Team Fortress 2 - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Moved 64-bit Steam binaries to the correct folder
  • Updated the equip_region for the Free Mann's Fashion
  • Updated the Distant Drift Unusual effect to fix a visibility issue
  • Updated the Butterfly Season Unusual effect to fix problems with the scale and effect trails
  • Updated the Fiesta Royale and Grand Jubilee Unusual taunt effects with performance improvements
  • Updated the Botler 2000 to fix problems with its positioning
  • Updated koth_megaton
    • Fixed the finale being cut off by a round ending too early
    • Fixed players not being blown to smithereens during the finale
    • Fixed players being able to get stuck in the edges of the thatch rooftops
    • Improved optimization. Investigation into further improvements for lower-end and config users is ongoing.
  • Updated cp_canaveral_5cp
    • Fixed an out-of-bounds exploit
    • Fixed some stuck spots
    • Fixed some hovering props
    • Added some missing overlays
  • Updated cp_overgrown
    • Fixed being able to build in RED spawn
    • Adjusted clipping to fix a few perch points
    • Removed extra shadow_control entity (Thanks Lacry!)
    • Fixed a number of small visual and gameplay issues on the map (Thanks Midnite!)
  • Updated pl_odyssey
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed BLU players to enter RED spawn
    • Fixed lighting issues in BLU first spawn
Team Fortress 2 - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed the Distress Signal and Carioca's Call Unusual effects sometimes causing the game to crash
  • Moved ctf_haarp out of the CTF matchmaking category and into Attack/Defend
  • Updated the Treasure Trove Unusual taunt effect
    • Renamed to Bountiful Riches to fix a naming conflict
    • Updated the materials to fix a problem with the coins
  • Updated pd_atom_smash
    • Fixed missing UI elements for the capture zone
    • Increased rarity of The Scientist's idle chatter between capture zone availability
  • Updated koth_megaton
    • Fixed a missing material on the sandbags
    • Fixed clipping on an open crate
Team Fortress 2 - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

Summer 2024!
  • Featuring 10 new community maps: Embargo, Odyssey, Megaton, Cachoeira, Overgrown, Hadal, Applejack, Atom Smash, Canaveral, and Burghausen
  • Added the Summer 2024 Cosmetic Case
    • Contains 23 new community-contributed items
  • Added 4 new community-contributed taunts to the Mann Co. Store
    • Taunt: Can It!
    • Taunt: Cremator's Condolences
    • Taunt: Straight Shooter Tutor
    • Taunt: Unleashed Rage
  • Added 38 new community-created Unusual effects
    • 18 new effects for Unusual hats
    • 20 new effects for Unusual taunts
  • All cosmetic and taunt cases will grant Summer 2024 Unusual effects instead of their normal Unusual effects during the Summer event. This does not include crates.
  • The Summer event runs through September 15th, 2024
  • Security and stability improvements
  • Fixed Workshop sv_cheats exploit
  • Disallow aliasing any existing convars that are not movement commands
  • Added language support for Spanish - Latin America
  • Added ConVar "tf_hide_custom_decals" to allow clients to disable viewing custom decals on items
    • Added "Hide Custom Decals" checkbox to the Advanced Options dialog in the Miscellaneous Options category
  • Added missing 64-bit Steam binaries for the dedicated server
  • Added missing 64-bit versions of HLMV and HLFaceposer
  • Added a check to prevent the "autoteam" client command for custom game modes like VSH after the player has already joined a team
  • Added missing menu_photos images for cp_powerhouse
  • Added missing default string for Player Destruction mode
  • Expanded VScript support
    • Added mp_tournament_redteamname, mp_tournament_blueteamname, and tf_mvm_max_connected_players to the list of whitelisted ConVars
    • Fixed vscript_convar_allowlist.cfg being overriden by being packed into a map
    • BaseEntity: AcceptInput, IsAlive
    • EconEntity: GetAttribute
    • TFPlayer: GetCustomAttribute, StunPlayer
    • TFBot: GetAllBotTags, SetMission, SetPrevMission, GetMission, GetPrevMission, HasMission, IsOnAnyMission, SetMissionTarget, GetMissionTarget, SetBehaviorFlag, ClearBehaviorFlag, IsBehaviorFlagSet, SetActionPoint, GetActionPoint

  • Moved some of the Christmas maps to the normal rotation
  • Moved ctf_2fort_invasion out of the Misc matchmaking category and into CTF
  • Moved koth_probed out of the Misc matchmaking category and into KOTH
  • Fixed Incinerator killstreak effect not scaling properly when viewed from a distance (community fix from SirDapper and CheesyPuff)
  • Fixed Gunslinger punch combo not being lag compensated (community fix from Marxvee)
  • Fixed third-person reload animation speeds not matching first-person speeds when using custom attributes (community fix from Marxvee)
  • Fixed CTF HUD being visible when no flags are present (Community fix from fellen)
  • Fixed broken LOD1 model for The B.A.S.E. Jumper backpack while deployed (community fix from Piogre)
  • Fixed cosmetic items that use per-class bodygroups not using the correct bodygroup in the Loadout panel
  • Fixed dropped weapons with custom decals not showing the correct decals
  • Fixed some unusual effects using the wrong orientation for The Head Hedge
  • Fixed Halloween transmutations being completed outside of the Halloween event
  • Fixed incorrect BLU material for the CLTF2 bronze medal
  • Fixed missing Spy audio when using the Taunt: Kazotsky Kick
  • Fixed missing sound for the Taunt: The Skating Scorcher
  • Fixed the Neon Annihilator not getting crit-attacks when hitting players covered with gas
  • Fixed some clipping issues for the Mad Lad when using lod1 and lod2
  • Fixed missing polygons for the Stunt Suit when using the Roadworker style
  • Fixed seeing the wrong image in the Steam inventory for the Operation Firmware Frenzy Star of the Company 2023 medal
  • Fixed not being able to equip the Master's Yellow Belt and the Hillbilly Speed Bump at the same time
  • Fixed console warning about unknown command 'eureka_teleport'
  • Fixed Vaccinator heal sound continuing to play after Medic's death
  • Fixed a problem with the Tiny Timber not displaying paint after being painted
  • Updated zi_intro.webm media file
  • Updated the description of the Buffalo Steak Sandvich to display the increased damage vulnerability while active
  • Updated the Eldritch Horror and Deep-sea Devourer Unusual taunt effects to fix incorrect spawn locations
  • Updated the materials for Your Eternal Reward to fix incorrect lighting under certain conditions (community fix from Lindon)
  • Updated the material for The Buff Banner to add phong mask and missing material parameters (community fix from Lindon)
  • Updated the material for The Law to fix an issue when the hat has been painted
  • Updated the equip_region for the Cleaner's Cap
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals
  • Updated ctf_turbine_winter, plr_hacksaw, and pl_phoenix to fix localization issues
  • Updated ctf_doublecross
    • Fixed an incorrect team-colored material in the BLU base
  • Updated cp_brew
    • Fixed truck textures outside of BLU spawn
    • Fixed a few bumps in the road
  • Updated pd_selbyen
    • Fixed an exploit that would allow Engineer to trap players using a teleporter behind a door
    • Minor detailing changes
  • Updated pl_hoodoo_final
    • Added func_noclip to BLU spawn in the third stage
  • Updated pl_corruption
    • Fixed handrail collision near the last point
    • Fixed lamp near BLU spawn
    • Fixed missing string for last point
  • Updated plr_hacksaw_event
    • Fixed broken areaportals
  • Updated pl_enclosure_final
    • [Stage 1] - Moved A point within the gate building
    • [Stage 1] - Added stairs for access to the balcony overlooking the final point area
    • [Stage 1] - Added more cover along the initial aviary area
    • [Stage 1] - Removed the catwalk connecting the wooden tower with the oneway door and the balcony area
    • [Stage 1] - Tweaked the layout of the tunnel section
    • [Stage 1] - Wooden tower is now connected to a new catwalk inside of the gate building
    • [Stage 1] - Reworked RED spawn so it now has two exit doors
    • [Stage 2] - RED now has a 2nd spawn exit leading outside along the water to where the airboats are parked
    • [Stage 2] - Airboats and their dock are now accessible
    • [Stage 2] - Removed the elevated platform RED had within the building, replaced with a tall piece of cover instead
    • [Stage 3] - Added a wall and extra stairs on the right side leading up to the catwalk around the raptor pit
    • [Stage 3] - Added a large cliff narrowing the whole area on the left side of the raptor pit
    • [Stage 3] - Added an extra entryway on the left side of the final point building and a dropdown to floor level within
    • [Stage 3] - Added a jumping class vent from next to B point area into the upstairs area of the final point building
    • [All Stages] - Allowed building inside initial BLU spawns
    • [All Stages] - Visual improvements to a lot of places, a few new assets
  • Updated pl_cashworks
    • Area 1 / Loading Dock
      • BLU Spawn 1:

        • Solved several clipping issues at doors and stairs
        • Mitigated line of sight into spawn room
        • Added alternative exit from spawn room to the right
      • RED Spawn 1:

        • Reworked to have two exits
      • Area Changes:

        • Changed terrain around bridge to be easier to maneuver and to prevent getting stuck
        • Changed munition pack at building 01 to large
        • Possible spots beneath bridge for teleporter-traps eliminated
        • Shuffled some big rocks to block off Sniper lanes
        • Cut center building Sniper lane, left alley visually blocked off from dock area
        • Cut center building top Sniper lane, less easy to get a good view
        • Changed out of bounds building left of BLU spawn, added spinning sawblade
        • Opened up a third passage to allow for an additional flanking option for BLU and RED
    • Area 2 / Serpentines
      • RED Spawn 2:
        • Reworked 2nd RED spawn entirely
        • New spawn has two exits, locks and teleports after B is capped
      • Area Changes:
        • Balconies blocked off visually and physically
        • Additional visual blocker at the top of the serpentines to allow for a more secure crossing
        • Long tunnel leading through the RED building to a staircase at the foot of the hill
        • Added deadly and moving sawblade for spicy danger, with sparks and fumes
        • Closed off BLU balcony at the end of the hill
        • Changed raised platform to be only accessible from RED side
      • Reroutes:
        • Deleted BLU gates at flanking route after B is capped
        • Flanking route has an additional exit towards C, leading through BLU building
        • BLU building interiors reworked and expanded
        • Balcony-drop doesn't injure the player any more
    • Area 3 / Construction Site
      • BLU Spawn 2:
        • New stairway leading to balcony
        • Wider exit from big building after CP3 capture
      • Area Changes:
        • Widened area at the generators and on the 2nd level
        • Changed the direction of the drop-in to C, leading into the hydroelectric building
        • Widened exit from BLU spawn into Area 3
    • Area 4 / Vault
      • Area Changes:
        • Added gates opening at the gatehouse after CP3 is captured
        • Alternative passageway through gatehouse while gates are closed pre CP3
        • Rebuild bridge to be convex, obscuring a long Sniper lane
        • Wonky bridge rewards with a branching access next to the vault building, allowing for BLU flanks
    • Global Changes
      • Solved a ton of clipping
      • Rebuilt and edited navmesh, with defined sentry and Sniper positions and varying gameplay
      • Adjusted func_doors at spawn to span to every solid
      • Changed clipping on cart, now jumpable
      • Increased fog distance and lowered density
      • Exchanged glass-textures from the green to the clear version
      • Stairs and hanging bridge are now bullet-blocked for more predictable projectile bounces
Notizie di Steam - kaci

Steam's Fighting Games Fest is heavy on the action and light(er) on the pockets, with deals on fighting games all week long.

Though there are lots of cool games about fighting, this fest is specifically celebrating games in (or inspired by) the Fighting Game Community (FGC). Fight as a superhero, or a silly animal; fight in fantastical stages and arenas or in... a parking lot. Either way, be prepared to FIGHT!

Fighting Games Fest is on now through July 22nd on Steam.
Notizie di Steam - kaci

The Steam Summer Sale is in full swing, with thousands of games offering cool discounts as the summer heats up. Fighting games? Check. RPGs? Check. Relaxing? Hack & Slash? Adventure? FPS? Check, Check, Check, Check. In other words, ALL genres.

OH! We're also doing 15% off Steam Deck LCD models: 64GB and 512GB, through the end of the Summer Sale! Plus, we've launched a new Steam Charts page featuring Steam Deck's top-played titles. The list is updated daily, and gives you options to explore the most popular games on Deck by week, month, or even year, regardless of verified status.

New to the sale this year: A selection of extra-deep discounts you'll want to peruse for especially good deals.

You'll find sales by the thousands, discounts on Steam Deck LCDs, free daily sticker drops, and more when you swing by the Steam Summer Sale, on now through July 11th on Steam.
Notizie di Steam - Emilyk

Today we’ve launched Steam Game Recording into Beta, a new built-in system for creating and sharing your gameplay footage, that works on any game on Steam.

From capturing highlights to documenting entire campaigns, there are many ways to use this all-new set of features.

Go to the Game Recording website to learn all about it and how to try it out.

Notizie di Steam - Lawrence

More players than ever are choosing to play Steam games with a controller, and we thought it would be a good time to share some stats about controller usage on Steam along with an update about Steam Input.

Stats: Controller use on Steam
  • Since 2018, daily average controller use has tripled from ~5% to up to 15% of all sessions
  • ~42% of these controller sessions are using Steam Input (enabling over 300 supported controllers, custom button bindings, and community configurations)
  • During that time, the controller landscape has changed:

    • 59% of sessions are using Xbox controllers
    • 26% are using PlayStation controllers
    • 10% are on Steam Decks

As usage has grown, our team has continued working to improve and add features to enhance the controller experience for these players. Here are some of the new features we’ve shipped for Steam Input and controller users recently:

  • Big Picture update – complete redesign of the controller first experience on Steam, bringing the Steam Deck user experience to the big screen
  • New controller configurator – rethought and simplified configurator to set, manage, and edit controller bindings
  • Gyro aiming– overhauled and improved experience for controllers with gyro, implemented Flickstick functionality in Steam Input
  • Virtual menus – added support to the desktop client
  • PlayStation Controller support - We worked with Sony to improve support for PS controllers including DualSense Edge, and can now automatically support future 3rd party licensed PlayStation gamepads
  • Xbox Controller support – We shipped a driver for Windows allowing us to better support Xbox One controllers, including the rear buttons on the Xbox Elite Controllers
One of the benefits of Steam Input is that when it’s implemented in a game, players can use any one of over 300 supported controllers to play. We also recently added support for the new HORIPAD for Steam (available in Japan later this summer), and worked with HORI's team to make their controller work well with Steam Input.

The team is continuing to work on Steam Input and controller support on Steam, and we are always looking for feedback. Let us know what you think in the forums.
Notizie di Steam - kaci

Steam Next Fest is serving up hundreds of free playable demos through June 17th! From roguelikes to action games, relaxing games to FPS games. and more: Come play games of all kinds before they launch, and wishlist your favorites to stay in the loop.

You'll also find developer livestreams and chats throughout the entire event, so check out the schedule on the front page to plan out your week.

See you for the June edition of Steam Next Fest, now through June 17th on Steam!
Notizie di Steam - kaci

There are a ton of awesome events happening in the coming days, all focused on sharing gaming news and announcements ahead of the summer. Steam's Summer Showcase of Summer Showcases organizes many of them into one page to make it easier (we hope!) to explore the different shows and perhaps even discover new ones.

Take a look at our landing page to see a schedule of livestreams, and to learn more about each event and their announcements over the next week or so.

Have fun, and here's to our marketing department working a bit harder next year on a shorter, easier-to-say title. Or maybe not?

Check out the Showcase of Showcases here:
Notizie di Steam - kaci

Welcome to Steam's Open World Survival Crafting Fest, where you can spend all your free time between now and June 3rd building up your Steam library with games that let you build and craft.

Hundreds of titles are on sale, with open worlds of all kinds! Sure, these are games where you can build and craft your way to success; but man oh man the threat of losing it all looms large.

Head on over to Steam's Open World Survival Crafting Fest, on now with discounts, demos and more through June 3rd at 10am Pacific.

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