The Heroes of the Marvel Universe Unite With the Best In Puzzle Games
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"Free-to-play one-button game with a touch-friendly UI. Works fine, as well as any other Puzzle Quest game."

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R71 Is Here! (Feb. 19, 2015)

R71 Patch Notes:

New Feature! Deadpool's Daily Quests! Deadpool. Taco Tokens. Daily.

The much-requested hero, Cyclops, has arrived!

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
-Numerous powers that involve selecting tiles (such as Bullseye's Murderous Aim, The Hood's Twin Pistols, etc.) can be used with Colossus’s Fastball Special again.

-More characters allowed in Survival missions: characters and Team-Ups on enemy teams in Survival missions no longer restrict which characters and Team-Ups you can bring into battle.

-In the mission map, you can now enter missions by tapping/clicking on their title on the map (as well as tapping/clicking on the mission pin a second time).

-Players must now create a name, by joining an Event, before the “Join Alliance” button shows up.

-Fixed a bug where, if a trap placed by Doctor Doom’s Diabolical Plot changed color, it wouldn’t be disarmed when Diabolical Plot was activated.

-Fixed a bug where minions were not generating AP of a color if there were only one or two tiles of that color on the board.

*Note: There is a known audio bug with missing music during some battles (noticeable while fighting Dr. Doom, for example). A fix is planned for R72.

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R70 Is Live! (01/30/15)

R70 is here and Star-Lord has arrived!

R70 Patch Notes:

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- Event end times: When displaying end times, the time until the Event starts or ends now includes days in addition to hours.

- Players are now more likely to face human opponents in Versus matches.

- Fixed an exploit where, if the game closed unexpectedly in the middle of a Shield purchase, a Shield’s cooldown would be triggered, but the Shield wouldn’t actually have been purchased.

- A banner is now displayed when minion characters that don’t move the board gain AP.
*Note: This is a work-in-progress and player feedback will be monitored.

Full Patch Notes at:

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“An intricately crafted, remarkably deep experience – Marvel Puzzle Quest doesn’t merely meet the expectations of its name, it exceeds them.”
9.1 out of 10 –

“Even for those unfamiliar with the ever-expanding Marvel universe, Dark Reign’s use of collection and randomized drops make it compulsively, sickeningly playable.”
4 out of 5 –

“Takes the unlikely pairing of Marvel heroes and match-3 makes it fun. Lots to do besides the story missions. Entertaining, surprisingly humorous dialogue.”
4 out of 5 –




最棒的智力游戏与Marvel最棒的超级英雄和Super Villains组合到最史诗的解密探险游戏中,适用于您的手机和平板电脑!Marvel Puzzle Quest组合了您喜欢的Marvel角色与深入的RPG关卡、玩家对玩家比赛、联盟等。是时候释放您内心的内在超级英雄,与敌人开始战斗。


10中的9.1的“工艺复杂、非常深的体验 -- Marvel Puzzle Quest不仅仅满足对其的预期,它会超过这一预期。”- IGN.com编辑推荐奖)

• 免费玩
• 使用您喜欢的Marvel Super Heroes和Super Villains组成终极团队,如Captain America、Spider-Man、Hulk、Thor、Loki、Punisher、Black Widow、Venom等!
• 驾驭Iso-8的力量,升级您的团队并收集漫画,从而解锁新的角色和能力。
• 推出来自Marvel Universe的新角色,持续扩展游戏功能!
• 每月推出全新比赛和活动,为玩家提供全新的游戏设置以探索。
• 无与伦比的策略和深度!开始全球规模的旅程,使用您喜欢的Marvel角色释放力量和智慧,以更加聪明的方式击败您的对手。
• 与您的好友达成联盟,并与联盟对手比赛。
• 在比赛、联盟和赛季中占据最高排名,获得全新的角色奖励和其他奖励!
• 阻止Norman Osborn和它的全球恐惧狂欢,观察不同力量的故事,如X-Men、S.H.I.E.L.D.和H.A.M.M.E.R.(Dark Avengers),竞争资源和影响力。
• 成为Marvel Universe的一部分,这是Marvel老玩家Frank Tieri (Iron Man, Wolverine, Weapon X) 和 Alex Irvine (Iron Man:The Rapture, Daredevil Noir) 基于Marvel历史上的不朽故事——Dark Reign故事情节编写的史诗故事。



    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 3000 / Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4650
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Card
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这个游戏总的来说还是挺赞的,消磨时间不错,虽然是个免费游戏,但是每天有生命值上限,不过每半个多小时可以恢复一个,这个游戏在某种程度上还是挺费时间的,升级最快跟或者获得牛逼的英雄的最简单的方式就是参加各种里面的活动,那是属于离线挑战的模式,你派出自己的3个英雄去挑战别人的英雄,赢了获得积分,输了扣分,在有限的时间里获得最多的积分已获得足够靠前的名次,这样才能获得相应的奖励,现在还有盟友,加入一个战队,还有战队奖励。一般来说,免费玩家想要在活动模式里取得好成绩,就必须要花很多时间,这也是这个游戏赚钱的地方,我自己加了一个老外建的战队,里面不少玩家都是花过美刀的,有hero point才能突破生命上限不停挑战别人去获得积分,然后去买shield保护自己的积分不被别人抢去。这个游戏获胜的条件有几条,1不同的英雄搭配,这个是我觉得最有意思的地方2英雄的技能等级跟英雄本身的等级(这个最简单的方法就是花钱)3运气,三联消的娱乐成分。这个游戏的玩家其实主要是手机用户,最多的应该是在ios平台上玩的,steam平台上的不多,非常蛋疼的是steam平台的数据跟ios跟安卓平台的数据不能同步,所以steam玩家不能在ios上玩自己的号,这个还是很遗憾的。这个游戏与别的三联消最大的区别应该还是在于它建立在漫威英雄的基础上,而且在不断添加新英雄,所以漫威迷还是可以一试的。(ps:ios用户要用美国store账号才能下到手机版的漫威迷城)
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♥♥♥♥ this game. Literally ♥♥♥♥ this game.

Why? Because it is actually really REALLY FUN. And THAT is exactly the Problem!

How so you ask? Simple! Because it is yet another free-to-play, pay-to-win game. It is a good game disguising a hideous marketing strategy. It is absolutely repulsive.

Because you're gonna start playing this game and go "Oh man! This game is really fun! I want to keep playing it!" but then slowly the realization starts to seep in... YOU CAN'T. Why not? Well, lets see here... did you lose that last round? Bit of random bad luck and didn't quite make it? Want to try the round again? WELL TOO BAD!! Your heros are out of health now and won't be full again until THREE HOURS FROM NOW. Hey, did the game just give you a sweet new character as a reward for beating a stage? Great! Too bad you're out of spaces for new characters in your hero roster that you can only expand using the game's premium currency! Oh and by the way, your reward expires in five days and then you'll lose it forever, good luck trying to farm premium currency through the stages in game! Oh, I'm sure it won't take you very long if you've got a strong team of heros to keep plowing through with... Oh, what's that? They're all out of health again? Guess you're ♥♥♥♥ed! LOLS!! Seriously, this is the only game I've ever played that gives you rewards that you're never able to actually use.

And it all just spirals on downhill from there. You want to get anywhere in this game? "Give us your money!" And not just some of your money... ALL OF YOUR MONEY! Because lets face it, it would be EASY to release a normal, playable version of this game for say $15... but they don't want just a little of your money. They want ALL OF YOUR MONEY. There is a never ending supply of money that this game can drain away from you. Because that's how it was designed. And it is a damned crying shame!

Avoid this piece of garbage like the Plague. Or Ebola. Whatever horrifying desease floats your boat. XP

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Ok, I have put a lot of time, effort, and some money into this game.
Overall at this point I must say that I would not recommend this game.

Basically when you first start playing the game it captures your interest quite well. Being based on the Marvel characters and universe was enough to do that for me. Upgrading your roster and characters from star level 1 to star level 2 is challenging but enjoyable as you can easily see the improvements. So you get a nice feeling of progression.

Unfortunately once you start to move past star level 2 characters into star level 3 and 4 characters things start to go bad.

Upgrading your roster and characters from star level 2 to star level 3 becomes a nightmare because you first have to upgrade them 50% before they start to become useable. The playing time alone to gather the required resources to upgrade one star level 3 character 50% could take you a month. Throw in the fact that there is no scaling or bracketing in this game and players that already have full power star level 3 characters will sap points and rank from anyone below them and you start to get an idea of just how difficult a task this is.

For arguements sake, if you were going to spend 'real money' to upgrade a star level 3 character 50% instead of just playing the game it would cost you about US$100+. If you were going to buy all the powers for one character and max them out completely it would cost about US$400-US$600. So really, I would assume most people are inclined to play the game to gather the required resources instead.

Note that everything costs more as you progress. Characters from each star level catagory; ie: 1, 2, 3, and then 4 have an increase in 'experience' levels, hit points, damage per gem, and super power damage levels by almost double. But coming with that is an almost doubling of resources and costs involved for said characters.

This all adds up to the fact that the time you invest in the game has to increase as well. Where you might have been able to do well putting two hours a day into the game you will then have to put in three and then four hours a day. This doesn't mean all in one sitting just total overall time played per day. There maybe up to three events running simultaneously and if you wanted to do well in all of them you can sink alot of your time into it. You may feel obliged to do this since events are usually put into 'Seasons' and you may not see an specific event again until the next season or two in the future. 'Seasons' typically seem to run for the length of a month.

It's kind of awkward how events are setup. Each event usually lasts for 2 days or if longer are broken down into 'stages'. These longer events of up to a week are broken into 'stages' that last for 2 days each. What happens is to earn 'points' and keep you 'rank' up compared to everyone else, you have to play the 'stages' over and over as many times as 'plausible' in that 2 day period. 'Plausible' in that there is a 'full points' refresh timer of around 2.5 hours and also there is a point-catch-up (rubberbanding) system where the longer you wait between replaying the 'stage' the more points you can get. Also, each time you replay a 'stage' the difficulty and level of the enemy characters increase.

There are players that gain rank #1 and play the game every 2.5 hours even throughout the night. That is the type of competition you will be up against.

Ok, I want to end this review now as I think I have given you an insight into what is involved if you wanted to build and progress a roster of characters in this game. Or, what to expect once you have moved on from establishing a foundation.

A few other things that are really off putting:
A) Characters have been changed by the developers out of the blue. Usually termed as 'nerf' where characters are weakened or resulting in less useable. How annoying for those players that have spent time/resources building said characters up. You can sell characters, but you will only get a pittance of what you have put into them.

B) There have been a myriad of server issues over the time I have played this game. Sometimes this has had a catastrophic effect on the scores/ranks etc of whatever event was running at the time. Sometimes the developers have given out a form of compensation but not always. Two recent events had server glitches that cost me ranking high. Unfotunately they happen in the later half of the week long events when you have alreadly invested alot of time.

C) The free-for-all pvp system means that those with maxed out or high level characters can just stomp over everyone below them. How frustrating to come out of winning a battle for 20 points reward to be greeted by a message that you have been attacked by half a dozen players twice your level losing 200 points. They really need to incorporate some form of scalability or player bracketing to make play balanced.

I would recommend avoiding this game unless you are happy to invest all your free time into it.
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I really wanted to like this game, but the path chosen by the developers makes this one of the most frustrating experiences with a game I have ever had. The hours I have listed on this game are not technically accurate as I had it running in the background for days/weeks at a time. However I have easily put in 100's of hours into trying to like this game, hoping that the devs would fix the issues and it would improve. Ultimately I finally realized that there was near zero chance that would happen because the devs want the game to be this way.

First the lets talk about the good - If you enjoy PuzzleQuest you will like the mechanics, the incorporation of the Marvel license is topnotch both with writing and character design. If you can be content with just playing the story missions and only a small subset of the available champions then go ahead.

However if you are like me and want to play with the new champions when they are released and play the special events then you will pay. And if you pay realize that it is only a matter of time before that which you paid for is nerfed or sidelined or otherwise invalidated by whatever the newest cash grab from D3 is.

Here is how it works, lets say you have a set of beginning characters (called 2 star for their rarity) and are having fun. You see that a new character is being released (omg Nick Furry?! I want to play that one too!). In order to get covers for that character you have to buy them with real money, oh except you can't really buy them straight you have to buy a "pack" and hope you get the covers you want (along with a bunch of stuff you don't want). If you aren't willing to go that route then you will have to jump through some very specific hoops, namely you will be "competing" with other players for a chance to win the cover. You do this by direct competition (through a very very broken PvP style contest that I am not even going to get into its so bad) or by grinding away at special missions, missions that are designed to be overpowering and that will wound or kill your characters (requiring you to "rest" or buy medpacks with money). I don't know if I can stress how grindy these missions will be if you actually want a shot at the new cover, we are talking hours of playtime, but what is even worse is D3 picks the times you need to play. This is ultimately why I had to stop, in order to be successful with the rubber-banding and the like you had to be playing near the finish of each sub-event and each main event. That means you can't even just grind it out on your own time you needed to be hardcore during specific hours (forgot real life commitments). What I finally realized was there is no end game. That process described above is it. It doesn't get easier just harder, and not from a skill level just from a time commitment and frustration level. D3's entire model is to reward low level players greater then high level players to make them think rewards are quick and easy. Once you are hooked however you will constantly lose you chance at the new covers to the next wave of new players getting their hooks set. No only do I not recommend this to anyone I would be very cautious about ever playing anything from D3.
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TL;DR - Avoid at all costs! I'm in too deep but it may not be too late for you.

I've been playing the version on iOS since October last year and a lot has changed. The game deals in ISO and Hero Points. ISO is common but you'll need lots and Hero Points are uncommon but both are required. How much you'll enjoy this game will depend on how much money and time you'll be OK with sinking into this hole.
You collect covers of characters. Each cover is arranged in a 1-4 star configuration. 1* = common, 4* = super rare. How you can get covers is by either winning tournaments or by earning standard or heroic tokens and lucking in to a cover you require. A standard token would typically give you 1* cover with a sprinking of 2* cover and the day you get a 3* cover go get a lotto ticket. Heroic tokens are hard to come across but you can get anywhere up to 19 Heroic Tokens (personal experience) before you get a 3* cover. Why covers of characters and not the characters themselves? Because you can have more than one cover of the same character! Yes! Lazy! For instance, there are 3 covers of Storm - a 1*, 2* and 3* cover. Wolverine has 3 covers - a 2*, 3* and 4*. Thor has 3 covers - 2*, 3* and 4*, etc.
On top of that, most covers have 3 coloured moves and a maximum of 12 covers per chracter. Eg. Iron Man Model 40 (3*) - Unibeam (red), Ballistic Salvo (blue) and Recharge (yellow) (minus Bullseye (2*), Dr Doom (3*), Ragnarok (3*), Loki (3*) who all have 2 moves and a maximum of 10 covers). Meaning in order to max out your character, you need 12 covers and A LOT of ISO to level it up to full level. 1* covers level up to level 40, 2* = level 94, 3* = level 166 and 4* = level 270. Also, each cover takes up 1 roster slot. You can buy more with hero points!
You can buy cover packs with hero points/real money. They come in 1, 10, 42 packs. The amount of REAL money for hero points in this game is highway robbery. There is 0 value. If you were to spend money on this game, it would be in hero points but the little hero points you get for your hard earnt money is not even close to worth it. When you purchase a pack (because the only other time you can earn a 10 pack is through the season rewards), it USED TO guarantee at least one 3* cover. But they took that away because screw consumers. They don't want people having all the good covers by simply getting a "cheap" (it's not cheap) 10 pack with at least one guaranteed 3* cover in it. No no, we want you to jump through hoops to earn that 3* cover! What it DOES guarantee is a higher chance of getting a particular cover! So instead of of chance being 0.8%, it's 5.6%! They are REAL stats pulled right from the game! So if you get a 10 pack, you still have a VERY HIGH CHANCE of getting NO 3* covers! And this game uses them as the highest currency! From the 7 seasons so far, I have had 3 x 10 packs with 0 x 3* covers. This is what we're all aiming for! 3 and 4* covers! You think your hero points cost you a lot? Yes sure, but what are they REALLY worth?!? They can only buy you CHANCES of getting covers! If you already have one colour and you want another, you CAN SPEND 1250 Hero Points per 3* cover.
You have two types of game: PvE (Story) and PvP (tournaments). When you start the game, you can go through the prolog (PvE) which is one of the worst stories ever told. You know that episode of the Simpsons where Burns pulls out the piece of paper from the monkeys typewriter and he reads out, "It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?!?" well, that monkey seems more capable of writing a better story than what is present here. Quite honestly, I've stop reading all the "story" in this game months ago as it's merely a flimsy glue that holds this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ game together.
It's not really pay to win because you can win tournaments (PvP) with a bad roster. The only difference is how active you are in playing. It's a game that masquerades as a casual puzzle game in the vein of bejeweled but make no mistake - they is no puzzle aspect and it's purely a numbers game that forces you to grind and pray that you finish first. All it takes to win is enough time to persist. You can have a strong team and if the computer feels like you're winning too often, it can decide to drop matching gems in favour of the enemy team. I've lost to a team half my level because the tiles dropped in the enemies favour. If you're up against someone who is too hard, you can skip them until you get someone easy. When you lose a round, it really hurts you because you get 5 health packs on a timer - 36 minutes for each health pack. And if you have a limited roster, it shortens the amount of covers you can use in a tournament. Once you've used up all health packs and your covers, you have to wait OR you can buy more health packs. One method of winning is purchasing health packs with real money/hero points and just continue playing until you've earned a score which is hard to beat. Then spend MORE real money/hero points to secure your position with a sheild. You don't really face people in PvP. You face their roster and the computer uses their roster. So how does the computer know which covers to use from other people's roster? Dunno. You would think it would pull their strongest characters but it doesn't always. If you find yourself towards the top of the tournament, you become enemy #1 and your team has a high chance of ending up in other people's list to face. If you don't have a sheild, you can lose points when your team is defeated by others. The only benefit in having the 3 star characters is more people to use in the roster. When your team gets naturally stronger with more 3* characters, you face stronger enemies so your weaker 2* becomes more useless.
Also, it is worth noting that some characters are USELESS such as Bagman Spiderman and Bullseye. Bagman Spiderman has 3 useless moves, each more usless than the next and Bullseye is a 2* with 2 moves which means his max level is 78. And while he can lay down defense tiles like crazy, he can't take a hit which makes him pretty useless. All your 1* covers are useless 99% of the time once you develop an even remotely strong team.
Why it's not really pay to win as well is because this game has no end to it. The end is you have all the covers. And they continually release new characters so the end to this game is when they shut down the servers or stop releasing new characters. It also feels like they do very little testing with the new characters/covers they release. We see it often when a new character comes out. It's hard to get excited about it when we know the second a bunch of people flock to the new character, it means its overpowered and will be nerfed.
Also, saving is a little ♥♥♥♥. If you want to save your progress, it is only possible through Facebook connect on iOS. I didn't see any feature on PC and I don't know what Android saving is like.

If you hate your life and after reading what I've had to say still want to go through with your cult suicide decision to play the game, go join an alliance. They now cost nothing and the benefits are huge. Although you need to accept that your alliance will never be in the top 10 unless you have contacts and join one of the already established X-Men groups who are always in the top 10. Hell, it's hard to even place top 100 alliance without all 20 players being dedicated to winning.

In over a year, I've had to step back from the game 3 times because it has made me that angry and upset. I now play on a very casual basis and I can only ever treat it like that otherwise you burn out. I loved Puzzle Quest 1, 2 and to a degree, galactrix. But this is just dead ♥♥♥♥.
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Steals your time or your money. I'm glad to have stoped playing it.
I want this as a 15$ Game without microtransactions and a better system.
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Pay to Win unfortunately :(
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The writing for this game is just so bad. I mean, the game is subtitled Dark Reign, so one would think it would follow the story of the Dark Reign story ark, but the story is so distorted that it barely has anything to do with the Dark Reign. And there is no new content at all, events just repeat in a circle...
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Do not fall for it!
Let me be clear: This game has great potential! It takes the formula of Puzzle Quest and improves on the combat and adds a lot of personality through the Marvel liscense!
That being said, what it comes down to ultimately, is a very cynical cash-grab.
The moneytization is tailor made to abuse the player in every way.
Let me explain:
There are two kinds of currency:
Violet Iso (regular)
Gold (premium)
Both can be bought with real cash.
Now, both drop after successful missions. But only once! Every reward is locked after one drow. Afterwards, doing missions (which can take up to half an hour) only reward 20 Iso (to give a comparison: a booster pack costs 500 Iso). So, you have to do a mission 25 times to get enough Iso to buy a booster.
Now, why not stick with the heroes you get and level them up?
Because the only way to level up heroes is by either spending premium currency directly OR getting more copies of the comics, the heroes originate from. And the latter can only be achieved by buying booster packs. Which only give a chance to obtain the right comic.
Furthermore, there is only one rarity category that can be bought with Iso-currency. The lowest, of course. And while you do have a chance to get a rare card from this category, the game is very honest about the fact that your chance is slim.
And don't forget that you need several copies of one comic to level your hero up.
This is a very blatant cash grab, made worse by the artwork. Yes, sadly, the artwork is very lackluster. The artist went for a semi-realistic style with dynamic posing. Sadly, the borders of different colours are very visible, which makes characters look unclean and bloaty and he had issues with contrasts and forshortening, making people look very strange and their clothes feel dodgy. (Take a look at Black Widow or Thor and you should see what I mean)
I repeat: Do not spend money on this game! It does not warrant it at all!
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The Game was great when it first started even after a year or so. It proved to be very friendly to new players and experienced players alike. They added new stuff along the way with loads of events to keep ya in the game including ones for the newbies so they can have a chance to win big as well. It was once a most brilliant game which encouraged you to play more and also gave ya plenty room to encourage you to purchase some roster slots aside from getting plenty of free ones through missions or getting lucky at that gold draw or even towards your allliance slots for new members untill they started changing things...alot of things. first started with just a no health gain which started quite a bit of commotion and also drastically decreased the amount of time people put into the game from hours to mere minutes decreasing its overall popularity. It seemed like a small thing being nothing big was changed after that cept new heroes with downgraded abilities of their older selves that were far weaker. Apparently they didn't stop there to roll in the cash and decrease amount of players and customers to their list. They took it much farther and it gets worse with each update they make. They then started taking away heroes abilities then went along to replacing them with weaker and less effective abilities including replacing alot of other heroes abilities that did quite well, but not over powered, to something entirely new that did little to nothing now. After all the excessive deep changes were made they caused alot of players to play less or even quit. They then decided in order to hopefully lure more people back or new ones into the game they released Deadpool and a huge event that gave ya a chance to enjoy Deadpool and get one of your own which kinda worked for a time but didn't last for long. They downgraded alot of abilities some more on some heroes especially focusing on the starter ones which were strong enough to help new players along the way towards better ones. They keep compensating it with more chances at new heroes that they release from time to time but was it enough? Apparently not being now its hardly worth working towards when most can't afford to keep in the game long enough to get them unless you pay your heart out for the luck at the draw which is rare you get anything different or better unless its towards the better draws which cost round $40-$50+ to get a slightly better chance which has proven to make little difference which even the normal draws are quite pricey if you don't get free ones from every day rewards. Sadly the game was reduced to nothing but rubble and another facebook game as most referr to it now as and even now stands little to impress new and old players to try or continue playing much or at all. If your looking for a good experience look the other way cuz this game has long lost it and the magic it brought to games that made it wildly popular when it started making itself more at home. The game no longer revolves around skill but more along of power, money, and luck and has no tactics that works like it used to so sad to say I conclude this thorough review saying that I would no longer reccomend this game to anyone unless they insisted on something to kill just a little of their time.
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Great game overall, the best one in Puzzle Quest series. If you ever had any interest in Puzzle Quest then look no further.

Characters are closely represented with their respective unique powers, and new heroes are added regularly.

Events and storyline are just perfect for newcomers and casual players, but players who spend more than a couple of hours a day may find it thin and repeating. With the addition of health system, the server load should be guaranteed and the ranking ladders will not be owned by marathon players.

It is truly a free to play game where you have no obligation to spend anything. As for winning, it's down to how much time spent against other players - just like every MMO games out there. Money can only help making the characters stronger, not the time needed to complete the matches.
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The game is what it is. Complaining that it's freemium is silly, because you already knew that going in. The idea that you can't "win" without paying is also silly. There's no "winning" in an ongoing game. You might win or lose individual battles, but that has nothing to do with spending money. I invest little time in it on my mobile devices, and still manage to get in the top 100 in tournaments fairly regularly. If you want ALL of the covers and ALL of the characters, then yeah, you'll have to spend at some point. But it's perfectly playable with the random drops.

The one thing that does peeve me a bit is that there's no way to link mobile to PC. If you can link across mobile devices, you should be able to link to the PC version. I suspect that's because it's on Steam, but still frustrating. Though, if you do want to play a "new" game, it's good for that.
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I wouldn't recommend paying money for ANY puzzle quest game that involves leveling up characters. Especially when the gameplay itself is still on shaky grounds while requiring more updates and revisions than an Iron Man armor model.

With that said... it's a match-3 puzzle game. What's not addicting about it? However, it is my opinion that when Demiurge begins tweaking this game, a lot of what made this game casual starts to fall apart. This is to waste time and have fun / Not to either grind or pay to win.

SAVE YOUR MONEY for another game and just enjoy the Free to Play version and don't expect a lot from this game or its devs.
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Stopped playing when asked to make a username and was told I couldn't make a name containing "Hol" .. wtf?

Also the graphics bother my eyes.
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Marvel Puzzle Quest
Personal Rating: "Worth playing if you're a die-hard marvel fan or a bejeweled game fan, and its free to play"
Traditional Rating: 7 out of 10
Genre: Platformer, arcade
Action 05/10 Story 05/10 Level Design 07/10 Game Design 07/10 Graphics 06/10 "" a very good rating!""
Pro's ~ Really good game with many challenges , power-ups, character's. A story-line and addon's. Very much like bejewled without the time frame limit's!
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I love puzzle quest 1 and 2. This one is just as great. This one trades the RPG elements in for more a trading card feel. Definatly a must get.
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Game is decent at best. The advantages the computer has is ridiculous. Constantly color starving you, massive cascades, and extra turns. It happens very often, one turn and the match is over for you. You can do this as well, but no where near the extent it happens for the computer. If you haven't invested much into the game, it is not worth it. It is a free game heavily designed as pay to win. 1 out of 10.
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Awsome game
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This game proved to be incredibly addictive, and the gameplay was fun and easy to grasp.
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