William "Bill" Sherman tiene un problema - está muerto. Su propia carga de C4 le hizo volar en pedacitos, con la cual quería eliminar a un capo narcotraficante sudamericano en nombre de una misteriosa agencia de servicio secreto.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 de Oct, 2009
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Incluye 14 artículos: Painkiller Hell & Damnation, Painkiller Hell & Damnation: City Critters, Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea, Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Full Metal Rocket, Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Heaven's Above, Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Medieval Horror, Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Operation "Zombie Bunker", Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Satan Claus DLC, Painkiller Hell & Damnation: The Clock Strikes Meat Night, Painkiller Overdose, Painkiller Redemption, Painkiller: Black Edition, Painkiller: Recurring Evil, Painkiller: Resurrection

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Acerca de este juego

William "Bill" Sherman tiene un problema - está muerto. Su propia carga de C4 le hizo volar en pedacitos, con la cual quería eliminar a un capo narcotraficante sudamericano en nombre de una misteriosa agencia de servicio secreto. El hecho de que detonase accidentalmente un autobús lleno de civiles inocentes enviándolos al más allá, ha hecho que surgiera un nuevo problema - El Infierno no es que tenga muchos problemas para reclamar su alma. Sin embargo, Bill está ahora en el purgatorio y ha atraído la atención de los guerreros del cielo. Le han ofrecido la oportunidad de resarcirse por todo el caos que sembró. Para ello, tendrá que usar sus habilidades especiales y, por supuesto, armas. Extrañas armas. Locas armas...

El juego

Desarrollado por Homegrown Games, junto con antiguos desarrolladores y creadores de mods de los anteriores juegos de Painkiller, y en colaboración con Studio Med-Art y el asesoramiento de un sacerdote católico; Painkiller Resurrection combina acción pura y dura con una historia emocionante llena de detalles laboriosamente investigados. En un mundo tan extraño influenciado por las ideas medievales sobre el infierno, el purgatorio y el infierno de Dante, la mezcla de niveles rápidos y directos con las enormes regiones explorables que contienen los peores engendros infernales, ofrece una experiencia de juego única.

  • Argumento único narrado con escenas de alta calidad al estilo de "novela gráfica"
  • "Motor Painkiller 2.0" totalmente renovado con efectos de sombras, sistema de clima, un motor de físicas extraordinario y un código de red ultrarrápido que incluye un sistema antitrampas
  • Las mejores armas de toda la serie de Painkiller + unos juguetitos mortales totalmente nuevos e innovadores
  • Niveles al estilo de los FPS clásicos y áreas enormes y explorables que proporcionan una jugabilidad variada
  • Campaña cooperativa de 4 jugadores
  • Innumerables modos multijugador al estilo de los ciberdeportes con mapas nuevos y actualizados

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Procesador: 2.4 GHZ (por núcleo)
    • Memoria: 2GB o más
    • Gráficos: Radeon 3800 / Geforce 7800 ó mejor
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (incluido)
    • Disco duro: 6GB
    • Sonido: Tarjeta requerida
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Publicado: 2 de Diciembre
Pese a sus buenas intenciones, un título que resulta siendo muy lamentable. Pero al menos tiene un pase con respecto a similares porque aporta mayor variedad en cuanto al diseño de misiones, con lugares mucho más enrevesados y mayor uso de los movimientos del personaje. Pero estamos ante un juego plagado de bugs de todo tipo, y que no aporta absolutamente nada a un juego del 2004, salvo los nuevos niveles que para colmo son muy escasos.

Lo único reseñable es el diseño de estos escenarios, el resto, un drama para una saga que fue grande en su día. No se sabe realmente si es una expansión o un nuevo juego en sí, pues lo han vendido como tal, y no vale lo invertido en él. Sólo para aficionados a Painkiller (y ni eso).

Nota 3,5/10
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Publicado: 9 de Noviembre
Bug here, bug there, bug everywhere !!! As the only painkiller game, this is really a true simulator of hell.. long loading times, approximately a 3 minutes, frustrating level design, where you have to jump through bad placed textures, and one bad jump leads to game over, or at least 50+-HP down.. some mobs also deal damage as if you were playing on the hardest difficulty while you play on the easiest.. and sometimes enemies (even bosses) just explode and die without any specification about what caused that.. good thing is, if you dont like to fight some types of enemies, or u dislike the arena you are currently fighting at, this painkiller doesnt force you to kill all enemies, you can simply run through the level, and if u run away far enough, the mobs will despawn and its solved.. i also like the "non-linear" design of levels.. u can go wherever you want, but be careful, if u see textures disappearing in front of your eyes, you better go back, or else youll be stucked in the place even worse than the hell, which is the bug between textures.. and what about new content ? One new enemy two "new" bosses (on of them has the exact moveset and attacks like that one new enemy and second is reskined alastor from original game), and one new weapon, with extremely OP primary fire, and extremely useless and bugged secondary fire.. and thats all.. and you know what ? i think this is a great simulation of hell or that idiotic purgatory at which this game takes place.. if i take it that way, and if i exclude the last level, which simulated hell maybe too much and was frustrating as ♥♥♥♥, i can say, that i had tons of fun with this game, because if i just reminded myself, that this game is meant to be serious, i just really had to laugh and thats the purpose of games isnt it ?
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Publicado: 1 de Octubre
Don't get me wrong, I love this series. Running around shooting swarms of crazy looking enemies with crazier weapons is both hilarious and a massive adreniline rush. This particular game, however, was built by the fans and it shows. There is little or no direction to the only way out of any level and the monsters are put into senarios that don't play to their strengths or themes. Skip this one, play the other Painkillers instead.
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Publicado: 30 de Octubre
I gave it a shot . . . . it has huge unintuitive maps but that didn't bother me, it has bugs and that didn't bother me either. I like the painkiler series. But after i got stuck in in certain areas . . . . and having to reload to the last saves over an over . . . and wait for the maps to load . . . . i gave up. I cannot recommend this game at full price. Maybe at a 75% discount and even then be warned, this game is far from perfect.

It's playable and since it's fan made i didn't expect much . . . . I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10. If it was not fan made i would have given it a 4 out of 10.
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Publicado: 9 de Mayo
As good the first two (actually three) Painkillers were, this one is as bad. It gives the real What-How-Who-Why? feeling.

The level design of the first (weird) and the last level (open-wide overbright depressing). Sorry but that’s all!

Only 6 levels, but don’t think it will be a short fun thingy, not at all! I nearly played it as much time as the whole Black Edition! Why? Beacuse five of the levels are sooooooo big that there is enough space for a mediocre RPG’s whole storytaking. But they are not just big but you don’t even have a clue where to go! The compass that always helped in the previous games are mostly not working (as it seems they only function near a checkpoint), or it just shows a near health item (really, it happened to me!).
So the gameplay is: You wander aimlessly in big wide areas or ridiculously hard maze-alikes, sometimes triggering enemy spawns, fight them then toddle further without any clue what to do. The enemy spawns are randomly placed, no chance to find them all. On one of these enormous levels to earn a card you have to kill all mobs, of course i missed a quarter of them. Sometimes you find a checkpoint and you are happy thinking you have found ’The Route’, but soon realize there are more checkpoints when accidentally backtracked because of no directions given and a shortway (again thinking this is ’The Route’) just lead you back there.
Have to mention here that even if it’s a fan made product (like the mighty Overdose), the several clipping and stucking problems, incomplete areas with missing parts and walk-out-the-map-and-die things are still not acceptable!
The new enemies are ugly, some really amorphous, and extremly unbalanced. Most of them are boring easy and some are. . . ehhh: One time i walked into an open area and i’ve been presented with a new chaingun enemy, not one but like twenty. Guess who died . . . 30 times in rapid succession, until i was able to retract somehow with my remaining 4 HP and hide behind a wagon. It took me 20 minutes to clear the area by picking them one by one and of course it costed me again like 30 deaths as the guys use perfect aimbot hitscans.
Older Painkillers were famous of that the enemies were in context with the design of the levels and areas they appeared on. In here absolutely nothing. Everything seems randomly thrown into.
For the record i was able to earn only one card (first level). Yes, I’m a pretty mediocre player but seeing how far i was to reach other cards’ requirements i say that’s a joke.
Here comes the best part: SUICIDAL ENEMIES. Let’s say this is a very unique feature of this product, as i never saw this behavior in other FPSs. It must be connected somehow with the messed up checkpoint system that sometimes (not even rarely) when you approach a new area you see a bunch of puffs meaning the mobs just vaporized themselves. Even better one of the minibosses (or boss? not sure :P) did this to me, really! I was wandered around half-crying in some Gobi Desert size crater when i found a hundred meters high door like wall. I was sure a boss is behind it, but could not open it. Hardened by the hours of playing this game I was a pro at this moment and i knew i have to find some randomly dropped checkpoints to trigger the opening. So i staggered away to hunt for the little red saviours. Periodically checked back and after a while (an hour or so), hurray! it was open. Run through it with readied heavy weaponry but i was only greeted by a big puff and a cutscene began. After it was done i gathered the fair amount of ammunitions around and started shooting at the poor enviroment to lessen my frustration.
The protagonist is an idiot for sure. As someone (J.Johnson) in an another review pointed out he (the ’hero’) „calls himself a 'world class killer' blows himself up because he can't read a bus schedule”.
The plot itself is chaotic, the conversations tells nothing besides the antipathy between the protagonist and the bosses (but there is no why). Normally i would not care but the big pile of other problems just strengthen this as well. BTW I know i did not see the real ending (again i ’only’??!! played at normal) but i have no intention to play this mess again.

2/10 - Total mess. A wandering for hours FPS.

(Sorry for my English!)
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Publicado: 4 de Junio
What's that? You say you like bugs? Glitches good too? Excellent, have we got a game for you!

We've got save game corruption bugs, falling through the map bugs, enemy AI bugs, checkpoint bugs, scripting bugs! We've even managed to add bugs to the process of selecting a tarot card!

Yessir, if you enjoy being kicked out of a game and back to your steam library every nearly ten to fifteen minutes, have we got a game for you right here. What's that I hear? Overdose was buggy, you say? Well yes, Overdose was a buggy, slightly unfinished seeming product, glad you noticed. We've managed to more than triple the bugs in that as well as reduce overall stability!

Remember back in the good old days of playing through Painkiller: Overdose when you'd randomly morph into demon mode and it'd boot ya to your desktop? ENJOY THAT EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU MORPH THIS GO-ROUND, FRIENDO!

And the level design is unintutive, what with checkpoints that fail to load, enemies spawning on top of each other, on top of you, and on top of a void outside the map! We've got necessary progression points hidden in corners you'd NEVER think to look here, boy howdy!

What's that you say? This isn't enough for you? Try a heaping helping of FIRST PERSON PLATFORMING! Yes, the bane of all gamers' existance, the reason nobody liked Xen, good ol' FPS platforming is back, this time in a painkiller game! Nothing goes together like mustard and chocolate cake quite like having to jump up a large spiral staircase very high up with nothing to meet you when you inevitably fail like a fifteen minute load time.

A 15 minute load time that, mind you, will fail to load almost each and every time, simply freezing you on a load screen.

BUT IF YOU'RE STILL NOT IMPRESSED, REMEMBER: Your save games can and will become corrupted for virtually no reason, oftentimes making the game fail to launch and booting you out to your desktop before you even get a chance to see past the main menu!

All in all, if you don't spend enough time not playing games and not looking at your steam library, highly recommended.

Easily the best rebooting your videogame upwards of twice every 30 minutes simulator on the market today.
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7.7 h registradas
Publicado: 7 de Febrero
The most buggy game in the series, however also the most innovative. I only recommend you purchase as part of the complete pack or while it's on sale as there's content only a fan of the series would enjoy. Large, interesting levels and new content (weapon + enemy variants) make it worth a buy, for the right price.
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4.4 h registradas
Publicado: 11 de Mayo
Okay, let me gat this straight - this is not a good game to play. Damn, it is barely playable at all - loading goes for 10 minutes (versus 1-2 in the original game), sometimes game freezes and slows down. Some triggers don't want to work and you have to run around for another hour to find some little zombie behind some door. Design goes from quite cool to disgracefully awful and gameplay is just ruined - but hey, there is still a good side. Developers had a great idea of making maps REALLY BIG, so somehow I had a feeling of open-world. This is really cool. But technically this game is hell in all aspects, so I don't think that you want it.
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Publicado: 15 de Marzo
5 years after the original Painkiller game its 3rd expansion titled Resurrection was released. It was an unoriginal expansion offering a "unique" story and "enormous, explorable" areas for the Painkiller fans to discover. The 2nd expansion was already a mediocre game but that at least could offer new weapons and enemy types. What is more Resurrection has an awful level design in place and just because they introduce a new protagonist and comic book style "cutscenes" it does not become a brand new game. It's almost like a mod branded as a new game in order to cash in on a famous franchise.

Avoid it if you can and pick the original's Black Edition instead or the remake titled Hell & Damnation.
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2.7 h registradas
Publicado: 20 de Diciembre, 2012
The artwork during the cutscenes is really nice.

The rest is ♥♥♥♥.
Worst Painkiller game ever made.

Miskude's rating: 3.2/10
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Publicado: 12 de Marzo
One of the buggiest, most insipid, and most uninspired shooters ever conceived. Stay away at all costs from this garbage and play the original.
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Publicado: 28 de Marzo
this is by far the worst pankiller ever made. it is buggy and glitchy like hell. The guy that made it just didn't have enough experience making levels interesting and fluent.
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Publicado: 19 de Febrero
Don't get me wrong, I love the Painkiller series, but this is really not a very good Painkiller game. This is a fan-made mod that tries to make Painkiller more open world, and it fails utterly. Levels contain a total of 600+ enemies, with confusing layouts and little direction. There are not enough checkpoints on any difficulty and the enemies are frequently buggy, even sometimes almost invincible. Want more Painkiller? Look elsewhere.
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Publicado: 29 de Noviembre, 2010
First impressions of PKO prompted me to get a Refund. PKR had a demo which left a sour taste in my brain. the lack of EVERYTHING in the way of quality testing leaves you with a game feeling thrown together and cheap. This is supposed to be a full production game of a much beloved IP. On this level I crashed soon after on a load point. autosave, crash, load crash. so essentially there was no way past it. I should have known when the Demo was an exact duplicate of the first level in all its horridness. Here is a Screen of the level mentioned above complete with its missing waterfall texture. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v209/metclan/Shot0018.jpg

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Publicado: 3 de Enero
Great idea for a comic.
Bad idea for whoever programmed the game. Because its an absolute mess.

Saves can fail to load and crash the game (and there was no safe save spot to avoid this)

One level map doesn't even load sometimes at the very start. And is unavoidable. Only repetitive load saves from previous maps and hoping it stops....(eventually) got round it.

A weird graphic water error that can appear on one of the maps.

And lets not forget the old tarot card crash. Pick one, put it place on that menu....Du-Du-Du-Du....(sound sticking) followed by an Esc key and me swearing.

Yep. Its just one of those "Steam sale" mistakes I made.
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Publicado: 28 de Mayo
So I bought the complete pack while it was on sale, because ♥♥♥♥ it. I don't necessarily mind older FPS games as long as I can scale the resolution up, and thankfully all these Painkillers let me do just that. I've tried them all, and they range from dishearteningly generic to very intriguing. This one doesn't count. After spending fifteen minutes running around big empty gray rooms, realizing that my progress was being blocked by one enemy who got stuck in the wall, killing it, and then realizing that bugs were blocking my progress anyway, I gave up.

The game has "Fan made product" written in all the loading screens. That's no excuse.
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3.8 h registradas
Publicado: 28 de Junio, 2013
Literally worst game I've ever played. I never thought, that the level design can be SO bad. It's a shame, that this game called Painkiller. Hurt as much, as watching Hellraiser 7 or 8 right after first one.
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3.6 h registradas
Publicado: 24 de Febrero
It doesn't matter how much you love the original Painkiller, this game will manage to disappoint you. The levels are bland, and more often than not you'll find yourself accidentally breaking your way out of the level because it looked like the right way to go. I feel sorry for who ever made this and released it because I know they thought they were breathing new life into PK, but they wound up opening themselves up to ridicule. Sorry, guys, but this game is bad.
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3.0 h registradas
Publicado: 11 de Octubre, 2013
Unnecessarily long loading times, horrendous AI, atrocious map design, maxes out my GPU for no reason, and I quit playing because it wouldn't continue after level 1.

Get Painkiller Black Edition, or Painkiller Hell and Damnation if you want to play a good Painkiller game.
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10.9 h registradas
Publicado: 1 de Abril, 2011
It has a real intresting story. Your a warrior cast into hell and fighting your way out. Killing all forms of monsters that stand in the way. It feels like being in a Tales from the Crypt movie, Bordello of Blood and Demon Knight. I dare you to play this.
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