Dans le futur, les derniers survivants de la Grande Guerre continuent le combat grâce à la machine de guerre ultime : L'AirMech®. Créées à l'aide d'une technologie oubliée, les Pilotes ont trouvé, reconstruit ou volé des AirMechs qu'ils utilisent pour protéger les faibles ou pour piller et s'enrichir. Pour quel camp vous battrez-vous?
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Date de parution: 8 nov 2012

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Remarque : Ce jeu en Accès anticipé peut changer ou ne pas changer de façon significative. Si vous n'êtes pas enthousiasmé de jouer à ce jeu dans son état actuel, vous devriez peut-être attendre que le jeu se développe d'avantage. En savoir plus

Ce que les développeurs ont à dire :

Play for free, keep your stuff! No resets at the end of Beta!

All purchases and unlocks are permanent. We call it Beta because we're still adding some pretty big features, but so far we have:

- Training and Solo play - for learning how to play, or casual fun
- Coop and PvP Matchmaking - quickly get matched against others
- Custom games and rules - when you want total control
- Player driven economy - didn't need that drop? Sell it to other players!
- Quests with ingame rewards - like Achievements, but better
- Leveling, progression, unlocks - level yourself, your AirMechs, expand your army
- NOT "pay2win" at all - check our reviews or ask players ingame
- Global chat, Factions, parties - integrated directly into the core UI
- Crafting system - added due to player demands
- VIP/Premium for LIFE with any purchase - because we're cool like that

Carbon Games is a small indie developer that is funded by YOU the players. That's why we are very reactive to giving players what they want to help the game grow in a positive direction. Learn more about Carbon here: https://www.carbongames.com/about.html
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Jump right into the action with AirMech Prime to gain instant access to the all AirMech classes, a huge selection of Units, and a host of other goodies!


Recommandé par les curateurs

"An interesting mix of DOTA-style and strategy games with arcade "Desert Strike" style action. Fair f2p model."
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Mises à jour récentes Tout voir (58)

6 mai

Update #208 - Shocking Discovery: Tesla Tower!

We have an exciting new unit for this patch: the Tesla Tower! A great defensive structure it does electrical arc damage as well as applying a stasis effect to all the units it hits. Lots of fun to watch it in action--share your best screenshots in the forums!

Cinco de Mayo content is live, so be sure to unlock Zara and pick up any of the limited time pets like the Pinata or Sombrero. Don't forget about the Maracas item if you want to get those infantry moving a bit faster! Enjoy the holiday everyone!

In other news, AirMech Arena (the console version of AirMech) is in beta today for PS4 and Xbox One! PS4 players with PSN+ are able to get the game right now, and Xbox One players can use a key for access. Ask around if you need one, and DVIPs can check the forums for instructions on where to get theirs if they want it. Full release should be next week!

We've also been looking into lag/disconnect reports and decided to retire some of our less reliable hosting providers. These areas were already well covered by other server locations, so this should not affect server availability for most players--we expect this will lead to better games for everyone.

General Updates:
  • New Unit: Tesla Tower - damage plus stasis effect!
  • Cinco de Mayo content is live
  • new badge for owning the entire Cake set
  • more updates to menu backgrounds
  • PeanutLabs survey links removed
  • tweaks to Striker sword/shield effects
  • new model for Ultimate Moneymaker
  • updates to Erik, Goh, and Natasha art
  • added support for specifying individual latched units in outposts in the Map Editor

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed melee units targeting cloaked Neo
  • fixed unit pickup ring showing for the enemy team
  • fixed Play menus getting stuck on screen
  • added auto-deploy pads for bottom fortress on Sandrim
  • fixed endgame UI not appearing if UI was toggled off when the matched ended
  • fix for Ultimate Generator not playing animation when being auto-deployed
  • fix for replays not loading
  • fix for Angel using running animation while gliding
  • fix for typing decimals in Editor text boxes
  • fix for free cam getting stuck in Sandbox/Editor
  • fixed Bird Frame recipe
  • fixed fort health bars causing mouse cursor to lose focus while firing
  • fixed timing issue with market/leaderboard refresh while being pulled into a match

Balance Changes:
  • T45 build time decreased from 6 to 3
  • T45 build cost increased from 4000 to 4500
  • T45 aim turn rate increased from 100 to 125
  • removed ground-to-air missiles from T45
  • stat changes to Flak Ammo and Blueprinted Turbine series of parts
  • repair units will attempt to heal while moving
  • Patcher move speed increased from 5 to 6
  • Rebel carry weight decreased from 920 to 720
  • Warthog spin-down rate increased from 650 to 800
  • Warthog Spin Up ability move speed bonus decreased from 4% to 2%
  • 1v1 income decreased by 15%
  • 3v3 income increased by 15%
  • 1v1 energy increased by 20%
  • 3v3 energy decreased by 30%

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19 avril

Update #207 - Mega Update

Big patch time! We've got new things, improvements, fixes, balance changes and more. We'll briefly touch on the fun stuff, but be sure to dig into the sections below for all the details.

What's new? How about some Ultimate Bombs to start? Almost tactical nukes I'd say--new explosion effects were needed to convey the destructive power. Do you love Bucky? Of course you do, and now there's a little pet version of him that becomes Bucky Head in ground mode! In the running for most awesome thing ever. Want more Diamonds? Well the Diamond Mine Blueprint is now available for any VIP to unlock. There's also a Swift Butcher alternate, and you can play your own maps in Custom games.

Wait what?! Yes, the first version of playing your custom maps with others is in this build! It's still very "alpha", but if you have Prime you can use the map editor to customize or create your own map, then "publish" it to the server. Create a Custom game, check the option to use it (make sure you edited a map first), cross your fingers, and you might end up in it! On the serious side, let us know how that works for you in the forums.

General Updates:
  • New: Ultimate Bombs! Lets just say we had a lot of fun testing these.
  • New: Bucky Head pet, head, thing? Bucky is so meta. ːbuckyː
  • New: Diamond Mine Blueprint now available for VIPs to purchase
  • tweaks to Striker sword impact effects
  • tweaks to Bomber Whirlwind effects and added team color support
  • added plans for crafting unit alternates (plans required to craft)
  • integrated Basecamp into the main menu
  • added Swift Butcher alternate
  • added generated prop icons for Map Editor
  • added unique icons for blueprints
  • added glow effects for Leveler
  • updated destruction effects/models for turrets and socketables
  • tweaked Blue/Cyan contrail colors
  • new Watch tab background

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed Unit Aim Rotate Speed stat working in reverse
  • fixes for landing in trees on Duel
  • fixed being able to un-ignore players
  • fixed PAX Helix missiles not showing
  • fix to Spiral prop collision allowing you to get on top of a building
  • fixed a few spots on Duel where players could land on trees
  • fixed frame part icons in mail attachments
  • fixed melee units moving back to old positions when a group select Hold order is issued
  • fix for tap-fire exploits (most common with Warthog)
  • fix for infantry accepting orders while inside an outpost
  • fixed dragging player profile cards also moving camera view in spectate
  • fixed Basecamp blueprints not showing in the Shop
  • fixed deploy animation for Stinger
  • potential fix for drop dialog getting loaded in an empty state
  • fixed the Back button on Play menus
  • fixed Safebox using the wrong model in game
  • fixed Lunchbox scale issues
  • fixed colors for team colored electric effects

Balance Changes:
  • T99 missile damage reduced from 80 to 72
  • T99 setup time doubled
  • Hero movement acceleration increased from 2 to 8
  • Bombs build cost increased from 1400 to 1800
  • Arty build cost increased from 5000 to 6000
  • Archy build cost increased from 5200 to 6000
  • Arty reload time increased from 2.8 to 3.2
  • Archy reload time increased from 2.8 to 3.2
  • Bertha reload time increased from 3.8 to 4.4
  • Bucky accuracy increased
  • Gemini build cost increased from 5900 to 6000
  • Gemini turret aim speed rotate speed decreased from 110 to 90
  • Stinger build time decreased from 8 to 7
  • Stinger build cost decreased from 4500 to 3000
  • Stinger hit points decreased from 1800 to 1250
  • Stinger upkeep decreased from 2 to 1
  • Stinger shot damage decreased from 61.4 to 50
  • Stinger fire delay increased from 0.2 to 0.6
  • Stinger sustained fire time increased from 0.8 to 1.2
  • Stinger reload time decreased from 1.6 to 0.6
  • Stinger range increased from 20 to 22
  • Stinger missile speed increased from 19 to 22
  • Warthog fuel use when firing decreased from 1.2 to 0.9
  • Warthog fuel use when flying decreased from 0.6 to 0.55
  • Warthog spin-down rate increased from 500 to 650

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Offre exclusive Steam

Deux objets provenant de Portal sont désormais disponibles pour tous les joueurs de Steam:

Cube de Compagnie - Trouvé dans les ruines d'une usine abandonnée depuis fort longtemps, il y a quelque chose de particulier à propos de ce cube qui vous oblige à le garder à vos côtés. Il suivra votre AirMech pendant les batailles comme un cube de compagnie fidèle jusqu'au bout! Peut être équipé sur l'emplacement Flair de n'importe quel AirMech.

Tourelle - Les plans de cette tourelle furent trouvés dans une grande usine souterraine d'avant guerre. Elles sembleraient destinées à des fins offensives contre les humains, c'est pourquoi cette version est équipée de balles perce-armure pour les rendre plus efficaces contre les armées de robots dans les batailles de nos jours. Elles sont légères et ne coûtent peu, sont seulement efficaces contre les unités les plus faibles, mais vous pouvez en construire beaucoup en peu de temps pour les rendre utiles.

À propos de ce jeu

Dans le futur, les derniers survivants de la Grande Guerre continuent le combat grâce à la machine de guerre ultime : L'AirMech®. Créées à l'aide d'une technologie oubliée, les Pilotes ont trouvé, reconstruit ou volé des AirMechs qu'ils utilisent pour protéger les faibles ou pour piller et s'enrichir. Pour quel camp vous battrez-vous?

AirMech® est un jeu de stratégie/action frénétique, jouable en ligne en compétition ou en collaboration. Obtenez des Kudos et de l'expérience en combattant afin de débloquer un grand nombre d'AirMechs, de pilotes, d'unités et d'objets pour créer votre propre armée afin d'exécuter votre stratégie.

Caractéristiques :

  • L'action/stratégie réinventée : Un gameplay à la DotA avec des mechas transformables, possédant chacun leur propres caractéristiques et compétences. L'action frénétique et les parties courtes permettent de se battre à l'infini!
  • Personnalisez votre armée : Choisissez votre AirMech et vos Unités pour plonger dans la bataille et aider votre équipe à remporter la victoire. Débloquez aussi des apparences alternatives pour vos AirMechs (skins) pour ne ressembler à personne d'autre.
  • Différents modes de jeu : Jouez en JcJ 1v1 ou 3v3, ou en coopération contre l'IA en mode survie pour affronter à 4 une horde ininterrompue d'ennemis. Le mode défi vous permet de perfectionner vos talents dans des épreuves en temps limité.
  • Contrôles : Permet de jouer au clavier/souris, mais aussi avec une manette Xbox 360. Les contrôles peuvent être intégralement personnalisés pour jouer comme il vous plaît.

Configuration requise

    Minimale :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP
    • Processeur : Pentium 4
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : 8800 GT
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 100 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Oui
    • Autre : Connexion Internet haut débit
    • Additionnel : Recommandations système temporaires, en attente d'avantage de données.
    Recommandée :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 7
    • Processeur : Core 2 Duo
    • Mémoire vive : 4 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : 8800 GT
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 200 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Oui
    • Autre : Connexion Internet haut débit
    • Additionnel : Recommandations système temporaires, en attente d'avantage de données.
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Posté le : 26 avril
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Great game: Although MatchMaking creates brutally unfair matchups for new players, it is still a fast paced and fun game to play. Talking from experience, I used to be a f2p for more than a year and during that time period I had many cosmetics and skins just from playing. The game is not pay-2-win as most of the units are somewhat fair against eachother and every default skin, part, and unit is achievable without paying any money.
My only problem is I have a 601-123 W-L ratio, and most of my wins are from noobs/new players. Please fix the match-ups because from a new player's perspective, the game is not very fun if every match is against a high-tier player.
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7 personne(s) sur 8 (88%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
91.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 27 avril
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I loved Herzog Zwei on the Sega. Here it is...with lots of strange and interesting extras.
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Posté le : 2 mai
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Review In Short:

Airmech is an Action RTS game taht takes a twist on the genere of RTS gaming. This game is a mix of DOTA/LoL with a game like Starcraft. You control a character/hero that is your Airmech and there are creeps that spawn from your main base every so often. You can build your own units to fight by your side from a vast selection of units. Gameplay is usually fast and intense with plenty of aerial dog fighting and battlfield micro. This game is casual player friendly with opportunities for the more competetive player.

Only problems are if you're an Aussie, finding people to play with can be quite difficult. Lag is also an issue if you are an Oceanic player.

Feel free to add me in game and set me as your referrer (shameless self-promotion :P ). My name is VIRUSALPHA and I'm one of the few Australian players.

+ Fair Business Model
+ Not pay to win
+ Casual player friendly
+ Intense gameplay
+ Frequent updates, balance changes and bug fixes

- Not many Oceanic players
- Meta shifts frequently post updates (which may or maynot be a good thing)
- Meta meta meta. A lot of high tier players use the same tactic, strategy and loadout. People like to use the best units, best setup and best strategy. However if you're skilled enough you can work around it. Can be stale.

Slightly Longer Review:

(Adding on to the above)

The meta shifts A LOT when big updates come and rapidly change after balance changes. This is probably a good thing, however the game can become borning when everyone adopts the meta. There is a tremendous selection of pilots, airmechs, parts and units. The problem is balance. Achiving perfect balance and harmony is far from near. Thier are hunderds of units to use but generally high tier players pick the same 8-10. Why? because those units are best. There's tons of pilots but players tend to choose 3 because they are the best. There's 9 airmech classes but professional mainly use 3. This is just one of my dissatisfactions of the game. There are units/mechs/items that completely outclass others which is sad. Balance is yet to be achived in this game which is forgiveable because it's still in BETA.

The game's busienss model is fair, or even great. Everything can be purchased for in game currency which is amazing. A casual player can unlock plenty of items in 1 day. You can unlock all units, pilots and items for in game currency which is amazing. This currency is called Kudos. The premium currency in this game is Diamonds and the game gives you 500 to start with. With thos amount you can buy whatever you please but you CANNOT BUY POWER. You can earn diamonds through quests but these diamonds are locked until you make a purchase of anything in game and obtain silver VIP or higher. It's an incentive for you to invest money in the game with the smallest purchase avaiable being $5USD.

Generally diamonds are used to buy cosmetics to look fancy and ultra classy. You can buy Ultimate Variants of units which are UNBALANCED AND SUPER OVERPOWERED "BUT" these can only be used in solo play, player vs AI (co-op) and custom games. These units cannot be used in regualr (unranked or ranked) PvP. Generally these items are for noobs :P Hence, upon starting the game you receive a random ultimate unit in your inventory.

New players these days are VERY LUCKY. You get free items and cosmetics as you play the game. This is just a taste of what you get when you purchase diamonds. It's an incentive to purchase diamonds and if you do I suggest gettin the starter pack as it gives you best value for your money. So try out this game if you havent already. If you don't like it, simply uninstall.

This game has a drop system. In this drop systems you can receive crates, cosmtics, pets, consumale items, stuff and rare unit alternatives which cannot be purchased normally. This drop system is fair and gives you cool stuff which you can sell on the player market if you wish.

The market is acessable when you reach level 10 which isn't hard at all even for a casual player. At this level you can purchase stuff on the market. At level 50 you can sell stuff on the market. All items on the market are sold for premium currency. Unfortunately reaching level 50 is gonna take A LONG TIME. However after a purchase and obtaining silver VIP the marketis instanly acessable and for use. If you are not a VIP after selling an item you only get 30% of the diamonds you sold your item for with the rest being locked. So for instance if you sell a hat for 100 diamonds, you only get 30. There is also an in-game tax of 15%. So if you want to sell and earn 100 diamonds, your item will be listed for 115 diamonds. Once sold you get you 100 diamonds.

There's loadouts in which you can customise evrything you need for a game. You can choose up to 8 different types of units to put into your loadout. There are infantry, light vechicles, trucks, tanks, big tanks, even bigger tanks, artillery, healing, radar units, traps, turrets and socket units that provide speical effects. You have a 9th slot for a guardian that provides unquie effects such as healing, radar and for extra damage out put. In your loadout you can customise your airmech. You can change airmechs, customise its parts, change cosmetics and a whole lot of other stuff. You have a slot for an item which provide small buffs. Finally there is a space for your pilot which is very important as pilots usually depeict your play style.

The game has a crafting system which lets you craft a wide range of items but is restricted on current items you habe and your level.

In terms of gameplay you will always be using your airmech to carry your units across the map. You can pick your units up and micro them. There are mass commands for macroing. Tanks are the main unit composition with support units such as healing and radar/artillery jamming. There are many ways to play this game. This game features outposts. Once captured they provide different effects and raise your upkeep. Yes you have upkeep. You use hot keys to build units and collect them from eitehr your fortress or outpost to place on the ground and assign commands. Outposts and fortresses provide healing. Outposts are occupied by 4 infantry/creeps and can be neutralised by killing all 4. You can capture an outpost by filling it with 4 of your own infantry or creeps. You can use the outpost to your advantage by healing from it and producing units and deploying them from there. Generally if you have more outposts than the other guy you're well ahead in winning the game. There some sockets on your fortress and sometimes a few on your outposts. You can socket your "socket" units onto these to activate them or provide buffs to turrets. To are 2 ways of winning a game. The first is by having your opponent leave :P The other way is by reducing your opponent/s fortress health to 0. There 2 ways to go about it. You can do it traditionally by knocking on their door with an army/convoy of tanks or by capturing all outposts on the map putting you into the dominating postition. While the enemy in in domination their fortress slowly takes adamage after a 30 second warning. This game mechanic promotes movining out and not slwo turely gameplay.

This game often referrences other games and has special events often. For example you can find the Portal Cube, Sentry Turret, and Minecraft Creeper in game. Also the game also features a referral system in which you receive rewards. That's why you can find Total Biscuit, The Cynical Brit, HuskyStarcraft and Chimmney Swift in the game. Oh yeah about these events, special seasonal items are sold. Such as in Easter you can buy a Jesus pilot and during Christmas you can buy Santa.

If RTS is not your thing the game is often called FarmMech as you have a basecamp.... You can grow and builds stuff... It's like Farmville... heh. Bunny Farm OP
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Posté le : 14 mai
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new future cop
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Posté le : 19 mai
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Love it. I guess I'd call it a fast-paced "full map" tactical RTS. Classic in style but you really gotta be everywhere not just building in one section on the map. Teamwork really is essential. Now you really have to actively defend in melee with your AirMech. An awesome little transformer looking machine and pilot (inside). I think it's great. Very addicting if you're into this type of game. With the new ability to build your own map it's even better. Free to play. Loyalty capsules could have gotten me mostly everything but I just bought the pack with everything in it cause... I think it's totally worth it.

Not everyone's type of game.
But if you dig the style... it comes Highly Recommended.
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2 personne(s) sur 3 (67%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
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Posté le : 15 mai
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Great community but some of them developers can just be dirtbags 7/10 would r8 higher if the developers would get off their asses and get this ♥♥♥♥ out of beta, they've had 3 years and what do they have to show for it? A prettier screen, a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ matchmaking system, and they still act like ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s. I still recommend it because the community consists of decent people.
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Posté le : 19 mai
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Great game, a fun RTS that lets you be a more hands on stratagist then just a point and click hero.
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Posté le : 19 mai
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if you like a fast paced rts...this is the game for you!!! airmech is an extremely fun game that doesn't require you to spend money on it. it is easy to level up, and the controls are easy to adapt to. 10/10
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Posté le : 19 mai
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Its a great cross between a MOBA and an RTS. Have had lots of fun playing this game.
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Posté le : 19 mai
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This game is a sexy blend of DOTA style combat and RTS that can be played 1 v 1, 2 v 2 or 3 v 3. Survival mode makes the game play like a tower defence game.
You control an Airmech which is basically a transformer. When in your air form you move fast and can carry units, issue commands to groups of units and more. When grounded you take the form of a combat robot to dispatch enemies and boost allies depending on the Airmech you chose.
All Airmechs provide different gameplay experience. Your load out from mech, pilot, item, optional parts and the units you will be able to build in game is your choice. There is also many cosmetic items from alternate skins to little critters that follow you around.
Game is true F2P with only player market and cosmetics blocked for non-cashers. The game can be purchased for a 1 time fee called Airmech Prime which unlocks most units, all mechs many parts and much more.

Airmech is a blend of genres that does enough to become a new genre in its own right. Best RTS game in years imo, very smart game from a small dedicated dev team.
Do yourself a favor and download it today. Great to play with friends or alone. if you don't have a referral put 'Morbenzo' as the player name and we will both get fat loots. Muhahaha!

4 Stars. 5 if they did match making better
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Posté le : 26 avril
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Play this game!
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7.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 17 mai
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Get's pretty repetitive.
How to play:
Send troops.
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638.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 9 mars
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Airmech... en voilà un excellent jeu!
On a là accès à un vrai jeu Free-To-Play, on n'a pas besoin de dépenser pour progresser. Il existe bien sûr les achats intégrés, mais uniquement dans un but "confort".
+ Un jeu original et novateur
+ Un vrai F2P
+ Des mises à jour régulières
+ PvP, Coop/PvE/Solo, Survival
+ Stratégique/tactique
+ De nombreuses façons de jouer
+ Une communauté plutôt bonne dans l'ensemble
+ Pas besoin d'une machine de guerre pour le faire tourner

- Quelques lags...
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267.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 2 décembre 2014
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Ce jeux est juste une tuerie, Gratuit un RTS MOBA un peu comme warcraft 3 avec un hero , mais c'est le hero qui controle les units , par vous avec votre souris mais bien avec votre Heros , + Votre Heros est un transformers , les seuls inconveniant de ce jeux sont le peu de joueurs FR et le peu de joueurs tout cours. Ce jeu merite a etre connu dev tres presents meme dans le chat du jeu , chat modéré tu spam tu es kick tu trash talk tu es kick. Jeu tres sympas plein d'unité plein de Vaisseau Plein de combinaisons et de gameplay possible et imaginable. Un mode survie un peu comme les TD d'autres jeux like W3 SC2 ect. Si vous compté l'essayé je vous conseille de le faire via mon lien de parainage comme ca j'ai des bonus et vous dans vos stats y'aura écrit qui vous as parainé c'est funny :) Ah oui aussi dans les stats y'a plein de stats useless pour faire le kikoo c'est rigolo.
Déjà 5 joueurs français m'on rejoint via mon lien de parainage :)
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Posté le : 4 avril
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J'ai joué avec mon meilleur ami à ce jeu. Verdict : des barres de rire ! Ce fut une game très intense, malgré le fait qu'il soit bien plus fort que moi aux jeux vidéos ... Je dirai que ce jeu permet à tout un chacun d'exprimer son esprit stratégique ! Jouer soit défensif, soit très offensif ... En résumé, ce jeu est de la ♥♥♥♥♥.

Merci de m'avoir lu.
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J'avais un peu peur du résultat au vue du contenue "freemium" et d'un coté pay to win en pvp mais au final le jeu est plus que correct, ne vous demande pas d'acheter forcement quelque chose pour gagner ou etre bon et s'avere rapidement facile a prendre en main et jouissif.
Un excellent RTS ou vous pouvez venir en aide a vos troupe personellement via votre air mech (sorte de gros robot surpuissant). Au fur et à mesurs des victoire on ramesse des gold qui permette d'acheter / débloquer de nouvelles unités , intéressant tactiquement, ces nouvelles unités sont parfaitement optionnelles, a vous de voir comment vous voulez jouez et avec tactiques.
Je n'ai pas pu essayer le pvp car pas trouver de joueur en 15 minutes d'attentes ... Mais en tout cas le jeu est sympa, facile (trop meme , presque aucun challenge) et fait passer un bon moment.
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Un petit jeu très sympathique, bourré d'action et facile d'accès. Le seul souci, et pas des moindres quand il s'agit de jeux en ligne, c'est la stabilité. Il suffit d'un petit écart de latence entre les joueurs pour que les parties se mettent à freezer (arret de tout mouvement à l'écran) à intervalle régulier, pour que tout l'action du jeu soit réduit à néant, et fasse de ce bon concept, un jeu frustrant.
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Posté le : 23 janvier
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Un bon mélange de LOL et Transformers, le jeu tourne bien même sur des pc médiocre et ce n'est pas trop un pay to win et franchement agréable à jouer. Les débutants doivent d'abord faire 4 parties avant de débloquer le multi ce qui empêche qu'il y ait trop de noob ou de kikou.
Bref téléchargez le en plus il ne pèse que quelque mégaoctés :D
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Posté le : 29 décembre 2014
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AirMech is, without a doubt, the best game I have ever played.

AirMech is an Action RTS set in the near future. Following a power war that destroyed nearly all global infrastructure, society has collapsed and a tiny fraction of humanity survives. The most skilled of them pilot the transforming vessels that caused this war, the AirMechs. These hybrids of planes and mechs are capable of causing destruction unparalleled by any other combat vehicle and then transforming to escape, pickup reinforcements, order a few light vehicles to attack, and return to continue the mayhem.

The basic gameplay of AirMech revolves around using one of nine different transforming mechs to carry around and order eight types of units that the player has taken into battle to capture outposts which serve as deploy points for new units and refuel stations for your airmech, as well as increasing the amount of units that you can field at a time and increasing the rate at which the credits used to purchase units are accumulated. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy fortress while of course preventing the destruction of your own.

AirMech has been called a MOBA, but I think it far more accurate to think of AirMech as an RTS where your cursor can itself damage and be damaged by enemy units. This mechanic allows in AirMech for gameplay and strategy to occur that is not found in any other game. Destroy the enemy airmech, and they'll be unable to route reinforcements to the outpost that you're attacking until they get back in. You'll be able to stage a surprise assault elsewhere that they won't be able to deal with until they respawn. Destroying the enemy airmech greatly expands your tactical options and adds a new layer of strategy to RTS.

There are nine AirMechs in the game. The Striker is an all around mech good at most tasks but inferior in almost all of them to some more specialized mech. The Helix is slow but great for ferrying units around and forcing enemy AirMechs to GTFO. The Bomber is great for killing clumped units like that jackal rush some hunk of cheese is throwing at you, while the Warthog specializes at taking down high health units one unit at a time and surviving long enough to do it. The Saucer is a versatile yet paper thin mech that can destroy large number of enemy units using its death ray or exploit a negligible amount of anti-air and turn the enemy armies to your side. The Osprey specializes in healing your units and is great for defending outposts that are under attack. The Neo is used to stage ambushes using its cloaking abilities and can slow enemy movement and prevent enemy mechs from escaping using its stasis blast. The Paladin is used to strength unit clusters using its attack, defense, and speed auras. Lastly, the Angel is used to snipe enemy units from a distance and then escape before you can be destroyed.

There are nearly 70 types of units in the game, ranging from infantry, the only unit type that can capture and occupy outposts, to light vehicles useful for fast assaults on enemy outposts and a variety of cheese strats revolving around massing a couple dozen of them and sending them all to destroy the enemy fortress, to tanks, the mainstays of your armies, to anti-air built for the express purpose of destroying the enemy airmech, to healing units for all of you turtles, to a variety of turrets (most of which aren't useless, especially the T45... don't use it, even though you'll feel like it, it's bad, just save yourself some grief, resist the temptation and don't do it, whatever you do don't do it!). Also in the mix are bombs that your airmechs can drop on the enemy units, mines, and artillery to deal with those pesky turtles. The game also features roughly 30 different pilots to provide large stat boosts to your airmech in exchange for some downside along with a host of items and parts, which provide smaller boosts to your airmech. This host of combinations of mechs, units, pilots, parts, and items allows you to play almost any way you feel like. I don't think that there's a play style that isn't supported in AirMech, the possibilities you have are virtually endless.

Some might worry about AirMech being a pay to win game. These worries are not entirely unjustified given how many other games have gone down this path. AirMech, however, stays clear of it, employing the best free to play model I have yet seen in any game. The premium currency, diamonds, can only be used to purchase cosmetics, kudos, XP, and drop boosts, things on the player market, and ultimate items that cannot be used in PvP. Everything that affects the PvP game can only be purchased with kudos, excepting items that player put up on the player market. A 10 minute match will earn you roughly 150 kudos, and most things in the game cost anywhere from 500 to around 3600 kudos. The grind in the game is thus very light, almost non-existent compared to most other "Non Pay to Win" games out there such as League of Legends or Warframe. Don't want the grind? Purchase AirMech Prime for $20 USD, which will unlock every unit and AirMech in the game, refunding you kudos on anything that you already owned. Purchasing diamonds in AirMech also gives you more value comparatively than in app purchases in other games, with $5 giving you enough to buy 1-3 skins, depending on the skins, and $10 being enough to buy 4-11 skins, once again depending on the skins. Try seeing how much you can get from that much in LoL... I can tell you that it will be quite a bit less.

The community in AirMech is arguably the best in online gaming. Our global chat is full of people eager to answer questions, and it is rare to go half an hour without someone doing a giveaway known as a diamond roll, where someone spends 500 diamonds (Around a dollar in value) to start a diamond giveaway, where one random entrant will receive 360 diamonds and another 60. Recently the developers have implemented Black Diamond Rolls, which cost 5000 diamonds (around $10) and multiply the amount of recipients of diamonds by 10 compared to a normal roll. This variety too is surprisingly common. On what other game will people spend $10 to give away stuff to random players of the game? The AirMech community is simply amazing.

What truly makes AirMech the greatness that it is is the developers. Carbon, a small studio of nine devs have worked tirelessly on AirMech for 3 and a half years. Their dedication is simply amazing, from working on Christmas Eve to get a patch out to hanging out in chat to answer player's questions to crafting the game to be free to play even though a pay to win game would likely have gotten them much more money. These developers work harder than just about any other developer you'll find and have done everything to make a fair game where you could spend a day grinding and be able to create a competitive loadout, where it doesn't matter in pvp if you've spent $5, or $140, or $600, or $0. Fostering the creation of a community where every day dozens of dollars are given away to random people through diamond rolls. Carbon is one of those few developers, and AirMech one of those few games where you can spend over a hundred and forty USD and not feel bad, for with AirMech Carbon has earned it. Few developers have put so much effort into creating such a fair gameplay experience, and a fun one, and few games have communities as friendly, helpful, and generous as that of AirMech. To say that AirMech is a game which you will probably have fun playing and which you could probably justify shelling out $5 for is like saying that if you want to live it's probably a good idea to breathe. AirMech is an experience like no other with devs virtually unparalleled in dedication. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and encourage you to help carbon out by buying a thousand diamonds or two, not because it's necessary, but because Carbon has deserved it with the experience that they've crafted.

AirMech is simply a masterpiece.
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Free2Play without unfair purchases. Very interesting spin on the real-time strategy gameplay.
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