Monday Night Combat är en klassbaserad tredjepersons-shooter... och framtidens mest populära och dödligaste sport!
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Utgivningsdatum: 24 jan, 2011

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Monday Night Combat är en klassbaserad tredjepersons-shooter... och framtidens mest populära och dödligaste sport! Det är en blandning av intensiva strider, avslutande manövrar och spelshows-liknande utmaningar och belöningar som resulterar i en actionupplevelse som inte liknar någonting annat. Varför slåss för "plikt" eller "ära" när du kan slåss för den verkliga amerikanska drömmen: pengar, berömmelse och reklamkontrakt?


Det är Throwback Throwdown i Monday Night Combat! Farbror Tullys roliga värld är nu tillgänglig i Crossfire med nya spelfunktioner! Först av allt så har vi Chickey Cantor. Han kommer att skapas i Uncle Tullys roliga värld. Få Chickey att flyga iväg genom att skjuta honom, och få en stor buff för hela ditt lag som räcker i ett liv! Vänta på att Chickey drämmer till marken, sen kan du kroka dig fast vid honom. Rid honom under åtta sekunder och tjäna enorma mängder pengar! Var bara försiktig, ryttare brukar vara lätta mål för fiendeproffsen. För det andra så introducerar vi nya bot-skapare. Dessa skapare har knappar för att specifikt skapa Jackbots, Black Jacks, Slims, Scramblers, Gremlins, Gapshots och Bouncers.

I Blitz-läget gäller det för spelarna att försvara sin Pengaboll mot robotarméer, antingen själv eller genom samarbete med fyra spelare över Steam. Under de omväxlande Blitz-utmaningarna kan spelare spendera pengar som de tjänat genom att förstöra bottar för att bygga defensiva vapentorn runt Pengabollen, uppgradera en av sex unika klasser, eller aktivera farliga robotkrossande fällor. Utmaningarna varierar från Exhibition Blitz med tio ronder till oändliga robotvågor med ständigt ökande svårighet i Super Sudden Death Blitz. Pengar som införtjänas från varje Utmaning går till en ihållande Lifetime Earnings som låter spelare låsa upp över 370 ProTags, skapa skräddarsydda klasser, och rankas på Topplistor.

Tävlingsmässig Multiplayer
I Crossfire-läget ställs spelarlag mot varandra över Steam. Varje lag blir understödda av en oändlig ström av robotar som kämpar för deras räkning. Att överväldiga din motståndares ström, uppgradera dina Pros och basförsvar är nyckeln till framgång!

Anpassningsbara Karaktärer
Varje Pro vänder sig till sin unika spelstil och kommer med sin egen uppsättning av uppgraderbara färdigheter. Anpassa dessa färdigheter och förmågor med en mängd upplåsbara produkter i Custom Class-funktionen.

Ihållande Statistik
Varje spel i Monday Night Combat tjänar in pengar åt spelaren som går till deras Lifetime Earnings. Lifetime Earnings kan spenderas på att låsa upp anpassade klasser och köpa intjänade ProTags. Hur mycket Lifetime Earnings du har bestämmer vilken nivå du är på. Monday Night Combat lagrar en stor mängd av ihållande statistik för alla aspekter av spelande. I MNC finns över 370 'ProTags', som är anpassningsbara taggar du kan visa upp för andra spelare och vänner.

Dedikerade Servrar
Var värd för flera instanser av dedikerade servrar för MNC med den kompletta ensamstående klienten.


    • Operativsystem: XP(SP3)/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Processor
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafik: DirectX 9.0c/Shader3.0 kompatibel, VRAM 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 serien eller ATI Radeon X1900)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hårddisk: 2 GB ledigt utrymme
    • Ljud: DirectX 9.0c-kompatibelt ljudkort
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Upplagd: 25 juni
Monday Night Combat had a nice aesthetic that captured the feel of a sports show, with an intriguingly unnerving game world, and interesting if somewhat flawed gameplay that was at least worth a look.

Too bad there is exactly one (1) dedicated server still running.

This game was basically a third-person shooter/MOBA hybrid with tower defense elements. (The free-to-play, pay-to-win sequel Super Monday Night Combat - which is currently only slightly less abandoned and which suffered from technical issues - was even more MOBA-like.)

Players chose from one of six classes that each played different roles, and money collected on the battlefield or earned from kills could be used to build turrets and upgrade player abilities. The range of mechanics available to the player was a bit confusing for newcomers even if less complex than any actual MOBA, especially when veteran TPS/MOBA players found the game more intuitive.

The two main modes were Blitz, which saw you and your team defending your Moneyball against hordes of robots, and Crossfire, which pitted your team against another team in a 6v6 game to destroy the other team's Moneyball with the help of allied robots; more or less DotA as a shooter.

The tutorial was basic: it only taught the basics of gameplay and how to play one class. Players had to consult more in-depth guides in order to effectively learn about the game.

MNC's world was briefly glimpsed yet revealing: it painted a picture of a totalitarian, consumerist society akin to the Roman Empire that hinted at darker aspects of our own world, where the downtrodden lower classes watch the Monday Night Combat show for cheap thrills.

The game's cartoony graphics weren't so stellar, even when maxed out, but they served their purpose, and you wouldn't really have played this for the graphics anyway. Player customization was pretty good though, letting players choose outfits for the classes and pick a title to display gained from completing in-game achievements, such as killing a certain number of enemies. And the characters - the Pros - had some nice diversity going on: a Hawaiian, an African-American, and a woman comprised three of the six characters.

Overall, despite some flaws, the game was fun enough to earn a decently sized playerbase back in the day.

Okay, you're probably curious about my use of past tense, not to mention my implying the game is dead. Well...

Official servers were shut down in 2012. The playerbase relies on two Steam groups to gather players for matches either on the lone public server or temporary private ones, and you can bet that most of their small number are skilled enough to utterly stomp newer players.

There's single-player Blitz available, but there is no single-player Crossfire with AI players, which means that the Crossfire-related achievements are pretty much extremely difficult to get - and are practically no longer attainable without farming. And that's terrible.

So what happened to Monday Night Combat?

Lack of support is the most obvious problem. Microsoft wouldn't let developers Uber Entertainment update the 360 version, and they ran out of money to keep updating the PC version. The small team of devs had to jump through a lot of hoops just to get the game released. This led to disengagement from the community and an inability to address their concerns.

Polygon ran an article on them that illustrates these problems; it's worth reading if you're curious.

Tying into the inability to be engaged with and work on the game, MNC's balance wasn't all that good either from what I can tell. Skilled Snipers and Assaults were difficult to counter. Cheesy tactics abounded, such as excessive use of ricocheting weapons and sniping turrets from outside their range rendering them somewhat ineffective for point defense.

The ability for players to supercharge, and the use of what was basically a doomsday weapon located in the center of every arena, meant a losing team could effectively blunt the winning team if they gained the upper hand. Hackers were a problem, the lack of community development tools/an SDK was a different problem; Tanks, Gunners and grapples were borderline overpowered off the bat, while the Assassin was apparently underpowered.

The only way you can really play this game now is to host your own server and gather a group of friends to play on it. I suppose that since this game originally came out in 2010, it could only have lasted for so long. It's a shame the devs didn't include player AI for Crossfire mode - even with its flaws, that's the one thing that would have ultimately saved this game from its ignoble death.

At least Uber Entertainment survived, and would go on to create the large-scale RTS Planetary Annihilation - another flawed yet interesting game.

The little time I spent with Monday Night Combat was pretty fun, and it certainly had potential. The main menu song was pretty good, at any rate. But I really cannot recommend it.

Oh, well. The TF2 promo items were nice.
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Worth the money to see my cool summer shades in action.
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Game is good,but haven't seen any ppl online for a while
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There is a warning at the bottom of this review, I reccomend you read it after the rest of the review before purchasing.
tl;dr: Amazing, funny, fun team based third person shooter with minor MOBA elements that's saddly very, very dead currently. If you have friends and they're all willing, it's a fantastic game though.

I'll say this now, the original Monday Night Combat is one of my favorite games of all time.
It's a class based, PVP/PVE, team centric third person shooter set in a hilariously dark (but never seen) dystopian future where you compete as a group of clones fighting in a lethal sport in specially made and company branded arenas.
Got all that?
Oh and there's also upgrading skills, bacon, a mascot you shoot to get money, dual miniguns, half of the classes have jetpacks, light tower defense mechanics, taunting is a way you earn money AND a sexy mascot who's also the one providing you turrets?

There's light twinges of MOBAs in Monday Night Combat, but if that makes you cringe from past experiences with MOBAs, set it aside because everything is easy enough to understand and nowhere near as punishing as your typical MOBA.

The game plays like this: There are two teams, with "bases" on each side of the symmetrical map, each base has several spots where you can place turrets and a "money ball" to defend with its own shield which has to be destroyed for the other team to win. Each base also spawns bots (which can be killed to get cash)Act, which meet at the middle of the map and clash, but without players helping them out, they won't get far. The trick is that each money ball has a shield, one that can only be broken if a friendly bot reaches the enemy money ball.
There's also the hilarious narrator who gives details about the setting and comments on how well you are playing. He doesn't really ever get old.
There's also a lot more I could talk about, like custom boost loadouts to be unlocked, each class has its own spawn-able bot type, chickey cantor... I could go on forever but I'll try to make this review short-er.

The good: It's funny, it's REALLY fun to play, it has a fantastic visual style, and the balancing is very good for the most part. It's just... really, really good. Also Chickey Cantor... gotta add at least a whole point on the review score for having a giant robotic chicken.

The bad: (Mostly nitpicks) Parts of it haven't aged so well, such as parts of the gunplay. The balance isn't perfect as that a few clases in the right hands can almost steamroll such as The Support and The Sniper. Losing isn't very fun, and sometimes you can get stuck in a losing game without much way of getting back up due to some bad investments.

It's overall a fantastic game.
Here's where the sad part of the review comes in... right now the multiplayer community is, except for a few groups who meet occasionally, pretty much dead. If you're wondering about my hours played being something like 1.6 or 1.9, it's because most of this game I played on the Xbox LIVE version, which had fewer maps and costumes but was still the same damn game you can buy here, and feels great with and without a controller.
There's also Super Monday Night Combat, the Free 2 play "sequel" is available, which more or less dumbed down the importance of the shooty bits and made it feel a bit more like a typical MOBA, but also added a whole new roster of characters and another announcer that makes it twice as funny as the original MNC. It's also dead, but you can unlock items for TF2 and vice-versa.
As for this game... most of what you can do now is join groups like Hotshots Forever . Sad to see such a good game go.
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don't tell anyone but sometimes i play this on tuesdays.
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