O ano é 2051. Localização: SATAZIUS, um planeta há muito abandonado. O cruzador Agano estava em patrulha quando foi atacado e atingido pela confederação de piratas do espaço que haviam estabelecido uma base em SATAZIUS.
Data de lançamento: 16 Dez 2011
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Acerca do Jogo

O ano é 2051. Localização: SATAZIUS, um planeta há muito abandonado.

O cruzador Agano estava em patrulha quando foi atacado e atingido pela confederação de piratas do espaço que haviam estabelecido uma base em SATAZIUS. Os piratas atacaram o Agano com a intenção de roubar a nave de assalto ‘Trafalgar’ que estava a bordo do Agano, mas a Trafalgar fez uma fuga de emergência bem-sucedida.

A tripulação da Trafalgar calculou a probabilidade de escapar com sucesso ao planeta dominado pelos piratas em 0,02%; a probabilidade de atacar e destruir com sucesso a base pirata era 1%. Escolhendo o plano com a maior probabilidade, a tripulação da Trafalgar virou a sua nave em direção à horda pirata e começou o ataque ao coração de SATAZIUS.

SATAZIUS é um espetacular jogo clássico de tiros em duas dimensões criado pela equipa indie bem-sucedida ASTRO PORT (Gigantic Army, Armed Seven, Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser), com um arsenal de 13 tipos de armas personalizáveis, power-ups, obstáculos e encontros com bosses que até os veteranos de arcada vão apreciar. Personaliza a tua nave com duas armas laterais que podem ser mudadas e utilizadas em qualquer altura durante a ação e um super ataque que desencadeia destruição massiva.

Existe uma infinidade de naves inimigas a abater, espaços apertados para navegar, power-ups para apanhar e bónus para adquirir. Com um excelente design de níveis, uma banda sonora techno poderosa, ação rápida e empolgante, gráficos clássicos e bosses gigantes, SATAZIUS é um regresso fiel aos shoot'em ups da velha guarda, repleto com homenagens que serão reconhecidas instantaneamente pelos fãs de jogos de arcada de ação.

Características principais:

  • 13 armas personalizáveis para escolher
  • 4 níveis de dificuldade diferentes que permitem acessibilidade a novos jogadores novos como também podem ser um autêntico desafio para veteranos
  • Design de níveis variado e entusiasmante
  • Bosses enormes
  • Vencedor do prémio Jikkyo Play Contents 2008

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7
    • Processor: Pentium III 1GHz or better
    • Memory: 256MB or better
    • Graphics: NDIVIA Geforce series, AMD(ATI) Radeon series
    • DirectX®: DirectX®8 or later
    • Hard Drive: 309 MB free hard drive space
    • Sound:
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This is the best side scrolling old-school shooter I've ever played! Very enjoyable, first choose your loadout based on the enemies in the level. Then kill everything on the screen, pick up power ups to help you defeat the very challenging but satisfying boss fights! Highly Reccomended!

Niv score : 90

P.S, it also appears Capcom is experimenting with trading cards using this game, you'll notice this game is not marked it has cards but it does! C'mon Capcom cards for everything!
Publicada: 27 dezembro 2013
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Satazius is HARD, There's no getting away from that fact, this game will make you want to pull hair off parts of your body you did not even know you had hair on. Satazius features an arsenal of 13 types of upgradeable weapons, power-ups, obstacles and boss encounters that arcade veterans will enjoy getting to grips with. Customize your ship by selecting two side weapons which can be selected at any time during and a charge attack to unleash massive destruction.

This game is not for the casual gamer as even i struggle to get to grips with its seemingly bipolar difficulty curve, good luck guys i highly recommend this game to the bullet hell "vet" out there. The sound track is great, its a metal retro mix of high speed loops and fast guitar riffs that really set the mood and get your blood pumping.

At first navigating the menus can be a hassle as the game does not tell you what button is mapped to Enter is Z if your wondering, apart from that the menus are simple and easy enough to navigate and the game even supports gamepad support, however i have not tried to use it myself so that's a mystery i shall leave to you guys.

I was actually fairly impressed with the graphics in this game, granted there nothing spectacular however if this game was released alongside with r-type HD it would defiantly have given it a run for its money, as this games has a much higher pixel density and the animations are so fluid they look almost as good as another game called intrusion 2 witch features one of the best animated boss's i have ever seen

So the bottom line this game has great features and a great soundtracks but does not do anything new and fresh to this genre and missed out on a mark here, however with that said if your feeling a little bit sadistic then go on put your patience to the test, this game for me gets.....
8 out of 10 - High recommendations.
Publicada: 18 dezembro 2013
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An excellent, traditional shoot-'em-up from Astro Port.

From the colourful, weighty visual work and sound direction to some of the strongest '80s/90s-style' shooter game design I've seen in a while, nearly every aspect of Satazius comes together to make for a thrilling game all around. Pad controls generally feel good, the action is exciting, the game is suitably twitch-based and the whole thing is just a joy to play.

Recommedend to all shoot-'em-up fans. In fact, I'm sure even a few with little experience in the genre will have a good time, considering how slick a of a production this is.

But mainly, it's just good fun. You do like fun, right? No? How about millions of explosions then?
Publicada: 28 março 2014
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One of most nostalgic , best 3 hours of my life.
Publicada: 8 janeiro 2014
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Good ole shmup bad assery. I am still working on Normal mode at this time, and I am loving every moment of it. The weapon upgrade system gives you some learning curve/fun making you figure out which works best for each level/enemy. There are moments where you have to quickly navigate through small areas while avoiding smashing into stuff/getting blasted into scraps. \m/ (=_=) \m/ The Music gets me pumped, and the SFX are choice. The game isn't that long, but the harder difficulties give it decent replayability. I love this game. Classic Game Room Sent me. SATAAAZIUUUUUS!
Publicada: 26 janeiro 2014
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