Perpetuum is a persistent, sandbox, single server, massively multiplayer sci-fi rpg (MMORPG). Control huge robots and mechs to gain access to an alien planet's resources and knowledge, amass huge wealth, or even claim part of the world for yourself using terraforming and complex infrastructure.
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24 de junio

EP rewards / Summer Sale

Patch 3.7.6 out today
While the system of daily EP packages remains untouched, today's patch introduces new ways to acquire Extension Points on top of that. Starting immediately, killing NPCs, gathering minerals, and a few other ingame activities will grant you varying amounts of EP.

This patch also brings an EP handicapping system, aimed to help players with low EP to catch up faster.

Check out the full patch notes here:

Summer Sale
The Perpetuum base game, DLCs, bundle packs, and ingame purchases are all 50% OFF during the Steam Summer Sale!

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25 de mayo

Extension Point system upgrades

Our latest development blog discusses impending changes to the Extension Point system: we're introducing EP rewards for doing ingame activities, and an EP handicap mechanic to lessen the skill gap between old and new players.

Click for all the details:

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Edición especial

Get a headstart on your Perpetuum adventure with our premium packages!

  • EP (Extension Points) can be spent on your character's extensions to instantly become better at your trade of choice
  • Perpetuum Credits can be used to purchase monthly EP boosters or downgrade unwanted extensions
  • AID packs (Alien Improbability Devices) provide you with random modules or ammunition when activated
  • Exclusive sparks will boost selected attributes of your active robot
  • The Perpetuum OST includes 4 albums with over 5 hours of atmospheric music

Acerca de este juego

Perpetuum is a persistent, sandbox, single server, massively multiplayer sci-fi rpg (MMORPG). Control huge robots and mechs to gain access to an alien planet's resources and knowledge, amass huge wealth, or even claim part of the world for yourself using terraforming and complex infrastructure.

Main Features

  • No Monthly Fees – Buy once, play forever. Enjoy a constantly evolving world with periodic feature upgrades.
  • Sci-Fi Setting – Perpetuum is set in a unique sci-fi environment inhabited by robots and alien technology.
  • Persistent Game World – Perpetuum features a large, persistent, single shard online game world. Players all play on the same server together. Changes made to the game world by players are permanent.
  • Industry – Perpetuum features a complex, multi-tier industrial system that enables players to have both small and large scale industrial operations.
  • Economy – The economy is completely player driven. Other than basic items, everything on the market is manufactured by players, the prices dictated by supply and demand.
  • Player-Built Infrastructure – Players are able to raise their own settlements in the unoccupied areas of the Perpetuum world, where they are able to enforce their own rules as they see fit.
  • Terraforming – Players are able to form the world of Nia as they see fit to aid their goals. The terrain can be raised or lowered in certain areas and thus settlements can be protected by intricate strongholds, and temporary shelters can be created in the heat of battle to protect vulnerable allies. It's all up to the player's imagination.
  • Character Progression – Time-based character progression requires no grind and provides a level playing field for casual and hardcore players alike.
  • Large Scale PvP – Players are able to clash in huge battles for control of territory and resources. Formable terrain, destructible scenery and player built infrastructure all play key roles in the course of war.
  • High Customizability – Players of Perpetuum have a large number of ways to customize their robots for the various goals they strive towards.
  • Natural Processes – The Perpetuum game world always changes through natural processes. Destroyed plants grow back and spread, and outmined resources replenish over time.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP
    • Procesador: 2 GHz Intel or AMD processor
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: NVIDIA or AMD 3D graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0c
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 3 GB de espacio disponible
    • Tarjeta de sonido: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Notas adicionales: Integrated graphics processors like the Intel GMA series might work but are not officially supported. The ATI Radeon X1000 series is not supported because it does not fully comply with Shader Model 3.0 standards.
    • SO: Windows 7/8/10
    • Procesador: 2 Ghz multicore Intel or AMD processor
    • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: NVIDIA GTX260 or higher / AMD Radeon HD 4870 or higher
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0c
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 3 GB de espacio disponible
    • Tarjeta de sonido: DirectX compatible sound card
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Publicado el 30 de junio
Outdated graphics, outdated controls and I can't find a whole lot of positives to give this one. I can't convince myself to recommend this game. Perhaps in the 90's, it would have been a solid contender, but in 2016, it doesn't stand a chance unless you're expressly looking for a clunky MMO with a clunky gui, and slow controls. The combat system isn't anything to praise either. All of the interaction of a sub-standard MMO with all the pretty paricle effects of a substandard indie game. Sorry to be so critical of it, but I have to be honest here.
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James Revenant
( 17.0 h registradas )
Publicado el 29 de junio
Sad, bad and with no purpose...
Probably because is a sandbox? I don't know but is terrible and boring to play...
No batlefront land and faction war for improve this boring application...
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( 1.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 26 de junio
Feels exactly like EVE Online, which is cool. I've only been able to play a bit of the tutorial since the newest AMD drivers seem to have an issue with the game (keeps crashing/freezing), but looks promising! Hopefully, the community is large and vibrant. Looking forward to playing more when they get their driver issues fixed.
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( 195.1 h registradas )
Publicado el 25 de junio
This game has absolutely no fun
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( 659.1 h registradas )
Publicado el 24 de junio
No monthly subscription required.
Open world.
Player based economy.
Time barriers have been pretty much lifted so its easy now to get into all kind of mechs.
No better time to experience this than now!
Claim land, terraform it and build Your base and empire!
Game is worth every penny of its ridiculously low price.
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( 8.0 h registradas )
Publicado el 22 de junio
Don't buy this game. While the concepts are nice it's a dead game released on steam as a last ditch cash grab.
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( 1.6 h registradas )
Publicado el 21 de junio
Nice ideas, but to much of an MMO with way too much density of just anyone to drop into. Only for the most hardcore of micromanagers.
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( 3.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 18 de junio
At first i thought this was like a better mechwarrior mmo but then i realized quickly that there is a lot more. The GUI is not intuitive and the resource system is poorly labeled. unless you are willing to spend HOURS learning the system and the nuances of the map/resources/market only to discover that combat is lock on and attack...
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( 16.9 h registradas )
Publicado el 13 de junio
Wow, I was so looking forward to this game. I waited months to pick it up, waiting for a good deal on it. Now, I wish I hadn't (sad face). Ok, so the '80's called and want thier graphics back. This is the worst thing about the game. Everyone likes to compare it to EvE online, but there isn't any valid comparison at all. the old atari 5400 games had some better graphics, and that is so sad in todays graphical age. Economy is terrible, probably due to the ridicuously low player population and tax and fee for posting that are so high it's not worth selling on the player market. Which brings me to buggy game play, now I have seen some awful targeting systems out there, but man this is bad. I tageted a robot on more then one instance, just to have my missles or guns shoot at some foreighn object not even in the general ditrection of the target. And yes, I am very sure of my target in question, it was extremely hilarious at the time, but very sad the more I think about it. So lastly I will touch on the player population, I honestly do not know what is keeping the servers up. In total I have seen in general chat, max has been 12 players at 1 time. Now I only have about 6 or so hours of game time, but when I see that few players, and only a handful of guys even talking, then something is definately wrong. The mining mechanics are ok, a little blah, but ok.. It's the rest of the game that feels awful, I hope they work on it and maybe re-release it at another time with some more spit and polish. The general concept is awesome, it just seems very 1980's to me.. That is my review and these are my opinions. I normally don't do reviews, but in this case, I had to.
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Angel AI Revenger
( 34.6 h registradas )
Publicado el 12 de mayo
MMO? No subscription? Robots? You got me hooked!!!

The only sad thing is ,there arent many players.. Lets change that!
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Publicado el 24 de junio
No monthly subscription required.
Open world.
Player based economy.
Time barriers have been pretty much lifted so its easy now to get into all kind of mechs.
No better time to experience this than now!
Claim land, terraform it and build Your base and empire!
Game is worth every penny of its ridiculously low price.
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Publicado el 26 de junio
Feels exactly like EVE Online, which is cool. I've only been able to play a bit of the tutorial since the newest AMD drivers seem to have an issue with the game (keeps crashing/freezing), but looks promising! Hopefully, the community is large and vibrant. Looking forward to playing more when they get their driver issues fixed.
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Análisis de acceso anticipado
Publicado el 29 de abril de 2014
El estudio Avatar Creations nos presenta Perpetuum, un juego multijugador de estilo sandbox, persistente y de mundo abierto, fuertemente centrado en la competitividad por los recursos del mundo de Nia.

Nada más iniciar sesión por primera vez, se nos solicita que creemos un avatar que será nuestra representación en los canales de chat y foros. Dado que la finalidad de la creación del personaje es meramente estética, sin ningún tipo de consecuencia para la jugabilidad, se ve a primera vista que los desarrolladores no han invertido demasiado tiempo ni recursos en esta parte del juego. Es un aspecto importante que necesita corrección, ya que al ser lo primero con lo que un jugador novel tropieza, puede estar condicionando una opinión negativa general sobre lo que encontrará más adelante.

Posteriormente, se nos presenta un tutorial extenso y adecuadamente desarrollado, teniendo lugar en una zona paralelo y aislada en la que no hay consecuencias, lo que permite al jugador experimentar libremente sin miedo a tomar decisiones equivocadas. El tutorial nos introduce paulatinamente en los aspectos generales de cada área de Perpetuum, siendo estas combate, minería e industria. Dentro de cada categoría, existen ramificaciones que no han sido cubiertas por el tutorial, pero comprensible ya que se sitúa a meses de distancia para un recién llegado. La explicación sobre el uso de la interfaz es correcta, aunque se podría haber profundizado un poco más sobre la simbología y gestión eficiente de información.

Una vez concluido el período de aprendizaje, se nos da la opción de escoger una de la tres zonas de inicio propiedad de cada una de las razas presentes en Nia. Cada cual presenta unas particularidades específicas en cuanto a metodología de combate, pero es motivo de elogio el fantástico trabajo que Avatar Creations ha llevado a cabo al no haber una raza que destaque sobre la otra, por lo que se anima al jugador a escoger la raza que le guste sin preocuparse por el rendimiento a obtener tanto en Jugador contra Jugador (PvP) como en Jugador contra Entorno (PvE).

La raza Nuimqol, de chasis azul, se especializa en robots rápidos y muy móviles, con cañones de riel de corto alcance. La raza Pelistal, de chasis verde, se centra en el uso de misiles de corto y largo alcance, con la posibilidad de sortear obstáculos al trazar una trayectoria en arco. Por último, la raza Thelodica, de chasis amarillo, tiene como doctrina la utilización de armas láser a muy larga distancia, así como robots muy resistentes. Dentro de cada raza, encontramos además variantes de preferencia en cuanto al uso de la guerra electrónica, otra de las mecánicas más interesantes de este juego.

En cuanto comenzamos a andar por el mundo de Nia con nuestro robot, nos damos cuenta de lo extenso del planeta en el que nos encontramos, dividido en una serie de islas (de tipo Alpha, Beta y Gamma) interconectadas por teletransportadores con peculiaridades en cuanto a la dificultad de los NPC, los recursos disponibles o el funcionamiento del Jugador contra Jugador. Cabe destacar también, que en las islas Gamma el jugador dispone de total libertad para terraformar el lugar, así como construir terminales (cuarteles generales para nuestros pequeños robots), pudiendo ser destruidos o conquistados por otros jugadores.

La adquisición de habilidades no se hace por el método tradicional: completar misiones y conseguir experiencia. Se utiliza en su lugar un método de aprendizaje pasivo que otorga Extension Points cada 24 horas disponibles para invertir en el extenso árbol de habilidades y competencias presentes en el juego.

La industria presenta también una relativa innovación en cuanto a fórmulas ya vistas en otros títulos de tipo sandbox. En líneas generales, requiere que cada jugador realice investigaciones individuales (trabajo de campo, ingeniería inversa, construcción de prototipos) para poder desbloquear la producción en masa, cuyo fin último es la venta y competición en mercados regionales. Por otra parte, la minería exige al jugador que se mantenga activo y conozca los fundamentos del geoanálisis, para poder así encontrar los puntos de extracción variables y dinámicos más jugosos. Otro aspecto muy interesante es la capacidad de recolectar material vegetal que el jugador debe aprender e identificar visualmente, lo que hará que más de uno decida convertirse en experto botánico.

Aunque los gráficos necesitan un serio lavado de cara, se espera que Avatar Creations de el salto a un nuevo nivel con los fondos recaudados durante el acceso anticipado a través de la plataforma Steam. El apartado sonoro presenta melodías interesantes, acorde al estilo de juego que se nos presenta. Algunos efectos de sonido, como el movimiento del robot o algunas armas, también requieren una revisión y mejora.

Como conclusión final, es un juego excelente por el precio ofertado y, al no requerir suscripción mensual, deja en evidencia a otros títulos del género. Eso sí, no es para todo el mundo, ya que exige paciencia y tiempo para dominar hasta lo más sencillo. Si el juego logra atraparte, estarás ante un título que te mantendrá satisfecho durante meses, sin la presión de pagar mensualidades.
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Publicado el 18 de octubre de 2014
Bueno, no me decidia a comprar este juego hasta que al final me decidí. Es un juego que salió por el 2011 sin hacer mucho ruido, de hecho yo lo he conocido ahora. Hace muy poco que steam lo puso a la venta y con esto ha tenido una subida en la gente que juega que antes era muy poca. El juego en sí es del estilo EVE en muchos aspectos pero difiere en otros. Aquí no hay niveles, ni experiencia, sino que cada minuto ganas 1 punto que te dan cada día de golpe (unos 1400) y entonces los puedes ir repartiendo por el montón de habiliddaes disponibles para ir mejorando en una rama u otra. Debes tener muy claro a qué te vas a dedicar antes de empezar a repartirlos.
La mayoría de menús son similares a EVE pero la parte buena con respecto a EVE es que aquí el movimiento es sobre la superficie de un planeta y te mueves con WASD o clic de ratón. El terreno bloquea disparos y debes utilizar las coberturas en el combate.
Hay varios tipos de islas con mayor o menor seguridad. En las islas Alpha (donde empiezas) nadie podrá atacarte. Aquí pasas la mayor parte del tiempo hasta que decides hacer PvP o necesitas recolectar o minar algo en las zonas mas peligrosas, donde puedes pedir ayuda a alguien para que te escolte. Es muy importante contar con una Corp al empezar a jugar ya que te podrán orientar. No hay ninguna Corp española, pero si hay algunos españoles por ahí sueltos. Mi nick ingame es Cuuldu así que si entrais contactais conmigo y hablamos.
Recomiendo encarecidamente hacer el tutorial tranquilamente y leyendo todo y enterándonos bien. A la hora de elegir la facción también debemos tener cuidado ya que no se puede cambiar, pero la faccion no limita entrar en una corporacion u otra.
Los gráficos no son gran cosa pero han anunciado que estan trabajando para migrar de motor gráfico.
Si teneis alguna pregunta mas ya sabeis, y si os gusta EVE ni os lo penseis, aunque no os eche para atras la dificultad ya que éste lo veo mucho más sencillo y el mapa es mas pequeño.

Un saludo!
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Análisis de acceso anticipado
Publicado el 9 de agosto de 2014
Claramente inspirado en EVE ONLINE, sin llegar a su excelencia, es un juego que promete y espero que los desarrolladores no lo estropeen y como no...que la gente juegue.
No apto para jugadores que quieren matar y destruir nada mas entrar en el juego, este tipo de juegos son a largo plazo donde tienes que planificar y prepararte.
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No recomendado
293.4 h registradas
Publicado el 18 de octubre de 2014
This game, even back in 2010 was severly underdeveloped and not ready for the market. 4 Years ahead - not much has changed, and it still is years of active development away from being a playable experience.

As a new player you will be forced into a world which doesn't deliver on the promise - there is no open market, everything is ran inside of the large, and veteran corporations who have more than enogh resources to run for years without any otuside mining help. If you will try to earn some money by running missions, you will be stuck in a loop of 1-3 of them that will repeat themselves over, and over and over. Without slightest bit of variation.

The traveling in this game is awful, it is very long, tedious, and will consume vast majority of your gameplay. And on top of that, it doesn't benefit you much to be at this time in front of your screen as speed-ups are rare and sparce, and autipilot tends to use most of them anywa. So most of your experience while trying to play this game will be spend... playing another game, or watching youtube. Or doing any pleasruable activity.

So do yourself a favor, spend your money elsewhere, this isn't worth the AA pricetag, especially for such small and undedeveloped game. For gods sake, it also becomes unplayable if you have high-dpi display, since fonts are of fixed size, designed to look good at 1024x768 resolution. And there is no way to supersize them.
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5,501.5 h registradas
Publicado el 1 de noviembre de 2014
This game might not be what you expect: do your research.
Perpetuum takes a decidedly different approach to what it means to control a robot/mech in a game, in contrast to the lumbering giants of MechWarrior and similar games that fall in line with that scale and aesthetic.
If you are familiar with Eve, then you probably will have a solid grasp of the mechanics, and general features of a true sandbox MMO.

+Price; One time payment for an MMO had me sold, and knowing all skill acquisition is time-based, the sooner I jumped in the better. You are not at all forced/encouraged to buy skill point boosters (no constant flashy in-game ads/tricks to get you to buy stuff at a $ store). I didn’t know about the credit store until much later incidentally. I would argue you don’t need it, but this requires more patience.
+Industry; This is where the slight tweaks from things you might expect from Eve take a little twist. Resource gathering has two flavors to match your playstyle, one more involved than the other, allowing for different degrees of player focus. A simple observation, but allows one to choose indy-activities that are not exclusively biased towards afk-play.
+Combat; Even in PVE you can take on much more difficult spawns if you play the environment and use cover effectively. This is where the game really shines. You can fit stable tanks if you want but will greatly limit what you can contend with on the field.
+/-Market; Typical free-open market sandbox-y MMO thing, starting to become commonplace in all games. True, critical mass of demand and supply is needed to be effective. The player base is small, but effective. Also, player corporations can have in-corp markets, which I will say is a pro and con. Huge incentive for players to join larger corps, but does so at the reduction of supply on the open markets. Take this as an opportunity to sculpt your own market niche in the game and exploit it! Not necessarily an issue of game mechanics, just density.

-Graphics are not great. Not a deal breaker for me given the price range/Free to play status of the game. I would argue for the price, the development team and the work they put in, I think its good.

{Pre- 3.6 evaluation}
-Missions/Assignments; they are not so great. Quite bare-bones, not a lot of variety, sometimes buggy! That being said, they are the next thing on the dev’s list to rework.

Bear in mind, my standards are not your standards. This is my perspective. I rarely purchase games, eve had me occupied for years. By my estimation, so will Perpetuum for similar reasons.
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Análisis de acceso anticipado
Publicado el 14 de abril de 2014
The good, the bad and the ugly.

The good:
This game is interesting, and it is "EVE like", which might be a reason for some to give it a try, for others to turn away.
If you join a corp, and if they back you up from the start, the game might become more interesting for you through participating in organized PvP.
There are a lot of different corps in the game, before you join one, read the official forums a bit, to get more informations about them.
You can do harvesting, mining and assginments on Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 islands on your own, to get your first own money.
The developers team seems to be small, but at least filled with people, that are very dedicated to the game, something that is getting hard to find these days...

The bad:
It will take you a lot of real time, to get your hands on those Mechs you were allowed to test (there is your carrot...) in the tutorial.
You only get EP once every day, and you have to log in every 3 days at least to make sure to get that EP package for every day.
Harvesting, mining or assignments is boring work, but will provide you with NIC on your own, to afford your first Mech.
Buying a Mech means, getting enough NIC and finding someone that is willing to sell and transport it to your terminal... forget about transporting anything big on your own in the beginning.
Your first robots won't be able to transport that much, and depending on from where you have to transport your new items, you might run into trouble along the way and loose your robot and cargo.
If your new shiny Mech gets destroyed at some point, doesn't matter if that happens in PvE or PvP, its gone.
Some parts of your installed equipment might be recoverable, there will be a can to loot at the spot where you died, but you will only get a few items back, and those have to be repaired, before you can use them on another robot/mech.
But if your ending happened during a PvP fight, the "spoils" belong to the winner.
If you're part of a corp, you might get a replacement for your loss during "wars" with other corps.
You can of course insure your Mech, but there are costs for that and the outcome wont even cover the NIC you paid for your Mech empty... say thank you to players, that abused the insurance system a while back.
About assignments, you can only choose between "industrial/combat/transport", but all of them are more or less combat assignments, even those that are marked "industrial/transport", there are only a few different assignments, and be prepared to travel slow and far in the beginning to accomplish them.

The ugly:
Other players won't stopp at using any kind of exploit or bug they can find against you. That is of course something, you might find in any other game, but in a "full loot" game, the developers need to keep an very close eye on that.
Last but not least,if you want to get the best Mechs with the best equipment, you need a lot of EP, which will take a lot of real time.
And even if you take the "shortcut" over an EP booster, it will still take you a very long time to reach that goal.

Keep all of that in mind before you consider to buy Perpetuum - then why the thump up?

I think the game and the developers deserve a shot at this, therefore i supported the game with my purchase and invested a lot of time into it.
I would really like to see this game go on and evolve into more, something that is enjoyable for new and vet. players, and for PvE and PvP players alike.

But for that to happen, the developers have still a lot of work to do, sandbox or no sandbox, players expect more from games today.
Sand alone does not make the box more interesting or fun, you also need varying kinds of things to play with in that box too...

In the end, it's your call.
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Publicado el 21 de diciembre de 2015
I won this game through Steam's summer sale (IIRC) where you had to use gems to bet on games and items, so I did not spend the full price on this game.

However I believe the current price ($10) is justified for the enjoyment I've gotten out of Perpetuum. I liked it enough to spend $10 on one of the upgrade packs, and I plan on buying the next when I can.

I am writing this review from a casual point of view. I play this game with a relaxed mindset so if you're looking for a hardcore gamer, you are reading the wrong review. Here is what I have noticed in my roughly 180 hours so far.

RATING: 70/100

  • Massive open world. I still haven't visited all the sights of Nia.
  • Passive time-based progression. Extension Points (EP) accumulate whether or not you are active. These are used to upgrade your skills, so naturally, the older players will have slight advantages over newer ones.
  • High levels of build customization and specialization. There are tons of items to choose from to fine-tune to your liking.
  • Varying levels of risk and player interaction. You don't have to join a PvP corporation to make a living, but the added risk definetely pays off.
  • Smooth user interface. This might just be me, but the Windows-like menus are really good for managing lots of information at once.
  • Simple gameplay with complex mechanics. Locking on to targets takes just a few clicks, but there are a lot of things to consider when engaging enemies, like what kind of armor they have, distance of their weapons and yours, and several Electronic/Energy-Warfare tactics.
  • Accessible in-depth wiki. Referencing official information does not require alt+tabbing out of the game as the Perpetuum wiki can be accessed with a few clicks while playing, and the information provides a lot of the formulas and intricacies for you, so there is little guesswork involved when optimizing builds.

  • Dwindling playerbase. While I do enjoy not being blown up in PvP-enabled areas, there aren't a whole lot of people online to begin with. I'm not sure what turned off so many players, but there could definitely be a revival if an effort is made. The servers and mechanics are just fine, all is needed is some better recruitment.
  • Small variety in environments. Compared to how many different items there are in the game, some of the islands feel a tad barren, repetitive, or otherwise monotonous. Considering the amount of time it takes to travel across Nia, some refurbishing would be nice on the eyes. I play on medium quality settings, but the game already sacrifices graphics fidelity for performance of its large world.

I have been making a living by simple mining, PvE assignments, and artifact hunting. I shy away from PvP since I don't like the stress involved but the community tends to be nice. Even the few times I have gotten blown up while on Beta islands, my killers were courteous and offered advice on how not to get caught next time, realizing I wasn't a threat to them only afterwards.

My rating is subject to change. improving if the developers add more content, rectify some problems, and/or if more players are introduced.
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What’s the story behind Perpetuum?
You are a human who is remote controlling a swarm of nanites that have been sent through a microscopic wormhole. The nanite swarm then infect and control the bodies of sentient robotic lifeforms that inhabit the planet of Nia.
The human race is now locked in an on going battle not only against the resistant robotic lifeforms, that are fighting to defend their homeworld, but also against each other in an on-going effort to harvest as much energy as possible.

Perpetuum does take a few minutes to get to grips with, while it uses the good old WASD controls there are menus and HUD elements that you will need to familiarise yourself with before you dive right in. Bit of a steep learning curve but it makes it worth while learning how to play.

The game doesn’t boast the best graphics but it can be rather enjoyable watching a large mech rain hellfire down upon its enemies. The sound and music in the game is very good, the music especially. The game is an MMO for a reason with players being the driving force behind everything. High tech items can only be produced by players and this requires teamwork. Nothing starts a conflict like wanting complete and total domination over the entire game world.
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