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FPS, Retro, Action, Fantasy
Super Neptunia RPG / 勇者ネプテューヌ /勇者戰機少女
Anime, RPG, JRPG, Female Protagonist
Million Arthur: Arcana Blood
Action, Violent, Anime, 2D Fighter
My Friend Pedro
Action, Violent, Indie, Gore
Muse Dash - Just as planned
Action, Indie, Casual, Anime
Muse Dash
Music, Rhythm, Casual, Indie
They Are Billions
Base Building, Strategy, Zombies, Survival
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Metroidvania, RPG, Female Protagonist, Action
Indie, Action, Bullet Hell, Shoot 'Em Up
Ideology in Friction
Nudity, Sexual Content, RPG, Indie
Story Rich, Singleplayer, RPG, JRPG
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