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I have to make this fairly simple and straight forward instead of a lengthy review.
Overall, positive head nod to Bohemia Interactive in this now aging title as in the words of Monty Python, "and now for something completely different".

I predominantly have played this game "offline" as Steam does not detect the game activation if you modify some of the game files and I bypass the standard Steam startup, which I did so in order to ramp up the difficulty to give the flight modeling a much more realistic feel and activated the ArMA 2 modules I WANT TO RUN.
I have easily logged 300+ hours on this game.

Key Points:

1) If you are looking for a hardcore "simulation" this is NOT your game.
2) If you are looking for a "light" simulation game with PASSABLE aerodynamics physics for the starting helos this works.(but NOT the medium and heavy helicopters who FMs are skewed),
3) If you have ever wanted to fly over the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound with a helicopter, you will like this game immensely, the modeling and collison detect is better than most modern flight simulations.
4) If you are interested in learning about the basic functionality of helicopters without flight manual complication, this is YOUR game.

Bottom line, the game itself is entertaining, the plot is a little "tired" but still fun.
The Seattle map region is EXCELLENT, with all the actual landmarks noted.
However, if you want to run this game REALLY well, you are going to need a beast of a gaming system, and not because the game is overly "complex".
The ArmA 2 game engine just was never that well optimized for this kind of "simulation" and the overall graphics close to the ground can really get ugly, and SO WISH the engine had been optimized because the modeling and collision detection is GOOD.

Never was flying a "little bird" over Seattle so much of a small guilty pleasure, especially for cheap the game is now with all the DLC packs.
You are going to need a flight control system in order to get the most out of the game.
In a pinch, you can use a Xbox 360 controller, but that unprecise when playing at difficulties at veteran and above.
So.... this game is hard to make a review.
I would recommend it to people that REALLY like making missions with a helicopter... its not like a Tycoon... but its got some of the aspects like buying new choppers and customizing them, but it doesnt feel like one at all. so scratch any tycoon feeling out of this game. this is a linear story game that just happens to let you customize and buy your choppers when you feel like. one BIG downside of this game is the character dialogs. they are incredibly boring and monotone, even the ones that you think should make mode of a impact, more feeling... anything! but it doesnt... its monotone and doesnt make you feel anything. the voice acting in this game is really bad.

Should you buy this game? only if you're a heli enthusiast and got the money laying there. many of the game features if not all are present in Arma II/III, a little browsing in the steam work shop with Arma III and you'll have more Heli mission content then present in this game, BUT, the MAP in this game is really good. and when I say good... i mean its HUGE... so theres a lot to see and do/redo... and even create, BUT, again... BUT, in Arma III you can import a lots of maps now and they have higher visual quality. The map in this game has very little detail in buildings... and roads, streets are not even present. they are part of the ground texture... if you're looking for decent graphics, this is not for you.
The missions and story are decent. but the voice acting takes off part of it.

To make it short.

Bad voice acting makes the game not as intriguing as it could be. recommended only if you're REALLY into helicopters and want everything out there.


- Decent engine (Arma II) 9/10
- Decent story line / missions 7/10
- Map Size 10/10


- Map detail is horrible 4/10 (excludings building density)
- Voice acting is laughable 2/10
- Lack of indepth helicopters courses to improve flight 4/10
- my bad english in this review.

I've almost been in car crashes, and my most constant thought was not my life flashing infront of my eyes, it was a desire for air bags, my last thoughts would have been "Get a car with air bags."
Flying Take On Helicopters; Hinds, I had a very similar emotional sensation after my glorious Hind was hit by a surface to air missile and I plummeted towards the ground.
Earlier, I had been thinking to myself this flies like an old bird that's been around for years, shaky and slightly not perfect.

Take on Helicopters is a very good simlite simulation, the addition of an auto-menu for turning the engine on, and auto-hover, make taking off and landing with computer assistance considerably easier, but it's a real thrill to master landing without computer assistance, and one of the many joys of the game.

I've really enjoyed this game, coming from an OpFlash/ArmA/ArmA 2 and Battlefield Desert Combat helicopter flying background, it's not an incredibly detailed sim except maybe in flight model, but I find too highly detailed sims boring, so for me this game works real well.

I can see why people who are masochistic and want the super-real sim experience might not feel satisfied, or have a lust for multiplayer, if that's the case, try DCS World, or ArmA 3, and otherwise, enjoy this :)
The game doesn't respond to mouse input in the menu screen if you have your windows text scaling set to anything other than default
Does not have any support for popular joysticks
Game has been abandoned by the developer at this point and it's still full of bugs
I paid $5 for this and I'm still disappointed
would not recommend.

also interesting that every negative review gets a bunch of downvotes despite being helpful
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