Mírumilovné království Gorudo je zase jednou ohrožováno přítomností samotného zla. Jedinou nadějí na záchranu je Cyrus!
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23. prosince 2015

Happy Holidays! 50% + OFF on all Tribute Games!

The holidays are a time to bring families and friends together and nothing brings everyone together like video games!

Well, a whole bunch of stuff can bring us all together. It's a pretty varied list, really but video games are great, aren't they?? All of ours are sold 50%+ OFF!
During the holidays you can :

Venture into the world of brick-breaking fantasy in Wizorb with 66% OFF !

Fight the forces of CLAW (with three of your loved ones) in action-platforming style in Mercenary Kings: 55% OFF !

Smash monsters in the face, alone or with a friend in Curses N Chaos: 55% OFF !

If you already have those games, thank you very much! We hope you'll check out our upcoming games in 2016!

Happy Holidays,
Tribute Games

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Informace o hře

Mírumilovné království Gorudo je zase jednou ohrožováno přítomností samotného zla. Jedinou nadějí na záchranu je Cyrus, čaroděj zběhlý v tajemné magii zvané Wizorb! Prozkoumejte spoustu podivuhodných míst od opuštěného města Clover, kde se to monstry jen hemží, až po hrad Gorudo na vrchu hory Cauldron Peak. Nebezpečí číhá na každém kroku, takže vezměte rozum do hrsti a zlepšete si reflexy, k přežití je budete určitě potřebovat.

Hlavní rysy:

  • Zbrusu nová přelomová hra zasazená do fantasy světa.
  • Použijte svou kouzelnickou hůlku k vyslání různých magických kouzel.
  • Přes 60 úrovní v 5 odlišných světech.
  • Získejte zlato a nakupte si nová zaklínadla nebo pomozte občanům opravit jejich domovy.
  • Epické souboje s bossy.
  • Více možných konců.
  • Animace postav od Paula Robertsona.

Systémové požadavky

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Operační systém: Windows XP nebo novější
    • Procesor: Dvoujádrový procesor (Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz nebo AMD Athlon X2 5200+ 2.6 GHz)
    • Paměť: 1 GB RAM
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Pevný disk: 250 MB místa
    • Zvuková karta: DirectX 9.0c kompatibilní zvuková karta
    • Operační systém: Mac OS X v10.6 nebo novější
    • Procesor: Intel Core™ Duo nebo rychlejší
    • Paměť: 1 GB RAM
    • Pevný disk: 250 MB místa
    • Grafická karta: 128 MB paměti
    • OS:glibc 2.15+, 32/64-bit. S3TC support is NOT required.
    • Processor:Dual-core processor (Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 5200+ 2.6 GHz)
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 3.0+ support (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
    • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space
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16 z 22 osob (73%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
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10.4 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 17. listopadu 2015
Great pixel art, fun concept. But the level design gets terrible in the lategame. Expect to spend 30 seconds at a time watching a ball bounce between unbreakable objects while you wait for your split-second chance to hit it again, at which point you will probably miss one of the hundreds of essentially luck-based rebound shots required to progress.

This game has forced mouse acceleration, and you might experience unplayably slow paddle movement in fullscreen mode.
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3 z 3 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
2 osob ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
3.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 15. března
This game is like a Wizard and an Orb all rolled into one, and put into a game called Arkanoid where you have to breakout the blocks you find in an alleyway, in what the Japanese would call "block kuzushi". This game is off the wall, and not what I would simply call a Breakout clone.
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2 z 2 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
9.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 12. dubna
Hardcore, old-school block-breaking fun. Most of the time.

I disagree with the "casual" tag on this game. It's one of the more difficult Breakout-type games I've played, requiring very precise aiming in the later levels as well as when there's one block left that you need to break, nestled between unbreakable blocks.
The level design is also very unforgiving in the later stages, and if you're a score chaser you need to finish each level set ("world") in one sitting or you'll lose your score.
So if that sounds like your kinda game, read on!

What I enjoyed
  • A beautiful old-school feel to the graphics and audio.
  • Solid block-breaking play.
  • The game is enhanced by adding an upgrade shop in most levels.
  • Spellcasting helps you shoot blocks, guide the ball and more. There are more spells than you might think; check the in-game help for a full list.
  • There are varied themes for the levels grouped into different "worlds" or regions that you access on a map.
  • In between missions, you can spend your gold to help restore a village and receive rewards, as well as equip for the next "world".
What I didn't like
  • In the later levels, too many unbreakable blocks are placed in rows very close to the paddle, leading to very fast bouncing back and forth and more chance of missing the marble. This is artificial difficulty and just unfair.
  • If you go back to the map without finishing a "world", you lose all your progress in that set of levels.
  • If you save and quit the game, your level progress in the "world" is saved but your score is reset. No idea what drove this decision. It prevents short play sessions. We don't all have time to sit through a whole level set.
  • Related to the above progression issues, there is no arcade mode that lets you jump into any level you've previously completed. You have to go through the campaign.
It's difficult to decide whether to recommend this game or not. And you'll see the other Steam reviewers saying the same. It looks and sounds lovely, and the gameplay can be fun, but there are many annoyances.
Yes, recommended because there is definitely enough enjoyment for the low asking price.
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1 z 3 osob (33%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
0.1 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 21. dubna 2013
Kravina.. Takový debilní tetris, naprosto neovladatelný.. mohla by to být zábava tak před 20 lety... 10%
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93 z 133 osob (70%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
1 osoba ohodnotila tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
6.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 19. ledna 2014
I really, really tried to like this game. I love the graphical style and I enjoy 'Breakout' type of games; I was hoping that this would be an evolution of them. It's not. It's slow and monotonous.

You begin in a broken town. In order to rebuild you must go into the dungeons, earn money, and donate it to the townspeople. The dungeons are different environments such as a forest, castle and mine; all are presented beautifully in an elegant SNES anime style. The style is so pretty in fact that it was the main draw for me to buy the game.

The gameplay is close to the classic Arkanoid/Breakout games. You have a paddle at the bottom of the screen that keeps a ball bouncing around on the 'table'; there are bricks on the table you must break which hold gold and various powerups that help you, or conditions that weaken your paddle. Once you break all the bricks with the ball: you win the level. If you let the ball fall out of the bottom you lose a life, once all lives are gone you restart the world unless you buy a continue with the gold you're using to rebuild the town, or buy items. There are also stores in some of the levels, bonus areas to get extra lives and items, and spells that help you speed up the process of breaking the blocks.

The problem with the game is that it doesn't deviate from the Breakout formula enough; so if you've ever played one of them then you've played a very close version of this game, and it has the similar problems.

Once you've broken most of the bricks in a level, the ball tends to just bounce around missing the bricks that it's been missing since the beginning of the level, especially the bricks in the corners. This is supposed to be solved with your spells which allow you to change the angle of the ball mid-movement, a fireball spell that lets you shoot up from your paddle, and a few spells that allow you to set the ball where you want. They work for the first dungeon and that's about it. In later levels there are unbreakable blocks, blocks that take many hits to destroy, and barriers that slow your progression through levels to an eye-gouging crawl.

It's just boring. If you've scrolled to the bottom of this review for a score, it's boring/out of 10.
I wish I could tell you that the graphics are enough to purchase the game, but it's just a bore.

Please don't waste your money or time.
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