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Pizza Tower
Action, 2D Platformer, Cartoony, Platformer
Dread Templar
FPS, Retro, Bullet Time, Fast-Paced
Watch Dogs®: Legion
Action, Adventure, RPG, Shooter
Death in the Water 2
Survival Horror, Score Attack, Atmospheric, Gun Customization
Power Chord
Roguelike Deckbuilder, Deckbuilding, Roguelite, Turn-Based Combat
Juno: New Origins
Building, Science, Space Sim, Programming
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - Rise of Rasalhague
Action, Simulation, Mechs
Action, Rhythm, Action-Adventure, Singleplayer
Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts
Naval Combat, Naval, Wargame, Military
Free To Play
Pets Hotel: Prologue
Simulation, Family Friendly, Realistic, Relaxing
Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters
Action, RPG, Action RPG, Anime
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