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A unique adventure, a stunning scenario to discover in one season!
Veröffentlichung: 29 Okt. 2010
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Hinweis: Winter Voices’ Episoden sind nicht alleine spielbar. Jede Episode muss in Reihenfolge gespielt werden.

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Enthält 7 Artikel: Winter Voices, Winter Voices Episode 1: Those who have no name, Winter Voices Episode 2: Nowhere of me, Winter Voices Episode 3: Like a Crow on a Wire, Winter Voices Episode 4: Amethyst Rivers, Winter Voices Episode 5: Overflow, Winter Voices Episode 6: Falls

Über das Spiel

Ein einzigartiges Abenteuer, ein atemberaubendes Szenario, aufdeckbar in einer Saison!
Winter Voices ist ein von der Erzählung angetriebenes Episoden-Rollenspiel, welches in einer imaginären und zeitlosen Welt am Anfang der industriellen Revolution spielt. Der Spieler übernimmt die Kontrolle über die 24 Jahre alte Heldin, die momentan mit dem Tod ihres Vaters zu kämpfen hat. Sie muss durch das Herz des Winters reisen und sich ihren schlimmsten Feinden entgegenstellen - ihre eigenen Dämonen.
Die erste Saison der Winter Voices-Serie umfasst sieben herunterladbare Episoden, die immer mehr über das Schicksal der Heldin preisgeben.
Winter Voices kombiniert "Point und Click"-Echtzeit mit stark defensiven Kämpfen in Rundenstrategie. Indem das Spiel Dialog und Weltentdeckung mit Kämpfen abwechselt, werden Spieler einen rundenbasierten psychischen Krieg miterleben.

Besondere Eigenschaften:

  • Kreative Erzählweise für Erwachsene, die Reise in das menschliche Bewusstsein und das Eintauchen in eine wachrüttelnde und ruhige Rollenspielerfahrung
  • Anspruchsvoll und Gedanken-Kämpfe: der Spieler nutzt “Verteidung der Verstands” Mechaniken, wird von Erinnerungen überschüttet und kämpft gegen seine eigenen Dämonen, Ängste, Stimmen der Illusion, Schuld, Wahnsinn...
  • Taktisch ... mit einem kleinen Unterschied: rundenbasierte Kämpfe sind defensiv
  • Eine wunderliche und ungewöhnliche Welt: Eine imaginäre und zeitlose Welt am Anfang der industrielle Revolution
  • Dynamischer Soundtrack: Zusätzlich zu der Musik bei der Selbsterkennung wird der Spieler von Melodien, die ihn jagen, geführt, wodurch eine düstere, faszinierende Stimmung erzeugt wird, die zur kalten Reise des Hauptcharakters und dessen seltsamer Vergangenheit passt

Winter Voices Prolog: Avalanche

Ein Drama findet in einem kleinen Dorf statt, das von Schnee bedeckt ist, verloren in den Tiefen eine Three-River Principality Valleys. Ein plötzlicher Tod, eine jetzt feindliche Heimat, neue sensorische Fähigkeiten, die wie ein Sturm auftauchen und eine Abreise ins Ungewisse, das einzige Mittel dem Tod zu entkommen ist jetzt die Flucht ... Die Heldin, plötzlich Waise, muss das Dorf ihres Vaters verlassen, wegen der Stimmen in ihrem Unterbewusstsein. Die lange Suche nach Antworten wird Sie durch viele Ereignisse führen, in denen Sie Wut, Trauer, Schmerz und Angst überwinden müssen um endlich zu enthüllen, was die Stimmen des Winters flüstern.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Prozessor: Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3000 +
    • Speicher: 1 GB (2 GB für Vista)
    • Grafik: 128 MB, 1280x720
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Festplatte: 500 MB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c
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77.0 Std. insgesamt
This is a hard game to recommend. Truth be told, it has a fair share of drawbacks. Even with that in mind, this game possesses amazing naration, a deep, innovative combat/RPG system and a powerful story. It touches some very dark themes, and does so with finesse. The psychological allusions fused with the norse mythology work together to build an unforgetable and deeply affecting experience. My advice - play the demo, and if you are not turned off, go for it.
Verfasst: 10 Februar 2014
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51.7 Std. insgesamt
A great and mature story combined with an absolutely interesting turn-based combat system make for a great formula of a game.
The drawback? The game has its share of slow moments, especially in the Prologue, and mainly in the engine (Adobe AIR) and the quite large share of issues you'll likely have with it.

But overall, issues aside, it's really fun, and there might also be a Season 2 coming. Be sure to let the developer know in this discussion that we want a proper engine this time around!
Verfasst: 11 Februar 2014
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28.1 Std. insgesamt
This is a game worth at least trying out, as it shows you an entirely different way of thinking of the whole notion of the RPG as more of a physics puzzle game based upon a skill tree than any standard dungeon grind.Many people criticise this game for its slowness and they certainly have a point, and most of it seems to be flaws with Adobe AIR, the game's poorly-chosen engine.However, part of the slowness is also deliberate. It's a deeply psychological game, built around a core of the sense of loneliness and isolation, even from those who should be friends or even family.Winter Voices is also buggy especially because of Adobe AIR and some levels can seriously take minutes to even start the mission just because the engine is so inefficient, it can't even load the map. The game has an unforgiving side, as well. Skills bought on the skill tree are permanent, and the game likes to spring surprises on you where suddenly, some skills are disabled, and a build that was powerful before suddenly fails.The strong points of this game are story and gameplay. The story is amazing. The protagonist is one of the most relatable characters in recent memory and the dialogue is very well written.The gameplay is very original, I can honestly say I've never played an RPG quite like this. Pretty much every aspect, from the battles to the stats and abilities are a means to drive the story forward. This is definitely not a game for everyone. However I would strongly suggest it to RPG fans and people looking for something new and unique. Overall 8/10.
Verfasst: 1 Juli 2014
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0.8 Std. insgesamt
The gameplay seems pretty decent (and the battle mechanics particularly interesting), but after thirty minutes or so I've had to set this game aside (at least for the moment) because I simply can't take any more of the purple prose, especially given how often it descends into complete doggerel in what is presumably an attempt to sound "poetic." This isn't even remotely funny-bad, as Bulwer-Lytton contest entries, but simply painful-bad, the hail-like slew of obstreperous adjectives hurtling down in contradictory fashion, each a shard of ice with its own unique, cutting edges inflicting a slightly different shape of wound on my suffering literary sensibility, to combine to envelop me in a veil of unseeing mist, muffling prosaic taste with a bitter aftertaste of a poison blade. (On the other hand, if that sentence doesn't bother you, go right ahead and dive in to the game.)
Verfasst: 16 Februar 2014
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1 Review
12.4 Std. insgesamt
What to say?

"Your Mileage May Vary" seems appropriate.

I got this game in a bundle, they put the episodes beyond what was in the bundle on special. I thought I should buy the episodes, but decided to try the prologue before investing any cash into the episodes.

I'm thankful I did. The game and story seem very interesting. The world that the developers created IS great looking, and I do want to see more of it, but I've given up having any fun playing this game.

The game kinda makes me feel like it's ME who's being tortured in "playing" the game rather then the main character. Most of my complaints seem to echo others who would not recommend this game (and even some that do). Moving around is too slow, the puzzles/combat seems to vary from easy to "this is making me hate my life", I also seem to think that perhaps the learning curve is at least a little bit steep, I don't seem to understand effectively what attracts/detracts/masks you from the enemy memories (something I didn't realize was happening until I got tired of the game) or how that fits into the universe (how does one hide behind a rock from a bad memory?).

Another thing that also puts me way off with this game is the lack of ability to do any kind of actual fighting. I'm all for the game not being violent, but I finally stopped playing when I felt hopeless that all I can do is push these "memories" around, and reduce their damage, while they slowly hunt me down, pushing me, reducing my movement, surrounding me, and finally killing me. If I could lock some of the enemies down by trapping them somehow, or maybe push them so far they stop being a threat. I do wonder if some of those things are options that I just don't understand.

I feel like I've given the developers a few hours of my life, and despite their valiant attempts, all they accomplished is having tortured me.

Having said all that, it might just be something I'm missing, or just not my cup of tea. The developers do seem to be competent, and able, to create something that could be intresting AND fun, they've just created something I hate.
Verfasst: 25 März 2014
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