Age of Empires II は Steam トレーディングカード、進化した AI、Steam ワークショップへのサポート、マルチプレイヤー機能、Steamworks ツールの統合など、さまざまな新機能を搭載し、新たに高解像度へと生まれ変わりました!
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Patch Notes - 5.5 (Open Beta)

Patch 5.5 is ready for Open Beta! Thank you for your ongoing support and participation as it is fundamental in ensuring that builds are stable and ready for Live release.

In this Open Beta we have implemented password protected lobbies, improved performance and addressed some additional community issues. We are looking forward to hearing from you and we will continue to monitor the forums for your feedback. Here is the new Open Beta discussion thread.

Below are the issues that have been addressed in this 5.5 Open Beta:

Stability and Performance Improvements:
  • Performance optimizations should increase frame rates up to 15%
  • Researching spies during treaty should no longer causes a desync

Community Focused Bug Fixes:
  • Hosts are able to set a password for their lobby
  • Audio for notifications should no longer overlap and cause a loud noise
  • Audio for garrisoning / un-garrisoning should no longer overlap
  • Lobby civ pools should now be consistent for each host player
  • Lobby civ pools should now display the conquerors civilizations correctly
  • Lobby maps should now display random special and real world at the top of the list
  • Lobby maps no longer displays random special twice in the list
  • Lobby maps now selects DLC3 Random Real World maps correctly when appropriate
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Patch Notes - 5.4 (Live)

Patch 5.4 has now moved from Open Beta to Live! We are very excited to bring these changes to the full community and thank you to everyone who participated in the Open Beta. Your feedback and assistance has been essential to ensuring our desync rates have improved and we really appreciate your patience as we continue to work together. The new discussion thread can be found here and we look forward to hearing what you think and collecting your feedback!

Keep your eyes peeled for news of the 5.5 Open Beta, which we’ll announce soon!

The following items have been addressed in this 5.4 Live update:

Stability Fixes:
  • Loading into game should no longer desync if a player has not received the correct update to their World Time setting.
  • Gameplay should no longer desync if a player has missed the update to their World Time setting. If a player has missed the update we now provide additional time for the player to receive that update.
  • Encountering a DX9 memory crash should now bring up a popup and allow the player to proceed rather than crashing to the desktop.

Community Focused Bug Fixes:
  • Lock teams should function correctly for custom campaigns.
  • Allied positions are no longer unintentionally revealed for custom campaigns.
  • Population limit is now respected in scenarios.
  • AI colours should now appear correctly in custom scenarios.
  • Colour settings in multiplayer should now appear correctly in custom scenarios.
  • Berber Camels should now function correctly after loading into a saved game.
  • Berber Camels should now regenerate correctly in a recorded game.
  • Viewing the Tech Tree in Spanish should now be formatted correctly.
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Age of Empires II: HD Edition は、オリジナル版 Age of Empires II の魅力をそのままに、以前からのファンも、初めてプレイする方も楽しめる新パッケージです。世界の歴史に登場する 18 の文明から 1 つを選択して、オリジナル版「エイジ オブ キング」と拡張パック「覇者たちの光陰」のすべてのシングル プレイヤー キャンペーンを攻略しましょう。また、オンラインで他の Steam プレイヤーたちと世界征服を懸けた対戦も可能です。オリジナル版は Ensemble Studios が開発、その後 Hidden Path Entertainment、Skybox Labs、Forgotten Empires の協力を得て新たに高解像度へと生まれ変わりました。Microsoft Studios が自信を持って Age of Empires II: HD Edition を Steam の皆さまにお届けします。


    • OS:Windows Vista, 7, 8 Pro+
    • Processor:1.2GHZ CPU
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Direct X 9.0c Capable GPU
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Additional:900x600 minimum display resolution
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