The ultimate block building game.
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Julkaisupäivä: 4. heinä, 2014

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Early Access -peli

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Kehittäjien kertomaa:

Miksi Early Access?

“I believe that the best game will be created together with the people who are playing the game. I also believe that the time is right. Over the past year the development have shifted more and more from engine and graphics programming to gameplay mechanics and content. Now is a fun time for you to play the game and take part in the development.”

Miten kauan Early Access -vaihe suunnilleen kestää?

“A year is a good guess. After that development will go on as usual and I will continue to do regular updates and DLCs.”

Miten täysi versio eroaa Early Access -versiosta?

“There are many ways to play but the main game is the "start with nothing and build an empire". This is already possible in the Early access version. The full version will add challenge in the form of hostile mobs that will try to stop you. It will also add more content like better/more building tools, block types, materials, biomes, mobs and items.”

Millainen on Early Access -version nykyinen tila?

“In its current state the game offers countless of hours of fun and has infinite replay value. You can play the game or build whatever you want in the "Just Build" mode. The game is very stable. Current savegames will be compatible with future versions.”

Hinnoitellaanko peli toisin Early Accessin aikana ja sen jälkeen?

“The full game will be priced a bit higher then the Early Access version.”

Miten yhteisö otetaan mukaan kehitysprosessiin?

“The development process has been very open for years. I release new updates at a steady rate. I often ask questions to the community and take part in discussions and the feedback I get is of high value for me.”
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Osta Blockscape


Uusimmat päivitykset Katso kaikki: (22)

24. maaliskuu

Build 1039556 released


BIG update!

- Hostile mobs: Enigma, Mother bug, Wasp and Snake. Only attacks in Survival mode. Only spawns in the Blockscape world for now.
- Reworked health system for mobs. Different weapons now do different damage. Mouse over mobs will show health.
- Better transitions between biomes/materials. Added many transition tiles to handle cases where different biome/materials meet on the same level.
- Reworked building parts in the Blockscape world. More detail up close and smoother looking from a distance.
- Removed lots of errors in the Blockscape world generation (bad stream layouts, bad slopes, bad tree growth positions and so on...)

Full list of new features and fixes in no order:

[x] New monster: Bug queen (or Mother bug)
[x] Fix path finding and movement for ground mobs
[x] Bug queen should spawn a flying bug when player is close
[x] Limit number of active flying bugs spawned by the queen
[x] Flying bugs are leaning to the right (flying bug coordinate system is wrong!)
[x] Allow movement to random points within cells
[x] Bug queen should not target player!
[x] Remove monsters that have invalid pos and invalid targets!
[x] Flying bugs should deaccelerate to a point above the queen and then accelerate towards the player
[x] Add "lips" to bug queen
[x] Add high priority targets (less deviation from path) to monster movement
[x] Add support for initial inpulse vector to monster movement
[x] Bug queen teeth are too big!
[x] Mother bug is floating half a block above ground
[x] New monster: Snake.
[x] Snake should be able to "walk" on any surface (vertical, upside down)
[x] Monsters should move through plants. Not over.
[x] Snake should only attack player in sruvival mode
[x] Changed several building parts to make distant mountains a bit more "smooth".
[x] Flying bugs should only target player in survival mode
[x] c2 base building part was missing in some cases
[x] Updated most of the rock4 parts with a more rounded look
[x] Updated most of the rock5 parts with a more rounded look
[x] Updated most of the rock6 parts with a more rounded look
[x] c and c2 rock4 rock parts now work as a unit
[x] add cfb parts for rock5
[x] Fix colission between caves and streams
[x] rock5 c parts should be used when there is no c2 rock part behind
[x] Fixed some cases where the mesh extraction created holes in the world for higher lods.
[x] Fix particle positions when destroying mobs
[x] Flying bugs should sting player when close
[x] Snake should hit player when close
[x] Mouse over mobs should show their health
[x] Fix monster health points
[x] Bug queen player close warning sound
[x] Snake head mesh
[x] Snake body part mesh
[x] Flying bug attack sound
[x] Monster should loose speed when hit
[x] Monsters should move faster when attacking
[x] Monsters should recover speed after hit (set max speed on def)
[x] Snake gets stuck going from attack to normal path finding
[x] Bug queen lips color should be brighter variant of its body color
[x] Snake floats half a block over the surface when in attack mode
[x] Snake pattern and "belly" should be brighter variant of body_color
[x] Monster impulse should fade every frame
[x] Snake should try not to intersect itself (use monster collision logic?)
[x] Handle monster collisions (read current world state into movement buffer)
[x] Add Snake spawn positions building part (use fish spawn? yes)
[x] Make fish spawn logic generic
[x] Snake spawning
[x] Mother bug spawning
[x] Player hurt sound when hit by monster
[x] Snake tail mesh
[x] Seasons should be part of the biome type! done! puh...
[x] Mob colors should be based on the biome where it was spawned
[x] Path finding is too slow in some cases. Use caching of world data to speed things up!
[x] Keep track of highest detailed blocks when loading block cache
[x] Add sting to flying bugs
[x] Valid mob colors are missing for Tropic and Sea biomes
[x] Solve random path finding in several move iterations for bigger mobs. Done! puh!
[x] Interpolate body parts targets for smoother movement
[x] New monster: Enigma (large snake/dragon like sea creature)
[x] Enigma body mesh
[x] New console command: gametype
[x] Enigma should attack player when close
[x] Use compressed block cache for bigger mobs? No. Didn't work very well.
[x] Enigma head mesh
[x] Separate target recording from body part positioning
[x] If advanced target path finding fails it should use the best possible target based on angle before picking a completely random target
[x] Mother bug should not go or spawn under water
[x] Snakes gets stuck at random?
[x] Enigma tail mesh
[x] Must add dist check to mob target valid check
[x] Add several transition building parts
[x] Tile transition logic to handle cases where different materials meet on the same level
[x] Mobs should try to find a new target as soon as they are spawned (just set target = starting pos).
[x] Water mobs disapear when far away (but not because of limit)
[x] Removed lots of "bad" streams
[x] Fixed some cases where slope generation messed up part selection because of chunk border issues
[x] up vector is wrong for mobs moving on edges?

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5. helmikuu

Unstable build is now the default build


Yes, Unstable and default branches now point to the same build. So if you haven't opted in already you will now get the latest changes automatically.

If you for some reason like the old builds from 2014 better you can now opt in for the branch called "2014".

Have fun!

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Ilmoita bugeista ja anna tälle pelille palautetta keskustelupalstalla

Tietoja pelistä

!!! This game is in Early Access which means it is not finished. It really is the best block building game but please understand that there will be missing features and bugs. No updates means I'm working very hard. This is the project of my life, I will never abandon it. !!!

Start with nothing and build an empire. Blockscape is the ultimate block building game.

You are sent to this world to start a new civilization. Explore, gather materials, craft and build.
Build beds and people will move in. Give them food and they will do work for you.

Main features:
  • Fully procedurally generated worlds. Every game looks and plays different.
  • Play the game you want. Blockscape can be played like a survival game, rpg (not available yet), tower defence (not available yet) or like an empire building game. The type of gameplay is based on what you create or do in the game.
  • Crafting. Create furniture, tools, weapons, armor, materials and more.
  • NPCs. Create beds and people will move in to your buildings. Give them food and they will do work (crafting, planting, harvesting, construction).
  • Hundreds of block types and materials.
  • Everything is a block. Everything in your inventory can also be used as a building block. Even mobs.
  • Electricity. Add electric networks to your buildings to control lights and other components.
  • Water. Add water networks to supply generators and control water components.
  • "Just build" game mode. Gives you infinite resources to build anything you want.


    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: XP
    • Prosessori: Dual Core
    • Muisti: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafiikka: Dedicated, 500MB
    • DirectX: Versio 9.0a
    • Tallennus: 1 GB vapaata muistia
    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: 7
    • Prosessori: Quad Core
    • Muisti: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafiikka: Dedicated, 1GB
    • DirectX: Versio 9.0a
    • Tallennus: 1 GB vapaata muistia
Hyödylliset arvostelut
21/23 (91%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
1 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
57.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 17. huhtikuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
You can't set a little "hobby" on steam to buy...
This game devolper hasn't time to devolp this game.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
14/17 (82%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
0.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 6. huhtikuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Low frame rate, kept crashing and I couldnt figure out what to do, a tutorial would help.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
305/358 (85%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
18 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
7.4 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 13. joulukuu, 2015.
Early Access -arvostelu
This was one man's project to create a better minecraft clone. He failed. This will plainly not be finished and is in an unacceptable/unplayable state.

It started out pretty good, went in an optimistic and fairly promising direction, but when that looked like too much work/too complicated to the dev he didn't get help, instead fell further in over his head & hasn't gotten out.

The dev needs to either hire some help, or have the honesty to admit to everyone that this thing got well beyond his abilities/desire to finish & just call it. Seriously, don't be yet another EA dev that goes out like this- admit it's not working, admit you don't want to finish this, or can't finish it- and just pull this thing offline. Because before too much longer your rating % is going to go low enough for Steam to pull it for you. And... c'mon man. You should have gotten some help much earlier, things have gone pretty bad with this one, but at least have the honesty and dignity to admit it & pull the plug yourself.

Players: Save yourself the trouble of downloading/installing/submitting a refund and just don't buy it.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
168/200 (84%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
12 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
1.9 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 6. tammikuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
I would like to say that the game is still in its early base, but no... 2,5 years no real progress....
Game crashes 24/7....
Game crashes when friends try to join...
Looks can be decieving...
I Would recommend NOT TO BUY....
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
135/157 (86%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
30 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
43.5 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 6. joulukuu, 2015.
Early Access -arvostelu
Why i liked it:
1. The Video above was cool.

Why i did NOT! like it:
1. Crashes alot
2. Crafting is broken
3. I can see under ground
4. Crashes alot
5. When im going up hills i go throught the world
6. There is nothing to do
7. How can it be from July last year and still EA
8. Nothing shows you how to play, you just sploink in to a buging world
9. It cost so much money and thats why the guy who made the god forsaken game should maybe get a friend to help him and pay him a cut
10. If you have money pleas don`t by this game just buy another game there is alot of good games under 14£
11. They will never be done with the game
12 It`s less bugs in the game the gameplay than a road kill full of beetles and worms
13. Here is something to "the guy who made it" if you say "You are sent to this world to start a new civilization. Explore, gather materials, craft and build.
Build beds and people will move in. Give them food and they will do work for you" pleas work with that first.
14. now i can`t even start the game
GG 3/10 keep on the good work
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska