William "Bill" Sherman tiene un problema - está muerto. Su propia carga de C4 le hizo volar en pedacitos, con la cual quería eliminar a un capo narcotraficante sudamericano en nombre de una misteriosa agencia de servicio secreto.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 oct. 2009

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Acerca de este juego

William "Bill" Sherman tiene un problema - está muerto. Su propia carga de C4 le hizo volar en pedacitos, con la cual quería eliminar a un capo narcotraficante sudamericano en nombre de una misteriosa agencia de servicio secreto. El hecho de que detonase accidentalmente un autobús lleno de civiles inocentes enviándolos al más allá, ha hecho que surgiera un nuevo problema - El Infierno no es que tenga muchos problemas para reclamar su alma. Sin embargo, Bill está ahora en el purgatorio y ha atraído la atención de los guerreros del cielo. Le han ofrecido la oportunidad de resarcirse por todo el caos que sembró. Para ello, tendrá que usar sus habilidades especiales y, por supuesto, armas. Extrañas armas. Locas armas...

El juego

Desarrollado por Homegrown Games, junto con antiguos desarrolladores y creadores de mods de los anteriores juegos de Painkiller, y en colaboración con Studio Med-Art y el asesoramiento de un sacerdote católico; Painkiller Resurrection combina acción pura y dura con una historia emocionante llena de detalles laboriosamente investigados. En un mundo tan extraño influenciado por las ideas medievales sobre el infierno, el purgatorio y el infierno de Dante, la mezcla de niveles rápidos y directos con las enormes regiones explorables que contienen los peores engendros infernales, ofrece una experiencia de juego única.

  • Argumento único narrado con escenas de alta calidad al estilo de "novela gráfica"
  • "Motor Painkiller 2.0" totalmente renovado con efectos de sombras, sistema de clima, un motor de físicas extraordinario y un código de red ultrarrápido que incluye un sistema antitrampas
  • Las mejores armas de toda la serie de Painkiller + unos juguetitos mortales totalmente nuevos e innovadores
  • Niveles al estilo de los FPS clásicos y áreas enormes y explorables que proporcionan una jugabilidad variada
  • Campaña cooperativa de 4 jugadores
  • Innumerables modos multijugador al estilo de los ciberdeportes con mapas nuevos y actualizados

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Procesador: 2.4 GHZ (por núcleo)
    • Memoria: 2GB o más
    • Gráficos: Radeon 3800 / Geforce 7800 ó mejor
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (incluido)
    • Disco duro: 6GB
    • Sonido: Tarjeta requerida
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Publicado el 5 de julio
Painkiller: Resurrection is yet another stand-alone expansion pack for Painkiller, being single-player old-school FPS with competive multiplayer. Or sequel. Hard to tell by now. It adds very few new elements, just few new levels. It started as a fan project, not unlike Overdose, and was released in a whooping 2009, 5 years after original Painkiller. And I am afraid, this game indeed feels like unfinished amateur mod.

Despite running on old engine, it supports wide-screen. HUD will be stretched though.

But from technical side this game is a horrible mess. There are bugs everywhere. Everywhere, I said! It surely has no problems spawning enemies half-sunk into floor. Or spawning them outside of level, where they will try to chase you until you activate next checkpoint. There is even a glitchy physics bridge in level 3, trying to cross which is suicide. Developers even just teleport you across.
It gets ridiculous at the end of level 4. The voice tells you "watch out, there is a huge demon in front" and then boss spawns in. And instantly dies in water, with exit activating the very next second.

Not only that, but due to levels being huge, the loading and performance are beyond tolerable! Overdose already had loading 4 times longer than in original Painkiller. Resurrection's loadings are 4 times longer than Overdose ones! Be ready to spend 5 minutes. Or more. Though, I did notice that loading a save was almost instantious, developers probably changed the way that it works. But they didn't do it properly, as very likely loading a quicksave will lead to even more glitches. At very least some music stopped working. Just fully reload checkpoint.
Oh, yes, and the fact that Painkiller engine doesn't know how to use multi-core processor shows. Get ready for non-stop slow motion, you will have to enjoy it no matter the PC.

Important: Because game tries to save you from this mess, there are chances that level geometry of level 4 will just refuse to load. It just will not. You will just fall and die in void. Because quality gaming. To fix this you will have to just reinstall game and then restore your map-screen autosave. It works for some reason.

As for multiplayer, then well. It still has same multiplayer as from Painkiller, that is Deathmatch-based. No new maps. Or maybe those are from Overdose. I didn't check because no one playes this game. And seeing how Gamespy was shut down, you aren't going to find servers easily. Can still connect directly, true.

The story follows Bill who is speaks of himself as cold-blooded assassin. Who also somehow manages to kill bad people only. And then freaks out and tries to stop the bus full of people exploding. And then thinks that this is the only reason that he is going to Hell. Oh yea, and then he kills many many demons. Ace.
The plot in the game is nothing unexpected. But the way that it's given is pretty darn good. Comic-like cutscenes are really good. You will also hear woman's voice explaining you about the level and telling you what you should do, all during game process.
But then you will also have to listen to Bill's voice as well, throwing one-liners, not unlike to main hero of Overdose. Only instead of "Tastes like chicken!" you will be hearing "This... is... madness...". More tolerable though.

So, what exactly is new? New weapons, new monsters, new levels, new music. So, let's break down.
New weapons, well, there is actually only one. It's given at the last two levels and it's like a stronger hack of stakegun. But hey, at least original weapon balance of Painkiller is back, so it's goody. Better than Overdose's mess.
As for new enemies, there is only one regular enemy plus final bosses. And that regular enemy is just something lazy, being something tough and throwing fireballs. Oh, wait, it's just Skeleton miniboss from first level of Painkiller with changed skin. And his ragdoll is a complete mess, you will be seeing huge body distroction and hands flapping if you dare to stick any of them to the wall with stake. Plus, there are some enemies reused from Overdose.

But levels is the biggest change here. And I mean level design mindset. Instead of just being locked in one arena after another, you are free to move around level even when fighting baddies. It goes for open-wolrd-like feel, as there may be two paths to the next part. Locations are huge, there can be dead-ends and there isn't always a checkpoint to hand-guide you. It just manages to strike that feeling of exploration on your own and to be honest, I found it strangely enjoyable, even if there are amateurish part and challenge-reward isn't always done right. But as said, all the "wrongs" of level design, liek dead ends or making player find the next way without much signs, contribute to feeling that you are progressing in this big world yourself, while also somehow not being too mazey either.
Stylistically, it uses the feel and style of the first chapter of Painkiller. Actually, I may be wrong. Remember pre-last level of original game, Monastery? If you do, then you will know what I mean there. And music does an awesome job as well. Ambient is strong and moody. It gives a bit of that lost, despair feel. Something for exploring these foggy lost lands. And fight music has metal or similiar things back to it, being actiony enough, yet still somehow retaining moody feel.

So what this mod does best is atmosphere and exploration feel.

But what this mod does bad are pretty much bad things that you expect from amateur mod. As said, challenge-reward balance is screwed. Bosses suck. It's not afraid to be cheap either, as you will often be ambushed by melee enemies spawning right on top of your head. Like, dogs that have explosive barrels on their back. Swarm of hitscan enemies being spawned from every side sometimes. Some encounters with huge enemies, that will either be too easy due to you having freeze ammo on shotgun or else they will eat tons of ammo.
That and combat itself isn't good. While each enounter isn't as dragged, I feel that they often were placed as "just to have something". No care about flow or anything.
Not to mentioning that levels can be too confusing for those who just want more Painkiller and don't like games like Hexen. Not that it reaches Hexen puzzles, but you get it.

And well... Bugs bugs bugs. Performance. Loading. And progress-halting bugs. Quacksaves crashes and corrupt saves.

As for Tarot cards, at least they changed screen to show that you can get only six of them. And then you can equip only one passive and one "to use" card. No, trying to get Tarot Cards by fulfilling whatever objectives in these huge levels in this buggy buggy game is not fun, I just didn't bother.
As for demon mode, well, to be honest, it was useful, as you are more likely to get 66 souls without paying attention. Levels here can hold up to 500+ monsters after all. If forget that there is possiblity that game will crash on you.
Oh, yes, and game has few endings. Default one is bad. I doubt that you hate fun so much that you will want to beat game on hardest difficulty. Just check on YouTube or something.

Oh, and developers added "cooperative" map at some point. You can launch server and choose it, while keeping game mode as Deathmatch. Technically, I heard that it's unreiable, monsters dissapearing and all, so don't bother. And map itself is just red island in lava sea. Which uses tough enemies non-stop so it'sn ot fun for single player. Not to mentioning that you will just get knocked into air all the time and respawn non-stop. Mess.

Painkiller: Resurrection is a amateur unfinished fan-mod in disguise. Or at least this is the feeling that I get. Sure you can enjoy amateur mods and all. But while there are some nice ideas, technical side flopped completely, making it unenjoyable. Horrible. Messy bugfest.
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Publicado el 30 de octubre
To be honest, Painkiller: Resurrection is more like a "decline" than a "resurrection" of the franchise.

On the surface it looks really similar to its predecessors but after playing the first level you realise how Homegrown Games Studios got it all wrong.

+same good old action, gore and physics
+3 endings
+comic book style cutscenes

-long loading time
-only 6 levels
-inconsistent art design (low-res and missing textures)
-confusing level design
-unhelpful objective marker
-bad story and predictable plot twist
-horrendous french dubbing
-only 6 weapons
-same old enemies

Overall, Painkiller: Resurrection is nothing but a total let down. Since People Can Fly Studios lost the rights to the franchise, the franchise has sunk deep into hell.


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Publicado el 25 de julio
Please don't play this
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Publicado el 10 de junio
Hi! I just came here to say and to assure you that you wont buy this thing that looks like something like a game. Black Edition and Overdose are the only true games that arent a scam. Seriously, even the game creators laught at you if you buy this and you can clearly see that in the game. So just to support the other reviews below:

(Unless you want to buy your friend a birthday present as a joke. Actually you would be a really ♥♥♥♥♥♥ friend becouse your friend would propaply get a cancer and die)
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Publicado el 18 de noviembre
My experience in playing the second level and getting the tarot card: running, triggering the next batch of enemies, kill them all... running, triggering the next batch of enemies, kill them all... running... oh ♥♥♥♥... no ammo, have to use the painkiller. ... kill them all. Nice, I found ammo! Running, triggering... kill them all. No ammo. Painkiller. Found ammo. Oh, a bridge, let's cross it. Running, killing. Is it still going on? My-oh-my, a boss fight, finally a change of pace! Boss dead - exit appears. But wait! I have to kill 59 enemies more to get the tarot card. I better go back and search for them. Nice, an unexplored crypt, more dead enemies. Game says, that the bridge is now open... ok... I crossed it twice already. Whatever. Looking for enemies. Looking for enemies. ... I don't care for the tarot card anymore, I'm bored and I will go to the exit. Hmm... it seems the exit has disappeared... hmm... ok... FFFFUUUUU
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