War covers the southern islands until it finally reaches the idyllic isle of Feshyr. You take on the role as the new nameless hero after your village has been pillaged and destroyed by paladins of the king. Seeking revenge, you soon realize that this cowardly attack did not just happen on a reckless mercenary`s whim.
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Data di rilascio: 15 ott 2010

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Arcania: Gothic IV is looking like a game that would entice even the most jaded, over-Oblivioned Crust-Dwarf into a long, deep, immersive session of RPG adventure. – Gamerevolution 06/2010

The team definitely has a keen eye for their audience of established and prospective players. – RPG fan 06/2010

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War covers the southern islands until it finally reaches the idyllic isle of Feshyr. You take on the role as the new nameless hero after your village has been pillaged and destroyed by paladins of the king. Seeking revenge, you soon realize that this cowardly attack did not just happen on a reckless mercenary`s whim. A mysterious evil power lies in waiting and fortunately you’re not alone to unravel the ancient secrets: your fate is linked to a beautiful lady wearing a powerful artifact from the long-forgotten past...


  • COMBAT SYSTEM: An intuitive system that offers a gradual learning curve, special moves and three different basic attack types.
  • STORYLINE: A deep, strong story embedded in the successful Gothic universe franchise accompanied by highly diversified side quests. And most can be solved in different ways.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: The amenable story, an Intuitive interface and controls, lock on targets and a sophisticated hint system.
  • CONTINUOUS ACTION: Pace is kept up along the main plot through regular surprises, cliffhangers and vigorous cut scenes.
  • HERO DEVELOPMENT: Gain experience points and level up to upgrade your attributes, skills and crafting abilities.
  • A COMPLETELY OPEN WORLD: Enjoy the complete freedom & the almost unlimited options known from the Gothic series.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo - 2.8 GHz / AMD Athlon II x2 - 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 GTX, GeForce 8800 GT, GeForce 9600
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or higher
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB + 600 MB virtual memory
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Quad Core / AMD Phenom X4
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 250, GeForce GTX 260, GeForce GTX 280
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or higher
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB + 600 MB virtual memory
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
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Pubblicata: 27 dicembre 2014
Vorrei spezzare una lancia in favore di Arcania, trattato piuttosto male nei giudizi.
Premesso che il suo attuale prezzo di 20€ è caro, premesso che non è immune da qualche bug e glitch (ma nonostante la necessità di giocarlo in compatibilità "WinXP" non ho mai avuto crash), personalmente è un gioco che consiglio ai digiuni di RPG.
Sì, è un RPG facile e lineare ma proprio per la sua linearità di progressione, il crafting onesto ma nulla più, le missioni facili da seguire, il numero esiguo di side quest e un livello di difficoltà bassino, lo consiglio come antipasto o come tutorial di 20 ore per quelli che "vorrei buttarmi in Elder Scrolls/Gothic/Witcher ma mi spaventano".
Il difetto maggiore di Arcania (a parte uno stupido sistema di teleporting sostanzialmente inutile) è che da il suo meglio nella seconda parte della storia, per cui è necessario dargli alcune ore di tempo. Dalla sua ha un sistema di combattimento divertente, una buona varietà e bellezza di ambientazioni e una mappa - compresi i sottosuoli - proporzionata alla storia.
Concludendo: fino a 10€ - vista anche l'età del gioco - e se non siete di quelli che si mangiano RPG a colazione, ne vale la pena.
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Pubblicata: 27 gennaio
I played this game for 19 hours because I really wanted to enjoy it.
First of all, I wanted to like it because I'm a fan of first 3 parts of Gothic. Let's say it straight, this is different game, don't expect fourth part of Gothic. Some elements are similar, but general feeling is: this is different game.
So in the next step I tried to enjoy it as RPG game. If game is different than Gothic, that doesn't mean it's a bad game, right? So in that situation it is not true. This game is bad. Some elements, like graphics and music are quite nice, but generally game is just bad. Main story is totally linear, you can't go wherever you want. World is divided to small parts and you have to explore them one by one, you can't encounter a lot stronger monsters than you.
I love RPGs, but this game didn't sucked me. I didn't feel that I explore the world I want to explore. I didn't feel I'm a part of adventure, I want to be part of.

If you're a fan of Piranha Bytes games, save yourself the disappointment.
If you're a fan of good RPG games, there are many better games out there.
If you finished all RPGs and you need to play it, be prepared to collecting the honey in one of most stupid quests. So if you like winnie the Pooh, go ahead, this game is made for you.
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Pubblicata: 31 dicembre 2014
- it get's better later after our emo guy is growing some balls
- it really looks nice @ max (40-60 FPS with R9 280X)
- play it for a hour every workday ;)

- Story. Never really got it what is going on & why i was going to X
- after all, way to easy
- same dungeons all the time
- some ****ing clone NPC all the time
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Pubblicata: 23 febbraio
Hello. Are you interested in buying this game ? Let me tell you about this game. This game is not worth your time and money. This game starts you off as a shepherd (not THE shepherd) and has you trying to woo your girlfriend on some island. This game will then do what any game does to ruin the good mood and send you away on a journey for revenge.
All the story progress in this game is just for the sake of getting your revenge. Remember that, when you slug through the chapters, hoping for a cool story.

This game lets you decide on how to play it by offering you all the options : Melee, Ranged and Magic. The overly simplistic and lame skill-tree requires tough decision making from you. +1% mana and +1% mana regen or rather +1% stamina and +1% stamina regen...or maybe +1% ranged damage and +1% mana regen ? The choices...Eventually you might also reach one of the maybe 10 new skills..I say new, but in the end they just change the skill you already have to something better, like giving you a power bash or letting you combo more attacks...meh.

This game is kinda separated into different hubs, where the actual chapter is being played. As soon as you finish one, you basically move onward to the next hub area. This game is technically an open world game, but you don't have any necessity to ever venture back to the places you've already been to and instead keep following a linear route to your goal. This game sports acceptable environmental graphics, but butt-ugly character models. This game also features some of the most laid back casual combat ever. This game is hardly a challenge on normal difficulty and at least your progress will be steady..combat wise..

This game however does have a major flaw, which will most likely make you quit rather sooner than later :
THIS GAME HAS NO QUEST MARKERS. This game will just tell you to find an item/person in the east/west/north/south of where you accept the quest and then has you run around the place trying to find the item/person without any sort of indication. Even worse, this game often has the habit of only spawning the item/person you are looking for once you accepted the quest to do so. That means you can run all over the map in advance, explore everything possible and then have to do it all over again after accepting some random "HEY, FIND THIS CHEST IN THAT CAVE WHICH NOW EXISTS BUT DIDN'T BEFORE". This game will then commence laughing at you, until you open google after an hour to just look up where the item/person is, that you're looking for.

This game incorporates very boring and bland dialogue as well, which often makes you feel as if you're just playing some random mmo. Nothing in this game will make you feel involved with the world, mostly because the world itself is such a boring, empty yet quite spacy place..still very empty though..too empty even..way too empty..not enemy wise..quite a few enemies...but otherwise very empty.
This game has no redeeming qualities at all. Even the lockpicking system is really irritating with its required timing. This game does allow you to craft, but thats just reading a recipe, press "C" , select the thing and click the "craft" button.
This review is already way too long for this game, so let me tell you once again that this game is really not worth it.
This game, which I have played for 10 hours, is not recommended :P
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Pubblicata: 15 maggio
Horrible. The teleport system works from A to B and back but not B to C or farther. The load times on it take just as long as it would to walk. Quests and map flow are uninspiring. Theres very little to keep players attached to the game.
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Pubblicata: 24 dicembre 2014
I Really enjoyed this game, It's not a blockbuster and I have never played any of the previous titles, But you get a compelling romp around a good looking world with most dialogue being voiced, The graphics are very good and the rain effect is one of the best I have seen with water running on the ground and your avatar, The combat is ok, and you can switch at will to ranged and melee though I stuck to sword and shield, Dodge is your friend and makes fighting foes fun, But it's not Dark souls and remains rather shallow. If you want a cheap 10 hours enetertainment then this could be it, It's not the complexity of Skrim etc but it delivers on story and enjoyment. Look for the version with the expansion pack.
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Pubblicata: 13 settembre 2014
Arcania ci mette nei panni di un nuovo eroe senza nome dalla pettinatura improponibile, un pastore di una sperduta isola. Nel prologo tutti gli altri abitanti di questa vengono allegramente massacrati dalle truppe di Rhobar III, il protagonista dei precedenti episodi diventato re. Tra i morti c'è anche la fidanzata incinta del protagonista, il quale, con l'aiuto di una vecchia conoscenza, partirà per un viaggio nella vicina isola di Argaan per vendicarsi. Non dico altro della trama perché davvero non ne vale la pena. I Gothic non si sono mai distinti per chissà quale comparto narrativo, ma qui si è arrivati molto più in basso: la storia è poco più di un pretesto e per di più è narrata in maniera decisamente confusionaria. Inserire forzatamente i personaggi principali del primi capitoli non serve a evitare il disastro.

Magari i dialoghi sono rimasti buoni, direte voi. Manco per il cazzo. Sono ancora più stringati di quelli della trilogia e per di più di una piattezza allucinante, tanto che viene voglia di saltarli tutti, tanto quelli legati alla trama principale, tanto quelli secondari, che per fortuna sono pochissimi. Dove è finita la sottile ironia che mi ricordavo? Non pervenuta.

Il gameplay non è molto meglio.

Fin da subito ci accorgiamo che la libertà che era stata bandiera dei predecessori è completamente sparita. Seppur l'ambientazione sia relativamente vasta e priva di caricamenti, essa è divisa in aree di dimensioni medio-piccole che si sbloccano progressivamente andando avanti con la trama. Se nella prima metà esse si aprono un poco dando la possibilità di esplorare un minimo, nella seconda avremo a che fare con un lungo corridoio più o meno imboscato. L'effetto corridoio è accentuato anche dalla presenza di fin troppi dungeon, praticamente tutti uguali (ce ne sono due tipi: grotte e templi). Una volta compiute la missioni principali e secondarie (pochissime e pessime) in una determinata area non avremo alcuna buona ragione per tornarci, se non la ricerca dei millemila inutili collezionabili.

Le possibilità di esplorare sono ulteriormente ridotte dal fatto che il protagonista non può arrampicarsi e non può nuotare...vivi praticamente sulla spiaggia e non sai nuotare? Sei proprio un genio. Per di più una delle conquiste di Gothic 3, lo scatto, è completamente sparita, e il nostri pg si muove a velocità di lumaca, inspiegabilmente rallentando ancora di più dentro gli edifici. Per fortuna esistono rune capaci di aumentare temporaneamente la velocità.

La cosa peggiore però è che il mondo vivo è completamente sparito: i personaggi sono delle belle statuine che si limitano a muoversi senza meta e non reagiscono più alle nostre azioni. Potremo estrarre un'arma o rubare tutto il rubabile senza conseguenze. Addirittura non si possono neanche più colpire i png. Anche il comportamento degli animali ha subito nefaste conseguenze: le specie si ignorano tra loro e non capita più di vedere animali della stessa razza agire in maniera un minimo coordinata.

Oltre a questo, il gioco si caratterizza per un'opera di estrema semplificazione di tutto quella che ho amato nei predecessori. Che cazzo ci fanno in Gothic i punti interrogativi sopra i personaggi che danno le quest? Che cazzo me ne faccio del segnalino che mi indica dove devo andare? Che cazzo me ne faccio di una minimappa o dell'aura intorno ai nemici? Sono tutti elementi che in effetti si possono disattivare, ma è chiaro che sono stati inseriti per fare contenta l'utenza casual (e consolara) a cui il gioco è chiaramente rivolto.

Anche il sistema di crescita è stato ridotto ai minimi termini: si tratta di una schermatina semivuota dove distribuire i 3 punti che si ottengono al passaggio da un livello all'altro. I gruppi di abilità sono ai minimi termini: tre per il corpo a corpo, uno per la distanza, uno per la furtività (che non ho capito a cosa serve) e altri per le abilità magiche. Niente più insegnanti ovviamente.

Il sistema di combattimento è la diretta evoluzione di quello di Gothic 3 e devo dire che è uno degli elementi che non mi sono troppo dispiaciuti. Si tratta di un sistema tendenzialmente hns, dove il nostro compagno principale è il tasto sinistro del mouse, col quale si effettua l'attacco normale. Un clic prolungato serve a caricare il colpo, a patto di aver sbloccato la relativa abilità. A questo si aggiunge la possibilità di parare utilizzando il tasto destro del mouse, il quale , in combinazione con un tasto direzionale, ci permette anche di rotolare. Inspiegabilmente non è stata inserita la possibilità di muoversi normalmente mentre si para. Andando avanti si sblocca qualche altra abilità, come quella di eseguire serie di attacchi cliccando al momento giusto, cioè quando l'arma si illumina alla fine di un colpo (l'effetto di illuminazione è comunque disattivabile). Il risultato sono combattimento che nella maggior parte dei casi si risolvono con un clic forsennato del tasto sinistro, alternato con qualche occasionale parata e capriola. Diciamo che sembra una versione semplificata (e semplice) del sistema di The Witcher 2 unito ad alcuni elementi di quello del primo The Witcher. Il tutto alla fine funziona non troppo male, ma la difficoltà a livello normale è ai minimi termini, in tutti il gioco sono morto solo una volta subito dopo il prologo, quando non avevo ancora preso totale confidenza col sistema di controllo.

Buono il sistema di crafting, seppur l'assenza di abilità dedicate lo renda utilizzabile troppo facilmente. Inoltre il basso livello di difficoltà rende sostanzialmente inutile sfruttarlo come si deve.

Passando invece al comparto tecnico, il motore fa la sua sporca figura e molti panorami sono parecchio evocativi. Peccato per un'ottimizzazione mediocre, i crolli di fps, in particolare nei centri abitati, sono all'ordine del giorno. Se gli elementi architettonici e naturalie i modelli degli animali, pur con qualche texture in bassa definizione di troppo, fanno la loro sporca figura, lo stesso non si può dire per quelli umani. I personaggi secondari hanno pochissimi dettagli (le donne sono orrende) e i modelli si ripetono in maniera impressionante. Quelli principali sono messi un po' meglio, ma le animazioni sono da rivedere. Quelle facciali praticamente non ci sono e la sincronizzazione del parlato col labiale è inesistente. Più che buoni il sistema di illuminazione e il passaggio da giorno a notte, purtroppo funestato da movimenti scattosi della ombre. Da notare ancora l'assenza di sincronia verticale e di filtri. Il risultato è un aspetto spesso evocativo ma anche parecchio sporco.

La colonna sonora non è niente di che.
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Pubblicata: 4 marzo 2014
Se lo si gioca come se fosse un normale gdr non va molto bene, grafica carina (ogni tanto impazzisce) le skill sono un pò tutte uguali le magie cmabiano quasi in modo impercettibile... Se bisogna giocarlo come il successore della storia di gothic 3 allora aggiungeteci che la trama nn c'entra nulla e la famosa difficolta di gothic è completa scomparsa!
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Pubblicata: 19 giugno 2014
Giocate i primi...-_-
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Pubblicata: 3 novembre 2014
-Il Gioco è fatto male Texture Buggate, Suoni In Loop
-MESSAGGI SUBLIMINALI, Dopo La 2^ Ora Di Gioco Mi Sono Accorto Di 2 Chiarissime Scritte in Nero Durante La Partita Con Suono Strano In Sottofondo, Disinstall Assicurato.
-Il Gameplay è Scopiazzato da Skyrim.

- La Storia è Carina.
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Pubblicata: 9 ottobre 2014
Arcania ma anche no.
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Pubblicata: 8 luglio 2014
Seguo la saga fin dal primo capitolo :D E devo dire che giochi come gothic ne esistono pochi :D Questo capitolo si stacca un po' dal resto della saga .... La trama mantiene il filo logico con gli altri gothic ... ma lo stile di gioco è cambiato abbastanza rispetto agli altri capitoli ... Graficamente è eccellente per essere del 2010 ha una grafica spettacolare :D qualche mancanza solo nei personaggi che hanno (più o meno) tutti la stessa faccia :D ho visto solo 6 facce diverse :D sono tutte uguali :D ma del resto è un titolo che merita :D
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Pubblicata: 29 novembre 2013
Recensione di una copia anticipata
This is one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. I was looking forward to this as a Gothic fan (on it's release it was called ArcaniA: Gothic IV or ArcaniA a gothic tale because it was supposed to be the next gothic game). It's supposed to be an open world RPG but it's more like a liniar bad hack n' slash game with level progression. basicly this is what the game is: after you finish the intro (which is the only fun part of the game) you get to a tiny part of the island, you do a part of the main quest and you unlock another tiny part of the island where you can do another part of the main quest and you unlock another tiny part of the island and so on untill the final battle. And than it's game over, no more exploring for no reason at all. the main quest is boring, there are only a few side quests which are even worse than the main quest. characters are boring and not memoreble at all, even the characters from Gothic 1, 2, and 3 and exploring is rarely rewarding, not that there is much to explore as most of the remotely interesting sites are used for the main quest. if you played the demo and liked it keep it that way the demo covers by far the best part of the game.

ArcaniA a gothic fail scores a 3/10
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Pubblicata: 14 settembre 2013
Far into the game as I write this. Eventually the desire to continue wanes when immersion is broken due to the callousness to which this RPG as been constructed. Speaking directly to Spellbound Entertainment, I really couldn't care less what your budget is and I don't care about the perilous finances of your now bankrupt publisher. When you undertake a project like this and dress it with the same repeating carbon copy npc's then you have no right to undertake such a project. It's a crime against the art of game development and shows no respect for your audience.

I really want to continue. I like what's here despite the meaningless "RPG elements" and the damn crafting icon staring at me the entire play through. Go watch a movie with the same character playing 20 different roles each dubbed with a different voice.

At this point in the game's narrative I should be fully immersed in the world of Arcania but you Spellbound Entertainment have completely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ my immersion. I'm walking out of the theater now. There weren't that many here to start. Something about the title and the game not living up to it's legacy. The naysayers were right and I a fool for not listening.
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Pubblicata: 7 maggio 2014
...so being somewhere half way through the game I remember thinking: " who am I gonna recommend this game to in my review?" I thought of this game as a "game of missed opportunities" but getting through the end game grind, final boos fight and enduring the countless fillers I finally found my answer: I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE!!!
Arcania is a bad game and even though the world is nice and graphics is still decent 4 years later there are just not enough good things to actually ask anyone to endure this!
World is very small and with limited access, quests are extremely linear where you have to do chains of quests to access a location x only to be used by npc x and forced to do things XYZ.
This game would be compared to Gothic 3 or Risen but short answer is: it DOES NOT compary to either one of them at all!

- beautiful world
- good graphics
- good evade system

- mindless button mashing combat - no skill whatsoever
- low difficulty (havent used a potion till mid game)
- HORRIBLE fillers towards end game
- BOOOORING end boss fight (like most end boses but this one takes the cake)
- boring, linear quests
- bad voice acting

Up till yesterday I thought I will give the short expansion a try but after finally finishing this game I do not want to have anything to do with it anymore...

2/10 - avoid !!!
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Pubblicata: 24 febbraio 2014
ArcaniA – Gothic 4 is a mediocre RPG that is mildly amusing, addictive, and simply boring all rolled into one. Its a semi-open world where you have to unlock the next area by completing certain objectives. The hero a boy from Feshyr a simple shepard and I mean simple. This is one game that truly could have been an OUTSTANDING game. The hero he lacked substance and didn't grow he was still the simple ignorant, and dumb shepard from Freshyr. If you are a hardcore RPG fan this game might be for you. It does have some really good parts and the story has so much more to offer then it did. Mind numbing questing everyone in the game just takes advantage of the main hero (honestly after 25 hours of game play I couldn't tell you his name). I need to find this will you help me? Yes but you have to do this first? OK I accomplished the task. NO you tricked me or What I have do one more thing. The repetitiveness of the same quest just a different location hurt this game more then anything. The game mechanics on fighting were good. On the other hand the enemy’s repeated there attacks in the same order over and over again just like the weather dusk, morning, afternoon evening all sunny. Then night calm, lets say midnight rain, then dusk it stops and repeats the order. That’s all the game does really is repeat its self over and over. The graphics are descent the endless invincible walls not so much. I don't personally like to give a bad review because the designers of the games we love to play, put so much time and effort into them but this is one game had the possibility to offer so much more and falls short by a long haul in my opinion. It feels like they had a good a vision for the game but couldn't fulfill or even do it justice on what they envisioned. One of the most notable parts of the game was the voice actor David Lodge. He was known for his voice role as Kenpachi Zaraki in Bleach and the role of Jiraiya in Naruto. Winstan a NPC that has only a few lines in the game
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Pubblicata: 4 dicembre 2013
Recensione di una copia anticipata
This game is trash, from the horrible story line, to the horrible voice acting, to the horrible DRM

Seriously, I came back to this game after a few months to see if they had done anything to the game and I couldnt install it again because My hardware had changed and my registered copy was on another set of hardware. IE different hard drive...

I've had better luck reactivating a system builder version of Windows. At least with them you call them and be like my motherboard fried had to replace it. They give you a code right away.

After playing the game I really was trying to figure out what they went to great lengths to protect. It was because their game was garbage, it didnt turn out the way they thought it was going to, and they didnt want anyone pirating it to get a free first look, because they knew they wouldnt buy it after trying it. Every review on steam has between .2 - 20 hours, with 20 hours being the outliar.

This is not a gothic game. If for some reason you played the gothic series and you are here looking at this review so long after not knowing much about this game, take it from a gothic fan, don't buy this trash.
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Pubblicata: 25 novembre 2013
I really tried to get into this game but I gave up. It's terribly boring and consists mostly of running around the coutryside. If you loved Gothic 2 and disliked Gothic 3 for what it became know this: I played through Gothic 3 and even liked some bits but this game is even worse, just plain annoying, generic and void of details, lacking any redeeming factor. It's ok for a few hours then you realize you'll be backtracking many more days of your life away if you continue playing and just quit.
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Pubblicata: 1 febbraio 2014
Overall a mediocre game. Tons of minor graphical glitches and odd dialogue hiccups. The combat is so-so, not too exciting but not difficult. The talent tree is very lacking, especially if you want to play a Ranger/Bow class.

The story is pretty shallow and doesn't make a whole lot of sense at times. The ending actually angered me with how abrupt and anticlimactic it was.

If you're looking for an RPG to kill some time, go right ahead but if you're looking for a true RPG experience, don't waste your time.
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Pubblicata: 3 ottobre 2014
When you play ArcaniA aka Gothic 4, it seems to be very important how the game is compared to it's predecessors. And there's a lot to live up to because the first 2 games were considered sort of icons of the genre. Here’s a list of remarks made while playing:

Game mechanics:
+ Looting is fast and simple. You’ll get to feel since there’ll be A LOT of looting.
+ One of the coolest looking minimaps I've seen.
+ Main quest conversations trigger automatically when approaching the right npc. This prevents fruitless dialogues with npc's who don't really have anything to say.
+ Health regenerates
+ Interesting lock picking system
+ Game creates savegames itself in important places. Don't remember the previous ones doing that.
- If the quest location stays out of the range of the minimap then the minimap doesn't show you the direction towards the location.
- Minor bugs with characters getting stuck behind invisible obstacles.
- The question weather it is open world or not. Fans of Gothic say that ArcaniA is not open world like the other Gothic games were. I ask: was Gothic 1 open world? They say 'yes, but a really small open world'. I say: well, there you have it. Arcania has those small areas, bigger than in Witcher, but it's not open in the same way Gothic 3, Skyrim and GTA were. I bring it up because it has been noted as a flaw.
- Levelling up badly balanced. The game is way too generous in helping you max your stats. By the time I was through two thirds of the game I had maxed out everything I needed.

+ Beautiful textures, highly improved compared to Gothic 3 BUT they blend together horribly.
+ Weirdly the game get's better designwise as the it advances. Looks like they created the first chapter just to learn how to do the job.
- The guy who created the 3D models didn't have a clue about human anatomy.
- Like so often in games the main character looks like some fancy-pants out of a men's magazine.
- In game written material is in some kind of modern comic font which doesn’t blend with the rest of the game at all.
- During dialogues, when the characters are zoomed in, armor stretches and bends as if it was part of flesh and muscle.
- Insanely few character models. The orcs, for example, look all the same.

Game flow:
+ ArcaniA’s best feature: they've come up with a helpful, easy-to-use dodging system. My experience with other games (Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed, Gothic) is that going in for the kill is more profitable that starting to dodge/ block, which in most cases is hard and pointless. ArcaniA nailed it and I give them huge credit for it.
+ Npc's with quests are marked with an exclamation mark.
+ Auto-aim enemies in malee battle (like in Assassin’s Creed) . In ArcaniA you come across places where you fight off 8 enemies or so at once. The auto trigger feature makes the battle in such occasions more fluent and faster overall.

+ The protagonist actually talks when you trigger a dialogue. Games these days (Skyrim, Half-Life etc.) have taken the silent protagonist approach which in my opinion closes some potent doors.
+ Diego and Gorn are the coolest they've ever been during the whole series.
+ The character is a charming fellow with good spirit. It contrasts highly with the previous nameless hero who at least in Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods was a war mongering bloody dictator who went after some small tribes that wanted to live their own way).
+ Goblins do whatever goblins might do before you arrive, they don't just stand there idly. They have a tribal look and seem a little more sophisticated than those poor bare guys in Gothic 3. AND they carry cool names like ''Warrior of the bugeater tribe'.
+ There's actually an epic story behind the whole thing with twists and drama.
- To the end it doesn't develop that true Gothic atmosphere that made the previous games popular.
- Voice acting is terribly overdramatized, doesn't sound like natural speech at all.
- In the whole there's not much to explore, the world feels empty.

A remark about Gothic: some ancient cultures belived that your spirit is immune to harm if your enemy didn't know your real name. The idea is used in both fantasy books and occult rituals. You have to know the name of the demon to summon him. Knowing the name bends the demon to your will. This allegory now comes to mind as I think of the former nameless hero, now Rhobar III who has been attacked by a demon. While he was nameless, he was mighty, but once he got a name, he became subject to harm. The game unconciously plays with this idea.

The verdict:

Try the game. Never mind the old Gothic games, they had their flaws as well. Arcania had both good and bad sides.
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