Dos nuevos episodios de 32 niveles de DOOM II. Evilution: Lejos de la Tierra, la UAC recomenzó sus experimentos en una de las lunas de Júpiter. Una nave espacial, confundida con una nave de suministro en el radar, pasó por encima de la base. De ella salieron demonios, salpicando toda la base con muerte.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 jun. 1996

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Acerca de este juego

Dos nuevos episodios de 32 niveles de DOOM II.
Lejos de la Tierra, la UAC recomenzó sus experimentos en una de las lunas de Júpiter. Una nave espacial, confundida con una nave de suministro en el radar, pasó por encima de la base. De ella salieron demonios, salpicando toda la base con muerte. Todos tus camaradas fueron rápidamente despedazados o convertidos en zombis. Esta vez, no se trata de supervivencia. Se trata de venganza.
The Plutonia Experiment:
Los mejores científicos de la nación han puesto sus mayores esfuerzos en cerrar las siete Puertas interdimensionales del Infierno, pero un portal queda aún abierto. En solitario, debes infiltrarte en el complejo asolado, derrotar al demonio Guardián y sellar la última puerta al Infierno antes de que los muertos vivientes estén preparados para dominar el mundo, una vez más.

Requisitos del sistema

    Mínimo: Un equipo 100% compatible con Windows XP / Vista
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Recopilación de nuevos mapas en dos campañas totalmente nuevas.
Si gozaste con Doom 2, gozarás con éste.
Sin regeneración de vida y desafiante en dificultades medias, cuenta con algunos niveles mucho más trabajados, extensos y difíciles que en los juegos anteriores.
Su acción sigue siendo rápida, brutal y divertidísima a día de hoy.
Imprescindible utilizar Zandronum o similar para disfrutar de controles y resoluciones actuales.
Si para ti los gráficos no lo son todo, no te lo pierdas.
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Publicado el 9 de mayo
The game is great, without any doubt. The amount of hours I wasted in my childhood playing DOOM games is insane. So the game is a solid 10/10, no questions asked.

But not this Steam version, which is absolutely unplayable due to bad pre-configuration.

Tip: Google and install GZDoom, ZDoom or any other source port, copy the *.wad files from your Steam installation to that folder, add some BrutalDoom mod to it and you're good to go.

This way you'll be even able to play the game, because Steam won't let you because of some ♥♥♥♥ed up configuration and pre-setup.

Up yours, Steam.

Edit: I've seen that the first two DOOMs are now available on GOG dot com. I bought them there (because I love DRM and GOG dot com even more) and guess what? They run. I installed the first two DOOMs and they just work like they should. That's the reason why Steam is becoming gradually worse. They don't give a f about their paying customers, they care even less about the functionality of the games or anything else besides money for always overpriced and cut games. They are selling them, but they don't love games like we or GOG does.
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Final Doom is a stand-alone huge mission pack based on Doom 2 in 1996. Or more exactly, it consist of two big IWADs, both having 32 levels, both fan-made, both not bringing anything new or changing core gameplay. And both are harder than your average Doom 2. The names of these two level packs are TNT Evilution and Plutonia Experiement.
It also had a PS1 port, which takes only some of Final Doom levels, puts some levels from Master Levels, toned down difficulty and then applied a dark horror-like atmoshpere to it, with low brightness and ambient music. I feel that it's much superior experience for those who aren't complete Doom 2 fans, instead of dragging thorugh 64 levels.

As usual, Steam version was handled in same way as other Steam versions of classic Doom games. That means "badly".
Once again you have to edit "ddraw" line to "opengl" in conf files to make DosBox run without lags. Adn once again setup.exe wasn't included, so you have to manually edit cfg files for controls and music. Yes, uses Soundblaster by default too. At least Steam still gives you option between "classic" and "with mouse" control scheme when launching game.
Specially for Final Doom, configuration isn't the only thing that got screwed up. You see, in Steam version both level packs use same exe file. And that exe is from Plutonia. Not every data is kept in wad file, some were in exe too. What it means is that TNT Evilution uses Plutonia's story for occasional text intermission and it shows Plutonia's level name on same slot on level's automap.
Oh, and they share save slots too. Loading another's pack save crashes the game. You better be careful not to screw up progress by overwriting wrong save is you are beating both packs.

Now, for gameplay of those two packs themselves:
Made me want to yank Chaingunners out of Doom mappers hands, along with their arms. 10/10
Just kidding. Well, at least this common complaint it true for both packs.

TNT Evilution is slightly harder than Doom 2 and is uncertain of what kind of level style it wants to have. It's quite a mix, not exactly all fun one. It can't decide if it wants to have tricky "gotcha" maps, hard crowd stuff, linear layout or confusing mazes. Maps 19 and 20 are really something, as they get out from Doom's abstract style and look like a real place, with office rooms, truck, what looks like actual warehouse boxes processing. It's actually quite nice. And then pack will throw you into huge empty level. So yes, uncertain. It does make use of new textures though, here and there, most memoriable being blood patches on occasional wall. It also includes new music, which helps to give it a personality. They aren't bad either.

Plutonia Experiement is a different beast, that wants to rip you apart. It's more in line with Doom 2 style, only slightly less dull and brown. Mazes are also complex, but in a good way, it doesn't make you run over map in search for a hidden button. It also rarely uses new textures of green color, as well as reuses Doom 1 music. So, in some ways it's a bit better than Doom 2 when it comes to level design. Heck, it even has a map that is maze, filled with archviles that are aware of your existance, hunting you down as you figure out the ways that various doors are opened.
And it's also hard. It's a main point of this IWAD actually, to be hard. And cheap, occasionally, not going to forget situation where I was teleport in front of two teleporting archviles, that you can't break a line of sight from unless you decide to just run away into near pit and try to snipe from down there. So yes, it's very hard, which in PC gaming with saving means abusing quicksaves every few seconds, not the most pleasent grinding.

Multiplayer doesn't seem to be supported by Steam version. You should use Zandronum source port for that. Eh, you will figure it out by yourself.

I actually wanted to not recommend this game at first, since it's kinda more of same Doom 2 but harder, didn't see appeal of playing 60 more freaking levels that hate you. But that was before I properly played it in single-player.
After beating it, I can say that Doom 2 gameplay is still fun, even if using Super Shotgun on everything and having Chaingunner in every room gets repetive. So yes, Doom nuts should get this one.
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Wow! Such a game may not be as appealing to most gamers these days, but i would highly recomend to try it! Rember though i suggest useing mods such as Brutal Doom which enhance the game expecence without ruining the classic game feel! This game as quickly made me a personal fan of the Doom series and cant wait for Doom 4!
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on on of the moons
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