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CUANDO LA TECNOLOGÍA SE ENFRENTA A CTHULHU Magrunner: Dark Pulse es un juego de acción y puzles en el que la tecnología se enfrenta a los mitos de Cthulhu imaginados por el escritor H. P. Lovecraft. Eres Dax, uno de los siete Magrunners seleccionados entre la élite para participar en el programa de entrenamiento espacial de Magtech.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 Jun 2013
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“Magrunner: Dark Pulse may be the first game in history to blend a near-future cyberpunk setting with the famed Cthulhu Mythos”

“Magrunner looks to be a highly polished, mechanically successful first person puzzler with a great aesthetic and great puzzles.”
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Acerca del juego

Magrunner: Dark Pulse es un juego de acción y puzles en el que la tecnología se enfrenta a los mitos de Cthulhu imaginados por el escritor H. P. Lovecraft.

Eres Dax, uno de los siete Magrunners seleccionados entre la élite para participar en el programa de entrenamiento espacial de Magtech. Sin embargo, lo que parece la oportunidad de tu vida pronto se convertirá en una terrible pesadilla.

Equipado con tu guante Magtech, deberás usar su poder para magnetizar y manipular objetos, con el fin de sobrevivir a la vez que resuelves intrincados puzles. Tus reflejos y tu ingenio serán llevados hasta el límite mientras te abres camino a través de más de 40 enormes y peligrosos niveles, enfrentándote tanto a la tecnología punta de las salas de entrenamiento como a los abismos insondables del cosmos, ¡para acabar enfrentándote a las más horrendas criaturas de Cthulhu!

Requisitos del sistema

    • Processor:AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.4 GHZ
    • Memory:2048 MB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
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Ok so yes i will admit why i bought this game first,i am a huge H.P.Lovecroft fan and allways have been (read all the stories he has written and found that i enjoy his works but THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH and THE CALL OF CTHULUH and probablly me favorites) and thats what first intrigued me about this game.
MAGRUNNER is very similar in play style to PORTAL,whereas in portal you have the "APERTURE HAND HELD PORTAL DEVICE" (god thats a mouth full) in MAGRUNNER you have the MAG GLOVE which fires 2 coloured charges.1 is green and one is red (push and pull mechanics come into play here-1 attracts and 1 repels) and it plays in much the same way as the "APERTURE...........oh lets call it the portal gun (its easier and doesnt take as long to wright) does in both of the PORTAL games.The graphics in MAGRUNNER are good and the music and overall feeling of dread that something may be coming for you at any point is quite intense at some points during the game.The story is told with gusto and never lets up (i havent finished yet but i am enjoying the story so far and i love the LOVECROFTIAN-(is that even a word DUH)-overtones in trhe story),as what starts out ot be a sci fi story about energy comsumption and finding new power sources soon turns into a horror induced nightmare and you find out why you and the other MAGRUNNERS are there and your purpass in the greater story is revealed.The main character is called DAX WARD and this sounds a lot like a character Lovecroft created himself CHARLES DEXTER WARD (any relation to this character is not know at this point as i havent finished the game just yet),DAX will no doubt before the end of the game encounter more similarities i dont doubt and will come across more of the horrors that Lovecroft created on the way.
I like this game and it is good to see a developer investing in a Lovcraft based game as there is not a lot (if any) out there (or film,tv series or any other medium for that matter),i would also reccomend that if you want to play anything inspired by Lovecrofts work also search out the game CALL OF CTHULUH : DARK CORNERS OF THE EARTH (also available on steam) as that is one of the best survival horror first person games i have ever played (finished it on the X BOX and going to play through on steam as soon as time permits).
So in closing if you loved PORTAL you will more than likely enjoy this and if you didnt steer clear and probably try DARK CORNERS OF THE EARTH instead as that game really does grab you by the throat and doesnt let go.
Publicado: 26 mayo 2014
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Magrunner exists to make you appreciate Portal. Yes, the graphics are good, and yes, the magnets are an interesting gameplay mechanic, but the storytelling is thoroughly second rate. Unskippable cutscenes are everywhere, character development is worse than flat (some of my allies are actually repulsive), and the voice acting and dialogue are clumsy (no one talks like that). This game has less emotional impact than a companion cube. I'm left feeling that Cthulu is a crutch, an almost desperate way to try to make me care about the story by using someone else's cool ideas hoping they rub off.

Even trying to put up with the story, the gameplay left me frustrated. It's a steep learning curve, and again because of poor delivery: they just expect you to know things. Trial and error can only get you so far when you have to perform yet another new maneuver they haven't taught you. Recipe for frustration.

After a couple hours of Magrunner all I could think was how much I wanted to go back and play Portal instead. So I did.
Publicado: 19 marzo 2014
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If you liked the puzzles in Portal, you'll probably like the puzzles here. I had a fair bit of fun solving them over ~8 hours of gameplay.

Don't buy this expecting the personality that Portal has, though. No real humor. The plot makes no sense at all, and the script is pretty corny. Suprisingly, the voice acting wasn't bad, if melodromatic.

All in all, a pretty good puzzle game. The Cthuluesque theme really didn't come into play until near the end of the game. It felt tacked on for 2/3, and then in the final 1/3, finally actually became a little more relevant as monsters were introduced. They were a reasonably difficult challenge, as you had to be quick in your reactions.
Publicado: 22 junio 2014
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Nice ! The story is so so....but the puzzles are quite cool. Basically, mix the mechanics of Portal and Q.U.B.E. together, add Unreal Engine 3, try to put some crazy story together and you have magrunner.

The magnet interactions were a nice change from the portals or the stuff you found in Quantum Conundrum. In a way, Magrunner is still different from all the others. It is no masterpiece but it is definitely a good puzzle game. Enemies will also come in some levels to put you some pressure, and the puzzles change enough to keep you interested. The story though (if there is one) is what it is....but better than nothing I guess, and the game has still atmosphere and is polished enough to be enjoyed. 12 Hours to play everything and get every trophy. Get this cheap and go past the beginning that looks a bit lame. 72/100
Publicado: 16 mayo 2014
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Experience the true elder terror of horrible "magnet" puzzles.
Publicado: 21 junio 2014
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Magrunner is too long for its own good. But it's a good game that deserved more recognition because it's in many ways similar to Portal and Q.U.B.E.
But instead of using portals or cubes you'll be solving puzzles using your Magtech glove, a glove that allows you to magnetize stuff. The puzzles are creative and challenging (most of the times) but there are just too many of them. About 6-7 hours in I got bored. Some of the puzzles just take too long to solve, which, as a result, made me lose interest.
Before that happened I actually had a great time with it. If you love FP puzzle games I'm pretty certain you'll love this one, too. It has nice visuals, good gameplay mechanics and a fun story. What's not to love?

[Rating: 77/100]
Publicado: 31 octubre 2013
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