Experience the world of Ancaria in its full glory with Sacred 2: Gold Edition. Containing Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and the awesome add-on Ice and Blood. Defeat countless dangerous enemies; capture powerful weapons and valuable treasures. Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle and become a legend.
Çıkış Tarihi: 21 Aralık 2012
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Experience the world of Ancaria in its full glory with Sacred 2: Gold Edition. Containing Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and the awesome add-on Ice and Blood. Defeat countless dangerous enemies; capture powerful weapons and valuable treasures. Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle and become a legend.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Poised on the brink of destruction and threatened by overwhelming chaos, a mysterious energy source is spreading across the world of Ancaria. Leaving mutation and terror in its wake, this living energy has become the razors edge on which all else is balanced. The powers of Light and Shadow are destined to collide in an ill fated battle that could tear apart the fabric of life itself.

Sacred 2 Ice & Blood

Expanding the world of Ancaria, Ice & Blood features two new regions, a new playable character and tons of new items, enemy’s, weapons and missions.

Key Features

  • An immense, seamless fantasy world with gorgeous and detailed dungeons
  • The light and shadow campaign allows you do be a hero or a destroyer
  • Configure and develop one of seven characters
  • Collect thousands of weapons and pieces of armour
  • Call your carrier imp whenever you want and let him carry your treasures
  • Charge into battle on your mount
  • More than 500 Quests are waiting for you

Sistem Gereksinimleri


    • OS:Microsoft® Windows XP (32 / 64 Bit) with Service Pack 3 / Vista (32 / 64 Bit) with Service Pack 1
    • Processor:2,4 GHz Processor
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Graphics card 256 MB RAM, DirectX® 9.0c compatible, with Pixel Shader 2.0 support (from nVidia® GeForce™ 6800 or ATI® Radeon® X800)
    • Hard Drive:20 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card


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kayıtlı 22.3 saat
Sacred 2 is a Diablo-style action RPG set in a truly massive world. Its largest selling point is probably just that – this game is almost excessively huge. Sacred 2 features an incredible world packed with nearly 600 quests and a sprawling map that you’ll be unlikely to have seen even a quarter of in 20 hours. Every building is able to be entered (many with multiple floors), every NPC speaks, and most containers have loot stashed away in them. As typical of the genre, Sacred 2 offers multiple difficulties to unlock for even more replayability.

Looting is another huge draw – practically every enemy will drop loot, all with different stats and colorations. If one enemy doesn’t drop anything, you’ll soon have another 10 or more on screen anyway. Monsters, animals, and humanoids alike creep in every corner, waiting to swarm your character. To cope with this, you’re given a wide range of distinctly different player characters, each with an array of different armor, weaponry, special moves, and unique mounts (although all may buy horses as well).

Combat is fast, though oftentimes mindless, fun. No matter the character, you’re always open to many ways to play, from magic, to ranged, to multiple forms of melee (sword & shield, dual wielding, axes, clubs, etc.). Your mount, whether unique to your class or a horse, also opens up another combat style with its own unique stats and, for some, attacks. Enemies range from normal humans to mythical beasts such as harpies and werewolves, each with variations in stats, attacks, and appearances, guaranteeing you’ll have plenty of new monsters to slay your entire journey.

Sacred 2’s saving grace to the argument of it being “just another clone” is that it’s already fully aware of being a clone filled with various clichés. The game doesn’t take itself seriously; one moment you have men in bunny suits attacking you, another moment you’re fending off mutated sheep who’ve decided you should be food instead. Sacred 2 plays on its light-hearted silliness with quests such as those, jokes galore (cemeteries house plenty in particular), and fourth wall breaking moments – for instance, the Seraphim is fully aware she can’t proceed without the player and will make her grievances known quite vocally if you leave her standing alone for a short while. This both saves it from coming across as a simple clone and gives it plenty of character of its own.

It has its flaws, like all games. The biggest irritant might possibly be its camera, which attempts to be both isometric and standard 3rd person at the same time, often leading to it spiraling around awkwardly. Another point to make is not necessarily a flaw, but could be a massive turn off for some: the bright colors, voice acting, and purposeful ridiculousness of Sacred 2 could easily put off someone looking for a serious RPG, or possibly come across as poor quality before it becomes more apparent the game is using its clichés as a joke.

Overall, I’d happily recommend it to fans of Diablo style games, particularly those who love to explore, as you’ll have a lot to see, and hours and hours of combat-filled gameplay. Sacred 2 is truly an overlooked gem.
Yayınlanma: 12 Aralık 2013
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An excellent hardcore Diablo-type game.

Sacred 2 has a huge game world, 6 distinct characters, 500+ quests, a wide variety of monsters and tons and tons of loot. A hardcore and unforgiving skill tree lets you customise your character into some very powerful builds.
Yayınlanma: 25 Ekim 2013
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Holds the record for the longest and most content-packed ARPG in history. 100% playthrough on the highest difficulty is approx 300-400 hours. Awkward combat mechanics from an awkward game engine. Packed with little details and humour you could tell the devs put love into this game. Unstable without community patch, an old time favorite.
Yayınlanma: 8 Kasım 2013
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kayıtlı 15.5 saat
(still in progress but I'd end up completing it later, and fixing some errors)

It's now or never
We shall stand together
One by one
This world is sacred"

Welcome to Ancaria, a realm dying from the abuse of (insert energy), under threat from dark forces plotting over the land and graced by a Metal band touring the realms. Blind Guardian. This is pretty much Ascarons swansong after they've closed up. The game itself is quite known to be buggy, and doesn't work as well sometimes. So its one of those games that will be hated or loved. I haven't played it in months and years (PS3 version) so it'll be quite incomplete.

At the start of a new game you can select from five races. Each one as a different beginning. Some are dark, and some are good. The game itself can be quite difficult to get through, you'd easily die by a rat or a bandit...
So the graphix. the games world looks great, your in some elven terrority first. So you get to see rivers, lots of trees and perhaps a beach to relax in (get gutted by pirates). The general gameplay is pretty much click on a enemy, attack, press a quick to launch a power or spell and they'll all.. learnable after leveling up. Then you go and look for new armour to protect your skin and get some weapons to kill them damn rats!

"So for frig sake, is this game any good?!"
Yes, it depends if you can get into it and become a successful consumer of health potions, you'd be buying them a lot and obviously some of them are dropped by enemies and you can get different potions to like one were you can boost your XP, banish the undead and increase stregth and all that stuff.
Yayınlanma: 17 Aralık 2013
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kayıtlı 5.2 saat
The graphics are really good and the PhysX are amazing. There are hundreds of quests and thousands of items too. But on anything lower than medium the grass will be REALLY bright and hurt your eyes, The camera angle is also bad so you have to adjust it, But even adjusted the camera angle is still kinda bad because this game feels more like a 3rd person RPG, Not the top down RPG that it is. The guards also dont seem to care if enemies just roam around towns, Meaning that the enemies dont hurt anyone but you.

There also is no human class so your stuck with flashy females or some brutish zombie guy or an old creepy guy or even the robotic temple guardian.

Its also optimized like total ♥♥♥♥ so you need a decent graphics card to run it or else your stuck with the settings below medium, Meaning ultra bright grass.

Other than that its a really great game.
Yayınlanma: 31 Ocak 2014
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