No puedes salvar el mundo entero. Va a ser devorado por un demonio mitológico con la cabeza de un pez. Pero en el rol de una marioneta que absorbe todo lo que toca, puedes intentar rescatar todas las grandezas de la Tierra que puedas antes de que llegue el fin.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 25 ene. 2008

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Acerca de este juego

No puedes salvar el mundo entero. Va a ser devorado por un demonio mitológico con la cabeza de un pez. Pero en el rol de una marioneta que absorbe todo lo que toca, puedes intentar rescatar todas las grandezas de la Tierra que puedas antes de que llegue el fin.

Al comienzo, deambulas por la Tierra, capaz tan sólo de absorber los objetos más minúsculos. Una canica que recojas se convertirá en tu cabeza y un par de gominolas serán tus manos. Las criaturas pequeñas te abruman, con las ratas golpeándote de aquí para allá y los Golden Retriever amenazando con destrozarte a pisotones. Pero con cada objeto que recojas, tu marioneta crece ella sola. Finalmente, te convertirás en un notable gigante con motores de combustión por brazos y la habilidad de absorber edificios enteros.

The Wonderful End of the World te traslada a 12 lugares únicos, con cientos de tesoros para reunir antes del fin. Roba algunos caramelos de la tienda de chucherías, donde los pescaditos de gominola nadan en un río de gelatina; visita una biblioteca surrealista donde descubrirás que las palabras brincan literalmente de los libros; y explora la Megalopolis, donde verás en directo el desfile del fin del mundo el cual te zamparás antes de ir a por el rascacielos más alto que se haya construido.

  • 10 logros por explorar y desbloquear áreas secretas del juego
  • 12 ubicaciones únicas para explorar
  • 3 modos de juego: Cronometrado, No cronometrado y Exploración
  • 16 canciones llenas de vida mantienen la acción en marcha. O bailoteando.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
    • Procesador: 1.5 GHz
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Gráfica 3D compatible con DX9
    • Versión de DirectX: 9.0c
    • Sonido: Dispositivo de sonido compatible con DX9
    • Disco Duro: 220 MB de espacio libre
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Publicado el 16 de julio
Análisis de preestreno
It's not original or even very well implemented… but damn the core gameplay concept is fun nonetheless. There's only a handful of hours of play here, so the 9.99 price is a bit galling. If you can buy it on sale, it's a quick and easy game to get 100% achievements.
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Publicado el 3 de agosto
Análisis de preestreno
I acquired this game as a part of the Potato Sack bundle, and only played it originally as it tied into the Potato Alternate Reality Game that lead up to the release of Portal 2.

I didn't expect much from The Wonderful End of the World going in, but I was pleasently surprised to find a simple yet charming game, that provided a couple of hours of mindless fun. In terms of gameplay, it is often compared to the Katamari games, though much more simplistic.

I wouldn't recommend the game at full price as I believe that £7 is a little too much to ask for <4 Hours of relatively simple gameplay. If you can get it as part of a bundle, or on deep discount, then it's good for a couple hours of simple fun, though it won't be setting the World on fire anytime soon.
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A 3 de 3 personas (100%) les ha sido útil este análisis
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Publicado el 26 de septiembre
Kinda like the Katamari series, except you walk around absorbing stuff instead of rolling a ball.
Perfected in 2 hours. I liked it, get it if it's on sale.
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Publicado el 5 de octubre
I've never played any of the Katamari Damacy games, but having seen and heard much about them I knew I really wanted to try them out for myself. Sadly, there's no new games being released in the franchise and no way for PC players to get their hands on the originals. The good news is, someone else has stepped up to fill the void.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, if that's true then this game is seriously flattering the sh*t out of the Katamari Damacy games. But it at least doesn't feel like it's doing it in a gross or cynical way, more like paying tribute or homage to something well-loved and inspirational, making a game that they themselves would want to play and trying to maybe put their own mark on it in some small way. There seems to be a lot of controversy among the community over this fact, over how much is a true display of appreciation and how much is pure shameless rip-off. But strange as it may sound, ultimately, I don't think it really matters all that much here. It's fun and it's not stepping on anyone else's toes, so what's the problem?

Anyway, as for the game itself, there's a story about the world coming to an end and a girl deciding she's going to collect as much stuff as she can before that happens, seemingly with some weird marionette creation that she's controlling, but even the developers don't take this seriously and are just as dismissive of it as everyone else will be. It's pretty much forgotten about just as quickly as it's introduced and used only as a vague excuse to justify the gameplay, which is what this is really all about.

You'll start off as a small, nebulous cloud of tiny, white spheres in vague humanoid arrangement, then gradually absorb small items that you come into contact with, everyday objects like fruit or cans or gummy bears. The more you collect, the bigger you grow, and the bigger you grow, the larger the items you are able to absorb. To begin with you'll only be a few inches high, but by the end of the game you'll be gathering up entire buildings. It's a really satisfying sense of progression you get when an object you were previously bouncing off and being completely dwarfed by, is now a miniscule triviality stuck on the side of your leg.

In each stage you'll have a few minutes to gather up as much as you can and earn a rating at the end, getting a high enough rating in select stages will then unlock further ones for 12 in total (plus 2 additional hidden stages). The short time limit and small stage number makes this game pretty easy to get into for quick blasts of fun, but the downside is it makes the full asking price a little hard to swallow, doubly so given how slapdash and primitive everything looks. It really does look like a game from the 64bit era, maybe with one or two exceptions as later stages introduce new art styles that have a little bit more finesse to them... but only just. I feel like that's part of its charm, though, that it's intentionally bad looking and really not taking itself seriously, given that you're a weird cloud man with benches and dogs and people stuck to him. But if you're a graphics nut, this will likely offend your eyes and cause your ocular nerves great distress and you should probably go elsewhere. Although, if you do that you will be missing out on some great music, which is a much greater step-up in quality over anything you'll see in the game.

If you can pick it up on sale for a price that matches the otherwise cheap and cheerful nature of everything else here, then there's a lot of fun to be had for the hour or two it'll take you to finish. But really, having a blimp for a head or a skyscraper for a leg or becoming a walking ball of panicked people never gets old and is reason enough to try it. If this is really what the end of the world will look like, then roll on, Armageddon!
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Publicado el 8 de mayo
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