¡Ayuda a Slime-san a escaparse de un gusano gigante!
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7 ABR 2017

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2 octubre

Slime-san DLC: Sheeple's Sequel! (Coming soon!)

Hey fellow slime-pals! We're excited to announce our second large content patch: Sheeple's Sequel!

Sheeple's Sequel

Sheeple's finally lost it! He is convinced that everything's just part of a giant videogame and that he was coded to simply be a side-character. Which is why he decided to recode himself to become the villain instead... Can you defeat his nefarious levels and come out of it unscathed? Good luck!

  • 20 normal and 20 NG+ levels made by the insane Sheeple!
  • Dozens of new hazards to tackle head-on!
  • Two new play styles: Shadow & Marble mode!
  • Another unique boss fight, can you defeat Sheeple's machinations?
  • A brand new, rather bizarre... Target mode? Rhythm mode?
  • Another speedrunning mode for DLC levels, compete in leaderboards!
  • 70 [BUGS] to collect and spend in an art gallery!
  • A new hub world: Sheeple's Headquarters! Don't get too weirded out!
  • A special setting that allows you to customize the color palette!
  • More custom settings like a camera slider to determine zoom levels!
  • More cutscenes and story elements!
  • New secret indie stars to discover and talk to!
  • New music by Meganeko & Mischa Perella!
  • New art by Del (Miimows)!
  • Various other adjustments and bug fixes.

Is that exciting, or what?! This content patch will be free again and will make its way to all platforms at different intervals! It will increase Slime-san's content by another 25%! We can't say the exact release date just yet, but expect it in the next 2-3 months!

We will also sell it as an individual title again, just like Blackbird's Kraken, for approximately 4$.

I hope these content patches keep you satisfied and slimy! Talk to y'all later!
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20 julio

Slime-san: Blackbird's Kraken is out now! Patch 1.1!

The time is nigh, slime-pals! Our first major content patch: Blackbird's Kraken is OUT NOW! Update your game and unleash the Kraken!

Blackbird's Kraken is the first MAJOR free DLC for Slime-sans. So big, in fact, that you can also buy it individually at a lower price. You do NOT need to buy it individually if you already own Slime-san. For you guys it's a FREE update!

What's it about?
The notorious Blackbird's kracked, I mean, cracked! He believes Slime-san stole his treasure and unleashed his giant Kraken upon him! Sound familiar? It is now up to Slime-san to escape the giant squid's jaws back out to freedom!

New Content
  • A totally independent campaign from Slime-san! Are you ready for an aquatic adventure?
  • 25 normal and 25 NG+ levels within a giant kraken!
  • A brand new boss fight, can you beat the Kraken?!
  • 10 new target mode challenges that will test your skills!
  • A customizable house that you can style and furnish to your heart's content!
  • 100 Bananas to collect and spend on furniture and house themes!
  • Exciting new mechanics like the submarine mode, acid bubbles and suction cups!
  • A independent speedrunning mode to compete with in leaderboards!
  • An entire tropical Island you can explore and discover with tons of new characters!
  • A bizarre FPS mini-game variation: Portable Gloomy! Can you beat the alien invasion?!
  • Loads of new cutscenes and story elements to experience and enjoy!
  • New secret characters and set-pieces to discover across your journey!
  • New music by Mischa Perella!
  • More neat secrets!
Feature Additions
  • A special setting that adjusts colors to reduce eye strain!
  • A dialogue resetting option, to reread initial dialogue!
  • Official Japanese translation!
  • Korean & French community translations.
  • An exit button back to the title screen! (Amazing, right?)
  • A brand new, simplified tutorial you can access in the extra menu.
  • The visual settings layout has been adjusted to accommodate new setting toggles.
  • "Disable Shaders" is now called "Disable Grain" to no longer affects color blind modes and shop shaders.
  • The bank, and its new ATM, now weighs apple & level completion for a more accurate percentage value.
  • The arcade games now have visuals of all control methods.
  • A couple of level adjustments here and there.
Bug Fixes
  • All boss cutscenes can now be properly watched in the Cutscene Viewer.
  • The cutscene viewer can now be properly navigated even after skipping a level.
  • The Kabuki actor now displays the correct face during dialogue.
  • The timer now stops while pausing during a speedrun mode.
  • All bird costumes now properly display on Birdie.
  • You can navigate the pause menu in Slime town with the mouse again.
  • Submenus are now properly canceled in the dojo tutorial menu.
  • The level skipper visuals no longer display during NG+.
  • Various other small fixes.

We're really happy with how this content patch turned out! Happy sliming!
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“Slime-San is the type of twitchy, lighting-quick platformer I‘m happy to spend hours dying in.”
IGN: Brian Altano

“It has done more than left its mark on fast-paced platformers; in several ways it’s redefined the genre for me, and I think it will do the same for you.”
Kotaku: Ethan Gach

“It’s a game that’s easy to pick up when you have 5 minutes to spare only to realize that you’ve lost a couple of hours.”
Brash Games: Daniel Pruzina

Acerca de este juego


Slime-san iba a lo suyo, moqueando tranquilamente en un pacífico bosque, cuando de repente... ¡apareció un gusano gigante que se lo zampó! Ahora, en lo más profundo de las tripas del gusano, Slime-san se enfrenta a una decisión: ser digerido por el cada vez más cercano muro de ácido gástrico... ¡o abrirse paso saltando, deslizándose y moqueando por los intestinos del gusano hasta volver a salir por la boca!


  • ¡Locura de plataformas a un ritmo increíblemente acelerado que exige una precisión milimétrica!
  • No hay tiempo para detenerse: ¡un muro de ácido te persigue en cada esquina! ¡Corre, corre, corre!
  • Ser viscoso tiene sus ventajas. ¡Moquea a través de paredes y superficies agrietadas!
  • Revienta obstáculos quebradizos o situaciones tensas deslizándote con rapidez.
  • Moquea para ralentizar el tiempo y deslízate para acelerarlo. Como te salgan bien las maniobras, sin pasarte ni un píxel, ¡vas a ser la caña!
  • Un juego repleto de contenido: 100 niveles a lo largo de 400 salas, combinados con 100 niveles del modo Nueva partida+, ¡conforman un total descomunal de 200 niveles y 800 salas!
  • ¡Reúne manzanas medio digeridas para desbloquear diversos estilos de juego, trajes, sombreadores y minijuegos!
  • ¡Desbloquea competitivas partidas arcade multijugador que te retrotraen a juegos del pasado!
  • Haz la compra en el pueblo de los supervivientes dentro de las tripas del gusano, hogar de coloridos personajes y secretos sorprendentes.
  • Cada nivel se cronometra para la clasificación en línea; pensado para competitivos y locos de la puntuación.
  • ¡Desbloquea modos de juego adicionales, como Nueva partida+, Velocidad y Carrera de jefes!
  • Déjate embaucar por un mundo pixelado flexible en 5 colores... que se encuentra... dentro del... ¿gusano?
  • Adhesive Wombat, Tiasu, MegaNeko, Kommissar, Richard Gould... ¡Más de 10 compositores han contribuido con más de 20 temas a un álbum de chiptune con el que te será imposible no ponerte a bailar!


Slime-san es el tercer juego importante desarrollado por Fabraz. Planet Driver y Cannon Crasha son los dos anteriores. Slime-san es un juego divertido hasta la médula. Una historia ridícula, un personaje improbable y un sistema de juego adictivamente acelerado. Ofrece horas de contenido para un jugador, aunque también está adaptado para quienes quieran pasárselo rápido. La mecánica central y el diseño de niveles se prestan muy bien a las partidas competitivas en línea. Se trata de una aventura visualmente única que se sirve de un mundo cuidadosamente elaborado con una paleta de 5 colores y repleto de referencias japonesas divertidas y excéntricas. Además, solo la banda sonora ya justifica el precio: ¡incluye a algunos de los compositores de chiptune más populares del mundo! Publicado por Headup Games.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • SO: Windows XP: Service pack 3
    • Procesador: 2GHz
    • Memoria: 1000 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 512MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0
    • Almacenamiento: 2 GB de espacio disponible
    • SO: OS X 10.6
    • Procesador: 2GHz
    • Memoria: 1000 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 512MB VRAM
    • Almacenamiento: 2 GB de espacio disponible
    • SO: Steam OS and Ubuntu 12.04
    • Procesador: 2GHz
    • Memoria: 1000 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 512MB VRAM
    • Almacenamiento: 2 GB de espacio disponible
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