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Experience the world of Ancaria in its full glory with Sacred 2: Gold Edition. Containing Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and the awesome add-on Ice and Blood. Defeat countless dangerous enemies; capture powerful weapons and valuable treasures. Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle and become a legend.
Date de parution: 21 déc 2012
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À propos du jeu

Experience the world of Ancaria in its full glory with Sacred 2: Gold Edition. Containing Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and the awesome add-on Ice and Blood. Defeat countless dangerous enemies; capture powerful weapons and valuable treasures. Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle and become a legend.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Poised on the brink of destruction and threatened by overwhelming chaos, a mysterious energy source is spreading across the world of Ancaria. Leaving mutation and terror in its wake, this living energy has become the razors edge on which all else is balanced. The powers of Light and Shadow are destined to collide in an ill fated battle that could tear apart the fabric of life itself.

Sacred 2 Ice & Blood

Expanding the world of Ancaria, Ice & Blood features two new regions, a new playable character and tons of new items, enemy’s, weapons and missions.

Key Features

  • An immense, seamless fantasy world with gorgeous and detailed dungeons
  • The light and shadow campaign allows you do be a hero or a destroyer
  • Configure and develop one of seven characters
  • Collect thousands of weapons and pieces of armour
  • Call your carrier imp whenever you want and let him carry your treasures
  • Charge into battle on your mount
  • More than 500 Quests are waiting for you

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Microsoft® Windows XP (32 / 64 Bit) avec Service Pack 3 / Vista (32 / 64 Bit) avec Service Pack 1
    • Processeur : 2.4 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Affichage : Carte vidéo comportant 256 Mo de mémoire vidéo, compatible DirectX® 9.0c et support Pixel Shader 2.0 (nVidia® GeForce™ 6800 ou ATI® Radeon® X800)
    • Disque dur : 20 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX
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    S'il n'y avait qu'un seul mot pour décrire Sacred 2, ce serait monstrueux.
    La quête principale est tout simplement énorme et il faut un sacré temps pour en venir à bout, même en rushant le jeu, et avec la possibilité de choisir de quel côté on se trouve, la rejouabilité est au rendez-vous.
    Le nombre de quêtes annexes quand à lui est tout simplement divin et l'humour est omniprésent dans le jeu rendant ce dernier encore plus agréable à parcourir.
    Malheureusement tout n'est pas rose, quelques souci de patchgrind et la difficulté à percevoir parfaitement les zones du décor, sans oublier une p***** de caméra qui se place toujours au mauvais endroit, par chance il est possible de rendre le souci moins genant.
    Il est rudemment conseillé d'utiliser le patch non officiel afin de profiter des dernières corrections et de contenu supplémentaires. (CM-Patch)
    Posté le : 2 juin 2014
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    My first impression playing this game back in 2010 was pretty special. I started a Dryad (hey, they looked hot and I love Druids) and watched the fairly epic cinematic, after which I was placed on a beach with a kind of a mentor beside me. I guess the gods didn't smile upon him on that day though, because somehow I ended up having to tutor myself. First thing I noticed when gaining control was the graphics. One word. Wow. They are incredible, and the attention to detail is pretty much un-parallelled. Leaves being side swept, a little bird making his nest - hundreds of small things that leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Even now in 2014, it still looks great.

    I still have that Dryad - but I specced her so badly that she is broken beyond repair. I highly recommend using the Sacred 2 Wiki for help with builds. There is no respec option, and if you find yourself wanting to play it all the way to Niob, your spec pretty much needs to be perfect.

    The sound is good as well, although the voice acting is bad. Not terribad but bad enough that you treasure the fact that only the main quests have voiced dialogue.

    Moving on; most of the classes in the game are innovative and fresh. Whoever saw an ancient Egyptian-inspired Anubis-like robot thingie before as a class? Packing an alien blaster along with his hammer no less. Very fresh, very fun. You diversify a bit by choosing a god and one of two campaigns (good or evil), which adds a good deal of replayability. Rather annoyed by the fact that you can't select gender for the classes though. Some years ago I never touched any female class, for some reason. Thankfully I outgrew it, or I would have missed out on half of this game.

    The story is fairly weak, but the focus doesn't really lie there either, as it gives you hundreds of side quests left and right. In fact there are so many, I find myself skipping half of them. Many of them are kind of like MMO quests in a sense. Very generic; a silly story behind it and mediocre rewards. But it works, somehow. In one early side quest though, you are pitted against the game's first boss. This was a pleasant surprise - as once you engage a boss monster, the camera centers on the boss and the game spits out some cool music. He took a serious pounding too, so it was a good moment.

    The map is gigantic; as far as I know it has the biggest world in an action RPG, ever. I have still not explored everything after well over 100 hours of play (played it on a disc version most of the time), and there are several optional bosses where you can see how good (or bad) your build is. Bosses can be incredibly punishing, but they are also a lot of fun. Keep your thumb on the spacebar.

    The difficulty level when playing Bronze is extremely easy the first 2-3 hours. I considered re-starting several times and selecting Silver instead. But it's gotten more challenging. This really depends on the class and spec you want to play. I have one character in Platinum; a Seraphim, and I still find the class a lot of fun. I have chosen to spec her both with Sword / Shield and Ranged (for BeeEffGee). This'll likely hurt me quite a bit if I reach Niob, but for now it works well. I like being able to change things up now and then.

    Multiplayer is dead, unfortunately. Seems Ascaron went and got themselves bankrupt, and was forced to shut down their US servers. EU servers still worked when I started playing it back in 2010, but I believe they are shut down as well.

    All in all though, great game. Sort of a diamond in the rough but if you can see past some bugs, crashes and general hiccups, you may find yourself in love with this game, like me. I've played it for about 120 hours; I am on my third version of the game now, and after experiencing just one in-game crash in 14 hours of playing, I can finally, after many years, recommend this game. On the previous versions it probably crashed between 2-300 times in 100 hours of playing.

    Since I wrote the review the game has crashed 7 times in 28 hours of play. Still not too bad, considering I've had PhysX enabled all that time.
    Posté le : 18 février 2014
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    This is my favorite action role playing game! A huge map to explore with various landscapes and many hidden places. There are 7 different classes with different ways to skill. But the most addictive part for me is the hunt for massive loot... set armors, unique weapons and random roled rare items.
    But its highly recommended to install the latest Community Patch. It brings more content and is fixing some of never solved bugs by the bankrupt vendor.
    Negative points are tricky camera handling and the very instable source code. Its often crashes because of memory leak.
    Multiplayer is only possible with LAN mode. If you want to play online use VPN tools like Tunngle.

    If you like ARPG's like Diablo combined with a large open world so go for it!

    8.5 of 10 points!
    Posté le : 6 mai 2014
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    The graphics are really good and the PhysX are amazing. There are hundreds of quests and thousands of items too. But on anything lower than medium the grass will be REALLY bright and hurt your eyes, The camera angle is also bad so you have to adjust it, But even adjusted the camera angle is still kinda bad because this game feels more like a 3rd person RPG, Not the top down RPG that it is. The guards also dont seem to care if enemies just roam around towns, Meaning that the enemies dont hurt anyone but you.

    There also is no human class so your stuck with flashy females or some brutish zombie guy or an old creepy guy or even the robotic temple guardian.

    Its also optimized like total ♥♥♥♥ so you need a decent graphics card to run it or else your stuck with the settings below medium, Meaning ultra bright grass.

    Other than that its a really great game.
    Posté le : 31 janvier 2014
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    I must say this is awesome RPG..

    +Large open world
    +Interesting story
    +Lots of quests
    +Many different variations enemies
    +Large scale of different weapons
    +Nice combat mechanics
    +You can buy horse and ride it
    +Graphics are nice too

    - There is some bugs in basic game.. (I recommend download Community Patch)

    Community patch also add some extra content (weapons, quests etc..)
    Posté le : 3 juillet 2014
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