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Dread Hunger
Social Deduction, Multiplayer, Online Co-Op, Co-op
嗜血印 Bloody Spell
Sexual Content, Nudity, Mature, Female Protagonist
Mortal Online 2
MMORPG, Sandbox, PvP, Character Customization
Not For Broadcast
Simulation, Point & Click, Dystopian , Indie
Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem
Action, Adventure, Shooter, 3D
Cities: Skylines - Airports
Simulation, Strategy, City Builder
Free To Play
Cave Crawler
Action, Side Scroller, 2D Platformer, Platformer
Strange Horticulture
Mystery, Exploration, Investigation, Puzzle
Visual Novel, Adventure, Point & Click, Psychological Horror
Expeditions: Rome
RPG, Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy, Party-Based RPG
Sucker for Love: First Date
Visual Novel, Romance, RPG, Dating Sim
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