Castle Story is a creative voxel-based strategy game in which you can build castles one brick at a time using an army of little creatures called Bricktrons. Design and build your own castles, expand your territory in a vast landscape and defend your Bricktrons against onslaughts of hostile creatures.
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Data wydania: 23 września, 2013

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“Castle Story is a game in active development, meaning there are bugs and missing gameplay mechanics. Purchase Castle Story if you’re interested in seeing a game get made but only if you’re not afraid of bugs, missing features and wonky gameplay.
Castle Story is a very ambitious project created by a small, independent team and backed by a great kickstarter community! We’re constantly working on improving the game and introducing new gameplay mechanics.

We’d love to hear your opinion on our game! If you find bugs or have interesting ideas to share, please let us know on our forums at”

Ile mniej więcej czasu trwa faza Wczesnego dostępu?

“We don't have a specific release date at this point. We'd like to continue adding content to the game and release it once we feel the project is complete.”

Czym różni się zaplanowana pełna wersja od tej z Wczesnego Dostępu?

“The Early Access version of Castle Story is in active development - additions and changes will occur as we consider the input of our community and as the game's design evolves.”

Jaki jest obecny stan wersji z Wczesnego Dostępu?

“The current Early Access version of Castle Story is already a blast. There are several different maps and gamemodes to play, including multiplayer support on Windows, Mac and Linux. Additionally, we've recently introduced a brand new World Editor allowing the community to create their own maps, share them and play them in both single and multiplayer.”

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“The game may increase in price when it leaves Early Access.”

Jak zamierzacie włączyć społeczność w wasz proces tworzenia?

“We welcome all suggestions, bug reports and criticism on our forums at and on our various social media, including Steam, Youtube, Twitter, etc.”
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13 stycznia

0.8.1a - Hotfix

Good evening you beautiful people!

The feedback for 0.8 has been exceptional and we’re pretty hyped that you guys have been enjoying it so much :D

Thank you to everyone that’s taken the time to report bugs and issues – we’re working on resolving these and we’ve got a hotfix for some of them today.

As always, please don’t hesitate to report bugs and issues you find with the game on the forums or via our support center.

- Fixed the save updater breaking 0.7 saves – they will now work, but are converted to sandbox. There have been lots of changes and additions to 0.8, it’s impossible to make 0.7 saves fully compatible with 0.8. Now you have an excuse to build a new, fresh castle. It’s like spring cleaning in January.

- Fixed an issue where the clients always had to download the map when joining a multiplayer lobby, even if it was an official map that all players owned.

- Clients no longer need to download UGC / Workshop maps if they already have the map! Woop! Go nuts on these workshop maps, folks!

- Fixed an issue where the Bricktrons would get stuck in a strange, mutant-like position after a fight. It was funny, but a little too creepy to keep around.

- Fixed an issue where there would be way, way, waaaaaay too many blue wisps buzzing around your home crystal.

- Fixed an issue where you couldn’t make Bricktrons “look at” while they were in defend position.

- Fixed an issue where the scoreboard displayed the wrong numbers for energy in Conquest Multiplayer.

- Fixed an issue where the World Editor’s checkboxes in the gamemodes tab didn’t update properly as your map met the requirements.

Thank you for your patience, guys. We’re working on getting fixes out for the other issues you’ve reported!

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23 grudnia, 2016

Update : 0.8.1 Hotfix

We released 0.8 last night and of course, the hivemind found a few bugs that slipped under the net. Thank you for that!

Here's a first patch! There are some more we'll be working on - if you find any more bugs, please report them on our forums!

* Fixed an issue where pathfinding was causing lag in the World Editor.
* Fixed an issue where the scoreboard (ui) in Conquest was showing the wrong amount of available energy.
* Fixed an issue where a bricktron would stop working if there was resource in the blueprint it was working on.
* Fixed an issue where the timer on the client side in multiplayer wouldn’t show the right time.
* Fixed an issue where to save and load a map would break Lights out.
* Attempted to fix an issue with older saves not working properly.
* Fixed an issue where the harvest project toggles would all be on after a save and load.
* Fixed an issue where the chat wouldn’t show a player leave sometimes.
* Fixed an issue where the fog wouldn’t properly track the equipment of a bricktron making them pop in and out.
* Fixed an issue where the client would not be re-downloading a map if its version is outdated.
* Fixed an issue where extending a quarry sideways did not extend the volume upwards properly.
* Attempted a fix where players would see no maps when clicking new game.

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“Its promised blend of building and strategy looks great, the kind of thing to rekindle the very fondest of childhood memories...”

“... I’m having a nostalgia rush [...] Castle Story is the first new game that I shall be observing by means of a spyglass each morning throughout 2012.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Holy bags, Castle Story is looking amazing! I wish I had made it, haha. :D <3”

O tej grze

An epic adventure awaits you in Castle Story, a strategy game where you command friendly creatures called Bricktrons. Have them explore, carve, dig and gather resources from vast, spectacular floating islands, reshaping the voxel-based world to your desire!

Design and build any structure you can imagine! From mighty and legendary castles to sprawling Bricktron villages. Beware, your Bricktrons will have to take arms and defend themselves against mysterious creatures, the Corruptrons. Build catapults and hurl explosive barrels at the invaders, or lure them into strategically placed traps! The physics system will also challenge the sturdiness of your architecture! A tower whose foundation is destroyed will crumble to the ground realistically.

Castle Story is also a multiplayer experience! Challenge your friends to a round of Conquest or join forces with them to repel the enemies in the Co-Op Invasion gamemode. Of course, you can also group up in sandbox and build together!

The maps in Castle Story are meticulously hand-crafted by the developers and we’re giving you access to the same tool we use! Create your own worlds with our awesome World Editor, share them with the community and try out other player-made maps!
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