Explore one of the defining periods in world history in an experience crafted by the masters of Grand Strategy.
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17 октября

Easing Executions

It’s Monday again, and you know what that means: a Dev Diary! It’s time to start talking about new features in an upcoming DLC which I can’t name yet. For DDs we prefer to talk about things we’ve already implemented, but this <Mystery DLC> is still in the very early stages so you’re going to see some mockups which hopefully convey the idea of what we are going for without being an exact representation - don’t be surprised if the final result looks rather different though.

With that said, the basic idea is to give the Intrigue screen more room for Decisions and Prisoners. As well as that, a system of filters and a set of “do to all currently shown” buttons to Release/Ransom/Execute multiple characters at once:

Ideally we’ll also have a lock button on characters so they can be excluded from mass actions, and radio buttons would likely be better than our traditional dropdown lists.

That’s it for now, I did warn you I would make some short DDs sometimes!

Read the original post

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Crusader Kings II Development Diary Archive

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11 октября

Patch 2.6.2 Released

Hi all!

We're now releasing the 2.6.2 patch together with improvements and fixes for the EU4-CK2 converter.

Warning: Using modding traits from 2.6.1 or earlier since the new 2.6.2 traits will break them.

2.6.2 summary

The 2.6.2 patch has been in Open Beta for a while so that we would keep the performance on a good level and we now feel ready to release it. The patch includes new event chains, game rules and bug fixes.

Save games from 2.6.1 should work fine, but as always we can't guarantee that it works 100%.

Converter changes summary

While the converter has been getting updates from time to time to account for new things added in EU4 expansions it is not always making full use of the newer features both in CK2 and EU4. The EU4 1.18 Prussia Patch adds institutions and overhauls technology penalties, again prompting the need to update the converter. We have used this as an opportunity to fix old issues and account for newer features added to the games.

Functionality has been added to adopt your EU4 game to the status of your CK2 one in matters such as dynamic provincial development, government ranks, making the CK2 heresies and religions use the new religion features of EU. Time has also been spent to fix old issues like missing flags for rebels, errors in province mappings, and missing descriptions for the converter religions.


2.6.2 Patch notes
######################### 2.6.2 ##########################

# Expansion Features
The Reaper's Due:
- More Cat and Dog events
- Added a new Game Rule for non-epidemic disease frequency
- Added a new Game Rule allowing you to keep punished prisoners imprisoned
- Suicide event chain, with special outcomes for immortal characters
- Added new event chain, Play Chess with Death
- Added new event chain, Mask of the Red Death
- Added new event chain, Immortal Rival
- Added new events for Immortal suspicions
- Devouring the Head of a religion not your own may give Sympathy towards it. You are what you eat.

- Added a new targeted decision to change the focus of your ward to Faith, for when you want to change the ward's religion without changing the culture
- Added Vassal War Declaration laws

The Old Gods:
- Added a new decision for Slavic, Romuva, Suomenusko and West African pagans to pick a patron deity along with patron deity events
- Added Moral Authority modifiers for when Head of religion is sacrificed
- All Pagan religions may gain a trait when partaking in their Great Holy Wars, if available

Horse Lords:
- Added a new Game Rule for Nomad Stability

Sunset Invasion:
- Added another option to Aztec Invasion: Delayed Random

# Free Features
- Added a new Game Rule for "Titles Named After Dynasties"
- Added a new Game Rule for "Cultural Title Names"
- Added a new Game Rule for De Jure Requirements
- Added a new Game Rule for the Turkic Conquerors Sabuktigin, Seljuk and Timur
- Added a new Game Rule for "Demesne Size"
- Added a new Game Rule for "Vassal Limit"
- Added a new Game Rule for "Grant Independence"
- Added a new Game Rule decreasing the restrictions on whom you may duel
- Added another option to Mongol Invasion: Delayed Random
- Blot events now have more of an effect when a Head of religion is sacrificed
- Made Romuva counties and characters extra resistant to conversion
- Added Zoroastrian crusader trait
- Added Jewish crusader trait
- Added another option to Supernatural Events to allow the AI to receive them
- Female raiders may now become Sea Queens rather than Kings!
- Cannibal and having Lover's Pox are now traits

# Balance
- Antipope vassalage can no longer be transfered to vassals
- The moral authority from religious head's piety is now capped
- No longer possible to create an antipope if the Pope is your vassal
- Nomad vassals of nomads no longer care when you retract someone's vassal
- The Nomad Subjugation CB will no longer result in vassals getting the "defender against infidels" opinion modifier unless the attacker is a different religion from the defender
- When a barony is destroyed (E.G., due to pillaging nomads), all claims on it are removed
- Temporary titles (E.G., revolt titles) are no longer considered when it comes to monthly prestige and piety
- Mystics bringing promises of eternal life are more likely to be frauds
- AI characters are now less likely to risk mutilation in order to cure a disease, especially if the condition isn't life-threatening
- Made it a bit easier for Sabuktigin of the Ghaznavids to appear
- Provinces may change culture sooner if recently depopulated
- Characters under 16 no longer get gout
- Landed characters can no longer be heirs in Merchant Republics
- Mercenaries will now try to spawn in a friendly province if the capital has hostile units in it, rather than the first province it finds without hostile units
- Ancestor worship dull event now just adds dull rather than removing genius/quick
- Characters may only gain Health from a Hajj once
- Improved the various invitation decisions; the characters created will be guaranteed to be competent within the area you expect them to be
- You now get a popup when inviting someone, in order to more easily track who they are (you can also assign invited soldiers directly as commanders)
- Increased the Carousing party timer from 90 to 200 to avoid spam
- You now have a chance to gain the sympathy trait for your previous religion when using the decision "Convert to Local Religion"
- You can no longer use the decision "Convert to Local Religion" if you are zealous
- If a Muslim Invasion is invalidated, the piety will be refunded
- Immortals who become incapable are much more likely to wake up as a lunatic
- Added special text for cannibals who find a human head on their bed
- Now possible to ask one's liege to press one's claim even if the liege council isn't allowed to vote on war declaration
- Courtiers who have minor titles, friends, lovers, consorts or rivals are now excluded from the court pruning system
- Immortal characters are now immune to pruning
- Fewer lunatics from syphilitic
- If your close kin is eaten by a cannibal, you now get an opinion modifier to allow rightful imprisonment, should the character be your vassal
- The Clever Ambush tactic can now also be triggered by leaders with the genius or shrewd traits

# AI Improvements
- With matrilineal marriages turned off, female rulers should prefer to marry members of the same dynasty, if there are any available
- Fixed the AI in some cases repeatedly requesting vassalization of other AIs that'll never accept
- Fixed the AI in some cases repeatedly requesting concubines from other AIs that'll never accept
- Fixed the AI breaking betrothals if the recipient is in revolt

# Interface
- Added government flavor for landed Mercenaries
- Attached units, and units that have attached units, now have icons next to their name in the army tooltip - To show if and how units are attached to each other
- No longer possible to assign commanders to empty flanks
- Ensured that when inviting plotters, the yellow hand won't show when giving a gift wouldn't be enough due to the character hitting the opinion cap
- Hovering over a major river with a navy selected will no longer show it as traversable if you're unable to traverse rivers
- The Ruler Designer no longer shows the wrong title for women on the attribute page
- The Ruler Designer no longer shows beards as available for women
- Added notification events for councillors going in/out of seclusion
- The high threat alert now shows the # of months it'll take to reach 0 threat at your current threat decay rate
- DLC requirements for decisions, laws, etc. are now properly displayed (E.G., Conclave bypassing some of the requirements for Seniority succession)
- The College of Cardinals is now visible even if your religious liege is an anti-pope, though adding campaign funds is disabled
- Moved the alert for advisor titles being grantable to the "council not full" alert from the "special minor titles" alert. The alert now takes you to the Conclave council page if Conclave is enabled
- Fixed the Important Honorary Titles list being partially obscured by embellishments for republics
- The Ask Liege to Press Claim interaction is now no longer shown for your liege, since this caused confusion; it only works when interacting with who you want them to declare war on
- It is now possible to change flank commanders during sieges
- The map mode buttons in the load interface are updated correctly
- When loading a save that has a map mode that is not available in the load interface, the load interface will show the realm map mode, but after loading the save game will restore the map mode the game was using at save time
- The increase/decrease campaign fund buttons now tell you the modifier keys to increase/decrease funds by 10/50/100
- Fixed councillors in some cases being shown as idle in the outliner when they were leading troops
- Increased the max zoom level by 2/3, allowing you to see the whole map at once
- Removed several character interactions from the right-click menu when they couldn't apply
- Increased the space for the county name in the province view, to allow for longer county names to fit the interface

# User modding
- Added define "AUTHORITY_FROM_PIETY_CAP" to cap the moral authority bonus from piety of the religion's leader
- Added "immortal_age" to the create_character effect to set the age at which a character became immortal
- Fixed a mod-related crash when getting a random death sound for characters with very high ID numbers.
- Traits can now be hidden from others. Adding "hidden_from_others = yes" will make it invisible in all parts of the UI, except for the person with the trait
- Traits can now be hidden from everyone except those who have the trait. Adding "same_trait_visibility = yes" will make it invisible in all parts of the UI, except for players with the same trait
- Added define "PRUNE_MINIMAL_AGE" to set the minimal age for courtiers to be considered for pruning
- Added define "MAX_ZOOM_LEVEL" which sets how far out it is possible to zoom
* Fixed ai chances for torture decisions
- Added [GetNoneE] to get the ending e for feminine version of adjective/nouns in french
- Added define "HEALTH_IMMUNITY_TO_PRUNING" to determine a health above which courtiers are immuned to pruning
- Added [GetNoneEOpp] to invert the result from [GetNoneE]
- Added (back?) "GetHerHimCap", "GetObjectPronounCap", "GetHerHimOppCap", and "GetObjectPronounOppCap" to get the capitalized version
- Fixed issues where creating custom trade routes led to some paths being permanently disabled. This fix also changed a behavior in scripting the paths. For a path of a trade route to successfully connect to another path it now requires the end province to be the same as the start province of another path. Previously paths could be connected to an arbitrary province along the path
- Added support for customizable localisation
- hidden_effect and hidden_trigger can now be used as aliases for hidden_tooltip in effect and trigger fields respectively.
- Added 'hard_to_convert' field to religions
- Added trigger 'is_hard_to_convert'

# Database
- Made Jérôme of house Jerome-Karling the count of Saintois in 769, husband to Ermentrude, due to her father being dead since 765
- Switched to English exonyms for various base title names
- Added wiki links for Ralph the Staller and his son Ralph the Gael

# Bugfixes
- Fixed an incorrect scope in event 4110
- Fixed an issue were a reincarnated character would mess up the dynasty tree
- Added Roman as a 'used_for_random = no' culture
- Patricians can now use the decision to 'Shut the Gates'
- Patricians can now use the decision to seek a Court Physician
- Regrowing lost limbs now removes phantom pain
- Fixed Scaled Opinion Modifiers not being saved
- Units no longer disappear if merged while embarked on fleets
- Kali Puja feast now grants some prosperity in you capital like the other feasts
- Fixed so allies can't be called to war against enemies who have the ally's liege on their side
- Special disease clearing events now also remove illness modifiers
- Fixed a few improper uses of "reign" in text
- AI less likely to revoke shieldmaidens
- When a lowborn man marries a noble woman, he will now immediately found a new dynasty
- Remade event TOG.6001 - in which children get the 'Saoshyant Descendant' trait - from a MTTH event to be a triggered event and to make sure that all children get the trait properly
- Event where liege is notified about outcome regarding physician's book will no longer trigger if the physician has died
- You can no longer cancel your retreat if one day has passed since you gave the order, solves problem with army being wiped out due to not being able to retreat
- Event 100170 no longer introduces lovers or concubines as strangers
- Most era picker characters are no longer over their demesne or vassal limit
- Playing a female ruler with the war focus now always allows you to duel, and unlocked challenging women to duel for certain cultures, religions and game rules
- Members of a coalition will not join a coalition war if they are at war with any member of the coalition
- Fixed case where betrothed can marry alert showed up when interaction was invalid
- Fixed so looters no longer are looters and hostile when becoming landless
- Fixed OOS happening when titles are granted or stolen from vassals
- Nomad no longer creates multiple dynamic nomadic titles when selecting between bookmarks
- Fixed a rare case of holy war being invalidated when the liege grants one the counties being target to a vassal
- Fixed rare case of game crashing when removing units
- Fixed some errors and did some improvements for unplayable Republics in game setup screen
- Fixed cases where upgrading tribal holding would create invalid settlements
- Custom rulers no longer start with a discontent council
- Added opinion bonus for councillors added through the female councillor events
- Zoroastrians and Messalians can now seduce their close family members
- Zoroastrians and Messalians no longer get two separate decisions to send their Son-Husbands and Daughter-Wives into hiding
- Fixed Swords of Islam localisation to adapt to new gender equality game rule
- Fixed some once in a lifetime features to have a cooldown instead (subjugation CBs, grand tournaments, known murderer opinion penalty)
- Hid bad tooltip in RoI.221
- Toned down the chance of the "death in the bedroom" event (30101) for immortal characters
- Immortals are never too old to be berserkers
- Fixed an issue where dejure lieges were not saved for titles which had no original dejure liege
- You can no longer appoint yourself as a Shieldmaiden
- Fixed the graphics for the trait "Sympathy for Zoroastrianism" being slightly cut off
- Event TOG.403, were the vikings encounter the Aztecs, will no longer trigger if you have set the Sunset Invasion game rule to "Off"
- The gamebook song "Guy de Roses Quandary" will now play correctly when you have the "Context Sensitive Music" option enabled
- WoL event about your hunting dog maiming someone now has a neater tooltip
- Disabled some new traits in the ruler designer, such as diseases and religion specific traits
- Bees treatments uses correct name
- Can no longer get unlimited health from hajj
- The seclusion chain about inspecting the tunnels no longer stops half-way through
- Fixed missing reference in an espionage_events.9
- Made it so that being cured of diseases during pilgrimage now applies to the new diseases as well
- Fixed a syntax error in an execution method
- Fixed a scope issue in prosperity events
- Fixed issue with missing event target in old teenage infatuation event
- Fixed some minor issues in Reapers flavor events
- Fixed ill trait being applied to vassals regardless of dlc in the poisoned during feast event
- Fixed an issue where glorious monument was not torn down after a successful siege, causing it to repeatedly award money to raiders
- Fixed wrong desc being used in seduction event WoL.421
- Added some limits on modifier removals in food shortage events
- Fixed issue with non-genetic traits being opposites with genetic ones
- Fixed ill trait being applied without Reapers dlc check in old hunting event
- AI Rulers with nahuatl culture (aztecs) won't convert to local culture
- Edited graphical factors for units so that Cataphracts and Elephant models appear
- Fixed it sometimes not being possible to call in council support due to the character owning council support to someone no longer on the council
- Fixed it not being possible to ask to join your ally's war if they're a different religion
- Characters whose claims are being pressed can no longer be invited to your court
- Tribal barons created via "Create New Vassal" now get a dynasty generated
- Defenders of an inherited holy war will leave the war if inheritor is of another religion
- Defenders of any inherited war will leave the war if they are in a defensive pact against the inheritor
- Fixed the intrigue view not having tooltips anymore
- Fixed a crash when loading various savegames in the loadscreen before settling on one and actually playing
[SIZE=14px]- Children and other characters unfit to lead troop will no longer lead siege defense[/size]
- Added heaps of missing notification events
- Title grant to vassal of vassals vassal now transfers vassal to correct liege
- Cleaned up seclusion exit event
- CBs with on_demand_reverse_title now properly removes claim from losing attacker.
- Fixed an issue where titular titles could be usurped if they had titular dejure vassals
- Fixed an issue with the random seed for on_navy_returns_with_loot.
- Fixed randomization problem in death/heir text
- Patricians can no longer give the "Designated Heir" honorary title to landed characters
- Fixed the name of an incorrect picture being used for the Aztec government flavor

EU4-CK2 Converter Patch notes
Patch notes

Unit types are now based on capital region instead of tech. group
Display "CONVERTING" while converting
Doesn't add Aztecs if Aztec Invasion game rule is set to off
Addes female monarch names for converter countries
Added descs for the Manichean and Mazdaki religions
Added the suggested missing titles
Added some more country mappings.
Added some regions to the unit type conversion table.
Government ranks are now affected by imperial administration laws
Added normal_or_historical_nations flag set to no in the mod file
Updated the sunset invasion scenario.
EU4 converter now converts prosperity (by redistributing the prosperity value according to number of buildings in CK2 provinces)
All cores from unused nations are now properly removed
Removed unused files
Fixed issue with duplicate Saxon cultures
Alan is now in the correct culture group
Fixed Minor National Idea issues (from the CK2 Forum Compilation Thread)
Fixed minor issues with religions
Fixed some errors in coverter province table.
High americans now have their own units
Rome now becomes the capital when converting the Roman Empire
Added European Tribal national ideas.
Gave Mongol empire less crazy province setup
Added some high american missions
Removed some duplicate strings.
United HRE can now be created with Conclave enabled
Removed extra files from the Roman Empire and some other things that are part of EU4 as well since a while back.
Added Rebel Entries (and flags) for All Heresies
Converter Religions and Heresies will now have more diverse bonuses and more will use EU4 mechanics when possible.
All Converter Religions and Heresies will now have a syncretic faith bonus.
Added institution spread criteria specific to converter games.
Added starting spread of feudalism criteria specific to converter games.
Mapped some CK2 things (heresies among others) to slightly different tags in EU4 to avoid collisions with similarly named things in EU4.
Immortal trait now converted to Immortal ruler personality
Muslims now get Vassals instead of only Personal Unions
Ruler birth dates for CK2 games later than EU4 start date are now also changed to match that date
Exported nations now always have a minimum of five female monarch names Messalian and Cathar countries can now get female leaders.
Dynamic fort placement in CK2->EU4 converted games.
Moved culture graphics conversion to culture_gfx_table.csv from the code.
Fixed some religion conversion issues in the EU4 converter
The HRE main religion will now get set to the Emperor's religion if the starting bookmark has it different from the religion database, as well as setting religious peace enabled.
Added uses_church_aspects trigger. - Added uses_fervor trigger. - Added uses_patriarch_authority trigger. - Added uses_piety trigger. - Added uses_papacy trigger. - Added uses_blessings trigger. - Added uses_karma trigger. - Added uses_syncretic_faiths trigger. Added uses_cults trigger. - Added uses_personal_deities trigger.
Replaced some religion event triggers with the new triggers added by Marko. I have been pretty restrictive and only done this to events that could actually benefit from it.
CKII->EUIV Converter: Converted countries that used to have default national ideas now have custom ideas.

Official forum post

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“...playing is winning, and there’s something quite satisfying about leading your house to power and glory through whatever means you can, for as long as you can.”
9,5/10 – Strategy Informer

“In short, Crusader Kings II is a majestic feudal sandbox, the greatest generator of hilarious medieval soap opera ever created and Paradox Interactive’s best title to date.”
90/100 – IncGamers

“It's perfectly possible to have made a few too many enemies, anger the Pope and find most of Europe out for your blood. That's really what makes the game so damn fun.”
9/10 – Destructoid

Об этой игре

The Dark Ages might be drawing to a close, but Europe is still in turmoil. Petty lords vie against beleaguered kings who struggle to assert control over their fragmented realms. The Pope calls for a Crusade to protect the Christians in the Holy Land even as he refuses to relinquish control over the investiture of bishops - and their riches. Now is the time for greatness. Expand your demesne and secure the future of your dynasty. Fill your coffers, appoint vassals, root out traitors and heretics, introduce laws and interact with hundreds of nobles, each with their own agenda.
A good lord will always need friends to support him. But beware, as loyal vassals can quickly turn to bitter rivals, and some might not be as reliable as they seem... Stand ready, and increase your prestige until the world whispers your name in awe. Do you have what it takes to become a Crusader King?
Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining periods in world history in an experience crafted by the masters of Grand Strategy. Medieval Europe is brought to life in this epic game of knights, schemes, and thrones...

Key features:

  • Start a game at any point between 1066 and 1337 and play until 1453
  • Pick a Christian lord and make sure his dynasty survives as you play a succession of his descendants through the ages
  • Gain Prestige for every successive character you play, furthering the glory of your Dynasty
  • Expand your feudal domain - and keep it from falling apart
  • Unravel the plots of your courtiers and vassals, each with their own opinions and agendas
  • Take up the Cross and fight the Moor, the Heathen and the Heretic.
  • Defend against the onslaught of the Mongol Horde
  • Struggle with the Pope for control of the bishops
  • Relive the Middle Ages with up to 32 other players in a competitive multiplayer mode

Системные требования

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • ОС: XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • Процессор: Intel® Pentium® IV с тактовой частотой 2,4 ГГц или AMD 3500+
    • Оперативная память: 2 ГБ
    • Жесткий диск: 2 ГБ свободного места
    • Видеокарта: NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 или ATI Radeon® X1900 с 512 МБ видеопамяти.
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Звуковая карта: совместимая с DirectX
    • Дополнительно: трехкнопочная мышь и клавиатура
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
    • Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 6750 / NVIDIA GeForce 320 / NVIDIA GeForce
      9600 or higher, 1024MB graphics memory required
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    • Processor: IntelR PentiumR IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Hard disk space: 2 Gb
    • Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 6750 / NVIDIA GeForce 320 / NVIDIA GeForce
      > 9600 or higher, 1024MB graphics memory required.
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Опубликовано: 26 сентября
жми класс, если тоже просишь у мамки денег на обеды, а сам втихаря покупаешь длц для крестов 2))))
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Решаешь поиграть за Кент, создать Англию под властью англо-саксов Кента. И вот все хорошо, вернул все земли герцегства, сижу довольный. Дети рождаются, совет мной доволен, в стране все довольны. ОДнако, что же это? аааа, это всего лишь рейд викингов, сейчас разберемся. Проиграл бой? как? 5000 СОЛДАТ? ОТКУДА У НИХ 5000 СОЛДАТ???? неважно, оправился от разорения. Что это? Вы заболели раком? как так? Медик предлагает новые способы лечения. Конечно согласиться. КАКОГО ХЕРА Я СТАЛ ЕВНУХОМ? ЧТО ЭТО ЗА МЕТОД ТАКОЙ????? Неважно, мне уже 60 лет, у меня восемь сыновей. А это что? Оспа? Привет оспа. О, я смотрю ты убила всех моих детей, оставив дочь выродка? как мило с твоей стороны.
В итоге, все умирают, а у власти остается 9и летняя девочка выродок без правой руки, оспа сменяется корью, все дохнут, Вессекс решает, что независимость для слабаков и нападает на тебя, твоя мать хочет убить тебя, чтобы занять престол. И это все неважно, ведь с каого-то хера шотландия захватила Нортумбрию и пол Англии, а викинги начинают завоевательный поход на Британию. А ты сидишь и думаешь, что, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, только что произошло.
Отличная игра, всем советую
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Симс нового поколения!
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Очень хороший продукт, компании Paradox. Игра совмещает в себе интересные аспекты развития не только государства, дипломатии и экономики (Europe Universalis) но и развития личности монарха, кем бы он не был, от патриция до императора.
+ Огромная карта с огромным числом играбельных персонажей, от мелких вождей и ханов до императоров и халифов, выбор на любой вкус.
+ Разнообразие религий, от язычеств и официальных религий, до ересей. Хотел узнать что такое Иконоборцы? Узнаешь и даже поиграешь.
+ Развитие экономикии своей державы, своего региона и своих подчинённых - стройте замки и усиливайте армию, или создавайте города и основывайте новые торговые компании.
+ Отношения между персонажами и их особенности - люди могут быть разными и даже очень, и почему характеры не сходятся, и что из этого может вылиться.
+ Будте администратором, обольстителем, учёным-гелеоцентристом или воином, но только не всеми сразу.
+ Играя за язычников можно реформировать религию, и основать новую веру со своей священной книгой и обрядами.
+ Вы узнаете, что такое правление в средневековой Европе с её гендерными законами, наследованием и эпидемиями.
+ Викинги отдельный плюс и составляющая атмосферу игры. Древние Боги всё ещё сильны, а их воины несут на корабли всё что не вбито в землю и не прикрученно, а потом тащат и это, бьют лица и получают по ним. За северян получается интересная игра на выживание и обнос соседей и не только.
- Если вы не играете за язычников/вождей, которым нужно постоянно искать средства и способы к выживанию, игра достаточно мало насыщена событиями. Серьёзно. Вы можете попутно книгу читать, если живёте в мире, или не заниматесь "соблазнением".
- Сложный для понимания новичкам интерфейс. Игра с вами дружить особо не хочет, серьёзно. Но более детального разбирательства и понимания, вы поймёте, что к чему, как говориться с какой стороны топор держать. Гендерные законы, революции и прочее в начале испортят вам много нервов.
Таким образом решительно рекомендую игру к освоению любителям истории, создания и развития персонажа, горячим поклонникам походов с крестами в жаркую страну.

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раньше хазары всегда всасывали - в Horse Lords перекрутили баланс, и теперь они распространяются как чума
даже небо, даже Аллах не могут их остановить

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Назначил своего коня на должность канцлера.
10/10 DLC
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Почти 200 часов. И снова и снова и опять заново буду играть просто потому, что могу.
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Итак, что это у нас тут? Говоря кратко, это самый точный и доскональный "симулятор" отношений между различными правителями в Средневековье.
Игра ведется одним персонажем, который имеет определенные титулы, семейную генеалогию, свои черты характера, навыки, и полученные извне особенности (быть одержимым Сатаной? запросто). Этот персонаж может быть простым графом, имеющим одну провинцию, или целым императором, сидящим на головах кучи вассалов, среди которых короли, герцоги, графы и бароны. С каждым, даже незначительным персонажем, у вас есть взаимоотношения, которые выражаются шкалой от -100 до +100 (у всех персонажей между собой аналогично), которые влияют на их действия в отношении вас, а также на ваши, в отношении их.
Игра, по сути, является самой, что ни на есть песочницей, почище всяких майнкрафтов. Весь игровой период (с 1066 по 1420 или с 786 по 1420 с DLC) можно провести, вообще не вылезая из своей провинции, и не претендуя на какие угодно титулы.
Поражает доскональность проработки. Ваши вассалы вас ненавидят, за то, что вы толстая и ленивая обжора? Вполне. Может быть вы излишне похотливая мадам, которая соблазнила уже десяток своих подданных, а половина детей не от мужа? Да, конечно. Церковь вас не любит, за то, что вы слишком жестокий? Да, конечно. Ваши дети собираются и убивают вас, потому что им не нравилось, как вы правите? Элементарно. Может быть вы решили показать своего наследника, когда он достиг совершеннолетия (16 лет парню), а он в день демонстрации подрался с 12 летней девочкой, которая стала его злейшим врагом, унаследовала герцогство, а потом развязала гражданскую войну, которая расколола королевство на несколько частей? И такое бывает. Может быть во время совершения паломничества в Мекку, вы получаете сверхъестественные способности, становитесь одержимым Сатаной, который помогает вам снова стать мужчиной, после того как вас насильно сделали евнухом? Сверхъестественные события, отключаются, если вам хочется большего реализма.
Невероятное количество событий, привязанных к разным эпохам, навыкам, религиям, правительствам, всему, чему только можно. Пнули котика, а это стало последней каплей в отношении к вас вашего капеллана, который больше не заносит вам в казну денег? Нормально.
И таких вариаций тысячи. Серьезно, каждый раз, заходя в игру, я думаю, что игре больше нечем меня удивить. Но каждый раз, отлипая от монитора в 2-3 часа ночи, просто потому что завтра на работу, я понимаю, что ошибся.
Из мелких и приятных деталей, можно отметить то, что многие личности исторические, и в игре есть специальная кнопка, которая оправляет вас в браузер, на страницу в википедии про этого человека. И там вы можете узнать, что в реальности он должен был умереть от заговора жен в его гареме пять лет тому назад, а не организовывать священную войну против вас, потому что вы просто поклоняетесь Солнцу.
Думаю, плюсы перечислять уже хватит (можно перечислять их почти бесконечно). Пора бы и на минусы посмотреть.
1) DLC. Их тут куча. И каждое геймплейное (я не рассматриваю музыку и юнит-паки) вносит еще часов 100-200 геймплея, которые смотреть и смотреть. И ведь никуда не денешься, когда узнаешь, что в очередном DLC, то начинает почти физически ломать, и хочется купить, и попробовать. На данный момент я наиграл всего лишь 40 часов, и "прожил" в игре 100 лет, иногда проматывая большие интервалы времени в ожидании удобного момента для захвата территории соседа. А в игре 600-летний отрезок.
2) Странные решения разработчиков, которые выглядят странными лишь на первый взгляд. Например, когда вас атакует ваш сосед, а вы король, то армия соседа будет идти по провинциям ваших графов, но графы даже пальцем не пошевелят, чтобы взять свою личную армию и попробовать хотя бы защититься. Они лишь могут предоставить королю немного войск, в зависимости от отношения к вам, чтобы вы там сами разбирались. Понятно, что сделано это ради баланса, иначе бы любая завоевательная война оканчивалась поражением.
3) Русского языка нет. Я спокойно отношусь к english-only играм, но здесь огромное количество специфичных слов и понятий. Первые 5 часов я множество раз жамкал alt+tab и смотрел в словари. С другой стороны, есть русификаторы, которые выполнены на превосходном уровне. Однако, я выбрал для себя английский текст, мне нравится стиль написания текстов. Текст шикарен, и очень погружает в атмосферу.
В заключение хочется сказать 10/10. Тут даже нечего обсуждать. Осталось только музыку в виде DLC купить :)
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Это единственная игра, которую я начинал раз 30 и ни разу до конца игры не доигрывал. Я ее бросал и начинал снова, играл с другом.
Это игра, которая заставляет задумываться на последствиями своих действий. На любое твое чихание в игре где-то да отреагируют.
Благодаря ДЛЦ игра приобрела краски и дополнительные возможности.
Берите, но помните: огнетушитель для взрыва в области булок должен стоять рядом с вами.
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очень интересная игра, для всех кто любит реалистичную систему политики, военого дела и т.д
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Сын назвал на поминках свою погибшую мать ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ой из борделя. Сын переспал со своей сестрой и у них родилась горбатая дочь-выродок, c которой позже переспал ее брат от той же сестры.
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264.2 ч.
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Ты король Уэльса, отпиливаешь себе потихоньку оставшуюся Британию и тут крестовый поход, у тебя теперь еще и Испания, ты в лучах славы заглядываешь в перспективы, увлекаешься и падаешь в поле на острый нож.. Тебе 10, у тебя регент мечтающий тебя утопить, восстания, претендент-авантюрист и хочется поиграть в Лего.
155.1 ч.
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Очень классная игра! можешь быть вождем и стать императаром, быть праведником или распутным, справедливым или тираном. Все в твоих руках!!!
538.6 ч.
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Это одна из лучших стратегий в которые я когда-либо играл. И однозначно лучшая стратегия с элементами РПГ. Происходящие в ней истории заставляют нервно курить в сторонке "Игру Престолов", "Борджиа" и "Проклятых Королей". На нее были потрачены сотни часов, были отыграны все возможные варианты, но она постоянно возвращает к себе, предлагая что-то новое.

Подлинный шедевр гейм-индустрии.