Avernum is a land underground, a subterranean nation full of rogues, misfits, and brigands, struggling for survival in the monster-infested darkness.
Vásárlói értékelés: Nagyon pozitív (222 értékelés)
Megjelenés dátuma: 2012. ápr. 11.

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Avernum: Escape From the Pit vásárlása

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"Huge, holistic world with an interesting storyline, compelling tactical combat, meaningful choices, and more dungeons to explore than you could imagine."
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“The game's strong writing carries it through, and earns it a place among the greatest indie RPGs.”
9.0/10 – Game Chronicles

“Fans looking to get into the Avernum series will do very well with Escape from the Pit, and while the improvements beyond the game engine and visuals are relatively modest, there's still a lot to enjoy even if you've played through the game once before already.”

“It is a tribute to indie gaming as a whole that a game made by such a tiny team can swell into such an involving, engrossing and glorious fantasy epic.”
9.0/10 – The Digital Fix

“If you're looking for a complex single player RPG and value content at the expense of visuals, don't miss this title.”
8.0/10 – Impulse Gamer

“Spiderweb Software have provided a vast world in which to get lost, and a hefty quest in which to sink your teeth, which will reward those who can overlook its lack of finesse with many hours of enjoyable adventure.”
Indie Game Magazine

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Avernum is an epic fantasy role-playing adventurer set in an enormous, subterranean nation. Avernum is a land underground, a subterranean nation full of rogues, misfits, and brigands, struggling for survival and wealth in the monster-infested darkness.

You have been banished to the underworld, never to see the light of day again.

The surface is ruled by the cruel Emperor Hawthorne, master of the Empire. All of the known lands are subject to his brutal command. Everyone who speaks out, misbehaves or doesn’t fit in is cast into the dark, volcanic pits of Avernum, far below the surface. There, you are expected to die, a victim of starvation, horrible monsters, or simple despair.

But not all of the Avernites have surrendered. With magic and steel, they are forging a new nation deep underground. You can join them and fight for safety. Or freedom. Or, if you dare, revenge on the surface-worlders who tried to destroy you. Join your new countrymen, explore a huge game world, hunt for hundreds of magical artifacts, choose from hundreds of quests, and become the hero of the underworld!

Key features

  • Epic fantasy adventure in an enormous underworld.
  • Huge outdoors, eighty towns and dungeons, and hundreds of quests.
  • Three separate game-winning quests. Seek safety, escape or revenge. Complete just one or all three!
  • Unique races and settings make Avernum different from any adventure out there.
  • Hundreds of side quests and magical artifacts to discover.
  • Rich game system with over 50 spells and battle disciplines and a multitude of beneficial character traits to choose from.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM, 512 MB Recommended
    • Hard Disk Space: 300 MB
    • Video Card: 3D accelerated graphics card, Open GL compliant
    • OS: OS X 10.5 or later
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM, 512 MB Recommended
    • Hard Disk Space: 300 MB
    • Video Card: 3D accelerated graphics card, Open GL compliant
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4 emberből 4 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
140.1 óra a nyilvántartásban
At first you might be 'revolted' by the dated graphics. Then you might laugh at some 1990ish RPG your looking at. Force yourself to put at least a couple of hours into it and soon you will find yourself hooked. You got the crapiest equipment starting out and you will have to earn what you keep to survive. No freebees like modern games throw at you like candy at a parade. You will respect your CRPG awesomeness by giving this game a chance and then seeing if you got it to survive escaping the underdark to the surface! Good luck you will enjoy the journey!!!
Közzétéve: október 20.
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4 emberből 4 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
5.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
Avernum is right in your wheelhouse if you like games like Baldur's Gate and Divinity and are looking to experience that old school pen-and-paper RPG experience. I have not played all the rest of the games in the series and do not feel that I must in order to enjoy it on this one. Don't expect stellar graphics, but do expect everything else- like great game mechanics, a solid loot system, compelling story (with admirable writing skill), and a giant world to get lost in. I have yet to finish it yet, but from the first handful of quests, I know I am hooked well enough to come back to it. Another great thing about this game is it takes up less than 200 mb of space and has ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ly low system requirements, so it even plays on the ancient technological relics I keep around due to lack of having a proper gaming laptop to tote about. This game is also pretty nifty on iOS.
Anyhoots, I don't feel hasty in reccomending this.
Közzétéve: október 21.
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1 emberből 1 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
16.8 óra a nyilvántartásban
Avernum: Escape from the Pit is overall a really solid RPG. It combines classic party-based tactical RPG combat with a large and deeply designed gameworld. The result is an expansive classic RPG with a modern user interface that is a delight to play. Combat is deep, but not slow or frustrating to go through. Dungeons are just the right length, with enough secrets to reward thoroughness and some backtracking. Character design is involving and interesting, with most character builds and party compositions working well. The presentation is functional, but for fans of CRPGs the breadth of gameplay will win you over.
Közzétéve: október 20.
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1 emberből 1 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
35.6 óra a nyilvántartásban
Open World with exploration.Huge world full of secret. Nice Story and very cool atmosphere.total party customisation. If u dont mind the old\simple graphic its a gem!!
Közzétéve: október 24.
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3 emberből 2 (67%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
47.8 óra a nyilvántartásban
Great, fun game.
Közzétéve: október 16.
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1 emberből 0 (0%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
3.2 óra a nyilvántartásban
A wonderful RPG experience! Just buy it and play it...you won't be disappointed.
Közzétéve: október 21.
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46.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
First of all I must say I am a big fan of role play games, that I started back at the date with Eye of Beholder: I consider the top of the genre Baldur's Gate (the first one), and this is the first time I play an Avernum game; I was therefore completely new to the lore, mechanics and rules used in the game.
From the beginning Avernum: Escape from the pit looks intriguing and catchy: from text to text and fight to fight, I found myself playing for 3-4 hours straight after installation without realizing it.
The art and the drawing are inspiring, there is a lot of text that really make us feel the story and the lore, dialogs are brilliant; character creation and advancement, fightings, divine and arcane spellcasting: everything it is intuitive and somehow innovative, taking clear inspiration from old paper rpgs and fusing it with "modern" skill trees.
Longevity also seems to be a strong point of this title: I played 4 hours and visited 3 cities, and I could understand from the world map how insignificant is the portion of underworld I explored so far.
The only negative feedback some people might point out is graphics, and on this I completely disagree: it is a simple retro 2d graphic but is not bad at all: on the contrary it is clear and fluent, does not disturb the eye and does not require big machines to run.
Also the music is fitting, with its epic tones: it is just a pity that there is not a bigger variety of tunes.
All in all, I would recommend this game to all rpg fans and to all retro gamers, giving it a solid 8.5 out of 10. There are not many better roleplaying experiences than this one out there :)
Közzétéve: október 8.
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62.8 óra a nyilvántartásban
Very fun gameplay; removed the tedious bits of previous Avernum games. Low on story and character development, but definitely recommended if you enjoy open world RPGs.
Közzétéve: október 1.
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57.8 óra a nyilvántartásban
I've enjoyed Spiderweb Software games for many years now and this remake/update is plenty of fun. Lots and lots of play for a very reasonable price!
Közzétéve: október 4.
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63.8 óra a nyilvántartásban
Great old school styled RPG, if you played Wizards Crown, the original Ultima's or the AD&D games you will love this. Difficult even when your characers are bad ♥♥♥♥♥, always something out there that will put you in your place right quick. Huge game map and lots of side quests and dungeons to search. The rest of the devs games are bout the same but different stories, I even have one on my Kindle too. Well worth the purchase for a hundred hours or so retro play time.
Közzétéve: október 14.
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15 emberből 3 (20%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
0.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
You know what the quickest way to kill my enthusiasm for any RPG is? Immediately set me in a dungeon and have me kill rats with a stick for an hour before getting to do anything fun. It just screams "I have no respect for your time or intelligence and I'm too trapped in the past to come up with anything interesting to do for a tutorial mission"...
Közzétéve: szeptember 22.
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46 emberből 41 (89%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
70.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
In today's day and age, Spiderweb Software's games may seem like a novelty, but make no doubt that for the right audience they are exceptionally good games that offer a lot of bang for their buck. Avernum: Escape From The Pit is a modernized version of the Avernum series, and while the graphics are still not flashy the game more than makes up for it with good writing and solid turn based combat.

The game is a text heavy one, a blessing or a curse depending on the person playing. The writing is stellar and coupled with the low-key graphics it's one of the few games where you can really use your imagination if you so wish. It is worth noting that Avernum is an open-world RPG, so while I say the writing is stellar, don't expect a centralized story with deep characters--that's not what this game is. The game itself takes place in a huge underground cave complex, a joy for those like me who like underground fantasy settings and even for those who don't should still appreciate the unique and interesting world Avernum presents.

Avernum is lengthy, but if it's your type of game it will feel just right, making it a great game to pick up if you're on a budget. One playthrough alone will take about seventy to eighty hours if you are a semi completionist, and even if you aren't I would wager it would take a good fifty hours to beat. Throw in harder difficulties and achievements and you can easily extend that playtime twofold.

The combat is fairly atypical for a turn based game, but by no means bland. Each ally/enemy gets one turn per round and there are different types of characters your party can contain (priests, mage, etc.). The game is open world as mentioned and it lets you explore the world on your own, the game guides you very loosely but the bulk of the exploration is up to you to do. As thus, you can easily find yourself faced off against baddies that are higher level than you which can keep the game challenging even on normal difficulty.

Open world exploration in the deep caves of Avernum mixed with some awesome writing and very interesting in-game encounters made this game a blast, but one of the things I liked most was how seamlessly the keyboard was integrated into the game. With the exception of needing to use my touchpad to click on a few interactive objects in the game world and assigning character stats/equipping items, just about everything you need to do in-game can be done with just the keyboard. Conversations, looting, fighting, moving--can all be done with the keyboard. If you're playing at home on your desktop, this may not mean much, but if you want to play this on a laptop without a mouse handy, this game is the one. Very few RPGs can be played on low-end laptops and even fewer can be played without a mouse, but Avernum is perhaps the only game I've played that's required mouse/touchpad input so sparsely. I feel like I could have enjoyed an amazing RPG experience from any Spiderweb game, but this one stands out to me due to the stellar keyboard integration.
Közzétéve: július 28.
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24 emberből 21 (88%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
187.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
You have to like old school dungeon crawlers to appreciate the game. Having said that it was everything an old school RPG game should be about. I'm a bit of a 1-time-pass-thru-completionist (rather than quick finish to replay for alternative paths) and I got almost everything done in 187 hrs. There was only a few times I felt it was tedious play and that was with the friggin horrible "lights go out, so you must click millions off times to move inches" periods. The game does have a few minor bugs, like some times in teleporting your party members can end up inside room objects and freezes game for reload and if you happen to double click when casting sometimes your party members cast fake spells and move (when not supposed to move at all) so wasted turns can happen in middle of battles. BUT even with those minor bugs, the game was so fun and challenging I didnt mind over looking them. Newer more expensive games with better graphics have been doing much worse lately. Just suggestion, but go into settings and set party to move in fast mode or you might want to kill them yourself waiting to move very far! I'm definitely a fan of Spiderweb after this intro and I've already purchased x3 more Avernums based off this one. If that helps you decide in a purchase.
Közzétéve: április 29.
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19 emberből 16 (84%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
29.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
This is a game for those who want to experience the nostalgic turn-base RPG. For those familiar with Ultima IV (1985 release), Avernum will bring back those fond memories. In Escape from the Pit, you control up to four party members who have been banished from the Empire. From that seed, the storyline will grow. Since this is a relaunch of the Avernum series, the graphics are kept simple, but effective and plays efficiently on much older systems. Combat is turn-base with turns accomplished sequentially by intitiative and party order. The story is interesting with plenty of side quests and dungeons/caves to crawl around and explore. There is plenty of content since as of this review, I'm over 12 hours in and have covered around 1/3 of the map.

Bottom line is that this is a fun turn-base RPG. It's a must for the fans of Ultima IV.
Közzétéve: május 26.
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15 emberből 12 (80%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
161.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
This is prehaps the best Dungeon Crawler/RPG (outside Legend of Grimrock, Dungeons of Dredmore) that Steam has to offer. It is easy to get into and hard to put down. What makes it so enjoyable is the non-linear progression of it all. You have a choice over everything, from doing quests to killing things. Your charators can be speced to your choosing. Want a warrior that hits like a truck and can shoot fireballs? You can do that! You want a rouge that can't be hit and is a master lockpick? You can!

All in all, this game is well worth the price, even more on sale (if the Summer Sale is going while viewing this review)
You won't regret. I've spent 135 hours on this game. Take it from me. It won't let you down!
Közzétéve: június 22.
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5 emberből 5 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
46.8 óra a nyilvántartásban
Maybe the best $1.99 I've ever spent. There's so much content and wonderful strategic character progression. If you can sacrifice a little sheen for deep mechanics, this is a no-brainer.
Közzétéve: június 7.
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2 emberből 2 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
2.2 óra a nyilvántartásban
While being mostly nostalgic, the game is amazign at what it does. The story develops constantly and perfectly fits the theme of the world and the game. Combat mechanics are dynamic and variable enough to have this feeling of your own party that slowly grows to your heart and makes you play further to beat everything the evil throws at you.

Concerning the negative points, the technical aspects are the biggest part here. The graphics, while aesthetically suiting, are pretty simple and there is not a lot of comfort built in the game. However, almost nothign of this has actually made me feel worse about the game, as the positive parts overweight so heavily. If you are interested in old-school party RPG's, you might sink way too many hours into Avernum.

8/10, as the game is nice, but has some tedious gameplay after time.
Közzétéve: szeptember 24.
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4 emberből 3 (75%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
74.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
A turn-based tactical RPG with a brilliantly original world full of nooks and crannies. Seriously rivals Skyrim in terms of exploration, and it's better written to boot. If you can look past the shortcomings in the visual and audio departments, you'll find a treasure trove of entertainment. Hell, I got 70 hours out of this one.

You'll never want to Escape From the Pit.
Közzétéve: június 19.
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1 emberből 1 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
52.8 óra a nyilvántartásban
Old school RPG with solid mechanics, zounds of quests makes gameplay least rly long whats big advantage for me. 100% worth for this price.
Közzétéve: június 5.
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1 emberből 1 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
76.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
A well-written, content-rich, decidedly old-school RPG. Seems to have a thing for delicate mushrooms, and small, cute lizards. Would certainly reccomend to the right audience (that is, individuals like myself).
Közzétéve: július 31.
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