Fight on multiple fronts in Holdfast: Nations At War - A competitive multiplayer first and third person shooter set during the great Napoleonic Era. Charge into battle with over 150 players per server!
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21. zář. 2017

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Získejte okamžitý přístup, začněte hrát a zapojte se do vývoje této hry.

Poznámka: Tato hra ještě není dokončená a během vývoje se může výrazně změnit. Pokud Vás nyní nezaujala, zkuste počkat, než se dostane do další fáze vývoje. Více informací zde.

Zpráva od vývojářů:

Proč předběžný přístup?

“Early Access plays a key role in allowing us to remain independent. We are currently self-funding Holdfast: Nations At War to avoid any sort of outside influence to the development of the game and remain community oriented. We also want to create the game without the need for accepting donations or loans largely as part of our overall motivation and dedication to this project.

Shaping the game together with the players has played a major role in ensuring it’s success. We have been gathering feedback since the very early stages of the game’s development and we will continue to do so. Early Access will enable all of our followers with a direct opportunity to provide us with feedback while we continue to improve, iterate as well as well as include new content within the game.

Be sure to join us on our forum if you wish to share any suggestions. There are boards which are solely dedicated to gathering your feedback whilst allowing the rest of our community to voice their opinion on the matter. Go to our forum here.”

Přibližně jak dlouho bude tato hra v předběžném přístupu?

“Creating a multiplayer title with a small team is a very challenging process. We want to make sure that the product is polished and most importantly satisfactory before the full release. We expect the full release of the game to be ready somewhere within 12 months after the start of Early Access. In game development, it is very difficult to accurately guess how long work will take. For this reason, we are not yet ready to give a definitive date.

We will be able to gather feedback on a much larger scale during the Early Access period. This will better help us with shifting our priorities on the improvements, new features or content that the community wants most before going for the final release.”

Jak se bude plná verze lišit od předběžného přístupu?

“We have chosen the Napoleonic Era specifically because it offers us with almost endless possibilities for content. Holdfast: Nations At War is not just a single release for Anvil Game Studios. We have plans both for the game directly in terms of performance optimisations and additional content in patches but also for a Holdfast franchise.

We wish to build a community around this release, support it and keep new content coming so that it grows. This covers bug fixing in patches and later additions of planned content before then moving forwards into new regions, ships, factions, gameplay features and maybe even exploring new conflicts!”

V jaké fázi vývoje se hra nachází?

“Holdfast: Nations At War is still under active development.

This Alpha state means that some of its features and content are more polished than others. Improvements are ongoing for the core mechanics of the game such as the melee and naval combat along with player count optimisations. On that base, we also plan on the inclusion of new features such as cavalry, new factions and maps. We know what the community wants and we’re working on it!”

Změní se cena hry po skončení předběžného přístupu?

“There is a possibility that the price may change after Early Access but this has not been decided yet. Pricing for the final launch version of the game will be announced at a later stage.”

Jak plánujete zapojit komunitu do vývoje této hry?

“We truly believe and understand that the community’s involvement in our development process is of the utmost importance for the competitive element of the game to strive and prosper. It also plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall success of the game.

We have always welcomed feedback and always will. We would like to once again extend our invitation to join us on our forums where you can communicate your suggestions and thoughts with both the developers and the community. You’re more than welcome to get involved and help us shape the game.

The development roadmap details a list of new features for all of the theatres of combat within the game as well as improvements to existing systems. We will be releasing this at the same time we release Holdfast: Nations At War on the 21st of September.
View the development roadmap.

The prioritisation of the game’s features visible in our roadmap as well as the inclusion of newer ones will be based on the suggestions and feedback we receive from our community. Visit the below board on our forums to get involved!
Go to the Polling Booth - Have your say on the game.
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Nedávné aktualizace Zobrazit vše (69)

20. prosince 2018

Vive L'Empereur! Holdfast: NaW is now 60% Off

Vive L'Empereur! Fight for your Emperor with a musket in hand as Holdfast: Nations At War is now 60% off for the duration of Steam’s Winter Sale. Join the community and participate in weekly organised events.

It would be great if you can help us spread the word around about the sale to bring this genre of Musket Warfare games that we all love in the limelight. We want to continue strengthening the following behind the game as it grows and develops.

Read more about what's to come in our latest blog post.

Constant Game Updates! Ongoing Dedication
We’d like to reaffirm our dedication towards pushing forward frequent game updates. With the recent introduction of two additional developers, Dylan ‘Wrexial’ Abela and Alistair ‘PingPong’ Azzopardi we have been delivering content at a much faster pace. We’re looking forward to bring new members into the team as the following behind the game grows.

Have a look at the trailer for our most recent major update! Moveable Artillery. Expect more game updates to follow soon.
Game Updates
  • Army Front! Battlefield, Conquest and Siege game modes all in one rotation.
    » Multiple improvements to the Army Conquest game mode based on community feedback.
  • 9 New Maps! Fort Pierre, King George, Ernest Ridge, Fort Salettes, Fort Schwarz, Snowy Plains 3 (L), Grassy Plains 3 (L), Desert Plains 1 (S) & Snowy Plains 1 (S).
  • Melee Combat Mechanics! Direct improvements towards melee combat. More work will follow on this mechanic in a future update based on community feedback.
  • Melee Arena Game Mode! Come up with new strategies on how to best your opponents before the arena gates open throwing you in a single-life team-based battle to the last man standing. Melee weapons are your only arsenal.
    »6 new maps specifically designed for the Melee Arena game mode.
    End of Match UI! Strive for the very top before the match ends to boast about your standing.
  • Game Engine Upgrade. This was one of the largest undertakings that the team has undertaken to date.
  • Server Optimisations. Multiple server optimisations to stabilise performance over long periods of run time and reduce latency when a lot of players are in close proximity.
  • Customisable Crosshairs. A much-requested quality of life addition that gives players full control over their crosshairs.
  • Recruitment Channel. A dedicated chat channel that regiments (game clans) can use to advertise their own group.
    » If you aren’t too keen on seeing recruitment messages, we’ve also included an option that allows you to disable this channel through the ‘Game’ options.
  • A New Class! Cannoneer. The go-to class for dedicated artillerymen. They have a priority over the operation of field guns and indeed all of the other artillery pieces present in the game.
  • Moveable Artillery! Move artillery around on the field of battle. Assist another player to move the gun at a faster pace.
  • New Artillery Mechanics! Well trained crews will triumph over others as the new artillery mechanics have been designed from the ground up with team-play at the forefront.
    » Carry ammo boxes to supply ammunition for field guns.
    » New loading and ramming mechanics for artillery pieces.
    » Moveable field guns will recoil back once they are fired. You can no longer automatically push the cannon forward on the field guns to encourage team play.
  • A New Shot! Grapeshot. Artillery can be loaded with grapeshot which is especially effective against infantry.
  • Quality of life additions, performance optimisations, bug fixes, gameplay balancing and a whole lot more.

What’s Next? Development Plans
Player built defences will be making an introduction into the game with the release of the next major update! Well placed defences will turn the tide of battle in your favour. There’ll also be a new class coming along with this update.

There’ll also be other updates besides the ones we’ve mentioned coming to the game leading to the release of the next major update. One of those updates being that we’ll be providing players with the option to vote for their own maps after the round ends.

Here’s a first-hand look at one of the uniforms for the class that will be assigned the role of building defences. As always, we’ll keep you up to date on our progress.

Community. Join The Discord!
Looking for a good bunch of fellows to play the game with? Do join our Discord! Linebattle events were players are encouraged to play in formations relevant to the Napoleonic era are hosted by the community through the week.

Discord is also a great place to be to stay in touch with the game’s development. Feedback is always greatly welcomed. We look forward to seeing you there!

Once again, thank you for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.

We're working on the next update.

- Anvil Game Studios
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19. prosince 2018

Game Update. Fixes & Balance

Holdfast: Nations At War has been updated! We’ll be pushing forward additional bug fixes and iterations focused on game balance.

Here’s the entire changelog for this update.

Changelog 25 - Game Version 0.23.6927.34248
    Bug Fixes
  • Multiple attempted fixes towards spawning related issues on the Naval Battlefield and Coastal Siege game modes.
  • Fixed an issue which caused blood effects not to appear when a player was killed by grapeshot.
  • Fixed an instance which caused the player to get stuck with a ramrod in hand if they got hit while ramming a cannon.
  • Fixed an instance which caused the player to get stuck with a ramrod in hand if a ship sunk while they’re ramming a cannon.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the swivel guns on the 8-Gun Schooner to retain the cooldown timer that was present pre the introduction of the time-based loading and ramming for artillery pieces.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the player’s user interface to disappear after the match ended on the Melee Arena game mode.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the gaussian blur present behind the end of match and spawn menu interfaces not to be visible.
  • Attempted fix towards an issue which sometimes causes the player to get stuck in an animation if they’re killed while moving a field gun.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented other players from seeing cannons animating while you’re using them.

    Game Balance
  • Increased the damage of the larger variation of the grapeshot.
  • Reduced the drop of the larger variation of the grapeshot.
  • Prevented the mortar’s barrel from recoiling after firing as it is already increasingly difficult to line up a shot with this particular artillery piece.
  • Slightly increased the speed at which a cannon moves and rotates.
  • Reduced the health points of wooden palisades found on various maps so they can be destroyed more quickly.
  • Reduced the health points of the chevaux-de-frise props found on various maps so they can be destroyed more quickly.

Once again, thank you very much for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.

- Anvil Game Studios
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Informace o hře

Holdfast: Nations At War is an online multiplayer first and third person shooter focusing on a combination of teamwork and individual skill. Take part in historic clashes on land and at sea waged by the most powerful nations during the great Napoleonic Era.

Charge into battle with over 150 players per server!

Play the way you want!
Command and crew historically inspired sailing vessels in powerful duels or within squadron operations where cooperation in running your vessels leads to victory. War at sea is an entirely different setting and these clashes will take place off the coast in a selection of beautiful arenas.

Take the King’s shilling or fight for the Emperor in glorious Napoleonic field battles. Join the ranks and keep the line steady or provide support from the rear with cannon fire as you strive for dominance over the battlefield.

Join the Navy
Experience what it’s like to be a crew member on board a military sailing ship. Raise the sails, fire the cannons, test the water depths and cooperate to keep your vessel afloat!

Enlist in the Army
Work with your comrades to storm enemy fortifications or support the fight from the rear with artillery fire. Keep the line steady in open field battles and lead your men to victory!

Play as a Captain, Sailor, Line Infantry and more! Every class comes with its own traits and roles which are crucial for your team’s survival.

Holdfast: NaW’s order-based system allows for intuitive cooperative play where your ability to work as part of a team matters just as much as your personal skill.

Whether you are manning a cannon, firing a musket or swinging a sword, Holdfast: NaW's combat mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master. The game rewards player skill via a precision and timing based directional melee system.

There will be plenty of chances for you and your mates to take on other groups in tournaments and fierce competitive events. Hone your skills because you can be sure that your opponents will too!

Systémové požadavky

    • Operační systém: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
    • Procesor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Paměť: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafická karta: Direct X 11 Compatible Card
    • DirectX: Verze 11
    • Připojení: Širokopásmové připojení k internetu
    • Pevný disk: 8 GB volného místa
    • Dodatečné poznámky: An Intel® HD Graphics 4000 card is capable of running the game at a low framerate when playing Army based game modes on minimum graphics settings.
    • Operační systém: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
    • Procesor: 3 GHz Quad Core
    • Paměť: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafická karta: Nvidia GTX 970
    • DirectX: Verze 11
    • Připojení: Širokopásmové připojení k internetu
    • Pevný disk: 8 GB volného místa

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