Gli eroi dell'Universo Marvel si uniscono al non plus ultra dei giochi puzzle
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Data di rilascio: 5 dic 2013

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25 aprile

R99 Arriving Now! (Apr. 25, 2016)

R99 Patch Notes (April 25, 2016)


Coming Soon - Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War and in-game events inspired by the film!

What’s Changed
- Character Affiliations can now be seen in their bio descriptions. Affiliations include (but are not limited to); Heroes, Villains, and Avengers.
- Fixed a bug where an airborne or invisible character would remain in front after a teammate landed in the same turn.
- The area of effect portion of Carnage’s Symbiote Scythes ability now damages invisible enemies as intended.
- Spider-Man (Back in Black) should no longer immediately turn invisible and not take any damage if Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men) fires Full Blast while there are more than 9 red tiles on the board.
- All rewards should now be properly earned if the player’s game was terminated before they claimed the reward.

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11 aprile

R98 Is Here! (Apr. 11, 2016)


Revenge – the great motivator.

What’s New…
- Duck Season is underway. Don’t miss out on grabbing Howard the Duck!
- Versus action fires up in Season XXVI!

What’s Changed…
-Fixed an issue where abilities that steal AP were not stealing Yellow AP.
- When a new game patch is available players are now taken directly to the appropriate platform store when selecting the “Update” dialog.
- Fixed a rare progression blocker in the first stages of the game.

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“An intricately crafted, remarkably deep experience – Marvel Puzzle Quest doesn’t merely meet the expectations of its name, it exceeds them.”
9.1 out of 10 –

“Even for those unfamiliar with the ever-expanding Marvel universe, Dark Reign’s use of collection and randomized drops make it compulsively, sickeningly playable.”
4 out of 5 –

“Takes the unlikely pairing of Marvel heroes and match-3 makes it fun. Lots to do besides the story missions. Entertaining, surprisingly humorous dialogue.”
4 out of 5 –

Appena aggiornato


In arrivo eventi ispirati al film Marvel's Captain America: Civil War!

- Le biografie dei personaggi indicano ora a quale gruppo sono affiliati, ad es. Eroi, Criminali o Avengers.
- Risolto un problema che faceva sì che un personaggio in aria o invisibile restasse in prima linea quando un compagno di squadra tornava a terra nello stesso turno.
- La componente area di effetto dell'abilità Falce del simbionte di Carnage danneggia ora i nemici invisibili.
- Spider-Man (Back in Black) non diventa più immediatamente invisibile e immune ai danni se Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men) lancia Piena potenza mentre ci sono più di 9 tessere rosse sul tabellone.
- I premi vengono ora assegnati correttamente anche se la partita termina prima che il giocatore li abbia richiesti.

Informazioni sul gioco

Il Marvel Universe prende vita nell'originale "match 3"/GdR Marvel Puzzle Quest! Forma un team, abbina tessere e combatti in questo originalissimo gioco che combina i tuoi supereroi e super criminali Marvel preferiti con un profondo sistema di livelli in stile GdR, tornei tra giocatori, possibilità di creare Alleanze e molto altro ancora! Unisciti a 5 milioni di giocatori e scatena il supereroe che è in te!

9,1 su 10 “Un'esperienza di gioco complessa e sorprendentemente profonda -- Marvel Puzzle Quest non si limita a soddisfare le aspettative del giocatore; le supera.” - (Premio Editors’ Choice)

Abbina le tessere per sconfiggere gli avversari! Usa l'incredibile forza di Hulk per polverizzare i nemici o i poteri telepatici di Professor X per modificare il tabellone di gioco!

Attingi alle fila di X-Men, Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Guardians of the Galaxy e altro ancora per creare il tuo dream team Marvel! Schiera Spider-Man insieme alla sua arcinemica Venom, o Captain Marvel con Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, e dai vita a un team epico!

Imbriglia la potenza dell'Iso-8 per potenziare il tuo team e colleziona copertine per sbloccare personaggi e poteri. Affina le abilità del tuo personaggio per sbaragliare i nemici!

Piazzati ai primi posti in classifica nei Tornei, negli eventi riservati alle Alleanze e nelle Stagioni per vincere nuovi personaggi e altri fantastici premi!

Nato dalla penna degli scrittori Marvel Frank Tieri (Iron Man, Wolverine, Weapon X) e Alex Irvine (Iron Man: The Rapture, Daredevil Noir), Marvel Puzzle Quest include eventi, funzionalità e tornei direttamente ispirati all'universo Marvel!

L'app è disponibile in inglese, francese, italiano, tedesco, spagnolo, giapponese e coreano.

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP SP3
    • Processore: Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz or better
    • Memoria: 1 GB RAM
    • Scheda video: Intel HD 3000 / Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4650
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • Scheda audio: Windows Compatible Card
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Pubblicata: 22 novembre 2015
molto coivolgente
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Pubblicata: 4 novembre 2015
I started this game as a fan of PuzzleQuest (old ones) and comics. I've been playing it for quite a long time and the only thing kept me playing was my hope that this game will become better. But it hasn't.
1. PVE of this game has totally invalid MMR which makes 100 level teams to be attacked by 450 levels (newly released 5* characters). It's very very very hard to earn anything because that P2W guys will make sure that you won't get even top 100 with all your crazy effort.
2. PVP is "grind like hell or get nothing", even with 8 hour refresh interval.
3. Tokens they give as a reward bring something useful like once in a month. And I'm talking about gold ones...
4. They release new characters every week and even more often, but if you want to play next even you HAVE to get at least one cover of that character. Then you need to buy a new roster slot which cost more for every new one. Now they have more 100 characters and you need to have 100 slots if you want to play it. This will cost ridiculous amount of HP (or real money).
To gain something in this game you need to either play at min 10 hours per day or donate, DONATE a lot and then play 10 hours per day....
When you already have a good roster you can play some events just for fun, but don't expect getting much reward. But if someone just started... pity them...
I give it 1 star from 10 just for bearing Marvel name on it. Playing this game complete waste of your time!
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Pubblicata: 1 gennaio
Just so everyone knows this is a f2p game. It may not be the best in the world of marvel games but it is fun as all get out.Is this game broken :yes . is this game fair : somtimes . Is this game free to play : yes if you want to roll thay way IS THE GAME FUN AND ENTERTAINING ; DAMN RIGHT IT IS . and last but not least the developers are always trying to make the game better .Remember it was only going to be a match 3 game and it took off like wildfire they wernt ready for that and when they catch up look out this will be the best match 3 game there is.The mechanics of the game are awesome with each hero having different powers and passive skills. there is a wide range of people even though the villians are few. All in all a great F2P game as long as you don't get caught up in the politics on the forum and line chat.
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Pubblicata: 21 febbraio
If you play for just killing the time it's ok.
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Pubblicata: 13 marzo
Bottom line: Very slow and grindy from the get-go.

Don't get me wrong I know exactly what I'm in for when I download something with the tag "free to play". I know that eventually I will come to point in the game where the progress slows down and I have to decide whether to commit my time or my money. I do not expect every f2p game to be PoE or DOTA2. But the thing that disappointed me with this game was how soon I got to that point.

In my experience these sorts of free to play games, the good ones, tend to be pretty fast paced at first to get you hooked and learn the ropes. Then as the pace of progression gradually slows down you can start to really appreciate and understand what you can accomplish long term, either through play or through paying. But Marvel Puzzle quest sort of just gives you one semi-fast prologue chapter and then says "now we grind".

I haven't even beaten the second prologue chapter yet and my best character (Iron-man) takes over an hour in real time to heal up to full health if he’s downed. The battles even against normal goons take a long time now. Even if the battle isn't hard they usually damage my heroes so much that I can't use them for a good while. And the reward for beating them are sometimes just these consumable boosts that do not progress your characters in any way which makes it feel like you won nothing for such a long battle.

My most dominating thought is "if it's this grindy in the prologue how bad will it be when I actually get to play the main PVE/PVP modes?" I don't know, maybe it's admirable how upfront this game is about what it is (i.e. a typical f2p game) but it's a huge turnoff for me and I guess for others as well.
I see the potential in this game, it has some pretty cool ideas and the Puzzle Quest match 3 battles are fun, but it got grindy way to fast. I enjoyed the previous puzzle quest games and hoped this could become my new "play a quick session every once in a while game". But it gives such a bad early impression that I’m pretty much done with the game, which is a shame honestly.
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