Incerto del fato della sorella, un ragazzo entra nel LIMBO
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Data di rilascio: 2 ago 2011

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“Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”
10/10 – Destructoid
“The game is a masterpiece.”
5/5 – GiantBomb
“Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. Disturbing, uncomfortable genius.”
5/5 – The Escapist
“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.”
5/5 – Joystiq

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Informazioni sul gioco

Incerto del fato della sorella, un ragazzo entra nel LIMBO

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processore: 2 GHz
    • Memoria RAM: 512MB
    • Hard Disk: 150MB
    • Scheda Video: Di 5 anni o più recente. Le schede video integrate e quelle di fascia bassa potrebbero non funzionare. Richiesto Shader Model 3.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    Tieni presente che LIMBO può girare solo sui Mac prodotti dal 2009 in poi.
    • Sistema Operativo: OS X versione Snow Leopard 10.6.3 o più recente.
    • Processore: Intel Mac
    • Memoria: 1 GB RAM
    • Spazio su Hard Disk: 150MB
    • Scheda Video: compatibile con OpenGL 2.0 con 256 MB di RAM dedicata o condivisa (ATI o NVIDIA)
    • OS: SteamOS, Ubuntu 12.04 or later, or otherwise compatible Linux distribution.
    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 150MB
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256 MB shared or dedicated RAM
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Pubblicata: 4 settembre 2015
One Way
Un complimenti ai creatori per la riuscita di un'avventura/puzzlegame 2D così dark. Ambiente cupo e niente musica, solo i suoni che ti circondano sentirai per tutto il tragitto fino alla fine del LIMBO. Inizialmente sembra semplice ma poi si mostra per quello che è, un grande puzzlegame con delle difficoltà in crescita continua fino a che ci avviciniamo alla fine. Non è un gioco molto longevo ma va bene così, il gameplay lo rende comunque un titolo veramente bello.
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Pubblicata: 8 gennaio
Mystic experience. Play it. NOW.
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Pubblicata: 12 settembre 2015
Un gioco a dir poco spettacolare per l'ambientazione e il gameplay.
guardate qualche video e capirete.
un puzzle game 2d a volte platform.

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Pubblicata: 18 settembre 2015
In breve Limbo è un platform 2D a scorrimento che vive della meccanica "trials and errors" e di puzzle.
Le cose che lo differenziano (e non intendo né in senso negativo né in senso positivo) dai giochi dello stesso genere sono la particolare atmosfera maliconica e triste che permea l'intero gioco, trama, scenari, personaggi, colori, luci, TUTTO (che sottolineo essere stata resa con magistrale abilità), e la continuità dei "capitoli" o livelli, i quali scorrono senza alcuna discontinuità, loading o simili, permettendo, a chi volesse, di intraprendere e finire il viaggio di Limbo in un unica sessione tutto d'un fiato senza accorgersi del passare dei capitoli e del sentiero sotto i piedi.
A tratti complesso, a tratti semplicemente frustrante, non ha niente di più e niente di meno di tanti altri giochi del suo genere. Diciamo che se non pretendete troppa complessità dai giochi, e vi gustano le atmosfere nebbiose e tristi questo è assolutamente raccomandato.
P.S. Se siete dei collezionisti di achievement affetti da OCD come me preparatevi alla suddetta frustrazione, però elevata all'ennesima potenza.
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Pubblicata: 22 agosto 2015
LIMBO is a puzzle platformer indie title released in mid 2010. It was originally released as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, before eventually moving to the PlayStation and PC in 2011, it latter got another port to PlayStation Vita and iOS, and yet another one onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, this goes to show just how popular this game is and how well received of a title it was.

This is a 2D side scroller platformer which uses the Box2D physics engine, which you may of heard of because it is also used in Angry Birds, and plenty of online Flash Games. You play as a young boy, and travel through the world filled with dangers and traps as you search for your lost sister. The puzzles in this game have a very trial and error theme to them. You probably will die a few times on the puzzles before you figure out the correct way of doing it. Each death comes with a horrific image of the poor boys rag dolled body plummet, get chopped up, speared, drowned, pretty much any sort of tragic death, this poor lad will go through it all.

The graphics are very simple, but very elegantly produced. Its a 2D side scroller so don't expect to see mind blowing realistic graphics; what LIMBO offers is beautifully crafted black and white tones. it is amazing how much atmosphere is generated just from the colour tones alone. The use of light and grain effects really create a spooky atmoshphere which alot of games try to produce but fail to capture as well as LIMBO. This game is often used as an example that videos games should be classed as a form of art.

LIMBO has a very open ended story; the main plot is you are trying to find your lost little sister; and that's about as much information as you get. I don't want to spoil the ending too much, but I was a LITTLE bit disappointed with it and I really hope that there might be a sequel eventually to this game to find out more.

There is next to no audio in the game, and no music. All of the sound effects are very minimalist, this fits in well with the spooky atmosphere which is being created, and probably makes it feel all that more eerie

A couple of puzzles in LIMBO had me scratching my head quite a bit before I was finally able to figure out what to do. I would warn you - there is a lot of jumping style puzzles and platforming events to get through. In my opinion, jumping puzzles are the worst, but they obviously have to be in platforming games so I just had to battle on through. The game does offer a very good respawn/checkpoint system though. If you die, you won't end up miles and miles behind where you just were, you'll normally spawn right before you messed up to let you try again - this made the trial and error mechanic work so much better as you don't have to replay content you have just got past.

This game's world is so well made, yet it doesn't have anything to interact with other than the puzzles, the minimalist theme keeps you on track the whole time, and you have little chance to explore off the track, simply because there is nothing to explore, it's a one track minded game, essentially you need to get from A to B, and you cannot come off the track. That's not necessarily a bad thing; games these days are often too "open world" style, and often overwhelm the player with too much to see. I liked how LIMBO kept me focused on the task at hand, which was the puzzles and progressing through the dark world I was in.

To play LIMBO from start to finish, it took me just under eight hours. That felt like the perfect length for the game, I would of liked to see a little more of the plot unfold, but it does leave it open ended for a possible sequel in the future. I see little reason to play it through more than once. It's 100% linear, and you will always end up with the same outcome and even the puzzles don't have more than one way to complete them, so unless you want to go achievement hunting, there is no reason to replay LIMBO.

LIMBO is certainly a highly popular game, and is so for good reason. The game does very little wrong in any of the criteria, and it showcases just how an indie game should be developed and published. The game has gone from strength to strength since being released on Xbox Live, and it still alive and kicking on the current gen consoles. For the price of £6,99, you are getting a simply amazing game.

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