Experience the world of Ancaria in its full glory with Sacred 2: Gold Edition. Containing Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and the awesome add-on Ice and Blood. Defeat countless dangerous enemies; capture powerful weapons and valuable treasures. Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle and become a legend.
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Release Date: Dec 21, 2012

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About This Game

Experience the world of Ancaria in its full glory with Sacred 2: Gold Edition. Containing Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and the awesome add-on Ice and Blood. Defeat countless dangerous enemies; capture powerful weapons and valuable treasures. Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle and become a legend.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Poised on the brink of destruction and threatened by overwhelming chaos, a mysterious energy source is spreading across the world of Ancaria. Leaving mutation and terror in its wake, this living energy has become the razors edge on which all else is balanced. The powers of Light and Shadow are destined to collide in an ill fated battle that could tear apart the fabric of life itself.

Sacred 2 Ice & Blood

Expanding the world of Ancaria, Ice & Blood features two new regions, a new playable character and tons of new items, enemy’s, weapons and missions.

Key Features

  • An immense, seamless fantasy world with gorgeous and detailed dungeons
  • The light and shadow campaign allows you do be a hero or a destroyer
  • Configure and develop one of seven characters
  • Collect thousands of weapons and pieces of armour
  • Call your carrier imp whenever you want and let him carry your treasures
  • Charge into battle on your mount
  • More than 500 Quests are waiting for you

System Requirements

    • OS:Microsoft® Windows XP (32 / 64 Bit) with Service Pack 3 / Vista (32 / 64 Bit) with Service Pack 1
    • Processor:2,4 GHz Processor
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Graphics card 256 MB RAM, DirectX® 9.0c compatible, with Pixel Shader 2.0 support (from nVidia® GeForce™ 6800 or ATI® Radeon® X800)
    • Hard Drive:20 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
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    Recently Posted
    13.8 hrs
    Posted: September 17
    good game.
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    0.8 hrs
    Posted: September 11
    Sadly it doesn't come close to the charme of the original game.
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    3.8 hrs
    Posted: September 7
    wont run
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    0.3 hrs
    Posted: September 6
    If you want a singleplayer games this is great.

    ...but the multplayer doesn't work for ♥♥♥♥...
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    8.9 hrs
    Posted: September 2
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    Stein Gaming
    39.9 hrs
    Posted: August 19
    One of the best rpgs I've played in a long time, I was astonished when I picked up my first copy on xbox360, and I'm happy to say I still think it's as awesome as I remember it to be!
    The graphics (on pc ofc) are actually quite good and even holds up against some rpg's to this day and the gameplay is incredebly addictive. And don't get started on the quests, over 600 side quests!! (most of which are what you'd expect though, boring kill this and that quests or gathering quests.) I played this a lot back when it first came out to the xbox360, but it's soo much better on pc. (actual keybindings etc..) Worth the money!
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    31.5 hrs
    Posted: August 9
    Quick note for those trying to get started: Install the included legacy PhysX driver and the game will work fine. Install the Community Patch and the game will work better.

    I played the hell out of this game on 360 and saw no reason not to get it for PC when I made the switch. What Ascaron did with Sacred 2 was marry two of my favorite concepts: a sprawling sandbox world and tongue-in-cheek hack and slash gameplay.

    What's not to love? The world is massive enough to require a mount. You get a sweet mount. The combat is fun. The loot system is fun. It's not a "gritty" "serious" game -I think there are quite a few games that can satisfy those who prefer such tone.

    Get it. Install the Physx driver. Install the community patch. Play the hell out of it. This game is still a blast.

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    1.4 hrs
    Posted: August 8
    Trying to play but I cannot get the game to actually come to the screen. It just keeps running in the background, regardless of anything I do to fix this. Uninstalling.
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    Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
    9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
    9.0 hrs on record
    Posted: September 9
    Amazed at all these negative reviews. On my relatively modern system (intel i5 GTX 960) this game looks and plays fabulously. Playing the game from an isometric perspective (diablo style; you can also play the game 3rd person I believe) that you can rotate; this game gives you a HUGE map filled with quests, buildings, and dungeons to explore; randomised loot, mounts (with randomised stats for your mount lol); and lots of different characters to choose from with huge customisation possibilities.

    This is a quality and complex game with bucket-loads of individual character. Choose a simpler character like the 'Shadow Warrior' class for your first play-through.

    Do yourself a favour; don't write Sacred 2 off. Get the community patch and give this game a go.
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    4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
    25.7 hrs on record
    Posted: September 9
    Great game!
    A game I keep hankering for and coming back to at regular intervals over the years
    Excellent skill and progression systems
    Loads of stats and abilities and modifiers etc to fiddle around with
    Tons of colorful loot to win and try out
    Massive game world and hundreds of quests to keep you focused and busy
    Of all the ARPGs I have played this is among my perennial favorites

    Couple of pointers
    Disable Physx
    Get the Community Patch at Dark Matters forums
    There are camera fix guides at Dark Matters too - if you dont like the default camera
    There are also lots of guides to different builds
    and discussions about builds and skills etc
    Bookmark the excellent Sacred Wiki - lots of detailed information
    When playing have a couple of support characters with your main
    A dedicated shopper and a dedicated blacksmith can help a lot
    You can swap items between these characters by using the stash chest
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    Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
    225 of 250 people (90%) found this review helpful
    28.2 hrs on record
    Posted: February 18, 2014
    Personal opinion: Get this game instead of Sacred 3 if you're looking for an Action RPG!

    My first impression playing this game back in 2010 was pretty special. I started a Dryad (hey, they looked hot and I love Druids) and watched the fairly epic cinematic, after which I was placed on a beach with a kind of a mentor beside me. I guess the gods didn't smile upon him on that day though, because somehow I ended up having to tutor myself. First thing I noticed when gaining control was the graphics. One word. Wow. They are incredible, and the attention to detail is pretty much un-parallelled. Leaves being side swept, a little bird making his nest - hundreds of small things that leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Even now in 2014, it still looks great.

    I still have that Dryad - but I specced her so badly that she is broken beyond repair. I highly recommend using the Sacred 2 Wiki for help with builds. There is no respec option, and if you find yourself wanting to play it all the way to Niob, your spec pretty much needs to be perfect.

    The sound is good as well, although the voice acting is bad. Not terribad but bad enough that you treasure the fact that only the main quests have voiced dialogue.

    Moving on; most of the classes in the game are innovative and fresh. Whoever saw an ancient Egyptian-inspired Anubis-like robot thingie before as a class? Packing an alien blaster along with his hammer no less. Very fresh, very fun. You diversify a bit by choosing a god and one of two campaigns (good or evil), which adds a good deal of replayability. Rather annoyed by the fact that you can't select gender for the classes though. Some years ago I never touched any female class, for some reason. Thankfully I outgrew it, or I would have missed out on half of this game.

    The story is fairly weak, but the focus doesn't really lie there either, as it gives you hundreds of side quests left and right. In fact there are so many, I find myself skipping half of them. Many of them are kind of like MMO quests in a sense. Very generic; a silly story behind it and mediocre rewards. But it works, somehow. In one early side quest though, you are pitted against the game's first boss. This was a pleasant surprise - as once you engage a boss monster, the camera centers on the boss and the game spits out some cool music. He took a serious pounding too, so it was a good moment.

    The map is gigantic; as far as I know it has the biggest world in an action RPG, ever. I have still not explored everything after well over 100 hours of play (played it on a disc version most of the time), and there are several optional bosses where you can see how good (or bad) your build is. Bosses can be incredibly punishing, but they are also a lot of fun. Keep your thumb on the spacebar.

    The difficulty level when playing Bronze is extremely easy the first 2-3 hours. I considered re-starting several times and selecting Silver instead. But it's gotten more challenging. This really depends on the class and spec you want to play. I have one character in Platinum; a Seraphim, and I still find the class a lot of fun. I have chosen to spec her both with Sword / Shield and Ranged (for BeeEffGee). This'll likely hurt me quite a bit if I reach Niob, but for now it works well. I like being able to change things up now and then.

    Multiplayer is dead, unfortunately. Seems Ascaron went and got themselves bankrupt, and was forced to shut down their US servers. EU servers still worked when I started playing it back in 2010, but I believe they are shut down as well.

    All in all though, great game. Sort of a diamond in the rough but if you can see past some bugs, crashes and general hiccups, you may find yourself in love with this game, like me. I've played it for about 120 hours; I am on my third version of the game now, and after experiencing just one in-game crash in 14 hours of playing, I can finally, after many years, recommend this game. On the previous versions it probably crashed between 2-300 times in 100 hours of playing.

    Since I wrote the review the game has crashed 7 times in 28 hours of play. Still not too bad, considering I've had PhysX enabled all that time.
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    140 of 146 people (96%) found this review helpful
    22.5 hrs on record
    Posted: December 12, 2013
    Sacred 2 is a Diablo-style action RPG set in a truly massive world. Its largest selling point is probably just that – this game is almost excessively huge. Sacred 2 features an incredible world packed with nearly 600 quests and a sprawling map that you’ll be unlikely to have seen even a quarter of in 20 hours. Every building is able to be entered (many with multiple floors), every NPC speaks, and most containers have loot stashed away in them. As typical of the genre, Sacred 2 offers multiple difficulties to unlock for even more replayability.

    Looting is another huge draw – practically every enemy will drop loot, all with different stats and colorations. If one enemy doesn’t drop anything, you’ll soon have another 10 or more on screen anyway. Monsters, animals, and humanoids alike creep in every corner, waiting to swarm your character. To cope with this, you’re given a wide range of distinctly different player characters, each with an array of different armor, weaponry, special moves, and unique mounts (although all may buy horses as well).

    Combat is fast, though oftentimes mindless, fun. No matter the character, you’re always open to many ways to play, from magic, to ranged, to multiple forms of melee (sword & shield, dual wielding, axes, clubs, etc.). Your mount, whether unique to your class or a horse, also opens up another combat style with its own unique stats and, for some, attacks. Enemies range from normal humans to mythical beasts such as harpies and werewolves, each with variations in stats, attacks, and appearances, guaranteeing you’ll have plenty of new monsters to slay your entire journey.

    Sacred 2’s saving grace to the argument of it being “just another clone” is that it’s already fully aware of being a clone filled with various clichés. The game doesn’t take itself seriously; one moment you have men in bunny suits attacking you, another moment you’re fending off mutated sheep who’ve decided you should be food instead. Sacred 2 plays on its light-hearted silliness with quests such as those, jokes galore (cemeteries house plenty in particular), and fourth wall breaking moments – for instance, the Seraphim is fully aware she can’t proceed without the player and will make her grievances known quite vocally if you leave her standing alone for a short while. This both saves it from coming across as a simple clone and gives it plenty of character of its own.

    It has its flaws, like all games. The biggest irritant might possibly be its camera, which attempts to be both isometric and standard 3rd person at the same time, often leading to it spiraling around awkwardly. Another point to make is not necessarily a flaw, but could be a massive turn off for some: the bright colors, voice acting, and purposeful ridiculousness of Sacred 2 could easily put off someone looking for a serious RPG, or possibly come across as poor quality before it becomes more apparent the game is using its clichés as a joke.

    Overall, I’d happily recommend it to fans of Diablo style games, particularly those who love to explore, as you’ll have a lot to see, and hours and hours of combat-filled gameplay. Sacred 2 is truly an overlooked gem.
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    145 of 164 people (88%) found this review helpful
    216.8 hrs on record
    Posted: May 6, 2014
    This is my favorite action role playing game! A huge map to explore with various landscapes and many hidden places. There are 7 different classes with different ways to skill. But the most addictive part for me is the hunt for massive loot... set armors, unique weapons and random roled rare items.
    But its highly recommended to install the latest Community Patch. It brings more content and is fixing some of never solved bugs by the bankrupt vendor.
    Negative points are tricky camera handling and the very instable source code. Its often crashes because of memory leak.
    Multiplayer is only possible with LAN mode. If you want to play online use VPN tools like Tunngle.

    If you like ARPG's like Diablo combined with a large open world so go for it!

    8.5 of 10 points!
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    99 of 108 people (92%) found this review helpful
    12.3 hrs on record
    Posted: October 29, 2014
    There is endless stuff to do, quests everywhere, loot everywhere, levels up and powers and BLIND GUARDIAN god I love this game.

    If it won't run you may need to set compatibility settings.

    So go to
    \Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred 2 Gold\system
    Then right click Sacred2.exe and click compatibility.
    Select Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility settings
    Check "Run this program as an administrator"
    Apply then restart your computer. Easy Peasy.
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    223 of 298 people (75%) found this review helpful
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    0.5 hrs on record
    Posted: May 24, 2015
    I now own every Blind Guardian album.
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    65 of 71 people (92%) found this review helpful
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    123.9 hrs on record
    Posted: October 18, 2014
    Longevity. An incredibly huge map, which would take one hours to come close to uncovering, aswell as being a free roaming game(Thus, you won't be confined to a specific route).
    An excellent variation & customisation in armour and weapons.
    More than 200 levels for each character to grind, along with skills and attributes that make each and every character Unique.
    The difficulty level can be raised to such a standard, if one dies, it means you DIE and will not be able to play the character any more.
    Very unofrgiving, Which makes surviving so incredibly sweet.

    Overall, 9/10.

    There's only one thing I don't like about this, Not being able to see more. A limited viewing range. Somewhat of a half arsed camera. Though, That's just me.

    Anyone else should give this a 10/10.
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    91 of 112 people (81%) found this review helpful
    90 people found this review funny
    16.7 hrs on record
    Posted: August 3, 2015
    Does anybody have the phone number to the guy that programmed the camera?

    I want to call him out personally.

    [Edit:] Damnit, this game is actually fantastic. The camera is still terrible though.
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    57 of 66 people (86%) found this review helpful
    40.8 hrs on record
    Posted: July 2, 2014
    Sacred 2 gold is an amazing game. If you purchase t his game, you should make sure that you search for, and download the community patch. You can also download a community addon patch, and there are some other mods out there. I'd also highly recommend taking a look at the sacred 2 characters, their skills, and possibly some guides on how to build them. You can play through with any character in this game, but if you build them wrong, you will pay for it at higher difficulty levels.

    This is a very good action RPG/Hack N Slash. It is a huge, beautiful, open ended world. The graphics are incredible if you turn the settings to maximum. The world is a living breathing world, like other reviewers have said, there are lots of small things like birds building nests, people talking to each other in towns, etc in the game that make it feel alive. If you have a Nvidia card with physx (however it is spelled), leaves will blow around and react to your spells. This happens in all environments like in dungeons.

    Ignore the warning about not being optimized for WIndows 7 PCs. IF you google Sacred 2 crashing windows PC, you'll get a guide on how to create a shortcut that has a few command line options enabled, while also changing the shortcut to run the game in windows xp SP3 compatibility mode. If you do that you should be fine. The game also frequently auto saves when you teleport or change areas, so in the even of a crash, just load the game back up and you'll be right where you left off.
    If you have played this game on a console and are wondering if its worth purchasing on the PC, the answer is yes. The expansion pack is included in this PC version, and with the community patch you can unlock Christmas island. You also get a carrier imp included with the gold package which helps store extra inventory.

    If you download Tunngle beta (Free) you can play this with your friends CO-Op.

    Endless loot, endless enemies, endless hack n slash action RPG adventure goodness. What are you waiting for!
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