Castle Story is a creative voxel-based strategy game in which you can build castles one brick at a time using an army of little characters called Bricktrons. Your goal will be to explore a vast landscape full of mysteries and dangers, and defend your castle against onslaughts of hostile creatures and possibly other players.
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Datum vydání: 23. zář. 2013

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“Please be sure to read THIS DISCLAIMER before you buy the game, it will give you an insight on what is or isn't actually working!

Do you want to be involved into the evolution of our project?
Are you the type of gamers that don't mind having to deal with a broken version of a game?
Then Castle Story's early access is for you! Join us today and start sending us your bugs report and feedbacks.”
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"3D Voxel Based Castle Building RTS. Control your Bricktrons to build castles to defend against the Corruptrons. Fun to play. Hard to master . 6/10"
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30. dubna

Release 0.4.1 Patch notes

Hi everyone,

We have a little update for you today! If you downloaded version 0.4 of Castle Story  you may have encountered problems when saving your game. Some players were unable to make a backup of their progress. This situation has now been resolved and you can now do it without encountering any difficulties.

Another small correction is also available with 0.4.1. You are now able to load your old save files and thus to continue your constructions and projects. The incompatibility between 0.3.7 version and the current version of the game is now solved (only for Sandbox mode).

We are also working to address the lag that you may  have noticed in 0.4. As you know, the optimization of Castle Story remains one of our top priorities. We know that most of the lag comes from lumber tasks, and some cases where there are no resources for construction tasks.

Again we appreciate your feedback, so feel free to talk to us, make suggestions and report bugs on our various platforms: Twitter, Facebook and our official forums on Steam.

  • Fixed the “clean-up now” feature that wasn’t working properly on modified voxels.
  • Fixed the doors in the Tutorial.
  • Fix: Bricktrons weren’t able to pick-up a Logs/Bricks on the ground with the Pie Menu.
  • Fixed a corner case where Bricktrons were trying to build stockpiles with orange/blue crystals.
  • Fixed a corner casewhere Bricktrons weren’t able to drop their resources on the ground when stockpiles were full.
  • A fix where Bricktrons don’t have any animation when a voxel breaks under their feet.
  • Fixed that you weren’t able to key bind the scrolling wheel on your mouse.
  • Fixed the issue where Bricktrons were breaking voxels of rocks/crystals with one hit while mining.
  • Fixed a corner case when you were assigning a Bricktron to a task that needed a second click.
  • Fixed a corner case in which you weren’t able to save your game.
  • Fixed the scroll bar in the New Game menu.
  • Fixed that you weren’t able to switch mode in tunnel with Ctrl+Right-Click.
  • Fixed that if you changed the settings of a barrel, they weren’t getting saved.
  • Fixed that sometimes names of Bricktrons were appearing in the corner of your screen.
  • Fixed that archers were screaming every second while shooting at Corruptrons.
  • Swapped the default face of the Bricktrons to the default one instead of the grumpy one.
  • Fixed that sometimes after loading a game you were losing Bricktrons.
  • Added a feature that you will be able to update your saves from version 0.3.7 to 0.4.1


- The Sauropod Team

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28. dubna

Update 0.4.0

Good evening folks,
Version 0.4 is now out in the wild, after lurking in the bleeding edge branch for a long time. This is a significant milestone in Castle Story’s development, building on the much-needed system updates in v0.3. The advantages that those core engine improvements have provided the dev team are huge, and this newfound agility ultimately shows in that we were able to accomplish much more this time than in previous releases.
We stated in the 0.3 release notes that the changes we’re going to be incremental. We’re happy to announce that we are done with the transition, and that Legacy systems will be phased out completely. The new and improved Bricktron 2.0 is now used by default in all game modes. Access to the old bricktron is disabled and older assets will be progressively phased out from now on. Ultimately, getting rid of all these old scripts and assets will further speed up the development as we will not need to support two versions of everything.
AI upgrades
By far the biggest change of all in this update is the complete transition to the new AI system. With version 0.3, we had started this incremental migration, but until we had reached feature parity, we had to confine the new Bricktron to a special and limited gameplay mode.
Now the new bricktron should behave much more responsively and reliably. Their thought process have been cleaned up and segmented in a way that enables us to pinpoint issues and fix them once and for all. Steps have even been taken to pave the way for network synchronization of behavior trees as well, making the upcoming task of adding multiplayer to the game much more streamlined.
In this update, you will see:
  • The new characters now support all tasks types. Cleanup, Mining, Tunnelling, Building and structure tasks.
  • Of the tasks that were supported previously, the AI now handles them more efficiently.
  • Thought bubbles: the thought process of the bricktron has been exposed allowing them to broadcast problems like missing resources or unreachable tasks.

  • Far-ranging knowledge network: the new bricktrons can now know the location of faraway objects, even in huge maps, with no performance hit.
Combat upgrade
The combat mechanics got a much needed enhancement. This is one of the newer projects in this release, and should get further attention in the 0.4.x releases. Combat event are now more accurately timed, with damage dealt in sync with the animation.
  • New enemy type: the big corruptron should spawn after wave 3 in survival mode. It has a lot of HP, very high damage output, but is very slow. It is recommended to stay far away from it and safely take it out from a distance with archers.

  • New attack type: standard corruptrons can now throw rocks to stun out-of-reach archers. This attack deals no damage, but should incapacitate your archers long enough to close the distance.
Graphics updates
Further updates to the new graphics introduced in version 0.3:
  • New facial expression shader: The bricktrons now have the potential for much more detailed facial expression. Events that trigger those expressions will be added progressively in further updates.

  • Finally transitioned the old door asset to a new and slightly different one. The new door is functionally different, so old saves will not be compatible, thus doors will be removed when upgrading a save game.

  • Many animation improvements to the current bricktron. All combat animations have been added, several climbing animations as well as a complete animation set for both corruptrons and the big corrupton.
  • a large variety of small visual improvements:
    • explosions now emit light.
    • rocks & crystals chunks on the ground now use the new visuals.
    • cracks on bricks should be higher fidelity and should appear on arch, stair and column blocks (they did not previously).

    • The archer’s bow, arrow & quiver have been re-done.
UI upgrade
Following the release of the new UI system in Unity 4.6, we immediately starter to consider the option of porting the UI to the new system. We were using NGUI, and ran into a large quantity of problems, most notably, not being able to use Unity’s prefab system and other visual issues.
The new system turned out to be quite good, and the port to the new system went quite smoothly. Here are the new features you might notice:
  • Main Menu upgrade: The main menu is 100% brand new and behaves much better. Text is displayed clearly, and adding new menus is now very easy.

  • In-game taskbar: The task groups have been put back in the game, and are ready to be upgraded with new features. You can use the taskbar to see in which group bricktrons are assigned, assign workers by clicking on the rectangle, and a few other functionalities.
  • Leaderboard: The survival mode menu on the top-left corner of the screen has received the LUA tratements and is now fully scriptable.
  • Overhead display: Though bubbles and container display is now using the new UI and will allow new user-friendly features to be added soon.
Gameplay upgrade
The following gameplay upgrades are being introduced:
  • Gamemodes have been ported to LUA, following our promise to open up the game to modders. For now, only certain events can be triggered, but since the dev team will be using LUA to scripts game events, it should become much more widespread in further 0.4.x releases.

  • A new survival map has been included that does not have the same issued as the original one, as well as more space to build on.
Also a ton of bugs have been squashed since the last patch.
Changes since v0.3
In case you haven’t kept up with the development of the game between version 0.3 and 0.4, here are the main features that were introduced during the 0.3.x schedule:
The introduction of a basic moddable key binding system scripted in LUA.
A new blueprint shader that is much cleaner visually.
The ability to drag blueprints in a line using ctrl-click
A new stone pillar block type.

Known Issues
Here are known issues in this release, most of which are being investigated at the moment:
ALT+TAB can corrupt your game in some rare instances (playing in windowed mode or not Alt-tabbing will not cause any issues)
Resource exchange between Bricktrons is not working properly in certain instances.
Very annoying sound issues with the archers when they are attacking and falling after being knocked out.

That is all folks! Thanks for reading this MASSIVE release notes document. We sincerely hope you enjoy this latest patch, and can’t wait to show you the other stuff we’re working on. Let us know what you think in the comment’s section!


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“Its promised blend of building and strategy looks great, the kind of thing to rekindle the very fondest of childhood memories...”

“... I’m having a nostalgia rush [...] Castle Story is the first new game that I shall be observing by means of a spyglass each morning throughout 2012.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Holy bags, Castle Story is looking amazing! I wish I had made it, haha. :D <3”

Informace o hře

Castle Story is a creative voxel-based strategy game in which you can build castles one brick at a time using an army of little characters called Bricktrons.

Your goal will be to explore a vast landscape full of mysteries and dangers, and defend your castle against onslaughts of hostile creatures and possibly other players.

The world of Castle Story takes place on flying islands, high above an infinite ocean. The islands are made of voxels, cubes made of various elements, which means you can dig, carve and build anything you can imagine in the landscape. Digging underground to gather resources, stacking bricks on top of each other to build a wall or even tunnelling through a mountain is all possible and even necessary to keep your Bricktrons safe.

Carefully designing your castle not only requires creativity and imagination, but thanks to pathfinding AI and physics simulations, Castle Story has layers of strategy and depth on top of an otherwise free-form sandbox experience.

Castle Story will be released for Windows & Mac (with possible Linux support once Unity4 is released).

Key Features

  • Build any structure you can imagine! Using 2x1 blocks, create structures that are not only good-looking, but also functional. Your Bricktrons need to be able to navigate your castle to build it and to keep the monsters out!
  • Physics! Watch a tower crumble to the ground realistically when its foundations can no longer support it. The entire world obeys to the laws of physics which means that you need to build cleverly so your castle can withstand attacks from projectiles and explosives.
  • Sandbox! Build a huge sprawling fortress, a single impenetrable bunker or a network of underground tunnels. The choice is yours. Castle Story rewards imagination and ingenuity.
  • Strategy! Command your Bricktrons as they build your castle brick by brick. Manage the way they work, what resources they gather, and the places they explore. Use your resources to build weapons and armor for your Bricktrons and all kinds of upgrades for your castle.
  • Combat! Using shields, swords, bows and lots more, your Bricktrons can defend themselves against the hostile creatures inhabiting the world of Castle Story. Lead your Bricktrons through tough fights, and use your wits to gain an advantage. You can even build catapults to rain destruction on your foes!
  • Magic! The world of Castle Story is permeated with all kinds of magic. Discover resources with magical auras and learn to mix them to create effects. Explore strange places and find mysterious artifacts left behind by unknown civilizations.
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