Monday Night Combat is a class-based, third-person shooter… and the most popular lethal sport of the future!
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發售日: 2011 年 01 月 24 日


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Monday Night Combat is a class-based, third-person shooter… and the most popular lethal sport of the future! It blends intense combat, finishing moves, and gameshow-like challenges and rewards to produce an action experience unlike any other. Why fight for “honor” or “duty” when you can fight for the real American dream: cash, fame and endorsements?

Key Features:

It’s the Throwback Throwdown in Monday Night Combat! Uncle Tully’s Funland is now available in Crossfire with new game play features! First up we have Chickey Cantor. He will now spawn in Uncle Tully’s Funland. Make Chickey fly away by shooting him and earn a big single-life buff for your entire team! Wait for Chickey to slam the ground and then you can grapple him. Ride him for eight seconds and earn big money! Just be careful, riders tend to be easy targets for enemy Pros. Secondly we’re introducing new bot spawners. These spawners have buttons for specifically spawning Jackbots, Black Jacks, Slims, Scramblers, Gremlins, Gapshots and Bouncers.

Blitz mode allow players to defend their Money Ball against armies of robots by themselves or four player co-op over Steam. During various Blitz challenges, players can spend money earned by destroying bots to build defensive turrets around the Moneyball, upgrade one of six unique character classes, or set off robot crushing environment hazards. The Challenges vary from a ten round Exhibition Blitz to endless robot waves of ever increasing difficulty in Super Sudden Death Blitz. Money earned from each Challenge goes into a persistent Lifetime Earnings that allows players to unlock over 370 ProTags, create custom classes, and get ranked on Leaderboards.

Competitive Multiplayer
Crossfire mode pits teams of players against each other over Steam. Each team is supported by an endless stream of robots fighting on their behalf; overwhelming your opponent’s stream, upgrading your Pros, and base defenses will be the key to your success!

Customizable Characters
Each Pro caters to their unique style of play and comes with their own set of upgradeable skills. Customize those skills and abilities even further with a variety of unlockable products in the Custom Class feature.

Persistent Stats
Every game of Monday Night Combat earns the player money that goes towards their Lifetime Earnings. Lifetime Earnings can be spent on unlocking custom classes and buying earned ProTags. How much Lifetime Earnings you have also determines what level you are. Monday Night Combat keeps a large set of persistent statistics for all aspects of gameplay. MNC features over 370 ‘ProTags’ which are customizable tags you can show off to other players and friends.

Dedicated Servers
Host multiple instances of MNC dedicated servers with full stand alone client.


    • OS: XP(SP3)/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c/Shader3.0 compatible, VRAM 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series or ATI Radeon X1900)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB of free space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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張貼於:01 月 7 日
Loved playing this game back in 2011/12 on XBOX 360

Bought this game in the 2014 Steam Summer sale remembering how awesome the game was, played it and found out there was only one server available with nobody playing it.

This game is dead, Uber have abandoned it. There is also nobody playing it on XBOX anymore.
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 29 日
This game was amazing! Back when it had players, at least. Sadly, the already-struggling game was killed when Uber decided to release Super Monday Night Combat, which was then killed off as well.
I wish this game were still alive. If it were, there'd be reason to play it. There's none, now.

EDIT: I should probably add this to the review: There is still a group on steam that plays the game, but don't expect to see more than one server with people on it -ever- (and I love this group for that, I missed this game so badly), and don't expect to see even that 80% of the time.
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 14 日
This game is AMAZING.

I originally purchased it on Xbox 360 back in 2010 after I fell in love playing the trial version. (This was back when people actually played the game, and the servers weren't totally dead.) I think that was when the MOBA craze was just taking off, but this did something original with the formula that I hadn't seen anywhere before... It's a class-based shooter like TF2 but the game plays like League of Legends -- you protect your home base's "crystal" from the opposing team's minions (all different kinds of robots, in this case). What makes this formula even more interesting is that your "towers" (turrets) are selected and upgraded by YOU and your team using the "gold" you get from killing the enemy team and their minions. And to top this all off, it has a crazy, silly, cartoony atmosphere and art style, and it acts like it's a reality game show/sport (hence the title), complete with a witty announcer.

I picked up a 4-pack for super cheap a few months ago to share with friends, but... Sadly, since no one really plays it anymore, all you're really left with is the 1-4 player "tower defense" co-op mode -- you choose your turrets to defend against waves of the different kinds of robots and defend your crystal.

Eventually, they released a sequel in 2012 (Super MNC), but it was a free-to-play, microtransaction mess only available on PC. It was awkward and boring with none of the charm of the original (read: hat simulator), and I don't think anyone plays that anymore either.

Really, MNC is the predecessor to the likes of Smite, Minimum, and the next Orcs Must Die... If you can pick this game up for a buck or two, maybe you could get some friends together to play it, even if it's just the co-op mode. Sure, you didn't get to play it in its heyday, but you still get to play something different.
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張貼於:02 月 13 日
I bought this game for about 10 bucks (one copy for a friend of mine, one for me), expecting it to be a great co-op and PvP game, after reading the glowing reviews and the way it is advertised on Steam.

What can i say? Don't bother. There's a good game in there but you can hardly play it. The first thing i noticed were input and settings related bugs. Then crashes. But worst of all, no servers and the inability to actually create a co-op room and invite you friends (remember, it was advertised to have this feature).

If you're lucky, you may still find a dedicated server, which most likely will be empty. If you create your own lobby, you will be unable to invite your friends and your friends won't be able to see it in the server browser (we tried it, multiple times and with multiple settings/solutions).

The only way to play this online, is to get into one of the two empty servers i have found and let your friend join them too. The downside is, you can't select the game mode or map and you most likely end up in opposing teams (1vs1 basically).

It's a shame, really, because the game itself promoses to be fun. I don't care if this was released on 2011. It's still sold and advertised on steam and i expect the advertised features to work. It may be "just" 10 bucks, but i want it back anyway.

This game is the straw that broke the camel's back and i will refrain from buying anything on steam for a while.
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張貼於:02 月 16 日
It was fun while it lasted.
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 6 日
Hard to find people to play this game basically because is dead. And when you get into one, with someone, he can beat you easily because know how to play (there is no matchmaking against players with same skill), means starter players will be punished very often until they learn how to do.

Don't buy and don't waste your money. There are better MOBAs.
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10.3 記錄時數
張貼於:04 月 10 日
Uninstall button works great 10/10
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張貼於:2014 年 01 月 8 日
don't tell anyone but sometimes i play this on tuesdays.
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3.5 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 06 月 19 日
No one plays this game anymore. Don't waste your money.
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張貼於:2014 年 06 月 30 日
Do NOT buy this game nor its free pay-to-play counterpart, Super Monday Night Combat.

The developer, Uber Entertainment, has abandoned support for this game for more than a year; not officially, mind you, but dead silence on anything from the company on the MNC/SMNC front as they are concentrating support on another game of theirs.

While this is a fun, balanced 3rd person MOBA, mixing Team Fortress 2 and DOTA, as well as being one of the few games that is not only ACTUALLY hilarious, unlike other games where the jokes are funny once and never again, this has such an extensive library of well-written lines, it is sad that the developer decided to sabotage the game for a quick buck via the F2P & in-game store model.

Save your money.
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張貼於:2013 年 12 月 30 日
Dead but it was awesome
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1.3 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 10 月 31 日
Was a fun game, but it's DEAD
It had fun gameplay,fun maps, but sadly no one plays this.
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3.1 記錄時數
張貼於:2011 年 09 月 22 日
this isn't really a game so much as a collection of ideas
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張貼於:2014 年 02 月 24 日
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108.0 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 06 月 18 日
Really fun game to play...better than SuperMNC imo.
Shame its dead.
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張貼於:2014 年 01 月 5 日
Game is 100% Dead dont buy it
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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 15 日
Goodnight, sweet prince.
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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 16 日
Playing Monday night combat again made me sad. It made want to go back to when I was really into Super mnc and could actually find a match. :/
It's good, but no one seems to be playing either version. At least not when I'm around (do I smell bad? IS THAT WHY?!)
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張貼於:2013 年 11 月 28 日
Most awesome game ever! it's a third person MOBA that was DOTA inspired, There are six unique classes that you can choose from with their own unique skills and abilities. Play as the Assault, Support, Tank, Gunner and the Assassin, There is a class for everyone. The objective is to push your teams bots to the enemies money ball, once the money balls shields are down you can attack it. But beware, the money ball is protected by various turrets that can blow you into pieces, work as a team to help push the bots into the opposing teams money ball and get a massive pay slip.

Highly Recommend 10/10

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張貼於:2014 年 10 月 23 日
99999999999 times better than Super Monday Night Combat. Simple and clean without all the crappy gimmicks of SMNC.
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