Аквария, аркада, завоевавшая награды, позволит вам погрузиться в огромный подводный мир, заполненный различными обитателями и скрывающий древние тайны. Присоединитесь к Найе, одинокой исследовательнице морских глубин, в увлекательном путешествии по пещерам, таящимся во мгле, по красивейшим оазисам, залитым солнцем.
Обзоры пользователей: Очень положительные (Обзоров: 728) - 90% из 728 обзоров этой игры положительны
Дата выхода: 7 дек, 2007

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Аквария, аркада, завоевавшая награды, позволит вам погрузиться в огромный подводный мир, заполненный различными обитателями и скрывающий древние тайны. Присоединитесь к Найе, одинокой исследовательнице морских глубин, в увлекательном путешествии по пещерам, таящимся во мгле, по красивейшим оазисам, залитым солнцем. Помогите Найе отыскать ключ к ее прошлому. Ей предстоит находить скрытые сокровища, побывать в местах, которых нет ни на одной карте и сразиться с громадными подводными монстрами, чтобы узнать правду о своей семье и разгадать тайну Акварии.

  • Огромный прекрасный мир, ждущий своего первооткрывателя

  • Захватывающая история, сотканная из великолепный визуальных эффектов, музыки и голосовых вставок

  • Новая схема управления с использованием мыши и боя с использованием магии

  • Вы столкнетесь в игре с 175 видами удивительных созданий, с которыми можно будет общаться и сражаться

  • Десятки сокровищ ждут, чтобы их нашли

  • Виртуальная кухня для создания мощных артефактов

  • Доступ ко всем достижениям через Steam

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows 2000, XP или Vista

    • Процессор: 1,8 ГГц

    • Память: 256 Мб

    • Графика: графическая карта с поддержкой OpenGL

    • Место на жестком диске: 225 Мб
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12.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 4 декабря, 2015
Маленький шедевр от Алека и Дерека.
Я даже не знаю, что сказать; Одна из самых моих любимых игр, к которым так и не вышло продолжение. Эта игра красива и проста одновременно. Да, не первый раз с ней встречаюсь да и не первый раз любуюсь на локации. Каждая локация по-своему хороша. В НЕЙ ДАЖЕ СЮЖЕТ ЕСТЬ!!1
Где я только не играла в Акварию: и на телефоне, и на компьютере, и на планшете. Первый раз наша встреча была в 8 лет ( Я просила родителей купить её) Я очень любила диск с Акварией. Хотя... Он и сейчас у меня есть.
В стиме я давно её присмотрела, ради ачивок...
Вообщем, купить стоит.
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20.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 18 ноября, 2015
TL;DR: Beautiful medroidvania-style exploration action-adventure in a mysterious aquatic setting with moderate combat system and fresh-feeling story.

World of wonders

Aquaria is a hidden yet rough gem: it's got a beautiful shell that sweeps your legs off, overwhelms you with its enormous world and then drowns you in to its wonderful setting. Frankly, I was unaware it even existed before I started seriously playing through my Library to discover just hidden gems like this. I wonder how it could have flown under my radar for so long. On with the review:

In Aquaria you play as Naija, a barely feral humanoid sea creature with magic singing powers and vague memory of her earlier life. Curiosity gets hold of her and she heads to the outside world to see its wonders. The world proves to be both a beautiful and a grim place. Aquaria plays like a medroidvania but (almost) entirely in an aquatic environment, thus requiring none of the usual platforming skills.

For starters, the game is astonishingly beautiful, in both cut scenes and in-game. Aquatic environment is a tranquil place, full of weeds, plants and critters, many of them malicious. Soundtrack is nice and fits the theme marvellously. Voice acting is surprisingly good for a game with (almost) only the lonesome main character articulating by herself. It is used excellently to set the mood of mystery and wonder. The game encourages you to just hang around in its calm, alien world. Sometimes, an eerie, malicious laughter in the distance breaks the illusion of tranquility - who is that and why is he laughing?

Just about everything about the storyline and setting is tightly knitted into the lore and many things only become clear close to the end. The intro cut scene itself is confusing as its significance only becomes apparent late into the game.

So much to see...

In the beginning a while is spent simply exploring the limited area and trying to figure out what to do. The ever-present exploration aspect is both cool and dull: while the environment is pretty and contains a lot of interesting features and stuff to find, the whole scope of it is initially overwhelming. It takes a while to get through the slow start. Fortunately there's a map and you can easily mark interesting/unreachable areas.

Like expected in a good medroidvania, it takes a while to find out how to use the environmental features to your advantage and find a means to proceed into the areas previously unreachable. This makes returning to the known areas rewarding.

To reach those areas Naija may learn to take different forms that grant her special abilities like shooting homing fire bolts or fitting into tight spaces. The forms (and a couple of spells) are accessed through singing magic, though there are keyboard shortcuts for the numerous forms. The special abilities are used also in combat.

So much to fight...

Fighting is simple, almost to a point of dull: shoot until enemy dies, sometimes removing/destroying the shield first, and avoid getting hit by projectiles or touched by enemies. It works but it sure could use some twists. The enemies are invariably sea creatures of various kinds but bosses are sea monsters or downright fallen gods of enormous size.

Boss monsters (which are a dozen) usually require one to make them expose their weak spot in some way and then shooting it as fast as you can. In effect fighting some bosses is more like a puzzle into itself as you look for their weak spot and study their attack patterns, which are just 2-3 per boss. Many bosses have also a fascinating background in the lore, though some are just nasty creatures who want to kill you.

The later bosses are better and more challenging (even difficult), while the earlier ones might be killed simply by dodging or blocking their bullet storm-like attacks and shooting like a madman. The later bosses may take several tries to survive, especially the final boss who has several forms and no saves between.

The scarcity of save points is a major fault: with the long distances between areas and the menacing world one would hope for frequent saves but there's usually just one per area. While death does not happen too often, when you do die you lose all progress since the last save, which can be infuriating if it was a while back. It also forces for rather long game sessions since you don't always know when you can save the next time. Food crafting, i.e. cooking, can be used to create healing and buff items that can sometimes help through the most dangerous situations to avoid losing progress.

It's not a perfect place

The world of Aquaria is an enormous place with several biomes from amazing reed forests to fallen aquatic cities to pitch-dark caves. Several times I would just stop momentarily and enjoy the marvellous vista.

While mostly placed underwater, there are a couple of less-than traditional platforming sections later into the game. Wall-jumping is unfortunately way unreliable, especially since the same mechanic is used to travel on land. There's no way (that I could see) to control the strength of the pounces, making it hard to judge where Naija would land. Good news is that these sections are mostly optional and sparse.

Another qualm but a stupid one at that: it took me over an hour to get the first achievement, granted for reaching open waters. Aquaria could well have been more generous with achievements, especially in the beginning but also at the end, where you e.g. don't get one for beating the game or seeing the secret ending.

Yet it is graceful

Nevertheless, after 20 hours I had completed the game and found all the secrets, though a few treasures remain hidden (why no cheevo for collecting them all?). Game had three instances where I unfortunately needed to use a walkthrough because I had totally missed the sheer existence of the puzzle despite them hiding in plain sight.

To be fair in two of the cases I felt like a fool afterwards for missing them. Perhaps in a less hectic age I would have had the patience to loiter around and eventually figure them out myself. The third one, however, was well put by the guide I read as "one of the least obvious puzzles ever" and I doubt I would have ever come across its solution except by sheer accident.

The atmosphere was tranquil throughout and I found myself being relaxed in all but the tensest of situations. The storyline (with the secret ending) was surprisingly grim and contains a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, a true sequel is unlikely since the devs have gone their separate ways, but the mod community is producing a spiritual sequel.

Reminiscent of some beautiful adventure games of old, after the slow start I enjoyed it tremendously despite its flaws. I encountered only a couple of crashes during the whole playthrough, both after several hours of playing. Game has aged well (being 8 years old at the moment). Though there are good sales for it one might even get it for its current full price (10 €) - it is only a shame it doesn't have Cards since I would gladly create a badge to show my support.
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21.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 сентября, 2015
One of the greatest indie games ever made. Stunning visuals, addictive and gorgeous music, unique gameplay, a fairly original story, all wrapped up in one beautiful package!

I do not feel bad about having to buy it at full price either. DEFINITELY worth checking out.
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33.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 12 сентября, 2015
An incredible 2d open-world swimulator with beautiful presentation and a high difficulty curve. Seriously, this game doesn't make it easy for you. Exploration is a double-edged sword; one wrong turn and you're dead. Don't even get me started on the boss fights. Few games have filled me with so much trepidation and awe. For hardcore gamers only.
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45.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 2 января
Intricate storyline, good mechanics, beautiful game. Overall a fun experience, but be prepared to cry.
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