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和平的格魯多王國現在遭到了邪惡勢力的威脅,Cyrus 是他們唯一的希望!
發售日: 2012年3月14日
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和平的格魯多王國現在遭到了邪惡勢力的威脅,他們唯一的希望只能寄託在一位精通神秘魔法「Wizorb」的魔法師 Cyrus 身上!您將從遭到怪物入侵的柯洛弗小鎮,到考爾頓山頂上的格魯多城堡過程中,探索許多奇妙的地方。在危機四伏的情況下,您需要隨時保持機警以便生存。


  • 在一個奇幻世界中體驗全新風格的打磚塊遊戲。
  • 使用您的魔杖擊球並施展多種魔法。
  • 超過 60 個關卡分佈於 5 個不同的世界中。
  • 賺取金錢購買護身符或是幫助市民重建他們的家園。
  • 史詩般的頭目決戰。
  • 多重結局。
  • 由知名 8-bit 藝術家 Paul Robertson 所繪製的人物動畫。

系統需求 (PC)

    • 作業系統:Windows XP 或更高
    • 處理器:雙核心處理器(Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz 或 AMD Athlon X2 5200+ 2.6 GHz)
    • 記憶體:1 GB
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • 硬碟:250 MB 硬碟空間
    • 音效卡:相容 DirectX 9.0c 之音效卡

系統需求 (MAC)

    • 作業系統:Mac OS X v10.6 或更高
    • 處理器:Intel Core™ Duo 或更快
    • 記憶體:1 GB
    • 硬碟空間:250 MB 硬碟空間
    • 顯示卡:128 MB 記憶體
66 人之中有 44 人(67%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
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7 篇評論
4.0 記錄時數
I really, really tried to like this game. I love the graphical style and Breakout type of gameplay; I was hoping that this would be an evolution of it. It's not. It's slow and monotonous.

You begin in a broken town. In order to rebuild, you must go into the dungeons, earn money and donate it to the townspeople. The dungeons are different environments such as a forest, castle and mine; which are presented beautifully in an elegant 2D anime style. So pretty in fact that this was the main draw for me to buy the game.

The gameplay is close to the classic Arkanoid/Breakout style. You have a paddle at the bottom of the screen that keeps a ball bouncing around on the 'table', there are bricks on the table you must break which hold gold and various powerups or conditions that weaken your paddle. Once you break all the bricks with the ball: you win the level. If you let the ball fall out of the bottom you lose a life, once all lives are gone you restart the world unless you buy a continue with the gold you're using to rebuild the town or buy items. There are also stores in some of the levels, bonus areas to get extra lives and items, and spells that help you speed up the process of breaking the blocks.

The problem with the game is that it doesn't deviate from the Breakout formula enough, so if you've ever played one of them then you've played a very close version of this game; and it has the same problems.

Once you've broken most of the bricks in a level, the ball tends to just bounce around missing the bricks that it's been missing since the beginning of the level; especially the bricks in the corners. This is supposed to be solved with your spells, which allow you to change the angle of the ball mid-movement, a fireball spell that lets you shoot up from your paddle, and a few spells that allow you to set the ball where you want. This works for the first dungeon and that's about it. In later levels there are unbreakable blocks, blocks that take many hits to destroy, and barriers that slow your progression through levels to an eye-gouging crawl.

It's just boring. If you've scrolled to the bottom of this review for a score, it's boring/out of 10.
I wish I could tell you that the graphics are enough to purchase the game, but it's just a bore.

Please don't waste your money or time.
14 人之中有 11 人(79%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
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11 篇評論
5.3 記錄時數
☺ Beautiful Presentation.
☺ Classic 'Breakout' gameplay.

☹ Quite Short.
☹ Classic 'Breakout' gameplay.

The presentation of Wizorb is superb, every time I boot it up it feels like I've just stuck a cartridge into the SNES - both the visuals and the sound hit their mark (unlike the orb which is still bouncing around aimlessly). You play as a mighty Wizard who's immense magic power seems to transform him into a...stick. Well, a paddle. Seeing that his next feat of insurmountable power is conjuring a little floating orb, this isn't as useless as it sounds.

The game at it's heart is a breakout style brick breaking game where you rebound a ball using a small paddle you control into the targets until none remain. Although there are a couple of spells such as engulfing your ball in flames to pass through multiple blocks or subtly altering its direction with a breath of wind, they really don't do all that much to change up the game and crucially, don't always stop you from the dreaded 'last brick standing' challenge of rebounding around the level for a few minutes until you get lucky enough to hit that last, stubborn brick.

You're tasked with helping a small village rebuild as you venture out and defeat monsters and destroy targets of varying shapes and sizes (I'm not quite sure what great threat a bush is to the already destroyed village, but its your task to crush them into leafy pulps!). The highlight to the gameplay is the boss battles, which is a neat little twist that see's you fighting a much tougher enemy that has a few skills of their own - it's just a shame this sort of thing wasn't the norm, as other enemies simply act as mobile targets.

I played the game with a mouse (the clicky kind, not the squeaky kind) and found the controls to be smooth and responsive, although I did get a slight stutter now and then - nothing that impacted the gameplay, but it did come close.

It's hard to recommend Wizorb to all but the biggest Breakout fans as it just doesn't offer that much compared to other brick breaking games, despite the wonderful presentation. If you're a fan though, its a fair price for what's on offer.
44 人之中有 26 人(59%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
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35 篇評論
10.5 記錄時數
This game is supposed to be a modern day arkanoid with rpg elements, however the rpg part is too little and the brick breaking is too much. The most annoying part is trying to hit those last bricks that the ball just wont go to, level after level, which basically makes you feel like you are wasting your time. Would mainly recommend to retro-arkanoid fanatics only. I wish I had gotten a warning about this before getting it, so I am giving out a warning to you instead.
38 人之中有 21 人(55%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
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9 篇評論
3.7 記錄時數
You know how the worst part of playing Breakout is when you just have one or two pieces left and you're desperately trying to maneuver your ball to that spot for five minutes straight? Imagine doing that for every single one of this game's 60 levels. That's what Wizorb is.
The game has a nice retro-inspired look, but it ultimately can't save a rather dull game. If you want a great Breakout clone, play Shatter instead.
27 人之中有 15 人(56%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
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35 篇評論
3.1 記錄時數
Cute game with some very nice music and art (Paul Robertson worked on this!)

Sadly, though, the gameplay isn't great and the checkpoint system is hilariously bad. It's charming enough that I sincerely wish it was a better game, but it's just not that good.