Ever dreamed of driving trains? Now you can! Train Simulator 2016 brings to life some amazing extreme train challenges on real world routes and delivers the ultimate railway hobby.
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Data de lançamento: 12/jul/2009

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Comprar Train Simulator: German First Class Edition

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Comprar Train Simulator: US First Class Edition

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Comprar Train Simulator 2016: Standard Edition

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Pacotes que incluem este jogo

Comprar Train Simulator 2016: Steam Edition

Inclui 2 itens: Train Simulator 2016, Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Coal District Route Add-On

PROMOÇÃO DE FÉRIAS! A oferta acaba em 4 de julho

Comprar Dovetail Games Franchise Collection 2

Inclui 8 itens: Dovetail Games Flight School, Euro Fishing, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, Train Simulator 2016, Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Coal District Route Add-On, Train Simulator: Sherman Hill Route Add-On, Train Simulator: Union Pacific SD60M Loco Add-On, Train Simulator: West Rhine: Cologne - Koblenz Route Add-On

PROMOÇÃO DE FÉRIAS! A oferta acaba em 4 de julho

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24 de junho

Union Pacific DD35 Update Released


DTM have today released a small patch to correct an issue with the power curve and total available power of the Union Pacific DD35. Alongside this update, they have retimed two of the included scenarios to compensate for the revised physics. This update will download automatically to owners of the Union Pacific DD35. The download is estimated to be approximately 60MB.

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20 de junho

USATC S160 Update Released


In response to your important feedback on a variety of add-ons available for Train Simulator 2016, Victory Works have today released an update for the USATC S160.

Here is a list of what has been addressed:

  • The Brake Percentage, which did not show on the F5 HUD, has now been fixed
  • Delivery loco tender blueprints have been added
  • Removed head out view reference from delivery loco (non-driveable)
  • Interior head-out camera on LMR cab model now has rods
  • Rear lamp on US tenders now show properly
  • US Air brakes have been fixed to show the proper pressure of 90psi
  • Whistles have now been fixed so that they are correct in both Quick Drive and Free Roam scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where having lots of locos in one area would create enough lag to cause problems with USA tenders showing multiple logos.
  • Updated USATC Grey (Polish) numbering list to remove Russian Star
  • Alaskan Railroad whistle type has been fixed
If you own the USATC S160, the update will download automatically from Steam. If you have any problems/queries with regard to the update, leave a comment below or submit a ticket to our support site at dovetailgames.kayako.com where our Support Team will be ready to assist.

The USATC S160 update will be approximately 240 MB in size.

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Edição especial

Train Simulator: UK First Class Edition content

  • TS Academy, Riviera Line: Exeter - Kingswear route featuring the GWR Castle Class Steam Engine, Midland Main Line: London - Bedford route featuring the First Capital Connect Class 319 and Great Eastern Main Line: London - Ipswich route featuring the Greater Anglia Class 360. Also includes the bonus Double Chimney GWR Castle Class and Wartime Black GWR Castle Class steam engines.

Train Simulator: US First Class Edition content
  • TS Academy, Sherman Hill route featuring the iconic UP Gas Turbine loco, Miami - West Palm Beach route featuring the CSX Dash 8-40CW, Soldier Summit route featuring the D&RGW SD40T-2. Also includes the bonus UP SD60M loco, UP Insulated 50-foot RBL Plug Door Boxcar and Military Flatcars.

Train Simulator: German First Class Edition content
  • TS Academy, West Rhine: Cologne - Koblenz route featuring the DB BR 155 electric loco, Munich - Rosenheim route featuring the DB BR 423, Munich Augsburg route featuring the DB BR 406 ICE 3M. Also includes the bonus PRESS BR 155 electric loco and military flat wagons.

Sobre este jogo

Train Simulator 2016 is the biggest package of exclusive content we have ever delivered in a Train Simulator. Here’s a complete list of what’s included:

Riviera Line In the Fifties

Feel the pressure of steam as you travel back to the time of Green and Gold, from the powerful Kings to the romantic Castles, the heavy working Halls, the goods-carrying Granges and the famous Pannier Tanks across the Riviera Line set in the nostalgic 1950s. Relive the time when steam reigned on all services from local freight to coastline express, whether you perform perfectly alone or need some assistance to get to your destination. Keep an eye on those signals, they can be easy to lose in the cold western fog.

Sherman Hill

Experience the power of the fuel-hungry Big Blows across the challenging Sherman Hill as you haul hundreds upon hundreds of tons, putting that 8500 horsepower turbine through its paces, or opt for some conventional traction in the form of ES44ACs, drive in more comfortable conditions in the wide cab of the SD70M, or maybe in the classic SD40-2s. Watch out though, winter can be brutal even for the most powerful of locos.

West Rhine Railway: Cologne – Koblenz

Control the Genesis of modern Electro-motive traction as you haul heavy freight across the stunning West Rhine Railway in the DB BR 155 ‘Electric Container’, take passengers on their scenic commute with the DB BR 146 or shunt together a train to be taken far away with the DB BR 294. Be mindful of the weather, heavy rain can take even the best drivers by surprise.

Railfan Mode

Enjoy the power and finesse of the railway away from the drivers cab with railfan mode, watch from the platform, track side or stand on a bridge and take in the excitement without worrying about the journey, just make sure you’re ready to take some shots, you never know what you might see out on the tracks!

Steam Edition: Norfolk Southern Coal District

Struggle through the beautifully scenic Mon Line as you haul mile long coal trains through the winding curves and streets of Pennsylvania. Collect coal as you drive your ES44AC slowly under the loading facilities and prepare for the run to the other end of the line. While being relatively level, the sharp river-side turns and the slow speeds as you cut right through a town will not be mastered easily.

TS Academy

New to driving trains? Not to worry! With the newly updated TS Academy you can learn all that you need to beat the extreme, from basic passenger operations to freight terminals that require pin-point accuracy or nailing those complex and unique signalling systems. TS academy is the best way to learn or remember how to control every type of train.

Driver Assist

Have you mastered driving diesel and electric locos, but struggled to control steam? Found it too complicated to drive or understand? Now you can master these delicate engines with our all new driving assist! Driver assist will provide you with real time information based on the locomotives performance and handling, it will guide you through driving a steam loco by highlighting the controls in cab and telling you how to move them to get the best out of the engine. Driver Assist is featured on all the steam locomotives included with the Riviera Line in the Fifties route and can be turned on and off at will.

Train Simulator 2016 is out now and features the 60 Mile Sherman Hill route with UP Gas Turbine, ES44AC, SD70, SD40 and SW10 locomotives and freight wagons. The 40 Mile Riviera Line in the 1950s featuring the GWR Pannier Tank, Castle, Hall, King and Grange Class all with Driver Assist incorporated, Mk1, Collett and Centenary coaches and freight wagons. The 60 Mile West Rhine Railway from Cologne to Koblenz featuring the DB BR 155, 146.0, 146.2, 101 and 294, with regional and InterCity coaches and a variety of freight wagons. The Steam edition includes the 50 Mile Norfolk Southern Coal District route featuring the Norfolk Southern ES44AC and Dash 9 (AI Only) locomotives with NS coal hoppers. Pictures of all the content included can be found below.

Riviera Line In the Fifties

Below: Castle Class in BR Brunswick Green, clean condition and weathered condition.

Below: King Class in BR Express Blue and BR Brunswick Green.

Below: Grange Class in BR Brunswick Green, clean condition and weathered condition.

Below: Modified Hall Class in BR Brunswick Green, clean condition and weathered condition.

Below: Pannier Tank in BR Black, clean condition and weathered condition.

Below: Early GWR Castle Class with 2 variants of the Collett 3500 Gallon tender.

Below: Wartime Castle Class in weathered condition and Double Chimney Castle Class.

Below: A selection of Centenary coaches in Blood & Custard livery.

Below: A selection of Collett coaches in Blood & Custard livery.

Below: A selection of Collett coaches in Maroon livery.

Below: A selection of Mk.1 coaches in Chocolate & Cream livery.

Below: A Variety Of Great Western Freight Wagons.

Sherman Hill

Below: Union Pacific 8500 Horsepower GTEL A and B unit with fuel tender.

Below: Union Pacific SW10 Switcher Locomotive.

Below: Union Pacific ES44ac.

Below: Union Pacific SD70m.

Below: Union Pacific SD40-2.

Below: Union Pacific SD60m.

Below: the Pump Car + Buckeye Coupling adaptor.

Below: A Variety Of Union Pacific Freight Cars.

Below: ‘Be Specific – Ship Union Pacific!’ 50ft Insulated Mechanical Reefer

Below the heritage of military haulage, in contemporary terms, with flatcars carrying a variety of modern military hardware, including personnel carriers and armor.

Cologne - Koblenz

Below: DB BR 155.

Below: DB BR 146.2.

Below: DB BR 146.0.

Below: DB BR 101 in DB Red, Black and Grey liveries.

Below: DB BR 101 in DB Red, Black and Grey liveries.

Below: A variety of regional and InterCity coaches.

Below: A Variety Of Db Freight Wagons.

Below: the 155 045-9 hauling a long consist of Military Wagons on the West Rhine.

Norfolk Southern Coal District (Steam Edition Only)

Below: Norfolk Southern ES44AC and Dash 9 (AI Only).

Below: Norfolk Southern Coal Hopper.

TS Academy

Below: BR 189.

Below: Class 170.

Below: Fowler 4F.

Below: SD70mac.

Below: A Variety Of Academy Freight Wagons.

Key Features

  • Learn to drive different trains at the TS Academy and qualify as a train driver
  • Master your Machines with support from the new Driver Assists system
  • Capture the perfect scenes in the all new Railfan mode
  • Three fantastic real-world routes including Sherman Hill (USA), Riviera Line: Exeter to Kingswear (UK) and West Rhine: Cologne to Koblenz (Germany)
  • EXCLUSIVE Steam Edition includes the Norfolk Southern Coal District route
  • Enhanced graphics and performance
  • Quick Drive menu system: drive what you like, where you like
  • Drive with Xbox 360 controller, keyboard or mouse
  • Integrated Steam Workshop free mission download centre
  • Create your own routes with powerful in-game editing tools
  • Access the Train Simulator community in-game

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS:Windows® Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor:Processor: 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo (3.2 GHz Core 2 Duo recommended), AMD Athlon MP (multiprocessor variant or comparable processors)
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB with Pixel Shader 3.0 (AGP PCIe only)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • Sound:Direct X 9.0c compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional:Quicktime Player is required for playing the videos
    • Graphics:Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required
    • Additional:Quicktime Player is required for playing the videos
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Publicada: 30 de junho
Lots of reviews complaining about the DLC prices, but no-one is forcing you to buy. There's actually lots to do in the core game. I picked it up years ago for -85% and it's been significantly developed since then. It's very meditative to drive the train. If you see it deeply discounted, give it a chance.
Bad Whippet
( 191.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
What is it?
A simulation that exists somewhere between 'game' and 'realistic'. There is a variety of driving offered, from high-speed modern electrics operating fast passenger routes, diesel shunting in rail yards, to vintage steam locos. Train driving itself isn't so much of a challenge as operating to a tight timetable without giving your passengers a severe case of whiplash or screeching to a stop about three miles beyond the station platform! A range of difficulties and lengths of play are offered in both career and non-career missions.

Is it difficult?
Driving a more modern train included in the base game is easy: start, stop and a few speed settings in between when using basic controls. You can opt for more advanced controls and difficulty options (like your train being forced into an emergency stop if you run a red signal - it will take you about 900 years to get back to speed again so kiss goodbye to your timetable)! The difficulty comes in maintaining safety while keeping to a brutally tight real-world timetable

Also included in the product are all the tools to make your own routes. You are rather left to your own devices with what appears to be a very confusing interface at first. However, quite a few of the DLC routes now sold through Steam started life as fan-made routes using the tools. There are likely some decent user-created guides out there by now (this game started out as Rail Simulator many years ago so it's been around for a long time now).

What regions does it cover?
The UK, US and Germany are heavily supported (the base game was originally only these countries and players who went on to make DLC routes tended mostly to be from those same countries). There is (slowly) increasing support for other countries through third-party developers offering coverage of some routes in Canada, China, Netherlands and South Africa for example. Mostly, this has been left to gamers to provide this content, but much of it is every bit as high quality as the base game assets, if not better - and has started to earn its creators some money.

Why the poor reviews?
Mostly, the negativity has been because of the DLC pricing, with some claiming that it will cost you in the region of $5000 to buy it all. But they miss the point. You're not meant to 'buy it all' (and if you did, there probably wouldn't be enough years of 'useful life' of your PC, your version of Windows or life-span on Planet Earth to play it all). As soon as you try out the route creation tools, you soon realise the vast amount of work needed to create a detailed route mile by mile, and suddenly those route prices seem much better value. Likewise, some locos are very worth their price (especially the 'advanced' models made by some developers such as justTrains). There are hobby sites such as UKTrainSim as well as Steam Workshop that offer free content.

Then there are bugs. In the base game, these are fairly minimal, but additional content can be the cause of crashes and failing routes (as usual with any game that supports player content, mods can clash or cause crashes, and not all creators update their creations to keep in line with each iteration of Train Simulator.

Finally, performance. This game has always been a mixed bag, with some heavy city locations with busy rail traffic and overhead catenary slowing even the best of PCs to a crawling framerate. Mostly though, the game plays very well on a gaming-grade PC. It is both CPU and GPU heavy, and places similar demands on your system as MS Flight Simulator FSX does, so the majority of players find that they're dialling down a few settings for better performance.

In summary
This won't be a game for everyone. It's a rather niche product with a dizzying array of DLC (much of it expensive - wait for sales) and it needs a beast of a PC if you can't live without using SSAO graphics settings! However, picking a few favourite locos and a couple of routes in addition to the decent amount of content in the base game will keep you happy (if not your passengers - poor things) for some time to come without breaking the bank.

And if you are the first person ever to have bought ALL that DLC, can I have a new car please?! One of those swanky sporty things that millionaires have... I would catch a train instead, only I crashed the last one.
Déjà vû♣
( 2.4 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
Produto recebido de graça
( 24.2 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
Ótimo jogo , pesado mas de bons graficos se tiver um bom pc . Tenho uma HD7770 (R7 250x) por ser de entrada rodou no médio... mas da pra ter uma boa experiência. Enfim um ótimo simulador o que peca é o valor do jogo e as milhares de dlcs caras de mais . Mas com paguei 10 reais na versão 2015 valeu apena. Só da preguiça das missões de 1h e tal . Mas é um bom passatempo e simulador. E a quem use manetes estilo de trem , show de bola.
( 2.8 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
$5,000 for all the DLC? That's pathetic! Get the old MIcrosoft TS has more trains and maps than the base version of this game! Oh, but everything is on sale. Still over 3,000 bucks! This is not train enthusiast friendly. This is just a way to scam them. Don't get this game. It's garbage. If you want to have any fun with this game, expect to pay at least $1,000 because of how much content the lock and keep away from base fans. Scumbags.
-=BTG=- Delta
( 4.2 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
Bought this game on the 2015 Summer Sale.
Overall it's a fun game for casual sim players like me. A game you'll spend an evening or two with, then let it sit for a month before you play it again.

- There is enough content for the Summer Sale price.
- Tracks are pretty detailed and overall the game looks nice.
- Poor optimization

Many people are bothered by huge amount of costly DLCs, but it's not like you are forced to get them. The game is fun enough as is and i never had an urge to spend money on additional trains or routes.
( 27.8 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
On the whole if if one treats this as a Simulator which is what I was looking for then its an excellent product. DLC is a little pricey but in general the addon qiuality is good and I cannot fault it. If your looking for a "game" then this is not for you. I have it running on two machines (both i5s) with one been an AIO desktop which gives reasonable performance. The other is a well tuned box built for FSX and TS2016 gives excellent perofrmance with every setting maxed out. Worth looking for Nvidia Inspector profile tweeks for TS if you use Nvidia cards. These help greatly with overhead electrified networks Like New Jersey or the German rails.

For me 9 out of 10 for been a very good sim.
President Trump
( 9.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
Fortunately, I got a refund on this game today.

I played TS2016 back in the F2P weekend in March and overall, it seemed like a good game, but after buying the game, I have realised that the game no longer lived up to expectations, don't bother with it unless you have pockets as the Mariana Trench. (Yes I had to look that up.)
Gangis Khan AKA Camoflauge
( 7.8 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
the single best gave ever concieved, if you like trains and if you like simulators then this game is the right choice for you. countless hours of fun is given from this small $10 purchase. So what are you waiting for? buy a copy today!!!
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144.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 7 de junho
Let us put it straight, It's a good game in the wrong Company hand. Everything Dovetail touches, is outdated, overpriced and bugged and they have an amount of greed I have never seen in any other game.

They don't care about you, they just care about Whales, the guys who blindly buy all DLC's. I bought a few on sale, but there is not one single route or train that isn't bugged, will crash on you at some point or just things that don't work in their script.

Will I still play it, yes because the game was good YEARS BEFORE DOVETAIL touched it. It's the same with FSX, a great game that is now getting destroyed by weekly DLC's (some are 8 years old dlc's) Now they just released the so said flight school that is a ripped out FSX version with 2 planes for 15 € while FSX does have a flight school already integrated.
They just can't do things right, they just make money on the back of gamers from outdated games that they bought licenses from.

When you buy a DLC at 30 € it should be astonishing, like Carenado, A2A, JustFlight, PMDG does for Flight simulator, where every freaking button works. With dovetail you get a rushed, bugged train with 5-8 working buttons... oh and if you are lucky 5 scenarios. They would actually produce quality even like a simpler versions that Alabeo produces I would respect them much more.

I have nothing against the game it is Just Dovetail that is probably the worst Gaming compagny I know, No let say they are second... There is also EA, but at least their games are optimized for new machines and bugs get adresses at some point in time. Dovetail has bugs that are 7 years old and still not fixed...

Oh and then you have the last and wonderful thing with dovetail. They don't accept critics, you point bugs out and say it is enough now, and you will get banned on their site. But Hey lucky we have Steam where you can't delete our reviews can't you! it's just pathetic.

As I said great game in the wrong hands. I have over 2000 steam games, I am someone who supports the game Industrie, but let me tell you that with Dovetail, it became the only company where is just download their DLC on other places, because they don't deserve a penny anymore. It's sad because they have no idea how much DLC's I bought for FSX like ORBX and more. if they even 50% of their quality I would buy it, but it's more like about 5% of their quality!

Isn't there one intelligent guy at dovetail that says, hey guys, don't you think that 4000 + € crap DLC's is wrong?
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16.6 horas registradas
Publicada: 13 de junho

As of 6/12/16, There is 276 DLC, adding up to $5,765.24.

As of 6/18/16, There is 277 DLC, adding up to $5,773

As of 6/22/16, There is 277 DLC, adding up to $5,793

Summer Sale!!!

As of 6/24/16, There is 273 DLC, adding up to $ 3,280
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8.3 horas registradas
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 2 de junho
This game should be rebranded "DLC Simulator 201x". It will drain your wallet.
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43.9 horas registradas
Publicada: 5 de junho
Lower your DLC prices. Other developers spend several months creating decent add ons for the prices you guys charge for things you churn out weekly.
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43.8 horas registradas
Publicada: 14 de junho
You could have more fun with the old MSTS than this one. 4500€ for all DLCs... just a joke shame on you.
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11.4 horas registradas
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 7 de junho
Only 11.4 hrs in game and I've run into multiple bugs along with lots of head shaking because of said bugs. All the missions I've done I ran into bugs which make me restart to try and fix yet they remain. IF you love trains and must buy then beware. If you want to buy to try it out then I say don't waste your time. Feel free to check other reviews about the state of the game. Not going to list pros or cons because what I've experienced is enough to convince me to stay away until they fix this game. If they ever choose to.
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180.5 horas registradas
Publicada: 11 de junho
fun for a while, if you are rich
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12.5 horas registradas
Publicada: 5 de junho
Train Simulator is a fun game if you enjoy trains and want to drive them. If you don't like trains or driving them, absolutely do not buy this game! No seriously, don't! Because otherwise it is probably the most boring game you have ever played, or will play.

It looks great and all, but the routes are mainly German, English or American (because f*ck the rest of the world) and if you want to expand the number of available routs, than please take your wallet and empty it on the counter of the moneyloving ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s at Dovetail games. This game is literally a cheap basegame with a sh*tload of overpriced DLC. How overpriced? Well every new route or locomotive (yes, a single locomotive) usually costs around 15 bucks or even more. So unless you're a millionair or such a railway fanatic that you want to spend all your hard earned cash on this money hungry sons of b*tches, don't buy this game!
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26.9 horas registradas
Publicada: 9 de junho
I waited like 2 months to get this game thinking it was awsome but i bought it and all it has is 3 levels and all of them suck so much so to get more stuff you to pay like 30 to 40 dollars just to get a route that's just stupid!You make people pay 30 dollars for such a small game and meke them pay like 2,500 dollars to get all the DLC!This game would have better reviews and more people would buy it if you didn't have to pay so much freaking money!In 2017 add more levels to the game and more trains and companies i'm getting sick and tired of just having Union Pacific trains and it ain't even a comman company the most comman is NS(Norfolk Southern)!Please add more stuff into the game it needs more stuff in it than it does DLC.I recommend and I also don't.If your someone who wants this game you should reconsider that if you don't want to waste money.Buy this game when it has more stuff than it does DLC which will probaly be never because Dovetail is trying to steal your money.
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12 de 16 pessoas (75%) acharam esta análise útil
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62.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 24 de junho
Some of the content is pretty nice but much of the content is priced as you would expect from a very detailed simulation when it's actually just mass produced trash filled with bugs that will never get fixed. I guess the developers have realized that people by their stuff anyway so they don't need to waste any time fixing older stuff.

Can be worth trying if you buy it during a good sale, just be prepared to play broken scenarios and get emergency stops when you've done nothing wrong.
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