If you’ve not had the chance to play our delightful, Zen-like re-genesis of the god game on Windows PC or Mac OS X, there’s never been a better time to do so! Now more than ever, as we’re currently making full use of our opt-in branch by running a rapid build release schedule during our PC-focused sprint.
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Ce que les développeurs ont à dire :

“GODUS is a unique game that we hope will grow to be truly special. We've thoroughly enjoyed developing our dream game alongside the community and are continuing to refine the game based on the feedback of the players. We warn you that there are still bugs and incomplete features - this is the nature of the journey we are on. You may wish to wait for the finished game, but we have much content still to discover and improve as the game continues development. We do hope you’ll help with this. If you do, you are part of our development team. We look forward to receiving your feedback.”
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23 décembre

We’re on holiday! 22cans shuts up shop for Xmas

The time has come for us to emerge from the comforting cocoon that is 22cans Towers and return to the warm embrace of our friends and family, our kith and kin, as the holiday season festivities begin in earnest.

Our development and support staff will be on vacation from 4pm GMT on Wednesday 24th December 2014 until 10am GMT on Monday 5th January 2015.

Social networks

During this time, we will not be on hand to respond to your support queries via our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit etc.), so now you’ll know where we’ll be instead!


We also won’t be maintaining an active forum presence during this period – that goes for our official forum, the Steam forum as well as any independent forums. You’re on your own kids, please don’t leave it too messy when we come to clear up after you in the New Year!

Customer service

Our dedicated tech support team members will be monitoring and clearing tickets as normal every day, excluding weekends, Christmas day (Thurs 25th December 2014) and New Year’s Day (Thurs 1st January 2015). Please bear mind, however, that the team won’t be operating at full capacity, so you may find that your queries take a little longer than usual to receive a response.

Here’s to a spectacular 2015!

In 2014, we brought the Godus experience to iOS and Android devices, as well as bringing ranged combat to Godus on Steam, thus completing a major step in the fulfilment of our Kickstarter goals.

We’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your endless patience and unqualified support throughout our journey. Thanks to your continued positivity, we all remain super-passionate about Godus fulfilling its promise of reinventing the God game.

Our desire to bring the game to full release on Steam in 2015 and make it the experience our desktop players want it to be has never been stronger. We are fully committed to carry on making Godus a deep, enthralling game and we are currently developing content that we hope will appeal to gamers over a long time. We'll be sharing full details about these new features and functions in due course.

So, that’s all for 2014. Here’s to 2015 – may it see all our wishes come true!

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19 décembre

Christmas Comes to Godus! Download Our Festive Content Today!

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry because Santa has added some gifts to your God Power menu!

Turn your followers into happy little elves to do your bidding, give your world a touch of sparkle with the Winter Wonderland gift, or laugh at the Astari after dressing them up as penguins!

This festive content is available for everyone playing Godus on Steam today, so you can go grab it right now!

Known issues (that we’re looking into):
  • Some users are seeing an issue where low-end settlements are building in high-end areas.
  • Gems sometimes float in the air after using the Meteor god power to uncover them.
  • Some users are experiencing a start-up crash on Mac OS X.

We’ll be updating with the studio’s plans for over the festive season towards the beginning of next week. In the meantime, we hope our Yuletide offerings raises a few smiles!

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Godus Opt-In on Steam

We will be updating the GODUS Opt-In Beta branch more frequently than the main Early Access branch. If you would like to participate in helping us test new fixes and features, big and small, opt-in to our Beta Branch, releasetest.

Please keep in mind that this branch is for testing! Things might go wrong and when they do, send in your bugs and feedback to support@22cans.com or support.22cans.com

For details on how to access these developer builds, read below:

How to Opt In to Developer Builds

1. Go to your Steam Library
2. Right click on GODUS and select "Properties"
3. Click on the "Betas" tab
4. Click on the dropdown menu and select “releasetest”
5. Enter your beta access code, which is ‘22canstester'
6. Click "Check Code"
7. Hit "Close" and you're all set!

The Community's Access Password

This password will allow you to access the most recent development builds of the game. Using the instructions above, this password will give you immediate access.

  • Password: 22canstester

Cross-platform development

Our development proceeds through sprints that may have differing platform focuses. As such, much of the gameplay available to you in v2.2 is the result of a recent mobile-focused sprint and we intend to progress to a PC-focused sprint within the coming months. Please take this into consideration, as while adjustments will continue to be made to the PC platform to account for the game's differing payment model (buy-to-play on PC & free-to-play on mobile), some areas of balance and design may retain certain elements of the mobile version for the time being.

À propos de ce jeu

Have you ever wanted to play god? In GODUS, you can sculpt every inch of a beautiful world that you look down upon, where your population of Followers will settle and multiply. As you rule over your living, breathing society, a civilization will blossom across your land and offer you their belief. The more Followers that believe in you, the more powerful you will become. It is as simple to play as it is spectacular to behold. Come and lead an incredible journey - this delightful, charming world is waiting for you to make it your own.

GODUS is currently in active cross-platform development for Windows PC, Mac OS and mobile devices where the gameplay experience will evolve and expand over time as we periodically deliver updates for the game.

GODUS is brought to you by legendary designer and inventor of the god game genre, Peter Molyneux.

Key Beta Features

  • You can sculpt the entire world and make it truly unique to you
    Sculpt every inch of an entirely moldable world in the most delightful way. Uncover a wealth of mysteries and surprises waiting to be unearthed beneath the landscape, and find others atop it.

  • Be adored and worshipped by tiny, devoted Followers. Watch them live, learn and love in a fully simulated world
    Your ever-gracious population of reactive, living Followers will need you and worship you unconditionally. You’re the god and they’re your playthings.

  • Create villages and towns, grow their population and sculpt the very lands on which they live
    Group your Followers together to create charming villages or thriving towns - specialize these into Building, Farming or Mining communities.

  • Lead Followers from your Homeworld and set sail on Voyages of Discovery to uncharted lands
    Guide your Followers as they embark on regular Voyages to new and undiscovered lands that hold great rewards.

  • Nurture the growth of a civilization as it rises from the dawn of the primitive age and advances throughout the ages of humanity
    Choose various types of stickers to unlock cards that level-up your population's society, technologies and faith. Cards go into your Timeline, which allows you to make advancements within an era and unlock new abilities.

  • Meet the Astari - a fun loving, party going little tribe who worship the pursuit of happiness
    Your world is not empty. It’s also inhabited by the mischievous Astari, who will do everything they can to persuade your Followers to come and join them. As a god, you must use your powers to deal with these pesky people.

  • Cast miracles of both beauty and destruction - choose how to show your divine power, whether that be by growing forests or launching meteors
    As development continues you will see more God Powers being added that will enhance gameplay, adding depth and variety to the whole GODUS experience.

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 210
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core Quad 2.4 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce GTS 250
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: 10.7.5 (Lion)
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion)
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Quad Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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ce jeu est sensé être l'espoir du God Game. Peter Molyneux qui a joué un role important dans la création de black and white ou Populous (très bon jeux pour l'époque et même maintenant, tant graphiquement que dans leurs mécaniques) , dirige le projet et je cite "veux montrer à tout ces jeux facebook qui se font appeler God Game ce qu'est un vrai God Game"

Nous nous retrouvons donc avec un jeu dégueulasse graphiquement, digne d'un jeu facebook qui fait un retour en arrière de 10ans comparé à black and white 2 (sortie en 2005). les maisons sortent de terre façon facebook, on nous oblige de détruire des cailloux en cliquant 50 000 fois, façon facebook, et on récolte la foi (pour cliquer plus encore par la suite) façon facebook en cliquant sur chaque maison. Le jeu est tellement nul à sa sortie qu'après plusieurs mois de silence , la direction s'excuse de nous avoir en**** et refont tout a zero. du coup je le réinstalle, je me dis que tout sera différent. maintenant nous avons juste le droit de rester appuyé pour récolter la foi ou détruire les pierres, et nous pouvons passer de maison en maison sans relacher la souris... ouhaaaa

aucune matière première n'est requise pour construire(-20 ans, populous avait au moins besoin de bois), pas de gestion de la nourriture comme black and white non plus (-10ans) , pas de gestion de formation de troupe (-20 ans). les "combats" se résume à lancer des parties (car on ne se bat pas sur la carte de notre ville, celle la ne sert a rien... et poutant on y passe tout notre temps) et à construire des huttes, attendre le pop d'un mec (pas de reproduction comme black and white non plus, ca pop à la populous (-10ans) ) , puis construire une autre hutte. a la fin du timer, les villageois sortent des maisons et s'affrontent en mode paysans avec ceux d'en face...

on a tout de même de supers sorts,
- on peut promote un villageois (ce qui coute 10 villageois+foi) pour faire un méga villageois (soit il les mange soit ils font une sorte de créature géante avec des morceaux humains, mais faudra m'expliquer l'interet de taper avec des poings si ils ont la technologie pour refondre des humains en géant et qu'est ce que c'est que ce dieu qui peut pas créer de matière) , celui ci ira taper le village adverse sans la moindre stratégie
- on peut envoyer un tremblement de terre et autre catastrophe, genre des marais faiblement empoisonné pour faire chier les gens... mais tout ceci sera d'une extrême lenteur et vous ne pourrez en général ne lancer qu'un très grosse catastrophe durant la partie

fin du combat qui aura duré 10min, retour sur la carte, et qu'a t on gagné? des cartes!! youhou... alors dans ce jeu, on nous fait croire que si un Dieu nous controlait, le type s'amuserait à collectionner des cartes réparties en plusieurs thèmes genre carte Café : sociale , carte blé : sociale , carte terre : technologie, et que quand celui ci décide de faire don à ses croyants d'un super truc, genre la médecine, il regarde son deck et "aller je place café et blé x2 , 3 cartes sociales, combo et hop vous apprenez la médecine!!!" ... IL EST OU LE COTE FUN D ETRE DIEU LA?

pire, il y a des trésors sur la map, parfois caché sous 10 couches de terre qu'on doit enlever une par une à l'aide de millier de clics, juste pour choper une ♥♥♥♥ing carte...

et alors attention, à un moment, on change d'ère. et du coup, on pète toutes les maisons pour faire des rizières. jusqu'ici on avait pas besoin de bouffe et on en a toujours pas besoin, mais maintenant on ne passe plus des périodes (chaque ère est composé de périodes) en construisant des maisons et gagnant des habitants, mais en faisant des champs et en récoltant du riz. -_- du coup logique, maintenant qu'on a de la bouffe, on perd 50 à 75% de notre population..

en définitive ce jeu est la honte des God Games, Peter Molyneux incarne cette génération de dev qui laisse un jeu en accès anticipé pendant 3 ans, après un tas de promesse non tenu et qui abandonneront le projet plus tard.
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Posté le : 19 décembre
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Depuis les dernieres mises à jour, celles qui ont changer beaucoup de chose pas qu'en bien, le temps de jeu qui continue tout seul et qui fait que si on ne peut pas se connecter tout le temps bah on n'avance plus car notre peuple se barre... tout ça fait que le jeu ne m'amuse plus du tout.
Je ne retrouve pas la pate Molyneux, ce truc qui me fait accrocher a tout ses jeux, mais là non. Je n'ai meme plus l'envi de le lancer... on verra si une mise a jour viendra corriger tout ça et donner envi de rejouer au jeu.
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Posté le : 5 décembre
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FR :
Vraiment je félicite le développeur du jeu, après un premier vote négatif, je lui mets un positif, a l'écoute des joueurs, vraiment avec cette mise à jour c'est vraiment agréable de jouer à ce jeu super-genial.
Merci beaucoup.
Donc mon évaluation ci-dessous ne compte pas.
Vraiment merci pour être à l'écoute des joueurs

Really I congratulate the developer of the game, after a first negative vote, I put it a positive, listening to the players, really with this update it's really nice to play this super awesome game.
Thank you.
So my assessment below does not count.
Really thank you for listening to the players
FR :
le jeu est très bien fait, je trouve vraiment nul le fait de devoir attendre pour pouvoir construire ou enlever du terrain avec la foi, attendre toujours attendre, non désolé on n'est pas dans un jeu android là, faut pas faire comme la version android.
Pour la version android je veux bien comprendre, mais la a faire de même pour la version PC que l'on paye je ne suis pas d'accord du tout.
Pour le moment je ne recommande pas ce jeu tant que le system n'a pas été changer.

the game is very well done, I find it really sucks having to wait to build or off the field with faith, always wait wait, not sorry we are not in a game android there must not do like the version android.
Version for android I want to understand, but to do the same for the PC version which is paid I'm not agree at all.
At the moment I do not recommend this game as long as the system has not been changed.
Thank you.
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Posté le : 8 décembre
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Don't waste your money.

Direct from the Kickstarter page (Where they were funded over half a million £)

"It’s this experience we aim to reimagine. GODUS blends the power, growth and scope of Populous with the detailed construction and multiplayer excitement of Dungeon Keeper and the intuitive interface and technical innovation of Black & White."

Couldn't be further from the truth, I'd rather play any of the 3 amazing games listed above than Godus. Can't believe I wasted my money on this boring ♥♥♥ pay to win game.

Populous - Amazing god powers, volcanos, lightning, earthquakes, angels of death, firestorms, tornados and more. All you need is the mana (generated from your troops, braves in huts generating the most and combat troops generating less). Absolutely amazing game for its time before 2000.

Dungeon Keeper - Great game that revolved around building a dungeon with different rooms to bring weird and strong creatures into your domain to fight for you. Included some spells castable with mana, many different rooms. Was a solid game.

Black+White - I LOVED this game, even if I prefered populous and DK over it. B+W was great, again there was god powers, fireballs, areas of influence, you even had a creature that would fight for you!

Honestly, you'd be better off spending money on these 3 great titles, than this 2014 failure that is Godus.
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Posté le : 7 décembre
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The game itself is fun (at a push), but it plays like a mobile/facebook game - i.e. it expects you to GO AWAY and come back later!!!

I knew before I bought it had timers, but I thought it would be in-game time (and the way the devs talk, you expect it to be so). Nope, time passes real-time, and makes no difference if you don't actually run the game. Which is annoying when you have something that you can only access over the next 72 hours, but you're away visiting family/friends/SO.

I hate this game for expecting to keep me on a leesh, like it's a pet that needs letting out. I've played 4 hours... the first 3 were fun, the final hour was after a days break... I ran out of stuff to do in that 1 hour, and the game made clear that I should come back the next day.

As other reviewers have written, this is a mobile game that the devs have purposely sold as a computer experience to raise funds to make a game they can monetize in micro-transactions. It shows, the game is not playable solely from a fixed location - you need to be able to access casually throughout the day. Waste of money.
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Posté le : 11 décembre
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I actually wasted my $20 in the kickstarter for this thing. We were promised a next gen populous with an open world, and we got a glorified flash game. This is my biggest gaming-purchase-related regret to date. You're better off learning Dwarf Fortress than dealing with this muck.. This game is basically the sim city 5 of the populous franchise. (disclaimer: don't be fooled by my "hours played": horrible game mechanics forced me to wait for 'belief' in order to do anything.. waiting for long period of times just to do a few things hardly felt god-like)
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Posté le : 27 novembre
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Feels like a shell for a pay to play mobile game.
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Posté le : 5 décembre
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I've played this game since the first release, it had a great potential and it was awesome.

Time has passed and with it many updates that maked the game not so good. I hope developers can revert this and make people fall in love with this game again. They must see that more than 50% of comments are negative and the way they are taking is not what people want.

Players are demanding another kind of game, and developers are not listening to us. I hope that in the future I can change this comment to a positive one.
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Posté le : 29 novembre
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Free-to-play, time-limited, mobile game poorly converted to a retail game. Do not buy, unless you want a game that you can only play once a day for 10 minutes. Abysmal title to be avoided at all costs.
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Posté le : 4 décembre
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It's basically a facebook game, focused more on addictive gameplay and ALL THE WAITING, rather than on enjoyable gameplay.

The little treasure chest that you dig up are nice, and the PC version not having micropayments is also nice.
But ultimately it's a waiting simulator. The game continues counting various super slow things while you're not logged on, like you'd expect from a facebook game. So if the solution to the drag is 'just stop playing the game for a while', then why not go one step further, and just stop playing the game forever?

I'll still give it an other chance, but I'm not sure if it'll improve my opinion.

Edit 07/12/2014:
Gave it an other chance, no real change in opinion about the gameplay, but now it runs *super slow* despite not using up much CPU (~4%) or memory. Even the interface is delayed by a factor of 20.
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Posté le : 27 novembre
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Do you like clicking? Because this Click Simulator 2014 will blow your mind!
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Posté le : 3 décembre
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22cans is to busy making free to play, pay to win andriod and IOs versions of this game to actually FINISH the PC version of the game on steam. Dont waste the money, go play for free on your tablet...
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13.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 29 novembre
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Glorified cow clicker. Not even a very good one.
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Posté le : 1 décembre
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22 cans misses the whole point of being a god...
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Posté le : 19 décembre
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1, Took money on kickstarter, took money on steam early access
2, Came out first, did'n really know what it want to be plus it was a mess
3, After really long waiting big update came out but, but.... I don't know man...
4, The game is MUCH more polished and bugbashed but still, WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE???

Let's settle down here: Why do I or should I play this game? Is there any goal? Apart of hunting chests, yea, whoa. Chest hunter simulator 2014 for 20 EUR, thanks.

Is there any goal? No folks. At this point (after 2 years), I'm still trying to find out, what the goal of this game is supposed to be.
Is there any economic or social, or military goal? Nope.
Is there any emotional reward the game can offer, or any other reward worth your time and money? Nope.

At this point I can only say one thing: DO. NOT. BUY. THIS. GAME!

Hope the folks at godus realise this too and figure out something because the game do have potential.
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Posté le : 1 décembre
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Keep your money. Wait for release. It's quite clear their favorite version is the pay-2-win free mobile cash-machine.
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Posté le : 6 décembre
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WARNIG: very very early access
This is a free mobile game being sold on steam for $20. I played it for a while (quite boring). Bugs I have encountered so far include a suprise permant crash to unplayable 5fps performance uppon earning a major achivement, and restarting your gameworld after an automatic patch.

Go back to playing clash of clans.

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4.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 3 décembre
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Terrible freemium game that got it's money from Kickstarter and used it to make a freemium game on Android and IOS.

So you can play this game for free on Android or IOS no need to pay for this Early Access Game that will never will be what was promised.
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34.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 14 décembre
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Worst possible way to spend money. A Freemium Mobile Game that you actually have to pay for.
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Posté le : 18 décembre
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Here is my take on Godus after about 40 hours of game play into the game. Godus is the new god sim from the camp of Peter Molyneux, responsible for the incredible Black & White god game, and the not so incredible Black & White 2 - not to mention popular series Fable and Populous. I put dozens and dozens of hours into the first Black & White game and I still regard it as the best god sim I've ever played, the second was largely a disappointment.

The Good:

First of all, the overall aesthetic of the game is simultaneously simple and striking. I love the way each coloured layer of water, sand, grass and rock comes together to form landscapes, the game just looks amazing.

As a newly minted God you will be responsible for the health and well being of your people. That will generally include shelter, food and some forms of entertainment manifesting themselves in the form of belief. You can in turn use this belief to sculpt more difficult landscapes (anything not sand), use abilities or spells and control your followers to assist you. This mechanic works fairly well most of the time though you may find yourself spent out on belief often as you venture deeper into the game - past 10 hours or so.

The Bad:

Cards. General abilities will be awarded as you open up major milestones in game play - such as reaching a certain population threshold. They will often allow for huge changes in village building, god skills or overall gameplay. The problem with this is two-fold. The first problem is the ability is not usable when it's 'unlocked', you need to further unlock it by using cards which you can only find in treasure chests or from spending 'gems' (more on gems later). The card unlock method is instantly tired and feels unnecessary. As for the second problem, sometimes the mechanic you unlock makes a jarring change to the game flow. Biggest example of such changes is unlocking the ability to create farms. Farms will produce wheat, ok not a problem there. Problem is up until this point in the game you've been able to create buildings and expand your empire without any resource constraint and then as soon as wheat is available all of a sudden the flow of your expansion is completely paralysed as you will likely be very short on wheat. Eventually your empire will build up enough farms but like so many other issues in the game it feels very unnecessary to use it in this fashion.

Early on you will unlock the dock, which opens up a side mission which appears to be designed for gods who are waiting on their village to build out and have nothing else to do. By clicking on the dock a side game will open up where you can 'sail' to islands. At each island will be a sort of a Godus style puzzle where when you click begin you will have to guide your followers to the objective as quickly as possible. Get them there fast and you get a higher score, get a higher score and you get better cards. The side missions are a bit bland and boring and you're constrained again by the mobile mechanic of limited resources. I went once, did a couple of islands and quit never to return again. All this area of gameplay is is a time dump. Yawn.

The Ugly:

There is no disguising it, this game was developed first and foremost as a mobile game. Everything points to it, from the strained resource mechanic requiring time for recharges, to the slightly sloppy controls on PC - which would surely work better on mobile. The most obvious thing is the gem mechanic which is really what I have the most trouble with. It was clearly designed as a pay mechanic to speed up gameplay on the mobile side, but it doesn't translate well into the PC version at all. You don't have to pay for the gems in the PC versions for obvious reasons - you have to pay for the main game. I feel like perhaps the better approach would have been to release this as a free to play game and just keep the gem pay scheme so it doesn't feel as awkward as it does. If you listen to the game developer commentary as you play the game and unlock mechanics, you will hear them harp on about how cool the gem mechanic is and how important it is but honestly most of the time it just felt awkward and out of place in the world. I was often sacrificing nearly all of my villagers to get gems (the only way currently to do so to my knowledge) just so I could keep playing. Where in Black & White I was looking out for and taking care of my villagers - I find myself just simply murdering all of my people in Godus just so I can keep playing. It's bad, real bad.

Unfortunately about 40 hours in I found myself tired of the issues explored above and also the bugs, which are fine as the game is still currently in beta - these are expected to happen. If you can get the game at a large discount and you're a big fan of god sim genre games then by all means you should pick it up and throw some hours into it. Perhaps it will be improved at that point. For right now, I have to say I would not make the purchase again knowing what I know now.

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