Nous sommes en l’an 2051. Lieu : SATAZIUS, une planète abandonnée depuis longtemps. Le croiseur Agano était en patrouille lorsqu’il a été attaqué et frappé par une confédération de pirates de l’espace qui ont établi leur base sur SATAZIUS.
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Date de parution: 16 déc 2011

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"Like a loveletter to Gradius, Satazius brings slower paced, power-up oriented gameplay for cheap. It's still challenging, but also strangely cozy."

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14 août


In our experience, shooting games are generally pretty slow to be approved on Steam Greenlight, but that was fast!! Hopefully that means that you guys are enjoying ASTRO PORT’s games and looking forward to the next ones! :) THANK YOU to everyone for voting and bringing this next installment of the ASTRO SAGA to Steam!
For this release, we’ll be implementing dual analog controls, online leaderboards, achievements, trading cards, and should have a Linux version reading hopefully in time for simultaneous release with the Windows version. In view of the work to be done, end of October would be a realistic release date, but we will make it earlier if at all possible. Please watch for future announcements!

Once again, on behalf of everyone at Nyu Media and ASTRO PORT, THANK YOU to everyone for making this release possible!

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10 août

66% OFF SATAZIUS during Japanese Indie Games Festival

Hello Arcade Shooters!

Are you ready to shoot at some discounts? SATAZIUS is going to be 66% off till the 18th for the Japanese Indie Games Festival that is happening so if your interested in picking up the game for you or a friend here is the link:

Also on sale is
ETHER VAPOR Remaster 60%
eXceed - Gun Bullet Children 60%
Supercharged Robot VULKAISER 33%

For a full list of games on sale check out the steam page here:

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À propos de ce jeu

Nous sommes en l’an 2051. Lieu : SATAZIUS, une planète abandonnée depuis longtemps.
Le croiseur Agano était en patrouille lorsqu’il a été attaqué et frappé par une confédération de pirates de l’espace qui ont établi leur base sur SATAZIUS. Les pirates ont attaqué l’Agano avec l’intention de voler le navire d’attaque ‘ Trafalgar ’, qui se trouve à son bord, mais le Trafalgar a réussi à s’échapper en urgence.
L’équipage du Trafalgar a calculé que la probabilité de s’échapper avec succès de cette planète contrôlée par les pirates est de 0,02% ; la probabilité d’attaquer et de détruire avec succès la base pirate est elle de 1%. Choisissant le plan qui a la meilleure chance, l’équipage du Trafalgar a retourné son navire vers la horde de pirates et commencé l’attaque au cœur de SATAZIUS.
ZATAZIUS est un super jeu de tir dans le style de la vieille école des jeux de tir de format en déplacement latéral, par le développeur indépendant accompli : ASTRO PORT (Armée Gigantesque, Les Sept Armés, Vulkaiser le robot suralimenté), avec un arsenal de 13 types d’armes évolutives, des power-ups, la rencontre d’obstacles et de boss auxquels les vétérans des jeux d’arcade aimeront se frotter. Personnalisez votre vaisseau en sélectionnant deux armes secondaires qui peuvent être amorcées et déployées à tout moment de l’action, et chargez en une attaque pour une destruction massive.
Il y a pléthore de vaisseaux ennemis à abattre, d’espaces étroits à naviguer, de power-ups à saisir, et des bonus à acquérir. Avec un design de haut niveau, une bande-son techno, une action rapide et exceptionnelle, des graphismes traditionnels et des boss géants, SATAZIUS est un véritable retour à la vieille école des jeux de tir d’arcade, et regorge d’hommages que les fan de tir d’arcade reconnaîtront instantanément.

Caractéristiques :

  • 13 armes évolutives à choisir
  • 4 niveaux de difficulté permettant l’accès aux nouveaux joueurs tout en mettant les vétérans à l’épreuve
  • Scénographie variée et passionnante
  • Boss impressionnants
  • Gagnant du prix Kikkyo Play Contents, Aout 2008

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7
    • Processeur : Pentium III 1GHz ou meilleur
    • Mémoire vive : 256Mo ou meilleure
    • Affichage : Séries NDIVIA Geforce ou AMD(ATI) Radeon
    • DirectX® : DirectX®8 ou postérieur
    • Disque dur : 309 Mo
    • Son :
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Posté le : 6 juin
This game is so intense! This is one of this hardcore side-scrolling shooters that you don't even know what is going on the screen. Cool feature is that you can choose from many weapons from the beginning. Gameplay is really fun and unpredictable.
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Posté le : 16 mai
Even though "Shoot 'em Up", is not my favourite genre, I had a good time playing Satazius.

There's nothing special about the gameplay, other then that it feels nice to play. Like all shooters you have to destroy as many enemies as you can and try not to get it. The game is very difficult (well at least for me it was) and the graphics look neat.

Recommended for Shoot 'Em Up fans.
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Posté le : 20 juin
Satazius is a horizontal shoot em up in which the environments are far more dangerous than the enemies you will be fighting. You have multiple weapons to choose from and unlock more the further you progress. It is not a bullet hell as enemies fire reasonable amounts of projectiles, at least in the first two unlocked difficulties. You have a basic fire and two alt fires which you can switch between, all which can be switched for different unique weapons to make your ship like one of a kind. One shot will kill you if you don't pick up a shield power up but scraping into the environment will kill you regardless. One thing to be noted is that the game worked perfectly fine from the get go with my 360 pad even though it doesn't say that it has controller compatibility on the Steam page

The one thing that was weird with the controller was that you can not bind the pause button to it which can be problematic. No dpad support either which is not too great considering the environments require pixel perfect navigation. On top of your already massive fire power you have a special rechargeable move which is really helpful against bosses. There is also powerups scattered around the level to further increase your damage and speed. All this makes you sound overpowered as heck, and you are actually pretty overpowered and the devs know it. They will constantly sucker punch you with things you had no way to see coming instead of offering a fair challenge.

You are offered 9 continues each which grants you three lives a pop. Most of my deaths felt pretty cheap and made it into a trail and error type of game until you memorize the level. If you don't enjoy flying through very narrow insta-kill environments with little time to react this is not the game for you. Being only 7 levels long means having a high difficulty is kind of necessary but knowing that doesn't make it any less annoying when you have to traverse a ton of hazards, get sucker punched and have to repeat that section again. Each time you die you are thrown back into a previous checkpoint instead of simply respawning. It does lengthen the game and it does feel like an arcade game for better or worse.

Graphics are nice and have a decent amount of detail to them. The explosions and debris flying around after you shoot down enemies look great as well. It runs at 60fps which is another point in it's favor. Even the music is pretty catchy. Outside of the main mode you have a “practice” mode where you can choose any level to play but you don't have any continues which makes it harder than playing through the actual game. Do not press the escape key or you will shut down the game. The key to pause the game is “Q” for some reason. This game does feature cool looking giant bosses but most get absolutely devastated when you use your special move making them kind of a pushover.

Satazius is by no means a bad game. It's just that if you are expecting some fun shooting there is very little of that here. You will just be holding down the fire button and trying to navigate the environments which pose a far greater threat to you. And having to control your ship with the analog stick or keyboard makes it far more difficult than it should be. It is difficult and unfair but it is still fun to mix and match your weapons to blast through levels. Overall this is a solid title if you are in to arcade like shoot em ups and is recommended to those that can deal without a dpad.
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5.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 25 avril
This is a really fun space shooter that feels a lot like Gradius. The music is nice. The enemies and backgrounds look great. Just like in Gradius you can have many different weapon configurations. After each stage you earn a new weapon. This is not a hardcore bullet hell shooter. It feels a lot more releaxed and the difficulty is not that punishing because you have many continues and don't need to play all of the stage again if you die. Worth your time.
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9.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 3 novembre 2014
Le jeu n'invente rien mais il est diablement fun, bien fait, et sait rester lisible. En un mot : addictif.

Il a plusieurs niveau de difficulté ce qui permet de commencer doucement. Le level design est recherché. Il reprend les éléments ou passages qui ont fait leur preuvent dans d'autres jeux plus connu.

Coté négatif:
-la gestion des pads et surtout stick arcade est limitée...l'utilisation de xpadder (ou équivalent) s'avère vite indispensable. Exemple : utiliser un stick arcade, utiliser le dpad de la manette xbox360 plutot que le stick analogique.

50Mo (sisi) de bonheur.
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