The ultimate block building game.
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Що бажають сказати розробники:

Чому дочасний доступ?

“I believe that the best game will be created together with the people who are playing the game. I also believe that the time is right. Over the past year the development have shifted more and more from engine and graphics programming to gameplay mechanics and content. Now is a fun time for you to play the game and take part in the development.”

Приблизно, як довго гра буде у дочасному доступі?

“A year is a good guess. After that development will go on as usual and I will continue to do regular updates and DLCs.”

Чим повна версія гри буде відрізнятись від версії для дочасного доступу?

“There are many ways to play but the main game is the "start with nothing and build an empire". This is already possible in the Early access version. The full version will add challenge in the form of hostile mobs that will try to stop you. It will also add more content like better/more building tools, block types, materials, biomes, mobs and items.”

Який поточний стан версії для дочасного доступу?

“In its current state the game offers countless of hours of fun and has infinite replay value. You can play the game or build whatever you want in the "Just Build" mode. The game is very stable. Current savegames will be compatible with future versions.”

Чи буде відрізнятись ціна гри на протязі дочасного доступу та після його завершення?

“The full game will be priced a bit higher then the Early Access version.”

Як ви плануєте залучати спільноту до розробки гри?

“The development process has been very open for years. I release new updates at a steady rate. I often ask questions to the community and take part in discussions and the feedback I get is of high value for me.”
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More pictures of the next release


Smooth surfaces

Water filled cave entrance

Mix of desert and cliff biomes.

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4 березня

Pictures of the next release

Below pictures shows a small preview of the next release. Stay tuned for more.

Blockscape world

Woodland snow biome

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!!! This game is in Early Access which means it is not finished. It really is the best block building game but please understand that there will be missing features and bugs. No updates means I'm working very hard. This is the project of my life, I will never abandon it. !!!

Start with nothing and build an empire. Blockscape is the ultimate block building game.

You are sent to this world to start a new civilization. Explore, gather materials, craft and build.
Build beds and people will move in. Give them food and they will do work for you.

Main features:
  • Fully procedurally generated worlds. Every game looks and plays different.
  • Play the game you want. Blockscape can be played like a survival game, rpg (not available yet), tower defence (not available yet) or like an empire building game. The type of gameplay is based on what you create or do in the game.
  • Crafting. Create furniture, tools, weapons, armor, materials and more.
  • NPCs. Create beds and people will move in to your buildings. Give them food and they will do work (crafting, planting, harvesting, construction).
  • Hundreds of block types and materials.
  • Everything is a block. Everything in your inventory can also be used as a building block. Even mobs.
  • Electricity. Add electric networks to your buildings to control lights and other components.
  • Water. Add water networks to supply generators and control water components.
  • "Just build" game mode. Gives you infinite resources to build anything you want.

Вимоги до системи

    • OS: XP
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated, 500MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0a
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: 7
    • Processor: Quad Core
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated, 1GB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0a
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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This game is not worth the $20.00 (US). The pictures posted are to suck a person in and make the game look good.
It is filled with bugs. The graphics glitched in and out no matter the setting. Could not save any game. Upon exiting you think you can exit but cannot...somehow the game stays running. I couldn't even restart my computer. I had to do a force shut down and do a restore/repair on reboot. I finally just completely removed the game from computer. I highly recommend that no one buy this game.
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I'll keep this review SIMPLE.

This game: Is good by concept- It IS essentially a Minecraft clone that Looks better but I don't mind that I REALLY don't However...

I do MIND: No updates (on STEAM) for MORE than a year.
I do MIND: NO Discussions (or VERY LITTLE on STEAM) far as I see.
I do MIND: Not responding on HIS OWN FORUMS.

If you are looking for a GOOD Game that is UPDATED without your saves quitting and deleting themselves every 5 minuets- GO BUY: Minecraft, Rising World, and plenty other survival-build games or even Castle Miner Z is BETTER than this game.

If you are looking for a INDEPTH to detail building game- This WOULD be a good one if he would update it or stay very active in the community (what's left of it).

Final words/Conculsion about this game: **DO NOT BUY THIS GAME** (Yet). It's not very good at the moment, the STEAM Pics/Videos of it (officially) are WAY out of date. Google/Youtube THIS game (for a RECENT Date, not old dates!) and you'll see the REAL Game and it's STILL changing...

Some footnotes (worth saying): He is working ALONE. His driver crashed?(No one gives a damn) and It's been MORE than a year sense He's done ANYTHING(big/massive/productive) with it.

Make your own conclusion: but right now, it's Really not worth buying, Scam or not- He made a good chunk of money nonetheless and thievs don't care if they steal 1 dollar or 1,000,000 dollars- it's ALL profit to them.
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Where should I start...? Okay, I'll give a list why you should not buy this game.

1. This is a Minecraft clone.
2. You can't change graphics, so you always have to deal with these horrible pixelized graphics.
3. It hasen't been updated in forever. (Almost like another game: Cube World)
4. This game is really boring in both modes.
5. Even with a good computer, this game always has a horrible frame rate. Mostly below 30 fps.
6. There are no settings to change controls, so you keep pressing weird button placements and looking like an idiot.
7. Complete waste of money.
8. The chunk loading is horrible. Sometimes you have a normal lush landscape, and then you just have out of place chunks that have a completely different landscape. I'm not talking about the biome borders, the chunks actually just load over eachother, and this mostly happens when loading a world inside another world.
9. THE GLITCHES. OH THE GLITCHES. The inventory can sometimes screw up and not let you choose anything, and sometimes you can even make the game crash just from grabbing an item from the creative inventory. I call the mode "creative" because the normal name is just stupid.
10. I forgot what I was going to put in ten. Damn amnesia.

So, those are all the reasons I have why you shouldn't buy this game. After playing this game, I regret using $20 on this Minecraft clone. In the end, this is just another Minecraft clone that is just trying to get that $2500000.
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This game is beyond unacceptable, waste of money and time.
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Додано: 28 травня
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Game could be good but no updates, no info from dev and a buggy game that almost arent playable. I cant recommend this game at all. there is other similar games that are way better and more stable. And have updates :) So this game even when updated (if its get an update sometime) i doubt i will install it.
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Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
The first thing is to ignore all of the promo pictures of this game at the time of writing this. They are from a version of the game that will not be developed further. The realistic look is gone. Apparently the developer couldn't figure out how to make that work properly and instead of hiring help, he's scrapping it entirely. The local evangelists will tell you it will still be available, but it needs a lot of development to reach a playable state, so that will not happen now.

The version that is now under development will look sort of like Mario64, see the project's webpage or the developer's twitter for screenshots of that. If that is what you want to like to build your creations in, then by all means get this game (or better yet, wait for it to be updated to an actually playeble state). I was lured in by the false pretenses of the realistic look and the new version is not the game I'd thought I was buying. Therefore, a big thumbs down from me.
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While I have been a major supporter of this game even before it came on steam the direction that the developer has been taking it in is nothing but down hill going from beautiful landscapes as seen in the preview photos, to making it seen like a look alike to cubeworld and minecraft:

the developer even though said "Now is a fun time for you to play the game and take part in the development.” has stayed silent for 7months reworking the engine to this new design without any feedback from the community who purchased the game and is now know for his lack of communication and seems to be totally against his current community of followers now more then ever.
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Додано: 21 грудня 2014 р.
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"I release new updates at a steady rate. I often ask questions to the community and take part in discussions and the feedback I get is of high value for me.” Quote from the steam page of BlockScape. It hasn't been updated since July of 2014, A.K.A The month it was released on steam.
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Original review separated from this new addition on 5/10/2015:

Developer has posted more information about his rewrite, and honestly before you pay $20 for this game please look at the community/dev pages because this game is really taking a turn that I don't appreciate and I feel like a lot of people are going to buy this game based on the game's screenshots and videos available now and like I did, be very excited about the beautifully generated landscapes, but those will be changing very soon in favor of performance. I would still recommend this game, it has a really great platform as a voxel building game. However, terrain generation is headed in a new, blocky direction that I'm not fond of.

Original review:
Frustrating to see so many "not recommended"s because "The developer has abandoned".

Visit the actual blockscape webpage/forums and you'll find out that he's very active. They keep a dev blog and are very active with the community there. ***There haven't been many updates because the dev has been doing a complete engine re-write, which (from the devlog sounds like it's going well)

Do some research before you jump to the conclusion that the developer isn't going to update/isn't working on the game. This game is early access and nowhere near the finished product. The graphics are absolutely stunning and if you can read that statement and cringe then you need to not pay $20 for a game you know you won't be able to run.

I bought this game in early 2013 and it has come a very very long way. At that point there was nothing but a "creative" mode essentially with a survival mode that only differed by having you obtain the materials before you used them at seemingly random harvest rates.

Now theres much more to the game, even with a well done electrical system. If you buy this and find yourself floundering with the insane amount of build control, visit the official blockscape forums and download some of the maps other players have made for inspiration. The landscapes are so stunning that I often find myself forgetting where I am (irl) and getting lost for hours just exploring the world, and never finding a place that I want to desicrate with my mediocre building skills. (I don't have much time on it on Steam because most of my playing was before this went to Steam).

TLDR: If your computer isn't great, your going to have lag (it's graphically stunning), check the minimum specs before you buy. Dev hasn't abandoned, he's rewriting the game engine shouldn't be much longer. If you hunger for updates/info/community check out the offical blockscape forum.

Here's a link to the devlog
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Додано: 27 грудня 2014 р.
Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
I have been following this game since january 2013 and while I admit it does have potential for creative builders, it's all there is: potential. The game has not been updated since july. The developper does seems more or less active since he is still playing the game here on Steam and he was connected in the forum the 23th of december but he barely communicate with the community. We don't know whether the game has been abandoned or not (maybe I'm too optimistic since some have already lost hope).

If you are interested in building richely detailed buildings and decoration; you can do that with the present game. You can look at some of my pictures to get an idea of the possibilities the game offers. And yes the game look just like in the video but don't forget that they were taken in the optimal conditions with a pretty good PC. The problem is that the game take a lot of time to load the map properly and this creates a lot of issues.

I don't regret buying it but I would not recomend it at this moment. You should wait to see wheter the game is updated or not in the near future. This is my main drawback. The game has others issues but it's still in developpement, so it should be expected. But since there is a lack of communications and no updates, the issues are not fixed, yet.
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Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
BE WARNED: No matter what anyone says, the screenshots are no longer the style the dev is making, and this hasn't been updated in almost 8 months. This makes this a risky buy - you're aren't getting what you see and it doesn't appear to be making any progress.

For the review: I tried to play many times. I really, really wanted to like this game, but it's incredibly unstable. I doesn't run for very long before it crashes and requires me to restart my entire PC. No other game causes this, and you can check my profile, I own and play a lot of games. My PC is well, well above the recommended specs (GTX 980 with i7 4790K) so there's no way I lack for ability to run the game.

The only thing I can assume is that the dev is in over his head, and from here it remains to be seen whether he will pull it off.

In fairness, the times that I did spend playing put this above Minecraft and many other games in terms of sheer ability to create. But to be honest, I hate the new blockworld/ Minecraft style to the worlds and unfortunately, that's all the dev is making anymore. It has promise, but has a long way to go.
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Додано: 18 квітня
Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
Phenomenally good game. Absolutely amazing, realistic landscape and the ability to create extremely high detail structures. Why wouldn't I recommend it you ask? because not only has the developer continued to work on the game completely solo (resulting in about 6 months of no updates, he has now also decided to completely change the game from the smooth and realistic perfection that it was, to a fully block-based game that just looks like an uglier version of minecraft. Apparently this is because lego is his passion or some rubbish like that. I guess he must really like his lego if he's prepared to lose the 95% of players who bought the game because of it's realism... oh and then watch his "passion" dissolve into nothing because he set himself up to compete with minecraft.

If you couldn't tell I (like many others) am rather unhappy about this. I spent 50 hours in game on one project which is now going to be ruined.

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Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
Beware the false advertising/misleading screenshots.

They are changing the way the game looks, it will be a Minecraft clone now. If you're interested due to the graphics, then I suggest moving along since it will be more-or-less dropped from the game. (It will still be around, but Dev is focusing on lego/block/Minecraft Clone style.

From the DevLog:
"The last 7 months has been a long fight to find the heart of Blockscape again. The good news is that I finally found it. I just had to throw away the clay and focus on the lego."

Smooth voxels may be gone but smooth surfaces are still here. And because everything is a block the result is better.

Because the Blockscape world is exclusively made out of blocks no tools that operate on smooth data/surfaces will be available.

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Додано: 9 грудня 2014 р.
Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
REVISED REVIEW: This review is a work in progress and will change often, until it feels right.

I've been following this game since late 2011 and have helped spread the word for what I thought was the future of the genre that Notch helped revolutionize. It had blocks 1/16th the size of Minecraft and the corners had 45 degree angles, helping to make the game seem less blocky than anything else on the market, even into late 2012/13. The game had a few glaring issues that held me back from playing, like the inventory system that hasn't changed and isn't at all intuitive--but it was a solid start to a game with HUGE aspirations like sailing with lifelike wind patterns.

But this is where a fundamental problem came into existence. The vision for the game was never clearly laid out. Jens had his vision in mind; and the forums had their own. So the forums pushed and prodded in various ways and we ended up with the engine that's in the videos on the store page. It's an amazing engine, and the forums went crazy over debates like whether it's even 'fun' to have life sized mountains. I mean, if it takes hours of real time to get to the top of a mountain... is that fun?

I was one of the ones pushing for them though. I'm not sure it was the right choice, not only because I no longer believe it's actually fun; but because somewhere in the mix, Jens lost the game that he was so passionate about in the start. And this is consildering that there were probably less than 60 people following the game, and only fifteen or so who were even registered on the forums at all. You can imagine how some of us felt when Jens proposed a Steam release in the spring of 2014. The forums were split over whether it needed more time before release. My personal belief being that it needed another year to actualise itself as a game. A YEAR? I hear you say? Yes, this is where I mention two of the biggest concerns I have with Blockscape.

The game is and always has been developed by one individual, Jens. This is a HUGE undertaking for one individual and it can take very long periods of time to develop even mundane features. This has led to the issues that the Steam community are already all too aware of: Slow output of releases. It seems that weekly blogs and at least a bit of forum interaction is required to thrive in the Steam community. And yet there are a great number of games released on Steam, where the developer thought they could handle it and it seems they couldn't. So you see a bit of activity for a few weeks and eventually you never see the developer again. See 'Sentris' for a great example.

So now Jens isn't happy with his game, the forums are unhappy that he's completely shut us out and the Steam community, for the most part, have no idea about any of the history behind it all.
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1.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 4 грудня 2014 р.
Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
There are so many things wrong with this game. I am honestly convinced the developer has stopped support (it's never been updated since I've owned it). If I had to choose one game in my library to kick myself over, this would be it. I was desperate to find an in-depth and attractive voxel/building game. I snagged this up right after seeing the screenshots and trailer.

Optimization for this game is ♥♥♥♥-poor in it's current state. It suffers from constant stuttering and a distinct inability to minimize the window. Minimizing the window wouldn't be such a big deal if the game had a decent tutorial or any tutorial. The UI is confusing to learn and clunky once understood. There is a hunger mechanic (I think), but it diminishes so slowly it makes no difference (Apparently, there are some animals to kill or something. There's an occasional bird.). Gathering resources is a pain, especially trees. And, there seems to be no real incentive to get AI characters as they are buggy and pretty much useless.

I can say this game has a great amount of potential. And, is an ambitious endeavor. It has beautiful graphics. The idea of pre-constructed castles/towers is cool and adds a mystifying element to the world. Should the developer ever continue this project, it could be an amazing experience.

I just wish it was better.

EDIT: After reading some of the other reviewers, I checked out the developers website. There is progress being made, but none of it is yet released. The developer may release a new build before Christmas. Still, there really should be more frequent updates. I've had this game for months now, and that's too long to wait for an update (Call me fickle/demanding, but I feel like I should be able to see what and where I've invested my money).

UPDATE: Still no update... Seriously? If this game ever gets updated, I will rewrite my review, but as it stands I feel cheated.
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Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
good if it where updated and finished dont buy untill developer is active again....
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Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
I don't ever down-rate Early Access games simply because it's usually about bugs or gameplay etc which are ALWAYS in Early Access and get fixed along the way etc.. but this game is different. I am down rating it simply because of the stated facts on the main page which since i purchased it last year haven't been done.

"I will continue to do regular updates"
"The game is very stable."
"I release new updates at a steady rate. I often ask questions to the community and take part in discussions and the feedback I get is of high value for me.”

All of the above are taken from the main page, The Dev takes absolute minimum to zero part in the Steam community, he has by almost all means abandoned the game on Steam side of things.
The game is by no means stable at all, since purchase i collapse through the buggy floor and through the world half the time and can't get any gameplay done, this would/could have been fixed if he did indeed do "Regular updates" but he doesn't at all, The game itself has had a HUGE overhaul and been completely redesigned to be more blocky.. the bugs i won't complain about BUT the overhaul took up 99.9% of his time and the other 0.1% was spent updating his website, no time has been taken to fix any bugs or release updates. This is the only reason i will downvote this as i believe the main page to be VERY misleading. I for one absolutely hate the new blocky look as i bought it for the realism, but changes are all part of early access which i accept, i just hate that zero time has been spent fixing the current game for the people that bought into that so he could make the new look.

If you want to buy this game then do so via his own webpage.
If you're very active in the Steam Community and enjoy taking
part in Early Access Development then avoid this game.
Copying and pasting things into a pinned section as a devlog
then vanishing again isn't what i call "taking part in the community".
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"Don't mix Clay with legos"
Then why did you do it to begin with?

Personally I got this game back in July 2014 (Thanks Vitamin PAIN for the correction) during the Summer Sale (which seemed to be the death of many EA games, Vox, Blockscape [This Game], and a few others whose names currently escape me). I was EXCITED AS HELL! The huge beautiful world that puts Minecraft's "Mountains" to shame and the ability to build what could be a huge city that actually looks like something feasable in the real world. Now, I didn't have any problems with running the game, and from what I have read I was one of the lucky few. The world the game takes place in is imense. Not counting the non-existant Cave Systems and lack of mobs, the world looks great. The colorful graphics and cartoony textures looks fantastic. After a few hours of playing you realize that this nice world is only the cover of something worse.

I have been aware of this game since 2012. Some people calling it a "Minecraft killer" with what seemed to be an entirally flat world, it was impressive then and still impressive now. Recently he seems to be taking it away. YES YES YES, He has said that "Features will be added to both world types" which is cool I guess, but you also have to take into account that this "Flat world" that he is adding is supposed to, in his words, "Make adding features to the world a breeze" . Common knowledge would lead anyone to realize that "OH HEY, maybe just maybe having two world types for survival may make adding features more of a challenge" which the many defenders of this game seem to not realize.

The developer is the DEFINITION of inactive, his twitter is filled with screenshots of something that he promised to bring a while back, and others are more what I call "junk tweets" for a dev which includes him talking about the wonders of Driver lineses. I have nothing against those posts but if you intend on people taking your work and game seriously and what them to think you haven't entirally abandoned the game you probaly should post only about the advancements of the game instaed of about your everyday life when you are not, not coding your game that people over the course of 2 years have spent 20 dollars on. People say "he is a one man team so give him a break!" As surprising as it may be Notch, who made Minecraft, was a one man coding team for over a year! (2009-2010) and brought constant updates, yes you could say "Its been over 2 years with constant updates and now he has stopped" but you are missing the fact that this game is FAR from feature filled as Minecraft was at that point and time. Out of the 30 months it took Minecraft to become released in 2011, Blockscape is about at where Minecraft was in September... 2009. This becomes an increasing problem when you realize that about the first year of Minecraft's exsistance was just Notch testing what would and wouldn't work in a voxel survival game (which was in its infancy at the time) but Jens has had that groundwork that Notch has publicly shown everyone over his development so that makes it even less of an excuse for this game to still be this far behind in development, it appears that Jens has bitten off more then he could chew in this case.

Speaking of biting off more then he could chew, Jens (The developer) said "Don't Mix Clay with legos" talking about the flat world in comparison to the new blocky, shapy world. Ok, if that is your saying of the day (he made a blog post where he said that phrase about 5 times) then why did it take you so long to realize that? Why until now did you think that everything was perfect.

I hope that this game does come back from the grave with a vengence, however I do not have a big feeling with all of the complaints that are active. If he does come back and actually decides to make a game instead of jerking around then I will be happy to make a reivew. However, I find it kind of hard to make a positive review of a game whose biggest feature is "It runs on PCs Sometimes"
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I bought this game in July, its now the 29th of December. I have not seen an update to make the game any more playable. I have a horrible memory leak that causes the game to crash every 5 or so minutes. I would call this an excellent crash simulator! I would wish nobody the misfortune to purchase this game believing its an amazing block builder. I think one day if the developer decides to update the game it could be amazing. But, right now this game is a piece of trash honestly it should be removed from sales on the steam market. I don't know if its abandoned or not the developer makes communication promises and never holds himself to them. Also he said he feels as if he should release an update by christmas...... nothing.
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RIP Blockscape
Never trust Early Access Games
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