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Aquaria er et prisbelønnet actioneventyrspill som finner sted i en enorm undervannsverden full av liv og eldgamle hemmeligheter. Bli med Naija, en ensom undervannseventyrer, mens hun reiser mellom mørke skjulte huler til vakre, solfylte oaser på jakt etter fortiden sin.
Utgivelsesdato: 7 Des 2007
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Aquaria er et prisbelønnet actioneventyrspill som finner sted i en enorm undervannsverden full av liv og eldgamle hemmeligheter. Bli med Naija, en ensom undervannseventyrer, mens hun reiser mellom mørke skjulte huler til vakre, solfylte oaser på jakt etter fortiden sin. Hun oppdager skjulte skatter, utforsker ukjente farvann og kjemper mot enorme undervannsmonstre for å finne sannheten om familien sin og avsløre Aquarias hemmelighet.
  • Enorme, vakre verdener som kan utforskes.
  • En spennende handling som fortelles ved hjelp av vakker grafikk, musikk og fortellerstemmer.
  • Innovativ musebasert kontrollmekanisme og magibasert kamp.
  • 175 unike skapninger du kan oppdage, møte og kjempe mot.
  • Dusinvis av skatter du kan sikre deg.
  • Et system som lar deg lage kraftige gjenstander.
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Systemkrav (PC)

    • Operativsystem: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Prosessor: 1,8 GHz
    • Minne: 256 MB
    • Grafikk: Grafikkort som er kompatibelt med OpenGL
    • Harddisk: 225 MB
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Aquaria is one of the 2 games that spawned the indie genre back in 2007, it's sad it doesn't receive the attention (not as much as its counterpart Braid, anyway) it deserves though.

Attention to detail
huge open world to explore
many secrets and treasures to discover
Majestic soundtrack
No handholding

Finding where to go next or how to interact with objects/creatures can be a little vague at times (reminiscent of Ecco the Dolphin)
A few random crashes

Last but not least Aquaria is advertised as a "Metroidvania" type of game. Well, to be more accurate, it's Super Metroid reborn!!

Publisert: 12 April 2014
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This game employs the so called "metroidvania" style of gameplay. That means you are free to roam around, but full exploration is only possible through finding upgrades that will allow you to get through certain obstacles that you couldn't before. The world is immense and there's a lot of backtracking to be done but the gorgeous graphics and different themed locations, not to mention the masterfully crafted soundtrack, do a great job at minimizing the tediousness. The upgrades themselves are pretty cool, though their usefulness vary and some feel underwhelming compared to others, even though the same can be said about the parent games of this genre. The controls are very responsive and all of the character's moves can be done with just the mouse if the player so desires. The combat is very energetic and being underwater allows for a ton of dodging, which you will have to become proficient at to get through this game since the screen can get quite busy with projectiles and enemies at times and your character can't take a lot of beating. This difficulty can be severely mitigated by the ability to cook many kinds of food, as several of them heal your character, increase her defense capabilities, or even both depending on the kind of food itself. There is a plethora of secrets to find (some useful like cooking recipes and pets that will fight for you, some just aesthetic like costumes), the rarest of them often protected by optional bosses, all of which will very well push the playtime past 15 hours if pursued at a normal pace.
Overall it's an excellent game in my opinion; It hits the right notes in all technical aspects, has an interesting story and a very satisfying amount of exploration and content. Greatly recommended!
Publisert: 20 April 2014
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I want to recommend this game because it is wonderfully crafted, the underwater world just looks fantastic and the soundtrack is also great and rather relaxing and suits the game very well. The only problem is, I found the game got very boring. I got hooked after the first 5 minutes and was thinking "this is amazing, this game is so cool", but after another half an hour of playing, I started to get bored. I'm not sure if this is because I've only played a short time and haven't unlocked a lot of things, but I just couldn't stay hooked on it.

The actual gameplay and controls are different to most games, and a little average at times when I found myself clinging to a wall when I didn't want to be there.

Another downfall of the game is the mostly black area that surrounds your screen and the game world a lot of the time. I get the point of it, you're swimming through caves and everything, but I didn't like it, it got in the way of, and ruined, the game world a little too much for me.

Overall I'd say that if this is on sale, -%50 or more, maybe pick it up and give it a go, you might enjoy it more than I did.
Publisert: 27 Juni 2014
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A rare gem of a game, rarely have I played a game that left such a lasting impression on me. You can feel the passion and dedication of the developers.

* Compelling story with interesting twists
* Great gameplay
* Well-tuned difficulty, never felt too easy nor too hard
* Beautiful graphics

I haven't even mentioned the best part yet: I find the soundtrack of this game breathtaking. It perfectly manages to capture the mood of the game. At the same time the music is warm, refreshingly cool, relaxing if not soothing, passionate and melancholic.
The rest of the audio is great as well. In particular, Jenna Sharpe does a great job voicing Naija. I don't remember whether it's part of the game or the independently released Aquaria sountrack, but Jenna's singing in the song "Fear the Dark" is worth mentioning.

One aspect of the game I didn't like is the cooking system, it didn't seem to quite fit with the rest, but it's just a minor issue.

In unison; story, gameplay, visuals, sound and music combined; this is one of the best games I've ever played.
Publisert: 7 Mai 2014
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Definitely enjoyed this game. It's a huge, underwater, Metroidvania-style adventure with a great story, art, and music. The voice-acting is a bit annoying, and the controls aren't great, but it's so much fun spinning around in the water and fighting giant fishmonsters that this won't really both anyone too much. Really drew me in, recommended.
Publisert: 1 April 2014
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Incredible, atmospheric experience and a work of art.

from the design standpoint Aquaria is a Metroidvania 2D game with big underwater world to explore. Those ideas aren't that special on paper, but the strange mix of climactic locations, fitting music and hand-drawn graphics makes this title not only joy to look and hear, but makes so much impact on the player that after you finish the game you will know that is one of the best indie games out there yet to be recognized by most of gaming community.

The story is simple, but it is told extremely well by the voice of the main protagonist as you play the game. It starts out interesting, but it ends up strongly heart-touching. The plot is slowly revealed through the game and the next surprise around the corner will be bigger than the former. Also, in my opinion, Naija is one of the best written female characters in video game industry up to date.

Aquaria is an open world and you must figure out most of the gameplay mechanics all by yourself. Some tactics for beating some bosses are kind of tricky, so this isn't the game for people that are not so fond of the more exploration-oriented games. The start of this game isn't as fast as you would want to, but if you will give it some time you will be hooked straight to the finish. Game is around 12-20 hours long and there are lots of non-mandatory things to find. This is not a small game by any means.

Aquaria had a bad luck that it came before the Braid's indie games boom. Don't miss this one. It's a powerful gem hidden in the sea.
Publisert: 25 November 2013
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