War covers the southern islands until it finally reaches the idyllic isle of Feshyr. You take on the role as the new nameless hero after your village has been pillaged and destroyed by paladins of the king. Seeking revenge, you soon realize that this cowardly attack did not just happen on a reckless mercenary`s whim.
User reviews:
Mostly Negative (13 reviews) - 30% of the 13 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mixed (912 reviews) - 47% of the 912 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010

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Arcania: Gothic IV is looking like a game that would entice even the most jaded, over-Oblivioned Crust-Dwarf into a long, deep, immersive session of RPG adventure. – Gamerevolution 06/2010

The team definitely has a keen eye for their audience of established and prospective players. – RPG fan 06/2010

About This Game

War covers the southern islands until it finally reaches the idyllic isle of Feshyr. You take on the role as the new nameless hero after your village has been pillaged and destroyed by paladins of the king. Seeking revenge, you soon realize that this cowardly attack did not just happen on a reckless mercenary`s whim. A mysterious evil power lies in waiting and fortunately you’re not alone to unravel the ancient secrets: your fate is linked to a beautiful lady wearing a powerful artifact from the long-forgotten past...


  • COMBAT SYSTEM: An intuitive system that offers a gradual learning curve, special moves and three different basic attack types.
  • STORYLINE: A deep, strong story embedded in the successful Gothic universe franchise accompanied by highly diversified side quests. And most can be solved in different ways.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: The amenable story, an Intuitive interface and controls, lock on targets and a sophisticated hint system.
  • CONTINUOUS ACTION: Pace is kept up along the main plot through regular surprises, cliffhangers and vigorous cut scenes.
  • HERO DEVELOPMENT: Gain experience points and level up to upgrade your attributes, skills and crafting abilities.
  • A COMPLETELY OPEN WORLD: Enjoy the complete freedom & the almost unlimited options known from the Gothic series.

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo - 2.8 GHz / AMD Athlon II x2 - 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 GTX, GeForce 8800 GT, GeForce 9600
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or higher
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB + 600 MB virtual memory
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Quad Core / AMD Phenom X4
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 250, GeForce GTX 260, GeForce GTX 280
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or higher
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB + 600 MB virtual memory
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
14 of 15 people (93%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 6
First of all, ignore the time played counter, it is not reflective of the amount of hours I spent playing ArcaniA. Because of technical issues, I had to constantly switch between the Steam version and a retail version. A more accurate game time would be around 20-21 hours.

At it's core, AcraniA is a failed experiment. After Pirahana Bytes washed its hands of the series after the publisher, JoWooD, forced Gothic 3 out the door before it was ready, Spellbound Entertainment (who is most notable for Desperados) was given the reins. However, Spellbound was a studio that didn't have any prior experience in the type of RPG that Gothic was, and it shows. ArcaniA's intended purpose was simple: To reboot the Gothic series and turn it into a more accessible, console-friendly experience. This idea was misguided at best and while there is nothing at all wrong with making formerly very hardcore franchises into more welcoming ones (Deus Ex, System Shock, Hitman, etc), ArcaniA completely fails to understand what worked about Gothic as a series. The property is simply misused here, and the additions to the mythology and world of Gothic only serve to undermine it. The much beloved freedom the previous games had is also sacrificed in order to have a more linear experience that exists in an unhappy middle-ground between Fable and Oblivion.

The story takes place on an unexplored island that has not been represented in any Gothic game before and features a new protagonist. After Gothic 3/FG, The Nameless Hero was crowned Rhobar III and has embarked on a campaign of conquest with the goal to unify all of humanity under one banner. This campaign comes at the cost of many lives, however, including your hometown and your (immediately killed off and fridged minutes after introduction) fiance, which is razed to the ground with you as the only survivor. The story continues from there and characters from the other Gothic games make appearances as crucial characters in the story, with each getting redesigned from the ground up. Examples would be that now Diego is a swarthy, vaguely Spanish-ish, pirate and Gorn loves violence and fighting. To be fair, the Gothic games didn't have the strongest of characters to begin with, so this can be excused.

What can't be excused is how the plot ultimately progresses into nonsense. Not the fun kind of nonsense that developers like Quantic Dream deliver, but the confusing, irritating nonsense of a story that was written in a hurry and poorly translated. Even at the end, I still didn't know anything beyond a surface level understanding of the events that are taking place.

ArcaniA also ditches the Genome Gaming Engine that powered Gothic 3 for the Vison 7 engine and at times, the game can look quite nice. There are some nice lighting effects and the view distance is quite good as well. However, that is about all the nice things I can say about the tech that drive this game. While Genome was buggy and unoptimized, I would have very much preferred it during my time with ArcaniA. The Steam version in particular is currently broken on the highest settings, with lighting and shadow rendering being miscast onto characters faces, to name one problem. The framerate/framepacing was also abysmal on hardware from 2016, with an incredibly bad play feel. Eventually I googled the problems I was having and discovered that the best way to play is with a patched up retail copy. So I ended up buying this game twice in order to play through it because of the lack of maintenance on the Steam version. However, the retail version is also very broken, with textures and shadows sometimes completely failing to load, 2D elements such as the HUD and map/mini-map becoming corrupt and video cutscenes refusing to play. In order to experience ArcaniA in the best possible way, I ended up having to constantly switch between the retail version and the steam version.

The overall aesthetic of the game is also quite plain. Spellbound was clearly 'inspired' by the success of other console-focused western RPG's, especially Oblivion, and attempted to replicate that look. So expect lots of European looking castles, farms, inns and the like. There are also some snowy temples, a giant magical tree surrounded by swamp, but it's mostly castles and villages. The most interesting looking area, which had a very Arabian look to it, was blocked off in the game and you only ever see the front facade of it, along with the skyline. Nothing about the art style is notable or exceptional in any way.

The combat and RPG systems of Gothic have also been left behind in favor of a very basic combat and leveling up system. The core gameplay loop is indistinguishable from most RPG's where you see an enemy, kill the enemy, get xp, repeat. Not to say that Gothic didn't reinvent the wheel with combat, but it felt far more interesting then it does in ArcaniA The interesting Learning Points system is replaced with a menu-driven perk system, which is, again, very plain.

Overall, ArcaniA dosen't succeed in it's mission. The game didn't sell well, Spellbound went under with JoWooD, who was already in dire fiancial straits, and history moved on. I can't even recommend this game as a curiosity for fans of the series or a simple timesink because the game is so plain and mediocre as well as bug-ridden and glitchy.

Spend your time elsewhere.
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1 of 4 people (25%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
14.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 2
oh dear.... I hope I didn't pay for this :(

so linear, much boring
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1 of 6 people (17%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
8.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 27
Steam just stoled this game from my account,gj.I hope,they will do it to all of u....
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
229 of 274 people (84%) found this review helpful
80 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
16.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 27, 2015
I played this game for 16 hours because I really wanted to enjoy it.
First of all, I wanted to like it because I'm a fan of first 3 parts of Gothic. Let's say it straight, this is different game, don't expect fourth part of Gothic. Some elements are similar, but general feeling is: this is different game.
So in the next step I tried to enjoy it as RPG game. If game is different than Gothic, that doesn't mean it's a bad game, right? So in that situation it is not true. This game is bad. Some elements, like graphics and music are quite nice, but generally game is just bad. Main story is totally linear, you can't go wherever you want. World is divided to small parts and you have to explore them one by one, you can't encounter a lot stronger monsters than you.
I love RPGs, but this game didn't sucked me. I didn't feel that I explore the world I want to explore. I didn't feel I'm a part of adventure, I want to be part of.

If you're a fan of Piranha Bytes games, save yourself the disappointment.
If you're a fan of good RPG games, there are many better games out there.
If you finished all RPGs and you need to play it, be prepared to collecting the honey in one of most stupid quests. So if you like winnie the Pooh, go ahead, this game is made for you.

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121 of 158 people (77%) found this review helpful
20 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
10.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 23, 2015
Hello. Are you interested in buying this game ? Let me tell you about this game. This game is not worth your time and money. This game starts you off as a shepherd (not THE shepherd) and has you trying to woo your girlfriend on some island. This game will then do what any game does to ruin the good mood and send you away on a journey for revenge.
All the story progress in this game is just for the sake of getting your revenge. Remember that, when you slug through the chapters, hoping for a cool story.

This game lets you decide on how to play it by offering you all the options : Melee, Ranged and Magic. The overly simplistic and lame skill-tree requires tough decision making from you. +1% mana and +1% mana regen or rather +1% stamina and +1% stamina regen...or maybe +1% ranged damage and +1% mana regen ? The choices...Eventually you might also reach one of the maybe 10 new skills..I say new, but in the end they just change the skill you already have to something better, like giving you a power bash or letting you combo more attacks...meh.

This game is kinda separated into different hubs, where the actual chapter is being played. As soon as you finish one, you basically move onward to the next hub area. This game is technically an open world game, but you don't have any necessity to ever venture back to the places you've already been to and instead keep following a linear route to your goal. This game sports acceptable environmental graphics, but butt-ugly character models. This game also features some of the most laid back casual combat ever. This game is hardly a challenge on normal difficulty and at least your progress will be steady..combat wise..

This game however does have a major flaw, which will most likely make you quit rather sooner than later :
THIS GAME HAS NO QUEST MARKERS. This game will just tell you to find an item/person in the east/west/north/south of where you accept the quest and then has you run around the place trying to find the item/person without any sort of indication. Even worse, this game often has the habit of only spawning the item/person you are looking for once you accepted the quest to do so. That means you can run all over the map in advance, explore everything possible and then have to do it all over again after accepting some random "HEY, FIND THIS CHEST IN THAT CAVE WHICH NOW EXISTS BUT DIDN'T BEFORE". This game will then commence laughing at you, until you open google after an hour to just look up where the item/person is, that you're looking for.

This game incorporates very boring and bland dialogue as well, which often makes you feel as if you're just playing some random mmo. Nothing in this game will make you feel involved with the world, mostly because the world itself is such a boring, empty yet quite spacy place..still very empty though..too empty even..way too empty..not enemy wise..quite a few enemies...but otherwise very empty.
This game has no redeeming qualities at all. Even the lockpicking system is really irritating with its required timing. This game does allow you to craft, but thats just reading a recipe, press "C" , select the thing and click the "craft" button.
This review is already way too long for this game, so let me tell you once again that this game is really not worth it.
This game, which I have played for 10 hours, is not recommended :P
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113 of 149 people (76%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
13.9 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: November 29, 2013
This is one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. I was looking forward to this as a Gothic fan (on it's release it was called ArcaniA: Gothic IV or ArcaniA a gothic tale because it was supposed to be the next gothic game). It's supposed to be an open world RPG but it's more like a liniar bad hack n' slash game with level progression. basicly this is what the game is: after you finish the intro (which is the only fun part of the game) you get to a tiny part of the island, you do a part of the main quest and you unlock another tiny part of the island where you can do another part of the main quest and you unlock another tiny part of the island and so on untill the final battle. And than it's game over, no more exploring for no reason at all. the main quest is boring, there are only a few side quests which are even worse than the main quest. characters are boring and not memoreble at all, even the characters from Gothic 1, 2, and 3 and exploring is rarely rewarding, not that there is much to explore as most of the remotely interesting sites are used for the main quest. if you played the demo and liked it keep it that way the demo covers by far the best part of the game.

ArcaniA a gothic fail scores a 3/10
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100 of 130 people (77%) found this review helpful
14 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
2.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 28, 2015
Arcania can be summarized as follows:

A grossly simplified RPG with nice graphics (for its time) that is no longer part of the Gothic Universe.

There are no quest markers, the story is possibly the most cliché I've seen in an RPG, and the gameplay makes Fable 3 look challenging. I also saw the same character model used for 5 different key npc's within the first hour and a half of playtime.

I had more fun with Two Worlds. Don't play this.
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105 of 141 people (74%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
21.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 14, 2013
Far into the game as I write this. Eventually the desire to continue wanes when immersion is broken due to the callousness to which this RPG as been constructed. Speaking directly to Spellbound Entertainment, I really couldn't care less what your budget is and I don't care about the perilous finances of your now bankrupt publisher. When you undertake a project like this and dress it with the same repeating carbon copy npc's then you have no right to undertake such a project. It's a crime against the art of game development and shows no respect for your audience.

I really want to continue. I like what's here despite the meaningless "RPG elements" and the damn crafting icon staring at me the entire play through. Go watch a movie with the same character playing 20 different roles each dubbed with a different voice.

At this point in the game's narrative I should be fully immersed in the world of Arcania but you Spellbound Entertainment have completely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ my immersion. I'm walking out of the theater now. There weren't that many here to start. Something about the title and the game not living up to it's legacy. The naysayers were right and I a fool for not listening.
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42 of 48 people (88%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
22.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 29, 2015
Playable, but pointless.

I got this game free (thanks, Steam!) but I can't recommend anyone buy it. Everything that makes RPGs fun to play is absent from this game:
  • Story is weak and formulaic, while also being incomprehensible at times;
  • Combat is laughably easy and offers no real challenge;
  • No choices or moral decisions that affect the story;
  • Poor NPC characterization and acting, and;
  • an ending that makes no sense and doesn't resolve anything;

It's not broken by any means, and you may have some fun playing it if you're big into medeival fantasy. But in all, I don't think it's worth your time or money, as there are much better games available on steam that are dirt cheap.
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64 of 84 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
21.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 7, 2014
...so being somewhere half way through the game I remember thinking: " who am I gonna recommend this game to in my review?" I thought of this game as a "game of missed opportunities" but getting through the end game grind, final boos fight and enduring the countless fillers I finally found my answer: I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE!!!
Arcania is a bad game and even though the world is nice and graphics is still decent 4 years later there are just not enough good things to actually ask anyone to endure this!
World is very small and with limited access, quests are extremely linear where you have to do chains of quests to access a location x only to be used by npc x and forced to do things XYZ.
This game would be compared to Gothic 3 or Risen but short answer is: it DOES NOT compary to either one of them at all!

- beautiful world
- good graphics
- good evade system

- mindless button mashing combat - no skill whatsoever
- low difficulty (havent used a potion till mid game)
- HORRIBLE fillers towards end game
- BOOOORING end boss fight (like most end boses but this one takes the cake)
- boring, linear quests
- bad voice acting

Up till yesterday I thought I will give the short expansion a try but after finally finishing this game I do not want to have anything to do with it anymore...

2/10 - avoid !!!
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Recently Posted
6.1 hrs
Posted: September 25
I gave it a fair few hours, but ended up stopping. I really wanted to like it, but there's so little to actually like.

I want to say right off the bat, that there's nothing really wrong with this game. It's just boring.

It works fine. There's no glitches or technical issues. It's a very basic, serviceable western RPG, with basic combat, uninteresting NPC's and a bland world to explore.

Everything it does is done better by another game.

And after several hours of it, I realised that I just wasn't having fun.

My time is better spent elsewhere.
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25.9 hrs
Pre-Release Review
Posted: September 24
For some reason I bought Arcania around the time it came out. I was in a weird place and was starved for crpgs. I was ignorant of better, older games, other than the time I played the demo for the original Gothic as a kid. See, for some reason, they stopped calling this game Gothic 4, and when played, it is apparent. There is way less customization, and while there are hub worlds, they aren't as open and interesting as something like Risen.

Arcania is not a bad game, but by trying to shoehorn it into the Gothic universe they upset alot of people. Again, this is coming from the perspective of someone who never had any experience with Gothic before this. While the game isn't total garbage, it isn't really any good either. Combat feels clunky, character options are rather limited, the story is... completely forgettable.

If you want a game like this, but better and still relatively modern, go buy the first Risen. I'm still not sure why I beat this nothing game...
Helpful? Yes No Funny
40.0 hrs
Posted: September 16
Overall it is a good game but feels like incomplete. The story is impressive but very short when compared with the previous Gothic titles. The map is small and linear. Do not ever try to swim accross the sea, it looks like our character doesn't know how to swim although he grew up in an island :)

They changed a lot of things about the gameplay, character panel is very brief (which is bad I think) Actually I can say the only thing that resembles the Gothic is the main characters like Gorn, Milten, Xardas etc.

The game doesn't offer enough interaction with the surroundings, things like camp fires, anvils, lecterns doesn't work. To my opinion they should be... Another annoying thing is the teleportation stuff, the stones used in Gothic 3 should have been used but anyway the world is really small. Horses would be good as well.

There is opportunity for lot's of DLCs like "rebuilding Fesher", "king's son in law (marrying with Zyra of course) :D", "united islands" but after 5 years I do not hope any will be released.

As a conclusion I can say it is a good game for playing in a weekend but you will miss the old Gothic flavor, there is a reason they did not advertise as Gothic 4 explicitly because it is not.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
76.6 hrs
Posted: August 14
I don't feel this game deserves all the hate that it receives but I will admit that it is objectively a bad game. With that, you can still find some enjoyability and I just-barely recommend it for at least one playthrough if you've beaten your other action RPGs. Some quick thoughts after beating it...

*Good visuals.
*Easy to pick up and learn.
*Ability to choose between melee, archery, or mage paths.
*Main voice actor does a decent job.
*Story is just interesting enough to keep you interested at times.

*Most of the voice actors are garbage.
*Character development is really shallow.
*Pace of the game is agonizingly slow at times if you explore everywhere.
*Story is a fairly typical revenge story. A shepherd becomes a god (figuratively).
*Linear game progression. (This didn't realy bother me, though)
*Combat is fairly basic. Ranged playstyles are basically easy mode while melee can have a really hard time on the harder difficulties.

Conclusion: If it's on sale, give it a shot. You can rush it if you like. If you focus on the experience and don't try to find things to hate, you may even like it a little bit.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
24.0 hrs
Posted: August 10
I had more hopes for this game then I got.
The storyline is bland, the fighting sucks, and the voice actors were horrid, Especially the females who went from one accent to another mid sentence. The cut scenes were nasty on the eyes with the camera flicking to weird angles. The npcs arms always flapping.
I finished it quickly, hoping to be able to go out into the world after the very boring, last minute boss fight. But no, gives u credits then back to the main menu....
Save your money and buy a better game then this one. Glad i got it when it was on sale, so not worth the 16 or so dollars its selling for
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.4 hrs
Posted: August 10
win 8 , 8.1, 10 support?
Helpful? Yes No Funny
21.3 hrs
Posted: August 9
If you like Gothic 1,2 or 3, do not play this one. It's super linear.
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