How far will you go for Rome? The award-winning Total War series returns to Rome, setting a brand new quality benchmark for Strategy gaming. Become the world’s first superpower and command the Ancient world’s most incredible war machine. Dominate your enemies by military, economic and political means.
Дата на излизане: 2 септември 2013
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Pirates and Raiders Out, FreeLC for everyone and Rally Point 20!

30 май 2014

Hi guys,

It's been a busy few weeks for us and we've released a couple of new bits of content for Total War: ROME II. First off, the free content!

In our latest update, we have added the Getae faction and the historical Battle of Pydna. We talk about it a lot more in Rally Point episode 20, the latest installment of our series of community videos. And as it's our 20th episode, we couldn't do it without a bit of cake.

The episode also features an in-depth interview with historian, archaeologist, writer, wreck-diver and all round Indiana Jones David Gibbins.

Check it out here!

Then we released the Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack DLC - which includes three new factions and a bunch of other stuff including new achievements (Baktria to the Future being a particular highlight).

Check it out here:

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Patch 12 Now Live

8 май 2014

Hello all,

Total War: ROME II Patch 12 is now live and should be automatically downloading to your Steam client as we speak (please give it an hour or so to roll out to all of the Steam servers if it is not downloading yet).

This patch will bring some improvements to campaign and battle AI, as well as some balance changes and general improvement to your game.

Please check out the full patch notes below for a full breakdown of what’s included:

Please be sure to disable mods, verify your steam cache and try a new campaign to see the full effect of the patch.

Note that mods that have not been updated by their creators are likely to become incompatible with the update, so please disable them until they are updated. If you are having issues since the patch, please visit our support forums below.

Creative Assembly

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Достъпно е ново сваляемо съдържание

Pirates and Raiders DLC Available for pre-purchase now!

Току-що обновено

Rome II: Historical Battle of Pydna now available for free!

Относно играта

How far will you go for Rome?

The award-winning Total War series returns to Rome, setting a brand new quality benchmark for Strategy gaming. Become the world’s first superpower and command the Ancient world’s most incredible war machine. Dominate your enemies by military, economic and political means. Your ascension will bring both admiration and jealousy, even from your closest allies.

Will you suffer betrayal or will you be the first to turn on old friends? Will you fight to save the Republic, or plot to rule alone as Emperor?

✢ Plan your conquest of the known world in a massive sandbox turn-based campaign mode (supporting additional 2-player cooperative & competitive modes). Conspiracies, politics, intrigue, revolts, loyalty, honour, ambition, betrayal. Your decisions will write your own story.

✢ Build vast armies and take to the battlefield in real-time combat mode. Put your tactical skills to the test as you directly control tens of thousands of men clashing in epic land and sea battles.

✢ Play for the glory of Rome as one of three families or take command of a huge variety of rival civilisations – each offers a notably different form of gameplay experience with hundreds of unique units from siege engines and heavy cavalry to steel-plated legionaries and barbarian berserkers.

✢ See exotic ancient cities and colossal armies rendered in incredible detail, as jaw-dropping battles unfold. Detailed camera perspectives allow you to see your men shout in victory or scream in pain on the frontline, while a new tactical cam allows a god’s eye view of the carnage to better inform your strategic decisions.

✢ Extremely scalable experience, with gameplay and graphics performance optimised to match low and high-end hardware alike.

Системни изисквания

    • OS: XP/ Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processor:2 GHz Intel Dual Core processor / 2.6 GHz Intel Single Core processor
    • Memory:2GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card (shader model 3, vertex texture fetch support).
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:35 GB HD space
    • Additional:Screen Resolution - 1024x768
    • OS:Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processor:2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor (or greater)
    • Memory:4GB RAM
    • Graphics:1024 MB DirectX 11 compatible graphics card.
    • DirectX®:11
    • Hard Drive:35 GB HD space
    • Additional:Screen Resolution - 1920x1080
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Rome 2 was a serious disappointment. Having loyally followed the franchise since Shogun 1, the expectations for this game were huge. The marketing campaign in advance of release appeared to promise all a fan could wish for and more.

Yet once released it soon transpired that the game had many cut or truncated features (no family tree, nerfed political system), was dummed down to an arcade style tactical battle system (magic power buttons and battles over in record time), as well as many, many AI problems and design flaws (Transport Ships, Sieges).

Despite all the patching, the core issues have not been fixed.

Mods help, but they cannot cure the fundamental flaws.

Paid DLC and generic content DLC just added insult to injury.

This game is a victory of presentation over substance and an abject lesson to never pre-order. Wait for the game, be patient, it will be worth it when you save some bucks, get a patched release and perhaps a DLC bundle 6 months down the line.

Although for this game, even if it were reduced in price and came with a fat DLC bundle = stay away, this is a disappointment through and through.

Boot up Rome, MTW 2 and Shogun 2, add some of the excellent Mods and enjoy some great gaming.

Rome Total War 2 was a shameful display.
Публикувани: 15 януари 2014
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This game was a complete disappointment and well beneath the capabilities of this franchise. The game on it's own and in it's current state, I would give a 6/10. HOWEVER, because this game is part of a well known and previously respected franchise I would have to give it a 2/10 as it fails miserably in doing what the previous titles did so well.

Simply put this game is just not fun. I've lost count of how many times I've played through the original Rome, Medieval II, and even Empire in the past. I sunk over 750 hours of gameplay into Empire alone, even though I considered it to be the weakest title (until now). I can understand CA trying something new and it not working as they had hoped and I could forgive it with ease but this game was simply rushed and felt completely half-♥♥♥♥♥.

The AI has never been worse, the battles started as mobs and now consist of awkward formations, kill animations are poorly implemented as they are the only way to kill a unit and therefore result solely in 1v1 combat amongst troops. In the original games, troops were able to help one another meaning that multiple units could engage a single unit and kill it with ease whereas now we have Shogun II stand-offs where a single soldier can take forever to kill because your individual soldiers just stand around looking like ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ until it's their turn to participate in a kill animation. The buildings in this game are very unimaginative and have effects that are completely illogical to the point where the CAI has no idea how to build a proper city and instead is constantly being taken over by rebels. Unit collision is FUBAR as units just clump up together, walk through each other, and feel fake as a whole making any level of immersion impossible.

I recall seeing similar things in Empire which leads me to believe that the Rome II engine is based off of the Empire engine which is complete nonsense as the Empire engine was built for guns and not close-combat. I could go on for hours talking about how this game disappointed me and listing (in great detail) all the things wrong with it but you could go on youtube and find numerous hour-long rants on the subject.

All in all this game is a shell of what the Total War series used to be as many great features have been stripped from it (including good music, good voice-acting, key UI and battle components, family trees, a good diplomacy system, etc). This game feels like more of a cash grab than anything else as CA seemed to only care about DLC whoring, advertising, and focusing on silly gimmicks such as facial animations as opposed to core gameplay elements. They also flat-out lied about what they were selling as the game looks NOTHING like the advertisements.

I honestly doubt that any amount of patching will be able to fix this atrocity and even doubt that the mods will be able to keep this title alive for much longer. If this is to be the future of the Total War series than I can honestly say that this franchise is dead as it will be further turned into the strategy equivalent of Call of Duty.


To all of the apologists that see themselves as the Knights in shining armor defending CA from the onslaught of "neck-beard losers" that have valid criticisms of this game and CA's business practices, I say that you are the reason that more and more game franchises are turning to DLC whoring, releasing incomplete products, and simply worse games in general because now they know that they can get away with it. They are literally crapping in your mouths and you are thanking them for it in cash. You praise CA for listening to it's community and for actively patching it's game but remain blind to the fact that it should be unacceptable for a game to be released in such a state in the first place. Moreso, this is not even the first time CA has done something like this.

I challenge the apologists to tell me how this title improves upon the franchise in some major way.

- Better graphics? Not really as Shogun II looks MUCH better when looked at side-by-side.
- Better design? No, since the game is horribly optimized (if at all) and has countless design flaws (such as huge cities preventing armies from moving)
- Better AI? Lol no. Just no.
- Better UI? No, since most features are missing (such as family trees and general/agent trees).
- Better Battles? Absolutely not. See reasons in review above. Also, capture-points.
- Better Diplomacy? No, since factions can barely be reasoned with and many diplomacy features have been stripped down.
- The addition of something new?
- Politics system is a joke.
- Facial animations are useless and take up unnecessary space, time, and money.
- Units shouting during battle sound (almost comically) terrible, repetitive, and break immersion.

I do not hate CA or the Total War series. I am a die-hard fan of this series as it has been with me since I was 12 years old. I remeber the original Rome being the first Total War game that I played and I remember not being able to look away from the screen because of how intense the battles were and how amazing the game was at immersing me and to my amazement IT STILL DOES, even over a decade later. The reason that I criticize this game so harshly is because of how much I care about this franchise and because of how much I don't want to see it fail or become the next C.O.D. in straregy format. I really think that CA is capable of making something MUCH better than this and maybe even greater than it's original games, but not if it continues down this road. They need to go back to the basics and recreate the elements that made those titles so amazing. They have a very loyal fanbase but they should not take us for granted as they have in Rome II and Empire. I will remain cautious of their next title and will not make the mistake of pre-ordering again but I will keep an open mind and hope that they do not betray us a third time.
Публикувани: 4 февруари 2014
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2 and a half-ish months later, and 200 hours into it...I am finally able to say Rome 2 is worth buying.
On release this game was comparaby as awful as Empire on release. The AI didn't function, the graphics options and optimization were a joke, many major and critical campaign map features were almost as non-functioning as the unit pathing in battles....
But that was then.

Creative Assembly has applied patch after patch for the last few months, added a fair amount of Free-LC, and an expansion that adds seasonal graphics. In addition, CA has released the official mod tools and construction kit....meaning the Steam Workshop for Rome II is loaded with goodies now.

I highly recommend the "Divide et Impera" mod for the ultimate experience, as well as the "G.E.M" or "Graphical Enhancements Mod". Divide et Imperia (or DeI) adds a terrific new array of historically accurate units to nearly every faction, new skills/traits for generals and agents, improved textures on all existing units, 4 turns per year with spring/summer/fall/winter seasonal effects (graphical and technical, like agriculture and happiness), and much more to fix the battles and unit morale/defense/offense. G.E.M. removes the absolutely useless and irritating Instagram Filters that the game used, and it adds MSAA to replace the blurry and hideous FXAA that the game comes with.

So what is Rome II now? Is it a worthy sequel to Rome I? Well, no. The soundtrack, the lack of family trees, the lackluster siege battles, and the many other little glitches and missing features still bog down the game. But it's absolutely worth a purchase. With a little modding it's up there (in my opinion) with Shogun 2 and Medieval 2. Definitely better than Empire, but it can't quite reach the polish and wholesome experiences that Rome 1 and Napoleon still provide.
Публикувани: 23 януари 2014
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Too many stripped features, too much DLC that should have been in the game in the first place, too many siege battles ( which don't work ) and defenatly too many hours played. I still remember my first general from my first campaing as the scipii in rome 1. He was a true hero of the republic who consolidated sicily and north africa. He died of old age, and later his son came to be a great leader himself whom I gave the city of carthage ( his fathers greatest conquest ) to manage in a time of war against the Numedian tribes... I dont remember one of my generals in rome 2, and I simply don't care about them... I wish I did but they are just lifeless.
Публикувани: 21 февруари 2014
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