom, with one dream in their visions: a new life in Mexico.

First thing is first: the theme of the game is well thought and interesting. I've never stumbled upon an adventure game that takes place during the Beat Generation. The concept, and the tale of Christine and Joe bears so much potential. The gameplay consists of switches between Joe and Christine. You choose which one's perspective to play at any given time. Whence one of them are stuck due to conditions that they cannot control, you switch to the other to make things progress. Item combinations seem to always make sense according to the narration and the storyline. The backgrounds are nice. The music is catchy and fits the mood at any given time.

The downside is that the game feels a bit rushed. I had some issues about the graphics for example; while they are cartoonish and characters do move a bit chalky, it's no actual bother. What is bothersome is the loading time between scenes. The game seemed having a bit of a problem during scene passages. That needs polishing at least. Main Menu and the Save/Load screen glitches and takes time to either save or load. Animations and the voice acting loose their synch quite often. The ending - or endings, depending on your choices - feels anticlimactic. Not even an actual cutscene to reward us!

When you decide to add the pros and cons of the game, it ends up becoming a 'yeah sure, why not'. If this game would come from a no-name developer, I'd recommend it. But this is not the performance that I expect from Daedalic. If you are into adventure games, go for a drive. You will like it anyway. But the potential of the game, and what the game actually ended up being is two different things.

Please also check out Completing the Backlog's Curator page here - follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!
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1954 Alcatraz just by it's name you can tell it's a prison break game. You play as husband Joe from inside of prison and Wife Christine from out side of prison.

The story is fairly short but decent. It's a basic find object use object to solve situation game. My first play though was around 5 hours and i missed 5 achievements. With a guide while reading a book at same time i was able to conplete my second play though to get 100% with only 132 minutes of game play.

The overall graphics is ok for indie but it is a still feels a bit outdated. Walking animation is choppy at times. There is one graphic bug that seen and took a screenshoot. There is also another bug that if you alt+tab out all you clue magnify glass and exit signs will show up on your screen forever without you ever need to press space for it.

The puzzle are really simple but it does take some time to find all the items needed.

Music is actually really engaging and is a big plus for this game.

All the conversation in this game is completely voiced and it's pretty well done.

Achievements are really easy to get but without a guide it's quite simple to miss a few.

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