Jemals davon geträumt Züge zu fahren? Jetzt haben Sie die Chance dazu! Train Simulator 2017 erweckt die Begeisterung von einigen der extremsten Eisenbahnherausforderungen auf originalgetreuen Strecken und gewährleistet Ihnen das ultimative Eisenbahnhobby.
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Train Simulator 2017 Standard Edition kaufen

Enthält 5 Artikel: Train Simulator, Train Simulator: Hamburg-Lübeck Railway Route Add-On, Train Simulator: LGV: Marseille - Avignon Route Add-On, Train Simulator: North Jersey Coast Line Route Add-On, Train Simulator: South Wales Coastal Route Add-On

TS2017 UK First Class Edition kaufen

Enthält 4 Artikel: Train Simulator, Train Simulator: Chatham Main Line - London-Gillingham Route Add-On, Train Simulator: South Wales Coastal Route Add-On, Train Simulator: Weardale & Teesdale Network Route Add-On

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TS2017 German First Class Edition kaufen

Enthält 4 Artikel: Train Simulator, Train Simulator: Hamburg-Lübeck Railway Route Add-On, Train Simulator: Munich - Rosenheim Route Add-On, Train Simulator: The Rhine Railway: Mannheim - Karlsruhe Route Add-On

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TS2017 US First Class Edition kaufen

Enthält 4 Artikel: Train Simulator, Train Simulator: Feather River Canyon Route Add-On, Train Simulator: North Jersey Coast Line Route Add-On, Train Simulator: Soldier Summit Route Add-On

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Dovetail Games Franchise Collection kaufen PAKET (?)

Enthält 3 Artikel: Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, Euro Fishing, Train Simulator 2017 Standard Edition

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25. Mai

Stroudley A1/A1X Class 'Terrier' Available Now


The 145-year-old Terrier is a legendary locomotive, serving southern England for a generation, and now available for you to own courtesy of Partner Programme Developer, Victory Works. Fall in love with one of the most iconic steam engines ever to operate on Britain’s railways and re-live the days of yesteryear.

By the 1870s, the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway was in its prime, covering Sussex with hundreds of miles of track, which themselves were peppered with steam locomotives of various designs. William Stroudley, Locomotive Superintendent of the LB&SCR, sought to introduce a new fleet of locomotives that would bring standardisation to the roster, rather than dealing with the 70+ different classes which were a struggle to maintain.

One standard locomotive designed by Stroudley was classified as the A1, and it was to work amongst the hustle and bustle of a growing South London, hauling commuter trains between the likes of London Bridge, Victoria and Croydon. The first small batch of 6 locomotives rolled out of Brighton Works in 1872, and they were so successful that another 44 would be built, with the last entering service in 1880.

The undeniable success of the A1 Class saw continued growth in and around London, and by the turn of the Century they could no longer meet the demand they instigated. Larger, more powerful locomotives were brought in to replace the A1s, yet that would not be the end of the line for them. Granted, after some 30 years of a very demanding life, some A1s were simply worn out and withdrawals began in 1901; for the remainder of the class however, new lives on new rails awaited.

Until this point the A1 Class had been fully resplendent in Stroudley’s ‘Improved Engine Green’ livery, however since 1911, a select number of A1 locomotives, which were modified and reclassified to A1X, were repainted into a new Marsh Umber livery. Of course, other liveries also appeared on the A1s that were sold to other railway companies. Also, the A1’s distinctive ‘barking’ exhaust beat would soon earn the class the nickname ‘Terrier’.

Around the turn of the 20th Century, many Terriers found their way onto the Isle of Wight under many companies’ ownerships. These included the Isle of Wight Central Railway, Freshwater, Yarmouth & Newport Railway, Newport, Godshill & St Lawrence Railway and the Isle of Wight Railway. The Isle of Wight Central Railway purchased 4 Terriers between 1899-1903, becoming the most popular class of locomotive on the line, with this number rising to 8 in total following the grouping and formation of the Southern Railway. It became something of a tradition during this time on the Island for the engines to be named after local towns and villages, as was the case with many LB&SCR locos, however one loco scrapped in 1926 never carried a name on the Island.

Back on the mainland, in 1923, the LB&SCR merged with the likes of the LSWR and SE&CR to form the Southern Railway, and the oldest A1s were topping 50 years old – but it would not be the end of the class just yet. Locomotives would be gradually withdrawn over a long period of time, while those that continued to survive worked on railway lines that needed a lighter engine. Even as time went on SR were so focused on express steam, and electrification, that older branch line stock was never replaced, and the A1s lived on.

Nationalisation swept across the network in 1948, and British Railways inherited a single A1 and 14 A1X Class locomotives which had continued to strive. They would continue their duties initially, however their age was starting to catch up with them – replacement parts were expensive, and above all, the 1955 Modernisation Plan would see many of the lines they served fade away. The final example of the class, a modified A1X variant, was withdrawn in the summer of 1963, and after an astonishing 91 years of service, the A1s finally got a rest.

The class is survived today by 10 preserved locomotives, the Bluebell Railway (the world’s first preserved standard gauge railway) re-opened in 1960 with No 55 ‘Stepney’, which has since risen to fame thanks to Rev. W. Awdry’s ‘The Railway Series’ and latter ‘Thomas & Friends’. Two examples are also preserved on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, as some Terriers lived an interesting life on the island thanks to their appropriate size.

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18. Mai

B&O Kingwood Branch: Tunnelton - Kingwood


Coal country railroading! The Baltimore & Ohio Kingwood Branch for Train Simulator brings to life classic early 1960s Appalachian railroading.

From the talented team that created the acclaimed Virtual New Haven Springfield Line, the B&O Kingwood Branch route delivers the extraordinary challenges of operating heavy diesel-powered coal trains over steep grades, tight curves, and rugged switchbacks.

Set in the northeast corner of West Virginia, this route is based upon the authentic West Virginia Northern Railroad, but is semi-fictional in that it is re-created as a Baltimore & Ohio branch line operation. The route includes a 10-mile roller coaster line between Kingwood and an interchange with the Baltimore & Ohio main line at Tunnelton and a 7-mile run to a large coal seam at Birds Creek. And along the way, numerous additional rugged spurs fan out up the wooded mountain valleys to wherever coal is produced.

The B&O Kingwood Branch route serves 14 mines including a mix of traditional underground and surface pit mines, as well as truck transfer sites for offline customers. Loads move from the mine tipples to the interchange yard at Tunnelton on the Mountain Sub main line of the B&O. Empties arrive at Tunnelton and are stored along the line and at Kingwood for delivery to customers. The route also includes a variety of non-mining lineside customers and features captivating branch-line passenger services

The Baltimore & Ohio Kingwood Branch route features a superb selection of locomotives, freight, and passenger equipment authentic to the 1960s-operating period. The locomotive is the versatile Electro-Motive GP9 in both B&O’s original livery and 1960s-era “Capitol” scheme. A traditional heavyweight 65-foot coach in B&O livery provides passenger service, and the route provides an extraordinary variety of freight equipment, including B&O class I-5, I-5D, and I-12 cabooses; 36-, 40-, and 50-foot boxcars in multiple liveries (including B&O, Chesapeake & Ohio, and Western Maryland); a B&O flatcar; B&O 52- and 65-foot gondolas; 55-ton and 70-ton coal hoppers in multiple variations and liveries; a tank car, B&O Airslide covered hopper; and wood- and steel refrigerator cars!

The Baltimore & Ohio Kingwood Branch will put you right to work with 13 highly authentic and challenging career scenarios that include freight, switching, and passenger duties as well as training runs on this rugged line. And the route includes a highly detailed and informative manual providing operating information, operating rules, maps, and timetables.

Classic and challenging Appalachian coal railroading awaits you on the Baltimore & Ohio Kingwood Branch route for Train Simulator!

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TS Flash Sake

Premium Upgrade

Upgrade your TS 2017 experience with the TS2017 Premium Edition

Über dieses Spiel

Mit der Train Simulator 2017 Standard Edition können Sie vier fantastische, reale Strecken genießen, darunter:

Befördern Sie Ihre Fahrgäste unter präziser Einhaltung des Fahrplans in der berühmten DB BR218 Diesellokomotive über die Vogelfluglinie zwischen Hamburg und Lübeck.

Fahren Sie mit halsbrecherischer Geschwindigkeit über die atemberaubende Ligne Grande Vitesse: Die Strecke von Marseille Saint Charles nach Avignon TGV im ikonischen TGV Duplex®.

Lassen Sie die malerischen Landschaften Südwales in der einzigartigen Class 175 von Arriva Trains Wales auf sich wirken.

Erleben Sie die Präzision amerikanischer Nahverkehrszüge auf der North Jersey Coast Line in der modernen NJ TRANSIT® ALP-45DP Lokomotive.

Echte Bahnstrecken

Transportieren Sie Ihre Fahrgäste über hochdetaillierte reale Strecken aus Großbritannien, Frankreich, Deutschland und den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.

Mehr als Fahren

Kreieren und teilen Sie Ihre eigenen Strecken mit der Community und sehen Sie die Welt an sich vorbeiziehen, entweder als Passagier oder als Fan mit dem ultimativen Eisenbahn-Hobby. Sie können im Railfan-Modus perfekte Szenen einfangen. Schießen Sie ein paar Bilder und teilen Sie diese mit unserer Community.

Anfänger Willkommen

Starten Sie in der TS Academy und lernen Sie, die Lokomotiven zu meistern und die Schienen zu beherrschen.

Zusätzliche Eigenschaften:

  • Quick Drive Menüsystem: Fahren Sie, was Sie möchten, wo Sie es möchten
  • Fahren Sie mit dem Xbox 360 Controller, der Tastatur oder der Maus
  • Integrierter Steam Workshop zum kostenlosen Herunterladen von Szenarien
  • Erstellen Sie Ihre eigenen Strecken und Szenarien mit leistungsstarken In-Game Editoren
  • Spiel-integrierter Zugang zur Train Simulator Community
  • Finden Sie alle Inhalte in unserem Add-Ons Katalog: von der Classic Range bis hin zur lernintensiven Pro Range.


    • Betriebssystem:Windows® 7 / 8.1
    • Prozessor:Prozessor: 2,8 GHz Core 2 Duo (3,2 GHz Core 2 Duo empfohlen), AMD Athlon MP
    • Speicher:4 GB RAM
    • Grafik:512 MB - 1 GB mit Pixel Shader 3.0 (AGP PCIe ausschließlich)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Festplatte:40 GB HD frei
    • Sound:Direct X 9.0c kompatibel
    • Andere Anforderungen:Breitband-Internetverbindung
    • Zusätzliche Informationen:Quicktime Player vorausgesetzt für Videowiedergabe

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