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A Bohemia Interactive, a díjnyertes Arma 2 katonai szimulátorsorozatot készítő független fejlesztőcsapat vadonatúj helikopteres játéka. Az élvonalbeli szimulátorfejlesztésben szerzett több mint 10 évnyi tapasztalatra építő Take On Helicopters-ben a játékos elmerülhet a gyönyörűen részletgazdag tájakban és a hiteles repülési modellben.
Megjelenés dátuma: 2011. okt. 27.
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2 elemet tartalmaz: Take On Helicopters, Take On Helicopters: Hinds

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Take On Helicopters Now Includes Two Free DLC!

Take on Helicopters - Rearmed

Take On Helicopters: Rearmed is a free official DLC for Take On Helicopters. It seamlessly merges Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead content into the game. Fly your helicopter over the gorgeous autumn landscape of Chernarus, dodge incoming fire from a myriad of Anti-Air weapon systems, and fight in massive combined arms operations.

Take On Noisecontrollers is an entirely free DLC for Take On Helicopters.

Fusing two seemingly disconnected worlds, it is one of the first forays of hardstyle music into gaming.

The exciting collaboration between DJ and producer duo Noisecontrollers and Bohemia Interactive, has produced a fun expansion for everyone to enjoy.

Owners of Take on Helicopters will automatically download this content the next time they update their game.

A játékról: 

A Bohemia Interactive, a díjnyertes Arma 2 katonai szimulátorsorozatot készítő független fejlesztőcsapat vadonatúj helikopteres játéka. Az élvonalbeli szimulátorfejlesztésben szerzett több mint 10 évnyi tapasztalatra építő Take On Helicopters-ben a játékos elmerülhet a gyönyörűen részletgazdag tájakban és a hiteles repülési modellben.

A játékos egy civil helikopterpilóta szerepét ölti fel. Nehéz idők járnak Harry Larkin repülős vállalkozására. Az évtizedek alatt felépített cég csupán néhány napra van a megszűnéstől. Fiai, akik apjuk egész élete munkájával felépített cégének megmentéséért küzdenek, bizonytalan jövő elé néznek. Együtt kell belevágniuk a szerződésekért és a konkurencia ellen folytatott küzdelembe; együtt kell helikopterre szállniuk!

Tedd meg első lépéseid a forgószárnyas repülés elsajátításában élvezetes kihívások hatalmas választékát repülve, vagy alkosd meg saját feladataid a könnyen használható és hatékony feladatszerkesztővel.

Emelkedj a levegőbe két gyönyörűen részletgazdag és kiterjedt, valódi észak-amerikai és dél-ázsiai terepadatok alapján készült táj fölé.

Próbáld ki az élvonalbeli technológiát, a bámulatos részletességgel modellezett helikoptereket, a nagy léptékű nyílt világú játékteret és a hiteles repülési dinamikát…

A Take On Helicopters jellemzői:

  • Magas valósághűségű repülési dinamika-modellezés
  • Részletesen modellezett helikopterek és pilótafülkék
  • Kiterjedt és részletes környezetek
  • Nagy teljesítményű és intuitív küldetésszerkesztő
  • Többjátékos mód; együttműködő és versengő forgatókönyvek

A Take On Helicopters-ben két hatalmas terep található:

  • Seattle, Észak-Amerika egy 60x60 km-es darabja
  • Dél-Ázsia, egy 120x120 km-es, növényzettel és épületekkel teli terep

A Take On Helicopters három különböző helikopterosztállyal ismerteti meg a játékost:



    • Operációs rendszer:Windows XP
    • Processzor:Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz vagy AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz vagy gyorsabb
    • Memória:2 GB RAM
    • Grafika:NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT vagy ATI Radeon 4850, Shader Model 3 és 512 MB VRAM, vagy jobb
    • DirectX®:dx90c
    • Merevlemez:20 GB merevlemez-terület
    • Hang:DirectX 9.0c kompatibilis hangkártya


    • Operációs rendszer:Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processzor:Intel Dual-Core 3 GHz vagy AMD Dual-Core Athlon 3 GHz vagy gyorsabb
    • Memória:4 GB RAM
    • Grafika:NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT vagy ATI Radeon 5850, Shader Model 3 és 1024 MB VRAM, vagy jobb
    • DirectX®:dx90c
    • Merevlemez:20 GB merevlemez-terület
    • Hang:DirectX 9.0c kompatibilis hangkártya
    • Egyéb követelmények:Szélessávú internet-kapcsolat
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14 emberből 13 (93%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
18.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
A very unique kind of balance between a game and a simulator, that certainly won't fit anyone. I review and rate this game as it succeeded as a flight simulator to me, a flight simulator ethusianist.

If you haven't noticed already, this is Arma. The same engine, only with upgraded visuals, picture-in-3D picture availability, and a highly realistic flight model for helicopters. It also works like an Operation Arrowhead, that you can mount all Arma 2 DLCs into this, plus some ToH-specific expansions (yeah, you can play the normal Arma at this, with tanks, Chernarus, guns n stuff).

The main feature of this game, it's flight engine- it feels pretty damn realistic, even when compared to FSX or other simulators. I've spent some years on FSX and had no problems in X-Plane, but this game still needed some balls to master on the most realistic difficulty.
Do not play this game without a joystick, you're gonna miss a lot or not even be able to fly at all. I don't know if it's even possible to handle the helicopters safely at the most realistic setting, without majorly using the auto-hover option, flying only by mouse or keyboard. Joystick settings provide all forms of options, such as rebinding some axis, deathzones or individual sensitivities. Controls use the classical, Arma style of options, which was already confusing enough at Arma 2 but copied all the controls over to here and added several more to that, to make it even harder to navigate.

The campaign is quite fun and challenging. Between each missions, you're able to dwell around on the helipad, check your helicopter for issues, upgrade or repaint it and also buy a different one (for an ammount of cash that takes some time to get. By upgrades I mean usually mission-only equipment, such as a camera or a hook, but you can also buy doors, seats or a rear mirror which might come useful sometimes. It's not much of pimp yo choppa, and could be a bit more extended. But rather than that, I would have more than just three god damn machines, it also has no unique rideable planes. The description is kinda misleading in here:

WHAT IT SAYS: Three classes of helicopters
WHAT IT MEANS: Three helicopters, each with many different liveries or custom one-color RGB painting

Campaign is easy to screw up by selling a wrong helicopter and if you do so, you're bound to doing extremely tideous mission which self-repeats itself and takes even from 30 to 60 minutes (by adequately using the time acceleration), dozens of times. Asked other people several times but noone replied, because the community for this game (on both BIS forums and here) is probably dead.

The multiplayer is also dead. The server list is not working and ToH did not receive it's own server list hosting, like other Arma games did. The multiplayer mission making of this game has a high potential, but nobody apparently used it, as the community also doesn't care much about this thing (but you can still fly n fight around with friends if one can host). The new maps are HUGE, the Asia is like several kilometers across (expect a lower ground detail aswell, but it has one very large city full of accessible buildings, several times bigger than Chernogorsk), so flying in the asian map wouldn't feel "small" at all, even with a C-130, where amazing missions could be created.

But my goal is to rate this game for it's realism, not for how much armaish flaws or bad optimisation it has. And if you're a flight sim lover looking for challenges, I can't think of any harder helicopter flying experience. But if you expect a good combat experience as in Arma, lots of multiplayer action, detailed terrain and can't run Arma 2 decently with full settings and 3000 - 4000 visibility, you should rather leave this game where it is
Közzétéve: augusztus 9.
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38 emberből 23 (61%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
10.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
-First Day Reviews- (

Journal Entry 1

I chose to fly the smaller black scouty chopper and after getting it in the air and learning the basics on flying I took off to venture the city. I was able to enjoy relaxing music and glide around Seattle taking in the sites. Beautiful vistas and sun flares bouncing off my windows, true relaxation.

Journal Entry 2

After a slightly more aggressive song entered my headphones I decided to test the limits of my chopper and dropped it closer to street level. I tested my skills by following a black Suv at 15M off his roof for what seemed like an hour, im sure the driver will go home paranoid tonight thinking the government is after him.

Journal Entry 3

Landed inside the stadium field in the middle of the city after fighting with some very violent winds. Felt like a pro even though im sure most pilots would be able to land a jet in the space that I had just proudly conquered.

Journal Entry 4

Unfortunately when I exited my chopper to walk around the stadium I forgot to tune down the lift controls.... So upon exiting I turned around just in time to see my chopper hover onto its side make a violent grinding noise and explode in a fiery wreckage.

Journal Entry 5

Now chopper-less I decided to proceed on foot and explore. But to my loss there was no open exits in the stadium so here I sit until they host the next baseball game :(


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Közzétéve: május 31.
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4 emberből 3 (75%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
3.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
A nice step up from ARMA helicopters.
If you want to get a pretty decent helo experience this is fun, although it is far from being a simulator (look into DCS Huey if that's what you want).

BEWARE, the flight model from this, the main event, is being added to ARMA 3 in the upcoming months, thus rendering this redundant. At full retail I can't recommend it for that reason.
Közzétéve: május 8.
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4 emberből 3 (75%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
1.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
Great simulator. Gives much information about helicopters and it is always fun to know how to run a real metal bird.
I love when I have many buttons and switches around me. No matter that I don't have any idea about what they stand for.
Another perfect game from Bohemia Interactive!

Közzétéve: május 16.
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4 emberből 3 (75%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
0.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Its very complicated but fun when you get the hang of it this is more of a simulator than a game.
Közzétéve: április 9.
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189 emberből 137 (72%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
31.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
I own this game quite a while, occasionally taking free flights in Seattle and i must admit - level of detail in envelopment is far beyond for any flight simulator game even today. There is probably thousand of different models for buildings, not only for landmark, but any major building have it's own model and detailed texturing. Those also all collision enabled, meaning you can crash or land on. Even trees are crashable 3D models. You can even land and get out of your bird and start playing ARMAII in Seattle. Or in normal ARMAII maps - if you own it in Steam.

I was so looking forward to start playing single player campaign, imagining limitless country of fun with all goodness above combining with full range of civil helicopter's activities, starting with simple taxi missions and ending with sling load operation and search-and-rescue mission using FLIR (thermal vision camera).

To my very disappointment there is - as we russians say - one spoon of ♥♥♥♥ in barrel of honey. And it's flying itself. I'm not IRL pilot so i can't explain things in the right worlds, but i own (and fly almost daily) DCS UH-1 and X-Plane 10 with some payware helos, so i guess i know that is right and that is wrong. And TKOH helicopters are behaves wrong. More of that - they all share same dynamics, just with different coefficients. For example all of them have same speed. It's not like i didn't notice that playing free flights, i just thought i could deal with slow response, overreacting titling and nonexistent transition on lightest bird in campaign.

Turns out what with adding more power by coefficients thing only becomes worse, so heaviest copter not only overreacting inputs (but still slow) but tends to get lift with smallest lateral movement and suddenly drop it then you manage to get steady. Combined with oversaturated (remember - we have add power) tendency for forward movement (you need a several degrees of back pitch to hold it in place) makes most docile and presumable easy to hover craft unmanageable. So on second container in 7th mission of campaign i ragequit.

Speaking of campaign - in 7 (+2 sidemissions) missions i did, there was only two civilian missions. Three if you count whale seeing mission, but single engine helo without emergency water landing equipment not sounds like civilian job for me here. And there is more of such nonsense. Why two-engine helicopters goes down after one failed? Yeah we have two turbine for fancier look. Why we need rope insertion on flat roof in heavy wind, especially after i perfectly landed before mission marker even appears.

Concluding, i wouldn't recommend this game to any flight sim enthusiast. Despite perfect envelopment flying itself is unbearably broken and won't be fixed because of 3rd party component BI have to rely here.
Közzétéve: január 7.
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