Monday Night Combat is a class-based, third-person shooter… and the most popular lethal sport of the future!
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Дата виходу: 24 січ 2011

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Monday Night Combat is a class-based, third-person shooter… and the most popular lethal sport of the future! It blends intense combat, finishing moves, and gameshow-like challenges and rewards to produce an action experience unlike any other. Why fight for “honor” or “duty” when you can fight for the real American dream: cash, fame and endorsements?

Key Features:

It’s the Throwback Throwdown in Monday Night Combat! Uncle Tully’s Funland is now available in Crossfire with new game play features! First up we have Chickey Cantor. He will now spawn in Uncle Tully’s Funland. Make Chickey fly away by shooting him and earn a big single-life buff for your entire team! Wait for Chickey to slam the ground and then you can grapple him. Ride him for eight seconds and earn big money! Just be careful, riders tend to be easy targets for enemy Pros. Secondly we’re introducing new bot spawners. These spawners have buttons for specifically spawning Jackbots, Black Jacks, Slims, Scramblers, Gremlins, Gapshots and Bouncers.

Blitz mode allow players to defend their Money Ball against armies of robots by themselves or four player co-op over Steam. During various Blitz challenges, players can spend money earned by destroying bots to build defensive turrets around the Moneyball, upgrade one of six unique character classes, or set off robot crushing environment hazards. The Challenges vary from a ten round Exhibition Blitz to endless robot waves of ever increasing difficulty in Super Sudden Death Blitz. Money earned from each Challenge goes into a persistent Lifetime Earnings that allows players to unlock over 370 ProTags, create custom classes, and get ranked on Leaderboards.

Competitive Multiplayer
Crossfire mode pits teams of players against each other over Steam. Each team is supported by an endless stream of robots fighting on their behalf; overwhelming your opponent’s stream, upgrading your Pros, and base defenses will be the key to your success!

Customizable Characters
Each Pro caters to their unique style of play and comes with their own set of upgradeable skills. Customize those skills and abilities even further with a variety of unlockable products in the Custom Class feature.

Persistent Stats
Every game of Monday Night Combat earns the player money that goes towards their Lifetime Earnings. Lifetime Earnings can be spent on unlocking custom classes and buying earned ProTags. How much Lifetime Earnings you have also determines what level you are. Monday Night Combat keeps a large set of persistent statistics for all aspects of gameplay. MNC features over 370 ‘ProTags’ which are customizable tags you can show off to other players and friends.

Dedicated Servers
Host multiple instances of MNC dedicated servers with full stand alone client.

Вимоги до системи

    • OS: XP(SP3)/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c/Shader3.0 compatible, VRAM 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series or ATI Radeon X1900)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB of free space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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10 з 11 людей (91%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
1.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 31 жовтня
Was a fun game, but it's DEAD
It had fun gameplay,fun maps, but sadly no one plays this.
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3 з 3 людей (100%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
5.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 16 листопада
Playing Monday night combat again made me sad. It made want to go back to when I was really into Super mnc and could actually find a match. :/
It's good, but no one seems to be playing either version. At least not when I'm around (do I smell bad? IS THAT WHY?!)
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1 з 1 людей (100%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
6.1 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 20 листопада
I wish that I bought before SMNC out, shame. Probably I miss ton of fun.
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1 з 3 людей (33%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
21.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 11 листопада
Daed game.
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0 з 1 людей (0%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
14.8 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 15 листопада
Goodnight, sweet prince.
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1 з 5 людей (20%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
0.5 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 31 жовтня
wow that was boring personal rating 2/10
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0.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 16 листопада
Um, it's okay. I don't know, I didn't play it that much. I played the tutorial, didn't go past there, but from my exp its not a bad game.
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14.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 21 листопада
When i have to get out of bed in the morning and go to class
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11.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 21 листопада
Potentially a good game, but potential is often wasted.
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1.8 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 23 листопада
my favorite game ever. its kinda like tf2 meets smash tv. like way more than tf2, more than sf4, & as much as halo 2. sadly its dead. played this game everyday on 360. if this game was still alive i probably wouldnt play any other shooter. its that good. i beg u steam community please breathe life back into this game.
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108 з 146 людей (74%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
3.5 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 19 червня
No one plays this game anymore. Don't waste your money.
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47 з 60 людей (78%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
108.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 18 червня
Really fun game to play...better than SuperMNC imo.
Shame its dead.
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33 з 41 людей (80%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
2.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 30 червня
Do NOT buy this game nor its free pay-to-play counterpart, Super Monday Night Combat.

The developer, Uber Entertainment, has abandoned support for this game for more than a year; not officially, mind you, but dead silence on anything from the company on the MNC/SMNC front as they are concentrating support on another game of theirs.

While this is a fun, balanced 3rd person MOBA, mixing Team Fortress 2 and DOTA, as well as being one of the few games that is not only ACTUALLY hilarious, unlike other games where the jokes are funny once and never again, this has such an extensive library of well-written lines, it is sad that the developer decided to sabotage the game for a quick buck via the F2P & in-game store model.

Save your money.
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95.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 13 серпня
Monday Night Combat is a classic killed by negligence on Uber's behalf. The game had amazing potential as an IP, the idea was there, the characters and enviroments were all well crafted, but where it absolutely lacked, was the gameplay department. The idea was a good one, a "third person shooter moba" if you will, but what it lacked in was balance. So many obvious exploits went unchecked all the way to the games grave while Uber did nothing but release skins after skins. The sniper's headshot was still too high a skill ceiling, the assassins dash-grapple was effecvtively a means to negate the horribly loud cloaking noise, the assassin on juice was just a pure unstoppable turret destroying machine, you could buy juice over and over again as assassin and just wreck bases on your own (the ONLY counter was to grapple the spinning ball of death and shirikans, but all that did was procrastinate your demise). The tank could gain juice insanely fast by just deploying in a mob field, the engineer was an all around pointless class as healing did not generate money, and base turrets were a waste of money due to the formentioned assassin exploits, and the all star was just too good all around with both the lowest skill floor and a fairly high skill ceiling.

If all of this was not enough to convince you Uber is at fault for its own demise then the most damned of all is Uber's behavior on the forums during all of this. Or dare I say their completely LACK of behavior on the forums. Uber flat out abanonded the steam forums and retreated to their own, even there any questions of balanced and fixes were met with their oh to trademark trolling "The rules have changed". Uber does not deserve anyones trust and they do not deserve anyones money, not after what they did to MNC and the abombination known as Super MNC.
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16 з 24 людей (67%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
181.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 17 липня
Monday Night Combat is pretty much a Tower-Defense-Team-Play-Third-Person-MOBA-Shooter. You can pick between 2 modes to play. On the one side you have Crossfire ( multiplayer ) and on the other side you have Blitz (Co-Op).

Crossfire is pretty much the heart of the game. In this game mode you can pick one of 6 "Pro's" where every Pro has his own strength and weaknesses. For example: The sniper class is the only Pro who can do headshot-kills, but on the other hand this class has also very low health and can be killed very fast. When playing as him you will avoid close combat and only play on long range. The 6 classes of you can choose are Assasin, Assault, Gunner, Sniper, Support and Tank. Each of those classes have also seperate skills like grappling, calling an airstrike, being invisible, etc. Every Pro has exactly 4 skills which you can level up to Lv3(max) by ingame earned cashh. When you are then going out on the field it is all about the moneyball. Every team has a moneyball flying in the air protecting itself by shield you cannot break through. So you migh wondering "How do I destroy the moneyball?". Also on every side of the team are spawning bots which are the only way of getting the shield of the moneyball down. Your target is to lead your bots to the enemys moneyball and kill enemy bots & players through building up turrets or with your own gun. That's pretty much Crossfire, even though there are many other things that should be mentioned but that is for now enough to give you a quick over-view about the game.

The second game mode is Bliz which is pretty much a smaller version of Crossfire. You and your team protecting your moneyball of enemy bots without enemy players. That's how it is. Much fun to play until you get to the point where you found out a strategy, team-combination and highly skilled palyers where no bot has a slight chance.

That's pretty much the game, if you like what i just told you, then I can say: "This game is totally for you!", it means if you can live up with the humor of the game. With the jokes of the commentator and the commetns of your pros. If you will like the humor i can't tell you. Just look for some Trailers about this game and you will fast figure out if you like the humor.
Now to the bad parts of the game:

There are actually only 2 things which I consider really as bad about this game:
First, nearly no one is playing it anymore. There are still times where many players are playing and when you get to play it, it is incredible fun. But smotly you will see servers with 0 players. And also, the european and asian servers are shut down. If you live in europe or asia you have to live with a Ping of about 150.
Secondly, the game does an awful bad job in explaining you how this game works. It still has a tutorial hidden somewhere. But even the tutorial does only explain one class to you and forgets many things to add about the crossfire and blitz mode.
Another thing is that each Pro is pretty much "over-powered" if you paly it the way you should play him. A player who figured out how to play a Pro can easily dominate a game, but on the other hand. He sticked long enough to the class to learn how to paly it, he should get his benefits for doing so. And every class is in someway over-powered so it's fine again. Since an other player can also counter him back with another over-powert playing style, and so on. A weird way of balancing a game, but it works. You will never find you in a situation where you think "I could not have done anything against that!".

To sum things up, I had and still have much fun with this game. It does what it trys extremely good, it means if you like what it does you can't go wrong. It has unfortunatelly a very low player-base but you will still find on certain times a large number of people playing. The balancing is weird but completely fine and the humor is outstanding.

Overall: 5/5 MUST HAVE
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8 з 10 людей (80%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
184.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 23 жовтня
99999999999 times better than Super Monday Night Combat. Simple and clean without all the crappy gimmicks of SMNC.
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5 з 6 людей (83%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
19.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 3 жовтня
Monday Night Combat, man was it a great game. The game play is great, the classes/pros are amazing, and most of all: the jokes keeps on coming. The problem is that no one plays to game anymore, however I found people still playing, but there is only one, lonely server still up.

Still, play it.
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21.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 13 вересня
Definetly the most underrated game i've ever played...real big shame that everyone's playing crap like tf2 instead of this.....

I Had 1000+ hours on this on XBL...
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11.5 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 22 червня
It was kind of good a first...
but I have no idea how to make things work to play online with friends!
It's a shame that they botch such a thing as online play in an online game
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1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
37.4 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 17 серпня
The game is dead, don't pick this up unless you join steam groups and make friends who still play the game.

I play this game once and a while, its fun, unquie and has some great maps however....

The balance is hands down the worst I seen in any games, all the pros are comepeltly broken and lack downsides while others have useless abiltites.


Assault: Pros - High speed, a lot of damage, can fly, can charge and grapple, has insta kill bomb, best pro in the game.
Cons - There isn't any.
Counters - There isn't any.

Gunner: Pros - Tanky, a lot of damage
Cons - Slam takes 2 years to work, deploy is useless, slow and easy to take down when caught unoitcied.
Counters - Assault, Sniper, Other gunners

Tank: Pros - Tanky, a lot of damage, Can charge pros out of the map
Cons - Useless depoly, unless you can't aim the rail gun, there isn't any other downsides
Counters - Gunners and Assaults

Support: Pros - Can hack turrets to increase range, firepower and hack enemy turrets to kill enemies, has an insta kill airstrike.
Cons - There isn't any
Counters - Unless the Support isn't stupid, no counters.

Sniper: Pros - Can insta kill anyone with headshots, has freeze traps.
Cons - There isn't any
Counters - There isn't any

Assassin: Pros- Can insta kill non tank and gunner pros with backstabs with knife, then insta kills anyone with backstab katana, high damage output.
Cons - There isn't any
Counters - Tank, anyone who knows where she is.

Unless like I said gonna join groups and make a lot of friends, Do not pick this up, its a waste of money.

R.I.P Monday Night Combat.
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