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Play online Head to Head or Co-op. More game modes, enemies and bosses. Unlock and upgrade perks and customize your set-up to suit your play style.
Data di rilascio: 15 Apr 2010
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Shadow Mission Completion Criteria

18 Aprile 2014

Seems this is catching a lot of people out. I'll try and add something that makes it clearer, but for now here are the criteria you need to take into account when choosing a song/mode for a Shadow Mission.

Note 1: Tracks with the Shadow Ops Icon can be used to complete the current mission
Note 2: Choosing 'Play Random Track' or 'One I've not played yet' will automatically choose a song that will meet the current mission criteria.

Mission Restrictions
Shadow Missions have some restrictions. These are listed below.
In general, songs with the Shadow Ops Icon next to them are appropriate for the mission.

Destroy 'x' small ships of type 'y'
Any mode. Tracks with Icon present

Destroy 'x' big ships of type 'y'
Any mode. Tracks with Icon present

Destroy 'x' bosses of type 'y'
Any mode. Tracks with Icon present

Score 'x' points in 1 track
Standard Mode Only

Accumulate 'x' points
Standard Mode Only

Complete 'x' tracks on 'y' difficulty
Standard Mode Only
The track must be longer than 3m:30s
You can play on higher difficulty if you wish

Collect 'x' pickups of type 'y'
Any mode. Any track

Death Penalties
If you die during a shadow mission, you will lose some of your progress in that mission. Below are the types of mission and their penalties:

Destroy 'x' small ships of type 'y'
100% Progress Lost

Destroy 'x' big ships of type 'y'
Lose 2 Kills

Destroy 'x' bosses of type 'y'
Lose 1 Kill

Score 'x' points in 1 track
100% Progress Lost

Accumulate 'x' points
Lose 1 million points

Complete 'x' tracks on 'y' difficulty
Lose Current Track

Collect 'x' pickups of type 'y'
10% Progress Lost

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Shadow Operations DLC Released!

17 Aprile 2014

The new Shadow Operations DLC has been released:


- 9 Brand new ships, each with different handling, firing patterns and abilities
- Steam Workshop support with easy to use in-game editor
- Earn mission stars by completing 'Shadow Missions' assigned to each ship
- Prove your worth, rank up to 'Shadow Force Elite'
- Each ship has a separate leader board; Show your skill and compete for the top spot

Read the full manual and feature list here:

I'd like to thank all the Beta testers that helped out.
And I'm really looking forward to seeing the ships you create!

Have fun!

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Informazioni sul gioco

Benvenuto ad una nuova frontiera nelle meccaniche di gioco: Beat Hazard.
Col Gameplay "Powered by YOUR Music"!
Fruisci la tua collezione musicale come non avevi mai fatto prima, grazie a questo shooter arcade fondato sulla musica. Ognuna delle tue canzoni produrrà uno specifico andamento basato sulla musica.
Potenzia la tua navetta e guarda come la musica incrementa la tua potenza di fuoco. Raccogli tutti i power-up e scatena l'inferno sulle navi nemiche con le armi potenziate al massimo!
Beat Hazard mescola, senza soluzione di continuità, l'amore per il gioco e l'amore per la musica. Insieme, essi diventano più grandi della somma delle parti.
  • Gameplay unico, fondato sulla musica
  • Le possibilità offerte dal gameplay sono vaste tanto quanto la tua collezione musicale
  • Riuscirai a sopravvivere ad un intero album nella modalità Survival?
  • Sfida un amico Testa a Testa nella modalità a due giocatori in locale
  • Oppure gioca, sempre in locale, ma nella modalità a 2 giocatori cooperativa
  • 25 Achievement Steam
  • Competi con gli amici nelle classifiche Steam
  • Tieniti aggiornato mediante il News System interno al gioco
  • Affronta le enormi navi dei boss
  • Potenziati e scatena la mortale arma Beat Hazard
  • Sali di grado fino a diventare pilota Elite e oltre (Sopravviverai alla modalità "Suicidal"?)
  • Per permetterti di giocare fin da subito, include un album di rock energico
  • Tipi di file supportati: mp3/wav/aiff/ogg/mwa/flac
  • Il supporto per i formati iTunes, aac, mp4 and m4a è garantito previo download di un apposito upgrade, il cui piccolo costo aggiuntivo serve a coprire il pagamento della licenza agli autori dei formati in questione
  • Supporto allo Scrobble di LastFM
  • Ora con supporto della Internet Radio in tutte le modalità, compresa quella online

Requisiti di sistema (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7
    • Processor: 2.0GHz processor
    • Memory: 512+MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 40+MB of free hard drive space
    • Graphics: 256MB of video memory
    • Sound: DirectX-compatible sound
    • DirectX®: 9 or later

Requisiti di sistema (MAC)

    • OS: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: Intel
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 250mb HD space

Requisiti di sistema (Linux)

    • OS: Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS or equivalent
    • Processor: x86 1.5 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 250mb HD space
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Se hai bisogno di andare al manicomio fa apposta per te.
Pubblicata: 5 Febbraio 2014
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Gioco spettacolare ed impegnativo, gli effetti delle luci sono bellissimi. Lo consiglio a tutti, soprattuto agli amanti degli arcade.
Pubblicata: 1 Giugno 2014
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Assolutamente fantastico! Luci ed effetti spettacolari!
Un passatempo che finirà per occuparvi parecchio tempo...
Pubblicata: 26 Giugno 2014
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Game froze while my controller was vibrating. It never stopped vibrating.
Pubblicata: 11 Maggio 2014
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Enjoy musical immersion like no other as your favorite artists attempt to murder you.

Beat Hazard is one of the better bullet hell space shooters I've played, with fluid controls that really need no explanation. Jumping right in, you'll probably die horribly right out of the gate, but the game has a perk and progression feature that allows you to enhance your abilities as you go along.

There are also in-game power-ups, which enhance the ever-important score multiplier, upgrade your weapons, and give you lovely bombs to destroy entire screens of swarming enemy ships. There's even a power-up that will increase the volume of the music you select.

And that, the music, is the real draw of games like this, that depends on your personal investment with your music library to add an additional level of investment on the part of the player. While this may feel somewhat emotionally manipulative at times, I'm not going to knock the game for tricking me into enjoying it.

Levels seem to match up to the music you're playing if you squint a bit. There's also a photosensitive seizure warning included at the start of the game, and with all the bright flashing colors and neon streaks of light firing everywhere, that's an appropriate warning. The visuals themselves may not be to your personal taste, though they're executed well, with a decent variety of different enemy types to shoot down.

Ultimately, Beat Hazard fulfills a need I didn't even know I had; the need to murder waves of enemies while Sara Bareilles croons at me to say I'm sorry for what I've done. I'm sorry, okay? I'm so sorry. Please stop sending these giant worm monsters after me.
Pubblicata: 23 Marzo 2014
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Il modo migliore di friggervi la retina, o di divertirvi con la vostra musica.
Pubblicata: 16 Gennaio 2014
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