Te presentamos el nuevo juego de helicópteros del desarrollador independiente Bohemia Interactive, creador de la premiada saga de simulación militar ArmA 2. Cimentado sobre más de 10 años de experiencia en el desarrollo de simuladores de máxima calidad, Take On Helicopters sumerge a los jugadores en ricos y bonitos paisajes y ofrece un...
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 de oct. 2011

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Take On Helicopters Now Includes Two Free DLC!

Take on Helicopters - Rearmed

Take On Helicopters: Rearmed is a free official DLC for Take On Helicopters. It seamlessly merges Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead content into the game. Fly your helicopter over the gorgeous autumn landscape of Chernarus, dodge incoming fire from a myriad of Anti-Air weapon systems, and fight in massive combined arms operations.

Take On Noisecontrollers is an entirely free DLC for Take On Helicopters.

Fusing two seemingly disconnected worlds, it is one of the first forays of hardstyle music into gaming.

The exciting collaboration between DJ and producer duo Noisecontrollers and Bohemia Interactive, has produced a fun expansion for everyone to enjoy.

Owners of Take on Helicopters will automatically download this content the next time they update their game.

Acerca de este juego

Te presentamos el nuevo juego de helicópteros del desarrollador independiente Bohemia Interactive, creador de la premiada saga de simulación militar ArmA 2. Cimentado sobre más de 10 años de experiencia en el desarrollo de simuladores de máxima calidad, Take On Helicopters sumerge a los jugadores en ricos y bonitos paisajes y ofrece un modelo de vuelo auténtico.

El jugador asume el rol de un piloto de helicópteros civil. El negocio de aviación de Harry Larkin atraviesa tiempos difíciles, y tras décadas de duro sacrificio hasta convertirse en lo que es, ahora se encuentra a unos días de su clausura. Sus hijos encaran un futuro incierto, luchando para salvar la compañía a la que su padre dedicó toda su vida. Juntos, deberán enfrentarse a contratos y competidores; ¡juntos, deberán encargarse de los helicópteros!

Lleva a cabo tus primeros pasos para dominar el vuelo de rotor a través de un amplio abanico de entretenidos desafíos o crea tus propias misiones usando el potente pero amigable editor de misiones.

Surca los cielos en dos bonitos y amplios escenarios, basados en datos reales de terreno en Norteamérica y Sudasia.

Disfruta de la tecnología más puntera, helicópteros modelados con asombroso detalle, un mundo abierto a gran escala y una auténtica dinámica de vuelo...

Take On Helicopters te ofrece:

  • Un modelo fidedigno de la dinámica de vuelo
  • Helicópteros y cabinas ricamente modeladas
  • Amplios y detallados entornos
  • Editor de misiones potente e intuitivo
  • Multijugador con escenarios cooperativos y competitivos

Take On Helicopters dispone de dos enormes escenarios:

  • Seattle, un trozo de Norteamérica de 60x60 km.
  • Surasia, una zona poblada de vegetación y estructuras urbanas de 120x120 km.

Take On Helicopters ofrece a los jugadores tres tipos de helicóptero:

Requisitos del sistema


    • SO: Windows XP
    • Procesador: Intel Dual Core a 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon Dual Core a 2.5 GHz o superior
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: nVidia GeForce 8800GT o ATI Radeon 4850 con 512 MB de VRAM y soporte para Shader Model 3 o gráfica superior
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 20 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX 9.0c


    • SO: Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Procesador: Intel Dual Core a 3 GHz, AMD Athlon Dual Core a 3 GHz o superior
    • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: nVidia GeForce 9800GT o ATI Radeon 5850 con 1 GB de VRAM y con soporte para Shader Model 3 o gráfica superior
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 20 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido:Dispositivo compatible con DirectX 9.0c
    • Otros Requisitos: Conexión a Internet de banda ancha
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Publicado: 7 de febrero
Cool Game
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Publicado: 3 de febrero
I don't understand why there are so many negative comments on the game, I've played Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Longbow II as well as Take on Helicopters, and all have their strengths and weaknesses, but this game felt like I was actually learning to fly a helicopter as some of the fast paced missions stumped me for a bit, but with persistence and saving at key points, it has been a very good experience.

Should I play this?:
If you enjoyment of being immersed in a good story, and upgrading the various helicopters to take on more missions, this will not disappoint. The military sims are enjoyable, and definitely challenging, but seem to hurry past the learning to fly and focus more on combat. There is a good mix of civilian, transport, and law enforcement/military missions which allow you to earn money and buy all the upgrades, there can be an issue if you sell a helicopter you need, so picking up extra missions is helpful. I would do often walk around inspections of each heli before taking on a mission to significantly lower the repair bill.

Without a doubt, this is the most realistic feeling physics in a flight simulator I've played to date. With flight Simulator X I almost feel the helis were an afterthought addition because it lacks certain flight physics that require the constant adjustments required to keep the helicopters in flight. In Take On Helicopters, the wind and added weight of personnel and cargo changes how the helicopters fly, the copters accrue damage and can feel like a rickety bucket of bolts, giving an impending doom feeling before they ultimately reach maximum entropy and fall out of the sky. I had more than a few instances where I killed the Huey because I failed to properly finesse them through the trial without burying the throttle and burning out the engine.

Every simulator has it's glitches, I've seen more glitches in Flight Sim X than I have in TOH. Only one instance have I seen a glitch and pressed escape, then selected skip in the menu.
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Publicado: 29 de diciembre de 2014
Two of us got this game to play CO-OP. Managed to get it working over the internet using a program called Tunngle which creates a virtual LAN connection over the internet. Easy once we did it this way. The game is quite good but does take some time to learn how to fly & land. The missions do take a long time to play but i guess thats because its a simulator not an arcade game.
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Publicado: 28 de diciembre de 2014
Very good sim that is very rewarding once mastered. The missions offer a different spin from your typical combat sim with missions like whale watching transport and emergency lifts.
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Publicado: 20 de diciembre de 2014
This game is fun to mess around with, but it's extremely hard to get control of the helicopter, and it's not well documented on how to do certain things. For some tutorials, you will be drilled to the last click, but for others, they give you a vague statement such as slowdown, and then you're on your own. A training system that went into detail into the tiny bits and pieces that make flying easier would have been nice, and as such I'm stuck forever trying to land a damn helicoper correctly.
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Publicado: 10 de abril
So.... this game is hard to make a review.
I would recommend it to people that REALLY like making missions with a helicopter... its not like a Tycoon... but its got some of the aspects like buying new choppers and customizing them, but it doesnt feel like one at all. so scratch any tycoon feeling out of this game. this is a linear story game that just happens to let you customize and buy your choppers when you feel like. one BIG downside of this game is the character dialogs. they are incredibly boring and monotone, even the ones that you think should make mode of a impact, more feeling... anything! but it doesnt... its monotone and doesnt make you feel anything. the voice acting in this game is really bad.

Should you buy this game? only if you're a heli enthusiast and got the money laying there. many of the game features if not all are present in Arma II/III, a little browsing in the steam work shop with Arma III and you'll have more Heli mission content then present in this game, BUT, the MAP in this game is really good. and when I say good... i mean its HUGE... so theres a lot to see and do/redo... and even create, BUT, again... BUT, in Arma III you can import a lots of maps now and they have higher visual quality. The map in this game has very little detail in buildings... and roads, streets are not even present. they are part of the ground texture... if you're looking for decent graphics, this is not for you.
The missions and story are decent. but the voice acting takes off part of it.

To make it short.

Bad voice acting makes the game not as intriguing as it could be. recommended only if you're REALLY into helicopters and want everything out there.


- Decent engine (Arma II) 9/10
- Decent story line / missions 7/10
- Map Size 10/10


- Map detail is horrible 4/10 (excludings building density)
- Voice acting is laughable 2/10
- Lack of indepth helicopters courses to improve flight 4/10
- my bad english in this review.
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Publicado: 30 de mayo
I have to make this fairly simple and straight forward instead of a lengthy review.
Overall, positive head nod to Bohemia Interactive in this now aging title as in the words of Monty Python, "and now for something completely different".

I predominantly have played this game "offline" as Steam does not detect the game activation if you modify some of the game files and I bypass the standard Steam startup, which I did so in order to ramp up the difficulty to give the flight modeling a much more realistic feel and activated the ArMA 2 modules I WANT TO RUN.
I have easily logged 300+ hours on this game.

Key Points:

1) If you are looking for a hardcore "simulation" this is NOT your game.
2) If you are looking for a "light" simulation game with PASSABLE aerodynamics physics for the starting helos this works.(but NOT the medium and heavy helicopters who FMs are skewed),
3) If you have ever wanted to fly over the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound with a helicopter, you will like this game immensely, the modeling and collison detect is better than most modern flight simulations.
4) If you are interested in learning about the basic functionality of helicopters without flight manual complication, this is YOUR game.

Bottom line, the game itself is entertaining, the plot is a little "tired" but still fun.
The Seattle map region is EXCELLENT, with all the actual landmarks noted.
However, if you want to run this game REALLY well, you are going to need a beast of a gaming system, and not because the game is overly "complex".
The ArmA 2 game engine just was never that well optimized for this kind of "simulation" and the overall graphics close to the ground can really get ugly, and SO WISH the engine had been optimized because the modeling and collision detection is GOOD.

Never was flying a "little bird" over Seattle so much of a small guilty pleasure, especially for cheap the game is now with all the DLC packs.
You are going to need a flight control system in order to get the most out of the game.
In a pinch, you can use a Xbox 360 controller, but that unprecise when playing at difficulties at veteran and above.
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Publicado: 28 de enero de 2014
Dificil de jugarlo, pero cuando aprendes te envicias.
Muy bueno el simulador :D
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Publicado: 6 de julio de 2014
Ni caso a las criticas, tanto si te gustan los Arma y los tienes, como si te gusta la simulacion aerera y militar, o simplemente te gustan los "juegos de aviones", o pilotar al estilo "arcade" de los Arma, este simu es una pauesta segura con toneladas de horas de cosas por hacer, NO SOLO A BORDO DE LOS HELICOPTEROS, como digo, es basicamente un Arma centrado en HElis con misiones especialea dedicadas a ellos pero tambien buena parte de lo demas. De hecho si posees Arma 2 y/o sus expansiones, dentro del simu te aparecen como expansiones propias del Take on, pudiendo volar en Chernarus, Takistan, etc.

Para los iluminados y snobs que confunden la simulacion aerea con la vida real, deberian recordar antes de criticar que Bohemia es una empresa fundamentalmente dedicada a la SIMULACION MILITAR PROFESIONAL. Que dediquen un ratito a google, a enterarse un poco antes de soltar cualquier opinion basada en sus limitaciones o capacidades o creencias subjetivas. Pensar que Bohemia no es capaz de dotar al simu de unas fisicas "creibles" y "adecuadas", es un poco chorra, cuando esta gente vende a los mayores ejercitos del mundo simuladores que cuestan decenas de miles de dolares, y sus "juegos de PC", solo son para ellos una fuente de ingresos extra, algo que se hace casi "por hobby".

Luego ni caso a las criticas, es un producto que merece MUCHO la pena, si te gusta la tematica. Muy recomendable tener un Joy, uno normalito, que hay quien confunde precio con "nivel", pero tampoco es necesario ya que en sus niveles de simulacion mas arcade se deja manejar tal cual los Helis de Arma, con el pad de xbox o a teclado y raton puramente.
Sobre todo al precio que ha estado ultimamente es una compra segura, su apartado tecnico es mas que correcto con los settings al maximo, y está bastante bien optimizado, aunque hay que recortar la distancia de dibujado porque por defecto viene exageradamente alta y eso provoca un rendimiento negativo.

10/10 para un producto bueno, bonito, barato y muy completo.
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Publicado: 18 de mayo de 2014
MALÍSIMO CON GANAS, si os gustan los simuladores de vuelo simplemente pasad de esta real ♥♥♥♥♥♥, comprad FSX o prepar3Dv2, y compraros addons de helicopteros de NEMETH DESIGNS, MILVIZ, AEROSOFT o STARGATE STUDIOS, esta real ♥♥♥♥♥♥ me la compré por 4,00 euros que si no se queda donde esta, definitivamente otro fracaso de BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE, repito si os gustan los SIM de vuelo... ya sea aviación o en este caso en concreto aeronaves de rotor, es decir helicopteros: FSX o prepar3Dv2,simple, la física es malísima de cojones y juego con pedales, joystick, y throttle, los gráficos realmente una ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥, ni os molesteis en gastar 4,00 euros, mejor gastadlo con la novia que almenos os dará placer.

Los simmers y me incluyo a mi que llevamos en los simuladores de vuelo mucho tiempo creo que me darán la razón

Y quien me venga diciendo que esto es un simulador jugando con mando de consola...me parece que esta muy equivocado.

P.D: BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE, si lo leeis, que lo dudo.... empezad a gastaros el dinero en hacer productos con realismo y licencias, y no fabriqueis productos para ganar dinero, de lo contrario perdereis más dinero y clientes.
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Publicado: 23 de septiembre de 2014
Ni me gustan los simuladores tan raros ni me van los helicópteros....
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Publicado: 14 de noviembre de 2014
video of me doing one of the extreme time trials in this game:
Take On Helicopters has similar strengths and weaknesses to the ARMA series, only more so. It tries to bridge the gap between simulators and conventional video games, which it does with some success. There are few niche games like this, so it is good when one shows up, even if it is not perfect. It reminds me a bit of SimCopter from 1996.

Realism and flight physics are very good but not perfect. There is a start-up procedure, but it is simplified. There is no autopilot but there is an optional auto-hover helper. The controls have the same kind of problems as in ARMA, and I had to spend a long time tweaking them. Unlike most sims, you control a human as you would in any shooter game, who in turn can board and pilot helicopters realistically.

There is a career mode that has interesting missions and a decent believable story. It takes 10-15 hours but I wish it was longer. There is also a small management aspect - you can buy new equipment, inspect your helicopter, and pay for maintenance to prevent breakdowns. While the voice acting is good, it does have a low-budget / mod feel with crude character animations etc. And as with ARMA, some missions were a bit difficult, and had unreliable scripting, forcing me to retry a few times. Overall, I still enjoyed it.

Then there are the more challenging time trials, where you have to fly as fast as you can through virtual hoops placed between buildings and under bridges etc. The courses range from moderate to insane - these are awesome, but require you to have mastered the helicopter controls . They are probably the most intense and challenging races I have tried in any game, partly thanks to the additional vertical dimension - car racing games are so 2-dimensional by comparison (pun intended).

Contrary to what most say, the graphics look good and I get a decent 60 fps with only ocasional slowdowns to 40 fps (with an i5-4570 and overclocked GTX660). The Seattle environment is detailed and beautiful. I did have to carefully tweak the video settings though. My youtube video stutters a bit but that is just youtube, the game was smooth.

Sadly multiplayer does not work, due to the gamespy server shutdown. While you can just about play with a keyboard or controller, you really do need a '3-axis + thruster' joystick (about $30).
Despite its flaws, I would strongly recommend this to mature patient gamers willing to try a flight sim.
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Publicado: 7 de enero de 2014
I own this game quite a while, occasionally taking free flights in Seattle and i must admit - level of detail in envelopment is far beyond for any flight simulator game even today. There is probably thousand of different models for buildings, not only for landmark, but any major building have it's own model and detailed texturing. Those also all collision enabled, meaning you can crash or land on. Even trees are crashable 3D models. You can even land and get out of your bird and start playing ARMAII in Seattle. Or in normal ARMAII maps - if you own it in Steam.

I was so looking forward to start playing single player campaign, imagining limitless country of fun with all goodness above combining with full range of civil helicopter's activities, starting with simple taxi missions and ending with sling load operation and search-and-rescue mission using FLIR (thermal vision camera).

To my very disappointment there is - as we russians say - one spoon of ♥♥♥♥ in barrel of honey. And it's flying itself. I'm not IRL pilot so i can't explain things in the right worlds, but i own (and fly almost daily) DCS UH-1 and X-Plane 10 with some payware helos, so i guess i know that is right and that is wrong. And TKOH helicopters are behaves wrong. More of that - they all share same dynamics, just with different coefficients. For example all of them have same speed. It's not like i didn't notice that playing free flights, i just thought i could deal with slow response, overreacting titling and nonexistent transition on lightest bird in campaign.

Turns out what with adding more power by coefficients thing only becomes worse, so heaviest copter not only overreacting inputs (but still slow) but tends to get lift with smallest lateral movement and suddenly drop it then you manage to get steady. Combined with oversaturated (remember - we have add power) tendency for forward movement (you need a several degrees of back pitch to hold it in place) makes most docile and presumable easy to hover craft unmanageable. So on second container in 7th mission of campaign i ragequit.

Speaking of campaign - in 7 (+2 sidemissions) missions i did, there was only two civilian missions. Three if you count whale seeing mission, but single engine helo without emergency water landing equipment not sounds like civilian job for me here. And there is more of such nonsense. Why two-engine helicopters goes down after one failed? Yeah we have two turbine for fancier look. Why we need rope insertion on flat roof in heavy wind, especially after i perfectly landed before mission marker even appears.

Concluding, i wouldn't recommend this game to any flight sim enthusiast. Despite perfect envelopment flying itself is unbearably broken and won't be fixed because of 3rd party component BI have to rely here.
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Publicado: 25 de noviembre de 2013
I DO like it, but wouldn't buy it until you try the demo first.

But its saving grace is the "Reloaded" update in the full game which means you can fly around in maps from other BI games (Arma1, Arma2 chernarus, tavania etc), which makes it cool and worth the money (the demo can't run mods and addons)

Unless its in a Steam Sale I wouldn't recommend this as a standalone heli-sim when there are far better (and free) flight simulators out there with a lot more content.

But if you just want to chill out flying an easy helicopter around, the sound effects are ok, the missions are fairly simple and basic, but at the end of the day most people will have to leave the graphics on medium and probably just fly around a bit in free flight while they're waiting for dinner then put it down and forget about it for a while.
on a scale of 1 to 10 for being memorable: 4

Maybe I missed the point of this game - But it doesn't seem to have a unique selling point or do anything particularly well enough to make you come back to it very often
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Publicado: 9 de agosto de 2014
A very unique kind of balance between a game and a simulator, that certainly won't fit anyone. I review and rate this game as it succeeded as a flight simulator to me, a flight simulator ethusianist.

If you haven't noticed already, this is Arma. The same engine, only with upgraded visuals, picture-in-3D picture availability, and a highly realistic flight model for helicopters. It also works like an Operation Arrowhead, that you can mount all Arma 2 DLCs into this, plus some ToH-specific expansions (yeah, you can play the normal Arma at this, with tanks, Chernarus, guns n stuff).

The main feature of this game, it's flight engine- it feels pretty damn realistic, even when compared to FSX or other simulators. I've spent some years on FSX and had no problems in X-Plane, but this game still needed some balls to master on the most realistic difficulty.
Do not play this game without a joystick, you're gonna miss a lot or not even be able to fly at all. I don't know if it's even possible to handle the helicopters safely at the most realistic setting, without majorly using the auto-hover option, flying only by mouse or keyboard. Joystick settings provide all forms of options, such as rebinding some axis, deathzones or individual sensitivities. Controls use the classical, Arma style of options, which was already confusing enough at Arma 2 but copied all the controls over to here and added several more to that, to make it even harder to navigate.

The campaign is quite fun and challenging. Between each missions, you're able to dwell around on the helipad, check your helicopter for issues, upgrade or repaint it and also buy a different one (for an ammount of cash that takes some time to get. By upgrades I mean usually mission-only equipment, such as a camera or a hook, but you can also buy doors, seats or a rear mirror which might come useful sometimes. It's not much of pimp yo choppa, and could be a bit more extended. But rather than that, I would have more than just three god damn machines, it also has no unique rideable planes. The description is kinda misleading in here:

WHAT IT SAYS: Three classes of helicopters
WHAT IT MEANS: Three helicopters, each with many different liveries or custom one-color RGB painting

Campaign is easy to screw up by selling a wrong helicopter and if you do so, you're bound to doing extremely tideous mission which self-repeats itself and takes even from 30 to 60 minutes (by adequately using the time acceleration), dozens of times. Asked other people several times but noone replied, because the community for this game (on both BIS forums and here) is probably dead.

The multiplayer is also dead. The server list is not working and ToH did not receive it's own server list hosting, like other Arma games did. The multiplayer mission making of this game has a high potential, but nobody apparently used it, as the community also doesn't care much about this thing (but you can still fly n fight around with friends if one can host). The new maps are HUGE, the Asia is like several kilometers across (expect a lower ground detail aswell, but it has one very large city full of accessible buildings, several times bigger than Chernogorsk), so flying in the asian map wouldn't feel "small" at all, even with a C-130, where amazing missions could be created.

But my goal is to rate this game for it's realism, not for how much armaish flaws or bad optimisation it has. And if you're a flight sim lover looking for challenges, I can't think of any harder helicopter flying experience. But if you expect a good combat experience as in Arma, lots of multiplayer action, detailed terrain and can't run Arma 2 decently with full settings and 3000 - 4000 visibility, you should rather leave this game where it is
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Publicado: 14 de diciembre de 2013
I don't really recommend this game to

1) people who consider themselves average helicopter pilots in arma 2/3 because the learning curve requrired in this game is much higher and you need a very good understanding of helicopter physics to jump into this game.

2) people who seek a high fidelity, ultra realistic helicopter flight simulation. VBS3.0 or DCS UH-1H Huey gives budding pilots a much better benchmark for those who want to see how helicopter perform in real life.

3) people who don't have joysticks/pedals/throttles/TRACK IR's- as soon as I jumped into the game, it just felt wrong trying to fly with a mouse and keyboard. Like with most sims nowadays, it's not so much the game, it's the hardware you use on the game. So consider trying the demo first with your current setup, and ugrade as neccessary if you feel the need to.

Hope this helped anyone.
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Publicado: 3 de marzo de 2014
Take on Helicopters is fairly accurate simulator for helicopters, although some aspects could use some improvement. But TOH also is a vehicle simulator. You can do dough-nuts in a Hummer if you like, or jump hills. It also models bullet trajectories pretty good. TOH is more than just a helicopter simulator. It is a gaming platform for player made missions. Single and multi-player.

Flying Helicopters in accurate flight models has a bit of a learning curve. This is what makes TOH good and bad. Good for hard-core simmers, bad for the kids that just want to shoot something. Career mode is just training to teach you to fly and get used to what the game offers. Player made missions is where the real action is. Well worth the money.
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Publicado: 20 de agosto de 2013
Definitely the most relaxing flight simulator I've played. It's very good to play while trying to chill out. Joystick highly recommended, as is a TrackIR or FreeTrack (or Oculus Rift hopefully one day), so that you can sit back and enjoy what helicopters do best: cruise.

The Armed Assault engine makes the helicopters fun to control without overly complex controls, and the skill envelope is just high enough to make it a fun game. Bohemia Interactive surprised me with this one.

The campaign is fun, too. Mechanic mode minigame that saves your company money, while immersing you in a small-business feeling. Every mission really adds to that feeling, as well.

4 / 5
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Publicado: 30 de octubre de 2014
If you're looking for a semi-realistic civilian helicopter-simulation, this is it. Some might be turned off by the the lack of things you can do in the cockpit. However, I think that you can do JUST enough to make it fun, without being forced to read a manual at the same time. You will need an above-average computer to even run this game, since the engine is.. Well.. Poorly optimized. Sit back, take off, fly civilians around, take pictures of whales and listen to your favorite songs while enjoying a glass of whisky - that is what this game is about - and it does JUST that, pretty darn good.
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Publicado: 31 de mayo de 2014
-First Day Reviews-


- Best User Friendly Helicopter Simulator
- Wide Selection Of Choppers
- Tons Of Fun Missions With A Cheesy Story
- Awesome Flying Physics
- Relax To Music And Fly Around Seattle!

Journal Experience

Journal Entry 1

I chose to fly the smaller black scouty chopper and after getting it in the air and learning the basics on flying I took off to venture the city. I was able to enjoy relaxing music and glide around Seattle taking in the sites. Beautiful vistas and sun flares bouncing off my windows, true relaxation.

Journal Entry 2

After a slightly more aggressive song entered my headphones I decided to test the limits of my chopper and dropped it closer to street level. I tested my skills by following a black Suv at 15M off his roof for what seemed like an hour, im sure the driver will go home paranoid tonight thinking the government is after him.

Journal Entry 3

Landed inside the stadium field in the middle of the city after fighting with some very violent winds. Felt like a pro even though im sure most pilots would be able to land a jet in the space that I had just proudly conquered.

Journal Entry 4

Unfortunately when I exited my chopper to walk around the stadium I forgot to tune down the lift controls.... So upon exiting I turned around just in time to see my chopper hover onto its side make a violent grinding noise and explode in a fiery wreckage.

Journal Entry 5

Now chopper-less I decided to proceed on foot and explore. But to my loss there was no open exits in the stadium so here I sit until they host the next baseball game :(

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