Explore the world of Thirty Flights of Loving through a first-person short story. In this sequel to Gravity Bone, take a deep dive with high-flying schemers, lovelorn criminals, and more stray kittens than you can shake a stick at. Saddle up, gunslinger. Featuring an original soundtrack by Chris Remo.
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发行日期: 2012年8月20日


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"A short, sharp burst of first-person, spy-themed adventure with magnificent style."


"It’s made by someone who has spent a long, long time thinking about how to tell linear first-person stories, and who has found a new way to do it better than anyone else."
PC Gamer

"Chung spins a memorable yarn, delivers it with confidence and panache, and trusts you to put all the loose ends back together."
- Wired

"What's truly impressive is the narrative weight and emotional impact it delivers in such a short span of time."
- 8/10 ign.com


Explore the world of Thirty Flights of Loving through a first-person short story. In this sequel to Gravity Bone, take a deep dive with high-flying schemers, lovelorn criminals, and more stray kittens than you can shake a stick at. Saddle up, gunslinger.

Featuring an original soundtrack by Chris Remo.


Mac OS X


    • OS:Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor:1GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:60MB OpenGL-compatible
    • Hard Drive:90 MB HD space


    • OS:Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
    • Processor:1GHz or faster
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:800x600 or greater screen resolution
    • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space
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Short, Sweet, Bloody, Like!
Rating : Great

Short game that is told in scenes in a asynchronous way.

Blendo games is known for releasing games that take radical different approach to story telling and does this again in this game. It's like you watch the most important pieces of a movie shuffled around. The game has some activity where you have to walk and solve some easy puzzles (?) to advance, but other than that it is just enjoying the scenery, trying to understand and connect the story.

The game was build in a modified Doom engine using a typical style which totally fits the game mechanics. Audio and soundtrack are great and fit the game perfectly.

You can speed run this game in 5 minutes I think, but normally when you relax and enjoy the game it should take about 30 minutes. Because the story is so jumpy, it invites you to play it again just to look at the parts again.

In the end the game reminds you that a game doesn't have to be long to be good and that a story can also be told by leaving out all the unnecessary parts.
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What the ♥♥♥♥ did I just play? Seems like some tragic, espionage, psychedelic, love story. Strangely enough, I still enjoyed it
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While the game IS fun, and the art style is one that I enjoyed, for the price it is not worth it. It costs about half the price of a movie ticket, and you can beat it in less that 20 minutes. I in-depth played it (Stopping to read all the cards, payed extra attention to the environments, and tried to explore best I could, etc.) AND played through a second time on commentary mode, only to find myself clocked in at a little less than an hour. I wish the game were a lot longer and offered a lot more. It's a great story, but for 5 dollars you should just watch it on youtube.
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Let me start off by saying this is much less a game than it is an art piece.

Thirty Flights of Loving takes you on a short and wonderfully confusing journey through dramatic and intense sequences. It took me about 10 minutes to beat, but the developer commentary gave me insight into the process of developing the game.

It feels very personal, and when it ends it leaves you wanting more, but having more would potentially spoil the experience.

If you're looking for a short artsy game with a story that you have to work for, then consider checking this out. If you have it in your Steam library and haven't played it yet, give it the 10 minutes of your time it asks for.
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Eh, I liked it. I wish there were more flights to love and more birds to photograph. It didn't take long to finish, and it gets pretty weird.
But I thought it was time well spent.
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Looked promising and interesting when I saw the screenshots. Finally got it for half-price in the sales (IDK £4 seemed a bit steep) so I was really excited when I got to play it. I started it up and was like "Ooh this is interesting..." and then again two minutes later "Um I don't really get it but it's going somewhere right..."

And then five minutes later it was over. FIVE MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY (Not inc. the 15 minute game you can get for free from the intertwebz). At half-price it still wasn't worth it. Nowhere near!

Potentially an interesting concept/ story, rushed into a tiny, meaningless prototype thingy.

At the very least this game shuld be free.

Tl;dr: I want my £1.99 back.
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An intensely surreal time, difficult to recommend at any kind of price-range given how abbreviated the experience is but still manages to be an interesting take on the "games as art" bandwagon. Can't be recommended as a purchase but worth watching a youtube playthrough of.
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Very much a case of the emperours new clothes as far a games go. This is an art film masquerading as a game. There's so little to it in terms of meaningful interactivity and it's so short in terms of play-time that it's hard to recommend it versus watching a lets play. Certainly there's a story there, and the art style as used in Chungs earlier 'Gravity Bone' is endearing, but it's a curio at the end of the day.
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I'm the type of guy that will wholeheartedly recommend a short game if it has a good story. Even if the price tag is sometimes a little over.

Year Walk, To the Moon, Brothers: A tale of two sons, Limbo, Deadlight, Thomas was alone, Spec Ops: The Line.

The list goes on. All short games. All have great stories. All I would recommend.

I would not recommend this game.

I don't want to sound like an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ but it feels like this game was made by some hipster who wanted to make an art piece out of a game. It didn't work.

I really feel that all the positive comments about this game are from people who are trying to make it clear that they support innovation and creativity in video games. That's great, but this "game" really isn't.

As I said before, length isn't usually an issue for me. However, I've played 20 minutes of this game and I've completed it three times. That's ridiculous. It could have the best story ever told ever by anyone ever and it would still be ridiculous that I can complete it three times in just over 20 minutes.

And that's what's worse. You watch the trailer and it says at the end

"Tells a better story in 13 minutes than most games do in 13 hours." - PC Gamer

Now, I like PC Gamer, but that is such a stupid statement that it's practically a lie. Its actually a really cheesy, sub-par romantic story. I won't spoil it, just in case you refuse to listen to me. I'm not that much of a ♥♥♥♥.

And above everything else, it is BORING. You'd be surprised at how bored you can get in a game that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The story is boring and the gameplay is boring. At least in Dear Esther and Gone Home, the story was good and it lasted longer than 10 minutes.

Walk around for 10 minutes. Engage in a plot that will leave you bored and with no attachment whatsoever to the characters. You've completed the game! Wasn't that great?! That'll be £4 please.
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Thirty Flights Of Loving is an 'art' game which means there isn't much to do and terribly short. Although the 'game' got some interesting parts, no one should pay 5 euro for a 10 min demo. That's right you complete this demo in 10 minutes. So would i recommend to play it? If it was free yes but sadly that's not the case.
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I really enjoyed the experience of playing Thirty Flights of Loving, but know what you are getting in to. It's a really interesting narrative, but I almost think it would have been better suited as a short film than an interactive experience as it's completely linear and you aren't really adding anything by being in control of the character because there are very few things to interact with.

But that being said, the presentation is great. The art direction is compelling, Chris Remo provides another great soundtrack, and the scene right after the open credits got to me more than any AAA game I can think of. I wish it was a little bit longer (about 15 minutes) and include a bit more interaction, but it's still an absolutely worthwhile experience. Although if I'm being honest, when I wanted to play it again a few months later, I ended up just watching a YouTube playthrough because it's almost the exact same thing and I didn't have to fire up Steam.
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Thirty Flights of Loving 9 / 10
Oct 23, 2013

A five minute Quentin Tarantino game/movie;
An interactive movie trailer between Pumpkin and Honey Bunny;

Yeah no sh*t - this lasts only five minutes; so I played it ten times for a total of 50 minutes hoping to get some Steam Cards.... (warning - did not work : p)

Do you make games? You figure out how to fit something like this into your game as an Interlude and Bingo you have a Hit within a Hit; hilarious and intense potential.

Check this out....
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Your a spy and the game is a story depicting your life. Short sweet and fun.
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Game? More like interactive short story. I'll keep it short, just like the game.
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is this a game? who cares, it's a good
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This game does a lot with a little.
It's short, yes, but it is that it is never boring.
This is an elegant demonstration of compelling visual story-telling.

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Colorful, elliptical, and a rare example of a game that takes genuine influence from cinema, rather than rummaging through its dumpster. It's best seen first-hand than explained (it's very brief). While the ambitious pull a hammy trying to create gaming's CITIZEN KANE, Brendon Chung created what could be its HOLY MOTORS.
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Great, great game as long as you're willing to look past the fact that it's about 15 minutes long. This one has a great love story.
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It's quirky and different. For all the effort that went into this "game" it was well worth the $5.
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You are your own enemy
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