Yesterday is a thrilling and dark mystery from the masters of adventure, Pendulo Studios.
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Data di rilascio: 22 mar 2012
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"I don't even know where to begin with this game. It is without a doubt the most bonkers story you will ever experience - a must."

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Who is John Yesterday?

After captivating players from all around the world with the mythic Runaway trilogy, Pendulo Studios presents a new adventure gaming masterpiece! This thrilling mystery, presenting a unique, dark and somber style, will not leave you indifferent! With an incredible story, superb environments, perplexing and shady characters, Yesterday throws you into an unforgettable adventure from which you will not emerge unscathed.

New York in 2011… Homeless people are disappearing one after another, their bodies found lifeless. Meanwhile, a Y-shaped scar appears on the hands of seemingly unrelated people. Henry White, a young and rich heir dedicated to a charitable organization, and his friend Cooper, are the first to investigate. They will soon cross paths with the enigmatic John Yesterday, whose memory seems to have been wiped clear, and who will find himself dragged into this incredible story!

How far will you go to discover who John really is, and what he did… Yesterday?
  • An original mystery, a terrifying secret
  • A great adventure around the world
  • Ominous, shady characters
  • Animated film quality production

Requisiti di sistema

    • Processor: INTEL/AMD 2.0GHZ
    • Memory: 1024 MB (XP)/2048 MB (VISTA/7)
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB
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Pubblicata: 4 gennaio
Yesterday è sicuramente l'avventura più cruenta creata dalla Pendulo Studios, quindi se vi aspettate che Yesterday sia un'avventura con l'umorismo tipico Pendulo presente Runaway e Hollywood Monster state sbagliando, e anche di molto.

Tutto ruota su John Yesterday ragazzo che non ricorda il suo passato, la sua unica certezza è la cicatrice a forma di y che porta sulla mano. Sebbene l'incipit possa sembrare banale, la trama e lo stile sono i punti forti di questo gioco.
Lo stile a fumetto scandito da effetti sonori azzeccati e i continui flash back portano il giocatore a immedesimarsi con il protagonista, aumentando la tensione e la voglia di prosegure con la storia.

Ma l'avventura presenta alcune criticità una su tutti la durata: non più di quattro - cinque ore di gioco, troppo poche a mio avviso. Mancano le opzioni audio e quindi non si possono regolare i volumi di dialoghi e musica. Capita alle volte che la musica di sottofondo sovrasti i dialoghi.
Ultimo l'avventura NON è in italiano è quindi richiesta la conoscenza dell'inglese per poter apprezzare al meglio la trama.

Ma se volete vivere un'avventura con una storia complessa e piena colpi di scena e di "mind♥♥♥♥" l'acquisto è obbligato

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Pubblicata: 4 maggio 2014
Carino ma breve, e la (bellissima) storia dall'atmosfera molto cupa viene un po smorzata dalla grafica troppo "cartoonosa" per il tema trattato, a mio avviso.
Da prendere in considerazione sotto i saldi ;)!
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Pubblicata: 17 ottobre 2014
A nice if short adventure game with a story and plot progression that really throws you for a loop. Only real issue I see with this game is the value you assign to the experience relative to its price. If I had purchased it at retail price when it first came out I would undoubtedly been dissapointed at its briefness but for sale in the pendulo pack or it's current price point its fine.

Give it a go if you are a genre fan, for sure.
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Pubblicata: 11 gennaio 2014
Yesterday is a great point and click adventure from the developers who brought you Runaway. Things are not what they seem in this great story of deceit and mystery. You start out as Henry White and his friend cooper who works for a charitable company that helps the homeless. Well at your first stop you find two crazy guys doing some weird ritual and they end up trying to kill you. You win out and the game flashes forward some time.

Now you take over our main protagonist John Yesterday who has amnesia and is trying to figure out who he really is and about his past. You work for Henry White doing research for him when you start remembering things and realize all is not what it seems. This all leads up to a choice of four different endings and will give you some replay value to see them all.

The art style is fantastic and really fits with the game. Gameplay is what you would get from point and click adventures with some tough challenging puzzles but nothing too hard to accomplish. There’s also a hint button you can use to help you out if you’re stuck which recharges over time after every use. This way you do actually have to try. I did really like when you would click on something the characters wouldn’t take forever to walk to the item. The characters would appear next the object which is a big plus as sometimes it can seem forever to search areas on other games of this genre.

Pendulo Studios have done another great job at bringing us a great story with romance, humor, and mystery which deserves to be noticed. Only thing I wish is the game was a little longer to enjoy. If you like point and click adventure games, puzzles, and a great story than I highly recommend you check this game out.

Bear Rating: 8/10
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Pubblicata: 28 maggio 2014
Yesterday is a gripping point and click adventure, used to work your mind.
There are little hints throughout which help you progress however there is a certain time limit in between each hint therefore making sure you cannot be spoon fed throughout the game.

The game is well thoughtout and i enjoyed every minute of it (:

I reckon you should give it a go, it really is one of the better and unique point and click games I have experienced
rather short but grabs you non the less.

I recommend this game to all who enjoy this style of game.

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